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tv   [untitled]    March 18, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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hello this is out see all top stories a car bomb blows up in a residential series second largest city of aleppo it's important they left three dead in the terror attacks killing two dozen in the capital. anniversary for occupy wall street protesters as yet more heavy handed policing leaves many wondering if western nations practice the democracy they preach. and a loving father called them a tragedy the media's take on the u.s. soldier accused of turning his sleeping afghan village in. washington once again apologizing for the actions of its military. afghanistan's finance ministers told
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r.t. that it's hard to assess just how much damage and devastation the was brought to his country and its people about that coming right up. it. mr afghanistan's finance minister it's great to have you with us he looked to be with you so it's been a decade since afghanistan has become the front stage for the war on terror by the united states how much does it cost the nation the water has cost the new issue and a lot it's not i don't think you can put a dollar figure on this and if you see a hundred billion two hundred billion three hundred billion it's still here in. the diversity of thought goes beyond cannot mix. diversity is the source of public
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public confrontation diverse states any state institutions putting doors could go that. is not easy ten years ago after the taliban when we come about nothing existed it's not just the. infrastructure good but the government did not exist the system did not exist but with the support of the international community and with their participation on numerous fronts we believe me enormous progress but we have still a long way to go all the nation can rely on its own institutions to survive. for sort of four and eight accounts about ninety percent ninety five percent of the afghan g.d.p. we all know that two thousand and fourteen is to deadline for both doors drawl of the international forces plus the reduction of aid money how will love can stand sustain its economy after two thousand and fourteen we do after all do not want the
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international forces to be in afghanistan fighting for us. even in our longer the indian leader from the video out said we have to believe the prime responsibility of taking on security should be. there's a possibility of afghans and you think they will be ready by two thousand and four we are already if you if you go into afghanistan and. many of the operations in different parts of the countries are carried out by afghan forces and our forces. because they are culturally sensitive because they are part of the afghan mission. there. the rule will be much more effectively and much more positive than the role of an international force that with its economic thought this there is no doubt. it will have some impact on our economy but there is no nation in the world and indifferently rely on foreign aid. so when we are
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talking about transition we are not thinking only about security transition but also economic transition even if in the short term there is a downturn for the economy and the longer term there will be. good with with with proper after institutions and with peace i think absolutely an economy that will be more sustainable than it's today but exactly how bad will the town turn be because you know there are people who believe that afghan economy is wartime it's stoner drunk and as far as they are concerned right after two thousand and fourteen it's had it if not towards an economic disaster definitely a very sharp economic crisis but will not be the fortunate thing is that we have three years think about this in to prepare ourselves for. right in front of her as we had just a few moments ago we had the bonn conference in which we got the commitment and
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a pledge from the international community for its long term financial commitment to afghanistan both economic and security and couple of months we will have a chicago event a nato summit as well of the g. eight summit and which there will be a specific commitment to. our security forces for a longer term financial commitment and right after that in july we will have a conference on afghanistan focusing on economics and development local and that's where we expect to secure. a longer term commitment financial commitment significant commitment by law it will come down over time but it will not sort of sharply come down in twenty forty eight as for foreign aid they say that there's a huge difference between money spent on afghanistan and the money spent in afghanistan because this foreign institutions that operate in your country really help reboot the economy or is it really
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a question of pumping money from one pocket to another well this is an issue with foreign aid. not everything the planes are in a country spend in that country. it is it goes into the country or it doesn't even go into the country it's more acute of a problem in your country it is certainly in there it is again the focus of our recent discussions three years ago we had the kabul conference that was the prime focus there through we need to see more spend through afghan institutions if we need to see more aligned to afghan priority that we would like to see you more spend in afghanistan if this pending should generate opportunities within the country then big dollars going into companies that spend a portion of it in afghanistan and a big portion of it had back to their country and of course that opium economy which is always. it's topic for afghanistan and correct me if i'm wrong from what i understand it mounts to about thirty five to fifty percent of afghans g.d.p.
