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tv   [untitled]    March 19, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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the syrian authorities accuse qatar and saudi arabia over a series of deadly suicide attacks in president assad strongholds but as reports emerge that the saudis are arming syrian rebels. the new egyptian constitution is not yet written but it's already in the center of a scandal one year after people voted for change in an historic referendum. i think people thought they were free air. until they tried and lawmakers in washington legal line when it comes to america's freedom of assembly making it easier to throw protesters behind.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at r.t. moscow. the syrian government is blaming qatar and saudi arabia which both the back the arming of opposition rebels of being involved in a series of deadly blasts in syrian cities suicide bombings in government strongholds at the weekend that claimed the lives of thirty people and left dozens injured parties correspondent in the middle east oksana boy has the story. several high profile arab diplomats have suggested over the weekend that saudi arabia has been sending ammunition to the syrian rebels mainly for jordan the security situation in syria remains very tense just this morning major clashes between gunmen armed gunmen and the syrian army to place in damascus in their
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pretty our scale a neighborhood that houses many and this is and this is really a new development because up until now it don't ask this was pretty much spared the whole there was open clashes between the sides involved in this conflict the opposition and the syrian government obviously blaming each other for this later latest flare up of violence as well as for the twin suicide bombings that took place in damascus and syria second largest city off aleppo over the weekend the syrian government says that the latest. violence is yet another agadez that armed gangs terrorist groups are present in the country that they're being financed and supplied by major world powers particularly saudi arabia and qatar and that these countries in particular have been doing everything they can to really stall the peace process is that every government is interested in seeing it in its
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own country. it's on our border reporting what other series of explosions and pro-government strongholds took place against the backdrop of special envoy kofi annan peace efforts on syria its mission is aimed at agreeing upon a cease fire between the assad regime and the opposition and to get talks between them under way a beirut based political analyst to talk about in the shop a told r.t. that people use the terror attacks in damascus and aleppo raining those efforts. the objectives of these explosions that are coming within two days this shows that there is an intent to actually destroy or or create obstacles to the initiative by the former secretary general of the united nations kofi annan who is acting on behalf of the united nations and on behalf of the arab league and we need a period of of ceasefire in order for the dialogue to start now these explosions
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actually show the need for the success of mr annan mission but meantime in china has been siding with russia in calls for foreign powers with links to the opposition in syria to persuade the rebels to sit down at the negotiating table but professor hay when ping from the chinese academy of social sciences believes it's sometimes difficult to know just who the opposition is the interview with her coming your way next hour here on r.g.p. for now a quick preview. from that these are the sectors are milder mostly actually eventually because outside forces. hasn't penetrated nowadays the so-called freedom of the syria now is not longer the pure syrian people. are freedom army i think even some of our forces are also involved in the. army so now all of those fighting costs i think they're. complicated much much
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more complicated than before. for about turning our attention to that of egypt where the parliament has an interest agreed on a panel which will write the country's new constitution but it's already embroiled in controversy human rights activists are reportedly calling on the military rulers to dissolve the newly elected commission saying the muslim brotherhood are trying to use the process as a power grab m.p.'s agree that half of the panel will be chosen from within parliament where the muslim brotherhood has a majority of seats it's all happening exactly a year after an historic referendum which paved the way for a reshuffle of power of the country but if that is a really good report it hasn't yet produced the change that egyptians have long been hoping for. how dilema could be opposed to going for egypt's revolution young educated a t.v. talk show host and politically active he was among those whose protests on the two
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square toppled the regime of president mubarak last year but like many others who were on the streets with him he doesn't feel things in egypt have changed for the best that. we were in against mubarak as a person we were against the whole system against oppression and injustice a lot of scarcity we're program lucian their actions sure they're applying the seeing techniques used by him. the ruling military council or staff replaced hosni mubarak who rejections accused of corruption and nepotism economic mismanagement and human rights abuse but a thorough look at scarce policies unveiled the situation eerily similar if not worse now you get quarters that are suspended with live ammunition in a sort of rubber bullets as was the case and of course you get the word strikers hold it referred to belittle others of them going to courts in the past three years you have more than thirteen thousand egyptian citizens who are processed on
