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tv   [untitled]    March 19, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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john darche dot com. the. syrian authorities and the opposition traded his emotions over who was behind a series of deadly suicide attacks in regime strongholds with the government also blaming foreign forces for involvement in. the new egyptian constitution not yet written but already the center of a scandal a year after people vote for change in a historic referendum. i think people thought they were free air to defend until they try to see ron makers in washington blur a legal lines when it comes to the u.s. freedom of assembly making it easier to toss protesters behind bars.
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eight am in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story syria's government and the opposition forces have blamed each other for a deadly car bombing that tore through the city of aleppo sunday the explosion left three dead and more than thirty wounded and comes just a day after twin lethal explosions in another government stronghold the capital damascus authorities also accused qatar and saudi arabia which both backed the arming of rebels for involvement in the attacks bombings come as you went there for a government led humanitarian mission and intends to launch a monitoring operation to help end syria's year long crisis he's middle east correspondent closely or has more on the recent spate of violence across syrian cities. well the explosion happened at one o'clock local time in the second largest syrian city of aleppo in a residential area of the now throughout the day state television has been showing
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pictures of destroyed vehicles of damaged buildings and a shattered glass and it's termed the attack a terrorist bombing we are hearing from the opposition that the attack happened not far from a security building although officials say that it hit between two races the residential buildings behind a post office now i witness on the scene say that they were bodies lying everywhere they also say that they heard massive explosions and gunfire immediately after but now understand was a car bombing now we understand this to be security officers who were firing in the air immediately following this blast they also cordoned off the area to try and prevent people from coming closer now the blast comes just one day after a twenty loss on saturday killed some twenty seven people in the syrian capital of damascus and it is the latest in a string of suicide bombings that have been happening in syria over the past few weeks on the tenth of february last month in the same city as sunday's the last the
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city of aleppo in the north of the country twenty eight people were killed in twin blasts not far from a security office now the syrian pris is blaming saudi arabia and qatar for sunday's vote they say that they have been calling for the arming of the opposition and that this is merely fueling the situation on the ground and intensifying the violence a series of explosions and pro-government strongholds took place against a backdrop of special envoy kofi annan arms usurper it's in the country his mission is aimed at a green a cease fire between your side regime and opposition and to get talks between them under way political aisle a starter or more of a shabby tells our t. he thinks the terror attacks are going to. darrelle in the efforts. objectives of these explosions that are coming within two days this shows that there is an intent to actually destroy or create obstacles to
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initiative by the former secretary general of the united nations kofi annan who is acting on behalf of the united nations and on behalf of the arab league and would receive the support. at least the verbal support from the. russian foreign ministry now these explosions actually show the need for the success of mr annan mission. china has been siding with russia and calls for foreign powers with links to the opposition in syria to persuade rebels to sit down to the negotiating table but professor he when ping from the chinese academy of social sciences thinks it's sometimes tough to know just who the opposition is the interview with her coming your way later this hour here's a preview. of even the. among the listening absolutely eventually because. it hasn't penetrated its knowledge base the so-called freedom of the cd now is not longer the purity. of freedom i think even some
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of our forces are also involved in these women so now all of those groups i think they have but one must become complicated much much more complicated than before. egypt's parliament has just agreed on a panel that will write the country's new constitution but it's already been embroiled in controversy human rights activists are reportedly calling on the military rulers to dissolve the newly elected commission saying the muslim brotherhood are trying to use the process as a power grab and he's agreed half the panel will be chosen from within the parliament where the muslim brotherhood holds a majority of seats but it's all happening exactly a year after a storage referendum that paved the way for a reshuffle of power in the country as are he's really delusional reports it hasn't yet produced change that egyptians have been hoping. khalid to lima could be
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a poster boy for egypt's revolution young educated a t.v. talk show host and politically active he was among those whose protests on the two square toppled the regime of president mubarak last year but like many others who were on the streets with him he doesn't feel things in egypt have changed for the best. we were in against mubarak as a person we were against the whole system against oppression and justice a little scarce so they were programmed aleutian their actions sure they are applying the same techniques used by her. the ruling military council or staff replaced hosni mubarak who gyptian is accused of corruption nepotism economic mismanagement and human rights abuse but a thorough look at scarce policies unveiled a situation eerily similar if not worse now you'll get proper us that are suspended with live ammunition in a sort of rubber bullets as was the police and of course you get labeled strikers from britain for two military three rounds of them before the courts in the last