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right now not not not not really how much is not really you see. the there is what it generates is accurate for example it generates income for thought a month a generates income for the middlemen the business people who connect the international market with the afghan production and it generates again it has a huge market in the countries. in europe in russia everyone else it's in value or some one hundred billion dollars. but what what gifts to the producers of farmers is no more than five hundred two hundred million dollars they have to figure that it means in afghanistan so it hundred million dollars as part of sixteen billion dollars worth of g.d.p. this past year or could be seventeen years is a small percentage. is not
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a big percentage there is about two point five billion dollars that goes to the middle some of them are afghans some of them are non afghans that money does not strange afghanistan that money goes into regional countries regional hubs and destinations so the actual struggle there remains in afghanistan is quite smart ok but here is my question as this financial aid money to clients do you think you're going to see more and more of your people rely on opium can me there is certainly a possibility but the thing is this if you look into afghanistan it is closely correlated with insecurity places that are secure that are within our hands we don't see the production of walking and that is only in where we do not have control over saw for the if we forecast again on helping us constitution to secure our country and if we have and put pressure. on outside
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elements that come increase in security in afghanistan we believe that the security and stability the the opium issue will be done dealt with in a more sustainable in a more real manner but again of as long as there is security as long as there are areas out of reach there will be the opium of the production of opium and some of that money goes again to the traffickers some of this even goes to the insurgents it finances insurgents so it's in the interests of interests of insurgents as well to allow our production as well as the environment for the production of opening to come. you know over sixty percent of afghanistan's population is under the age of twenty five it's their respective labor market for these people to otherwise there really is a subject for terrorist recruiters this is the biggest challenge and therefore we say. we need to focus on more sustainable. implied in generation in all that.
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exists exists and fork within an hour because of that exist and focusing on infrastructure trade and transit there in the middle of the. they use the afghans that footage of kids and so again opportunities for education for higher education this can provide again the talented labor for production within afghanistan in some could even be exported now in two thousand two hundred cars i who is now the president of afghanistan said if the international community is really serious and seeing afghanistan secure it must help thinking reconstruction of infrastructure projects when we speak about this project no one is interested has it changed. first of all we must acknowledge that the big pieces of infrastructure that have happened during the drop of
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a funnel cloud which connects our major cities is worth right now are some eight billion dollars worth of infrastructure it has been built not least in the small amount of investment that has happened the institution of the cities the electricity right now have electricity in the next couple of years there will be for the expanded the first prime of understand how the railway which will be expanded upon. for the first time again in afghanistan we have the development of telecom. industry with private investment of some pretty billion dollars to thoroughly prepared by the environment it's increased. and basemen by by others in the middle of forces again the chinese coming investing some five billion plus. dollars in one mine in the copper mine in the indians in canadian is coming in investing in you were between ten to fifteen billion dollars in the next three to
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five years in another mineral deposit in iron ore and of course other. investors as well interest for the first time and i would remember it is also that exist twenty years ago twenty years ago twenty five years ago but we did hear there that much more interesting industry in a war or oil and gas who would have thought of things i think there are without the support of the international community in without the achievements of the. present cause those government interpreted the past twenty years or not have happened so those things have happened in addition to that of course there are particularly what we call it the transformation ticket is to focus on some other transform ational foundational investment that will put us on a path to sell three lines and self-sufficiency and that is again infrastructure of the it will focus on a way to get culture asserted warthe into food security as well as a commercial on our transport sector which is good for expanding the war on.