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military funerals that's where you more than what one of the during this thirty years of war the streets of cairo teeming with tourists before their evolution are now considered on sea even by those who have lived in the egyptian capital all their lives you can find the police in the street and even if they are there they don't really help anyone you know it's like a kind of they are punishing the people because they are the of done with evolution so they're not doing their or their work they don't care about what happens and the deliberately neglecting their every single crime that is happening and they just didn't choose to turn their back and some believe revolutionary parties choose to turn their bags on the military council is questionable policies seemingly comfortable with the way things are. and so a lot of revolutionary forces sided with the military council and so little deals
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and for the coalition's will give them more ground and ignore the main demands of the revolution most of the political elite and rouge in arrays are looking at fixing things and changing them. a real possibility now is the revolution entering a second stage this time prompted not just by the young and the educated but by the poor and the unemployed whose numbers have been steadily rising since the military council came to power the situation is really getting worse and i believe that these people who are really suffering nowadays because they can't even. afford to work to feed there are there are there are families these people are really there are going to lead to this kind of this. new wave of the nation if you can call it like a second wave of evolution but it's going to be really really aggressive and really really violent and bloody these days that are serious where it's filled with vendors really are sellers idle youth and if you would sense but from time to time things get heated up again those who have spent their days and nights here just
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a little over a year ago when they were barrack regime say their job is far from over and the revolution continues in those courts here cairo. from the center of political studies and still a lot of uncertainty to go ahead for the future of egypt. the nineteenth of march. i think it was a big mistake the egyptian people have been denied a kind of a clear roadmap to democracy as have been a lot of political manipulation i think the scare of the military council ruling the country try to outsmart everybody many can we think the different political forces but the irony of it here i'm on the losing the revolutionary more democratic forces also came with the moving into this and only the muslim brotherhood and the seller is. the winning side there is still a strong forces and voices within the military itself who have their own separate
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and surrendering power to the muslim brothers for the seller phase but they are not certain about what kind of moves could be taken at this point so there is a lot of uncertainty about this issue of whether the issue of the transition of government from the military council from skaf to an elected government need to centrally by the muslim brotherhood so there is still a lot of uncertainty a lot of road bumps are awaiting for us. we're watching or to you it's good to have you with us so very few in the program but have a right to life of a dying girl to academics in the u.k. who argue in favor of after birth abortion and the leading medical drug. also a structural problem and in many parts of the world especially the offices still being used in homes in india triggering deadly diseases in the country's population . is now ten minutes past the hour here in moscow and new york city police are
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investigating the death threats made against staff through the phone and on twitter this after officers forcibly arrested more than seventy people during an occupy wall street protest since the start of the movement nationwide protests are faced numerous place police brutality with buttons and tear gas often used to disperse crowds as the movement continues so too does washington's desire to silence the american public is our he's worried of course explains. it's a country that extols the virtues of liberty on like no other. since september some six thousand seven hundred americans protesting against economic inequality and corporate greed have been arrested and silence. a police offensive aimed at crushing occupy wall street has succeeded in shattering america's globally marketed brand of freedom but it's made people realize it's kind of devastating states or
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our ability to be in a place of dissent in america and how challenge that you can help press that is and i think people thought they were freer to dispense and until they tried it. in america it is a criminal offense to exercise freedom of speech and events deemed nationally significant such as presidential conventions and it beats. protesting in. areas where the u.s. president or anyone protected by the secret service may be visiting is considered a felony punishable with hefty fines and up to ten years in jail the federal buildings and grounds improvement act known as h r three four seven is a law most americans don't know about but you don't have to do a lot to feel that force we represent people who are charged with felony offenses solely because they put up posters they put out signs asking people to join in
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demonstrations and they've been arrested by the police detained held on twenty five thousand dollars bail in terms of felonies with nato and protest posters popping up nationwide u.s. lawmakers are tightening up recent active men include prohibiting protests around the white house and broader language to make arrests and prosecution easier i think this is a specific response to sort of the fear that we are actually going to active and you know like. transforming that sort of landscape katie davison was arrested twice last year while taking part in legal nonviolent occupy wall street demos in new york i feel like we're maybe getting earthworks here and government here we sort of like sprinkled democratic you know like words all over everything as if you know like we have all these freedoms that actually just. the new reality where it's here that just about any american in gauging in political protests. can be prosecuted i