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year you have more than thirteen thousand egyptian citizens who are processed on military ordnance that's where you more than what one of the during this thirty years of all the streets of cairo teeming with tourists before their revolution are now considered an see even by those who have lived in the egyptian capital all their lives you can find the police in the street and even in the there they don't really help and you know it's like a kind of they are punishing the people because the idea of the revolution so what they're not doing there and there are other work being they don't care about what happens and deliberately neglecting. every single crime that is happening and they just didn't choose to turn their back and some believe revolutionary parties choose to turn their backs on the military council's questionable policies seemingly comfortable with the way things are. a lot of
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revolutionary forces sided with the military council and start leaving deals and forming foolishness has given more ground and ignore them in demands of the revolution most of the political elite and. fixing things are changing. a real possibility now is the revolution entering a second stage this time prompted not just by the young and the educated but by the poor and the unemployed whose numbers have been steadily rising since the military council came to power. situation is really getting worse and i believe that these people who are really suffering nowadays because they can't even. afford to feed there and there are there are families these people are afraid they're going to leave this guy this this this and the wave of a few kind of like a second wave of. what is going to be really really aggressive and really really violent and bloody these days that square is filled with vendors through your
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cellars idle youth and a few times but from time to time things get heated up again those who have spend their days and nights here just a little over a year ago talk a little better because you see their job is far from over and the revolution continues to go starts here cairo. is r t stay with us here still to come on the program the right to life. academics in the u.k. who advocated for after birth abortion in a leading medical journal. constructing a problem and in many parts of the world as best still being used in any indian homes triggering deadly diseases in the country's people. but first new york city police are investigating death threats made against through the phone and on twitter this after officers forcibly arrest more than seventy people during an occupy wall street protest since the start of the nation wide protest ok so numerous cases of police brutality with the tons of tear gas often used to disperse
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crowds as the movement continues so does washington's desire to silence the american public according to our keys we're in a port in this war. it's a country that extols the virtues of liberty on like no other. since september some six thousand seven hundred americans protesting against economic inequality and corporate greed have been arrested and silence. a police offensive aimed at crushing occupy wall street. has succeeded in shattering america's globally marketed brand of freedom or it's made people realize it's become a joke it's taking states oh our ability to be in a place of dissent or america and how to challenge that in our press that is i think people thought they were free or to dissent and until they tried. in america it is a criminal offense to exercise freedom of speech and advance deemed nationally significant
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such as presidential conventions and debates. protesting in areas where the u.s. president or anyone protected by the secret service may be visiting is considered a felony punishable with hefty fines and up to ten years in jail the federal buildings and grounds improvement act known as h r three four seven is a law most americans don't know about but you don't have to do a lot to feel its force we represent people who are charged with felony offenses solely because they put up posters they put up signs asking people to join in demonstrations and they've been arrested by the police detained held on twenty five thousand dollars bail in charge of felons with nato and protest posters popping up nationwide u.s. lawmakers are tightening up recent acts amendments include prohibiting protests around the white house and broader language to make arrests and prosecution easier
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i think this is a specific response to sort of the fear that we are actually going to be a factor and you know like. transforming the political landscape katie davison was arrested twice last year while taking paul in legal nonviolent occupy wall street demos in new york i feel like we are living in intercourse very different here we sort of like sprinkled democratic you know like words all over everything as if you know like we have all these freedoms that we actually don't buy new reality where it's feared that just about any american engaging in political protests. can be prosecuted unsound or wages affront to civil liberties and the first amendment and i have my personal personally have been arrested several times protesting there have been misdemeanors and now would be a felony and it's just unconscionable that the congress passed this on for years
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we've known for it's bickering i want to leave reached consensus when it came to clamping down on constituents only three of the elected officials voted against expanding federal restrictions on protests while u.s. leaders can't resolve issues like national debt and hold us there on the scene each when it comes to how to handle all those citizens flooding the streets to demand change and accountability. r.t. new york. steven crow and are a political and communications strategist thinks the occupy movement needs to establish a leadership to gaining momentum. you know they get how do they really gel there's either a peace movement warning. or anything else i think they have to decide what they want to go after you know my opinion they should be only in the back and moving in compas is a number of issues number of different people so it is there's no leadership there's no definable leadership really standing out and leading the leading the