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trade with others as well as transit through afghanistan taylor critically which is good for again industrial sector as well as for commercial. railway connection which again wolf othella take and he better environment for a lot of interest for cities as well as for transit and great for those are sort of some of the key focus is that we will have in the next decade afghan finance minister mr sacking while we wish him all the best in achieving your goals and for that outline of your country thank you very much thank you very much for this opportunity. thank you. well. science technology innovation all the list i'm elements from
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top story smarties news review of the week a car bomb blows up in a residential area in syria's second largest city of aleppo it reportedly left three dead after similar terror attacks kill over two dozen in the capital. anniversary arrests for occupy wall street protesters as yet more heavy handed policing leaves many wondering if western nations practice the democracy they preach. a loving father caught in a tragedy the media's take on the u.s. soldier accused of turning a sleeping afghan village into a bloodbath of washington once again apologizing for the actions of its military. war news from our sea twenty four seven that are see the sport right now though is
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roman. hello and welcome to sport on r.g.p. undermine costs are up and these are your headlines. hitting headache and she stumbled through their first things under a new coach goose hiddink after losing alex as informal committees one male. plus leaving it late twice for make a child champions of boards come from behind to snatch a vital overtime win against tracks are in because goran called play offs. and jubilant exams are jenson button al shine sebastian that's also when the season opening grand prix in melbourne. let's start with the russian premier league where to see an impasse they said his first defeat at the helm. after his new side lost at the hands of luck might save one nil right here in moscow philippic i said it
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came close to opening for the home side right before the interval but anji keep her blood smeared the bull health permits parikh i said it was effort from close range and the ecuador striker should have scored soon after the restored but shot just inches high a blow for n.g.k. midway through the second halves of pender our lead edgy back off was fresher off the field with the suspects it's concussion after a clumsy tackled by teammate chris wells that is bush recalled was in the thick of it for the committee throughout the match and his perseverance finally paid off as teammates of the only goal of the game after seventy three minutes i said of setting up this one while angie star striker samuel its all will miss their next game at home to combine at for picking up one yellow card so many with might see you are up to third and you remain in seventh. now before the vax wise former champions are being failed to break into the european qualification places following a one nothing defeat at down to trespass combine. armenia forward mark was the only
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goal to mark his debut match for combine in the design minutes of the first half despite closing out there. are now only two points behind dungy while rubin stayed six. elsewhere robots and some avoided their sense straight away defeat the side from siberia holding on court so goal is draw in the snow we match last week sounds that there are sixteen game losing streak by beating vulgar one nil of home but there are still deep in a relationship after surviving a major bankruptcy scare earlier this year and car stay in the safe haven of the twelve spot. group incidence of move further away from the drug zone following a one no victory over sports out tonight sheikh remain second from bottom of the score for the summer side simitis into the second half. of the quarter final stage and i saw his kids shell play all sense was former champions al gore
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set to cut the deficit in their best of seven series against regular season winners traktor this side from cousin came from a goal down in the second period thanks to a powerplay effort by give gainey scotchgard regulation and one all that's a good horse finishing fourth nicole cochrane and scored the winner in the second minute of health over time so to want to track her in that series while earlier on out and guard also came from a goal down to a piece of worse three one and edge of heads in their time. while on saturdays or better nizhny novgorod have taken it see one series lead against the now more in the last eight or better grab the dramatic four three altered side when in their latest encounter and watching it for us was constantly and that's awful. dinara produced a quick starts in their first home age of the serious and threw everything at their foods myrick well bill fired from the blue line and yet the clip is for himself and marking their bones to send it home one thing off to just two minutes of play the
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muscovites to total control and should have doubled their lead but there panto's netminder a little a call was brilliant between the pipes while ginormous goaltender had to deny just one shot in the old you know anything like out of guts or panel even at one each at the end of the second football play go but the host responded in a minute and a half the blue and white stop score i mean hail i nice and put dinner in front storing his seventh ball in as many matches in the playoffs and base to one off to forty minutes there by those martin four hundred level matters again six minutes into the third dinar missed cord what looked like the winner five minutes before the final buzzer but the news no good side came from behind again to make it all square and nothing separated the teams up to three periods and into overtime where they're better clothes out the window on the ball play on the seventy seventh
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minute for three the final score i think is the hard work the home game where you never have answered by we played the whole game and. we have a good feeling in the ring with just one card the right school. for we lost again despite playing well enough to win i think aleck's some luck played better but so be the one again in overtime. there beto came from behind three times to win this second straight game in the world sign and take a two one lead in the best of seven series well genomics suffered their first home defeat in the playoffs this season can say about forty. jenson button has won formula one season opening grand prix after a crash strewn race in melbourne the mclaren driver finishing just ahead of rating world champion sebastian that's all for his third triumph down under in four years button started in seconds but over to pole sitter and teammate lewis hamilton at
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the very first corner box and kept pulling away while behind him drivers kept crushing alex remained version from lotus and mercedes driver michael schumacher were among those suffering while rushes gets out of the trouble so it's hard out there his new catering car starts in the middle of the track and this caused the safety car to be deployed with fence all taken full advantage to overtake hamilton in second gear oriskany him asa did not finish after colliding with fellow brazilian bruno senna and complete accident bags a williams pastor maldonado crashed out on the final lap but no such problems for button and his mclaren team who seemed fully prepared for this season. every when we look to you. for a united team or think. it really shows how important the winter is you know we've had a strong winter yesterday's qualifying already showed up. so it's nice to take away
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with the victory today first race of the new season. in rugby wales have won the six nations with a perfect record after beating france sixteen points to nine the three avenging their defeats of the french in the semifinals of the world cup and also handing them their third grand slam in eight years england finished second after beating parlance thirty points tonight and scotland take the wooden spoon after their defeats it's only for wales though there are six nations success proves the point. is also. comparable these concerns whether we'll be able to tackle in the world cup much improved from you know the difference and. i absolutely love being involved was called to go at the moment i think the solution to all the players coaches stuff everything just seems to go in the moment. it was easily the most enjoyable campaign like in focus so far it has been physical just was allowed to put in over the last six months and now there will be no fairytale contact for swimming great
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even for the five time of the big champion failing to qualify for the london games after any less than perfect performance at the straight in trials but the twenty nine year old says he's not given up just yet. i wanted to get back in the pool i want to start racing again i want to be competitive because. you know i wanted to go to the olympics. you know i still want to do all of those things. you know i've i've missed out you know what was a huge go. for me to accomplish you know in this kind of short period of time. but you know it's still the desire that i had previously it's still there you know i still i still want to swim. and finally this weekend represents a chance for fencers to grab a place in russia is a little seen the moscow saber event attracts competitors from all over the world and includes a few names to look out for advil of them against the summer with more here is
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michael craft angle. in one of his plays french comic playwright john but he's merely summed up fencing as the art of giving without receiving is certainly a noble notion and with one hundred thirty men and a hundred fourteen women participating in the thirty seventh annual moscow saber fencing twenty mins it's no wonder the event continues to grow in popularity year by year preliminary rounds were hell throughout saturday in order to determine this year's individual champions italians and the french have always had a penchant for the sports but there were a plethora of other nations represented as well. and sometimes. i. think. this is the last chance for places to qualify for the upcoming summer. in the women's final russia's elite can manage the defender twenty levon title but took the time to overcome a chinese opponent after which she was pleased with the women but said
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a lot more needed to be done prior to the olympics and with my training and i were pleased with the performance i put in today but in what still needs to be done in preparation for the olympics especially psychologically as that is the most difficult aspect in the men's final rushes nicol i called my love and managed to beat france's zillion pillay in a hard fought out the wind brought the cup back into russian hands once again after france is from hungary and south korea claimed victory in twenty ten and twenty eleven respectively but today's victory doesn't mean i'm in some super form right now there's still a few months left until the olympic games so any such form could vanish by then so for me this event is simply just another phase in our preparations on sunday russia's fencing team also get a chance to prove themselves against the world's best and hopefully do nuff to ensure qualification for the sport's premier event in august michael genco r.t. moscow. more for all the coming your way very soon meanwhile our you tube channel
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at artsy sport news is available to you at and it's i so go there and check it out thanks for watching. wolf. science technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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