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move they're not they're not reaching the average american and they're not going to succeed unless they start intensifying their needs and interests. are to log on to our tea dot com to see all the latest footage on the occupy crackdown and there's plenty more a click away right now the u.s. soldier accused of suspect accused of slaughtering sixteen afghan civilians may already have a criminal record discovered charges against him in the past on our web site. was outrage and dismay among middle eastern christians as the grand mufti of saudi arabia demands the destruction of all the region's churches find out more at r.t. dot com. a public storm raging in britain after
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a controversial article where two academics advocated the use of so-called after birth abortions the authors receive death threats but say their arguments were just an academic discussion for better reports that's left many wondering whether such news should be voiced at all. surely through course was eight months pregnant when she found out her son would be born with down syndrome even as late as that the only advice she got was to have an abortion doctors tried to persuade her sam's condition would be a struggle not worth living but six years on the only struggle mother and child have had was ignoring that advice i could start all over again and i was choosing not to say i was treated as something something for their abnormality actually i was treated as if i was this stupid say. it so it's very sad to think that they are the people who are giving advice. they have a duty to everyone a taking an eight to preserve life and they dying a lot of them might i failed
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a field our children know where preserving them where say they don't know what happening and that really isn't hate but stereotypes just been taken a whole lot further by two ethicists who argue it's ok to kill babies even after the born the controversial comments were published by the oxford educated professors in a leading british medical journal they dismiss newborns as potential not actual persons they say killing them snow different to normal prenatal abortion but critics branded infanticide it was a speculative case and this article has been defended on the grounds of free speech but would we accept for example an article advocating that jews or blacks were not persons only potential persons and they could also be killed ask the question is a newborn child any less of equal member of the human family than a member of
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a certain race or of one gender or the other really is the difference the authors of stoped unethical storm by advocating after birth abortions in all cases. even if the baby's not disabled abortions are only permitted in britain on non medical grounds during the first twenty four weeks of a pregnancy the authors have now received death threats and say they were merely making an academic discussion they refused to give an interview but it's a lie in the journals editors defend our job is to publish arguments in controversial issues so that people can in. the long run some of these issues are very complex and. for example i looked agree with. conclusions of the paper i would like to defend people's right to express these and other people's rights to respond to them academic discussion or not the articles
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prompted outrage not only amongst pro-life groups but also mothers of children with disabilities who declined the option of abortion it was a horrific article it was horrible there definitely seems to be a trend now to say that in a these children shouldn't be here it's not something terrible it's not awful just because it's not what you imagined doesn't mean it's not something fantastic because having sam in our life is amazing absolutely amazing and sam's a member of his local swimming club and plays football to seeing him here it's hard to believe how doctors say his life would be a burden i have been it see london take a look now it's most henri's making headlines across the globe police said the hundreds of still growing british demonstrators clashed in the turkish city water cannons and pepper spray were used to break up a rally that was protesting against
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a bear on celebrations but british new year the number of those injured or detained remains unclear. rights activist and former lutheran pastor joaquin god has been elected germany's new president he won the backing of most part you skin an overwhelming support in a special parliamentary assembly former president christian will step down last month after a series of scandals and allegations of corruption. st patrick's day celebrations turned violence in the canadian town of london where a crowd of around a thousand started a fire and. revelers flipped over a t.v. news bad into the band and threw rocks and bottles at security forces when they arrived at the scene police arrested by loving people. it may be banned in many parts of the world because of its danger to human health but the toxic mineral as best this is still widely used in india it's canada that's desperate to push the deadly substance asia's way despite the risks as archie's previous reader reports
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the residents of this slum in south delhi have no idea that the routes they live on or are contaminated with the toxic mineral called as the best stoves once widely used in building projects for insulation against heat and fire today the substance is banned in fifty two countries around the world because of its proven dangers as my good. intuitively lung disease is like as a. kid your. numb kens that in fact rather go but it isn't as this supposed disease if you didn't make. but it's still being used in india and studies show that it could kill as many as one million people in developing countries in the next eight years the indian government has been the mining of us but the importing and manufacturing of it is still legal and the is growing economy has led to a construction boom and alternatives to
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a spouse costs almost double that's why many indians believe it's worth it despite the health risks of those of us with a caution three is one of the three million people involved in the eight hundred fifty million dollars a year business in india has been selling its best to its roofing for twenty five years and says he's aware that it could become one of the country's biggest killers but we're going to go i knew it was harmful but it is too soon because i have to support my family while activists campaigning to ban is best in india acknowledge the government needs to do more to stop it they say blame also has to lie with their biggest importer of the toxic fiber canada the north american country is one of the world's largest exporter is of us bastos even though it's illegal for it to be used inside its own borders. the standards is quite many for this one the one hundred going to get a house of commons on the go to the. kinds of clothing which you did. this is
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what grades one dish and activists are trying to inform indians about the dangers of its past those but even the ones who have heard about it feel like they have no option but to live with it going to. going to mean should pay attention to the way poor people are living with it we're living in a healthy safe environment. using the toxic chemicals shipped from the west to make their livelihoods even though it might cost them their lives preassure either r t new delhi india time to dive now in the world of finance with natasha. oh so what's under the spotlight today. well the spotlight over the weekend has been mainly on china as global business leaders gathered in beijing for china development forum and essentially china's been the pillar of stability in these uncertain times but last week it lowered its growth target to seven point five percent this year from its longstanding target of eight percent and while experts
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say it might be a bit more the metal certainly be lower the night point two percent reported last year and experts gathered their performance sensually greed that to continue growing china needs to reform and let's check out the markets now to see what's going on on the asian bourses there as you can see there are mostly higher in tokyo the nikkei is posting some gains namely thanks to energy producers that is gaining on rising oil prices a bit more on oil in just about a minute but in hong kong to hang saying it's putting on about a quarter percent mainly driven by banking shares has the c. and china construction bank are gaining this hour and in the united states a wall street is closed this hour you saying friday's figures and they're mostly a little worse which means the dow didn't extend its longest winning streak of more
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than a year and basically it's the consumer index the index of consumer confidence which is to blame it was a lower and march unexpectedly but for the week the dow and the nasdaq and it ended up gaining two point four percent each which is not bad at all one stock to watch on monday is out will it briefly touch the six hundred dollars level last week and we'll see if it can climb there again as the company reports its first results from the sale of its newest i pad and now let's move on to oil as i already mentioned or oil prices. continuing to climb over the weekend speaking at the china economic forum the head of the international monetary fund christine lagarde essentially said rising oil prices can be a threat to global economic growth and can certainly stall economic recovery what wall street journal writes on sunday that has not happened yet certainly not in the
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united states and that's the good news and now on to currencies the dollar is weakening against the euro this hour as you can see there on friday the russian ruble was gaining against the dollar but was losing value against the european currency and russia's gals giant gazprom is expanding its partnership with european partners it plans an asset swap with germany's that just oil and gas producer went as far as helping a quarter has all the details. big oil deposit i'll miss the plot a lot for me in the north sea the developer of this field is german is a gas producer with his whole wish is planning an asset swap with russia's gas from weeds hole will get up to twenty five per cent share in some of russia's gas projects in the pit insular with options for fifty per cent while castro wire and.
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shares in the we just told all share a project like this one. which . is very interesting to. russia. to. actually also join. the two companies have been calling racing for decades they jointly build the north trail and now are intensifying efforts to construct the south stream routes they turn central real gas transports which distributes the russian gas in europe has just been made independence and renamed cascade in older to comply with the use third energy charter to spray him as a producer from also holding the means of supply gasper which invests billions of dollars in pipelines loans to keep control but the rapidly changing rules mean that
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try outs with local operators may be the best way for gas from the axis customers in europe's liberalize gas markets that's going to be. artsy from the north sea. and off the latest from the business desk i'll be back with an update in about fifteen minutes.
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is today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world seeing from the streets of canada. change operation to rule the day. well look at. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've. covered.


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