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mean sound it ranges front to civil liberties and the first amendment and i have my personal personally have been arrested several times protesting there have been misdemeanors and now would be a felony and it's just unconscionable that the congress passed this on for us we don't worry it's bickering i want to leave reached consensus when it came to clamping down on constituents only three of the elected officials voted against expanding federal restrictions on protests while u.s. leaders can't resolve issues like national debt and. they're on the scene each when it comes to how to handle all those citizens flooding the streets to demand change and accountability. artsy new york i don't forget to look into what you called com to see the latest footage on the occupy crackdown a much more in store for you there and also you dot com well the clothing the
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american soldier suspected of small during sixteen afghan civilians may already have had a criminal record i discover the charges against him in the past website. among christians in the middle east as the grand mufti of saudi arabia demands of the destruction of all churches in the region those details also what are you talking. the world update is sooner but for now a public storm is raging in britain after a controversial article where two academics advocated the use of after birth abortions the author of several sea of death threats said the arguments were just an academic discussion however as artie's i have
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a better record that's left many wondering whether such views should be voiced at all surely through course was eight months pregnant when she found out her son would be born with down syndrome even as late as that the only advice she got was to have an abortion doctors tried to persuade her sam's condition would be a struggle not worth living but six years on the only struggle mother and chart of had was ignoring that advice i could start all over again and i was choosing not to say and i was treated as something something. malice he actually i was cheated is about it it's cheap it say and it is very sad to think that they are the people who are giving advice. they have a duty to everyone a taken and i tip is that like and a day i looked at them i hate filled out children aware preserving they're not worth saving they're not happening and that really isn't the case but stereotypes
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just been taken a whole lot further by two ethicists who argue that it's ok to kill babies even after the born the controversial comments were published by the oxford educated professors in a leading british medical journal they dismiss newborns as potential and not actual persons they say killing them so no different to a normal prenatal abortion but critics branded infanticide it was a speculative case and this that article has been defended on the grounds of free speech but would we accept for example an article advocating that jews or blacks were not persons only potential persons and they could also be killed ask the question is a newborn child any less of equal member of the human family than a member of a certain race or of one gender or the other what really is the difference the authors of stoked unethical storm by advocating after birth abortions in all cases
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even if the babies are not disabled abortions are only permitted in britain on non medical grounds during the first twenty four weeks of a pregnancy the authors of now received death threats and say they were merely making an academic discussion they refused to give an interview but it's a lie in the journals editors defend our job is to publish arguments for the traversal issues so that people can in. the long run a song. these issues are very complex. for example i don't agree with. the conclusions of the people or i would like to defend people's right to express the views and other people's right to respond to them academic discussion or not the articles prompted outrage not only amongst pro-life groups but also mothers of children with disabilities who declined the option of abortion
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it was a horrific article it was horrible they definitely seems to be a trend now is to say that. in these children shouldn't be here it's not something terrible it's not awful just because it's not what you imagine doesn't mean it's not something fantastic because having sam in our life is amazing absolutely amazing sam's a member of his local swimming club and plays football to seeing him here it's hard to believe how doctors can say his life would be a burden i think bennett r t london. letter will be joining us in a minute with the market news for this hour for now though the article rolled out that some of the international headlines in brief has opened fire jewish school in the french city of toulouse killing four people three of them children and the gunman then fled the scene on a motorbike the tragedy comes just two days after a pair of uniformed soldiers under paratrooper were shot dead in separate incidents
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in the same area. in libya two british journalists initially accused of espionage have been freed it comes almost a month since the country's militia detain the men who were working for an iranian broadcaster last week the two apologized for illegally entering the country. st patrick's day celebrations turned violent in the canadian town of london where a crowd of around a thousand started a fire battle. revelers flipped over a t.v. news van and threw rocks and bottles of security forces when they arrived on the scene reports suggest at least eleven people were arrested. now it may be banned in many parts of the world because it was a danger to human health with the toxic mineral still widely used in india and foreign importers are desperate to push the girly stops and asia's way despite the risks he's pretty shrewd reports the residents of this slum in south delhi have no
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idea that the routes they live under are contaminated with a toxic mineral called as bastos once widely used in building projects for insulation against heat and fire today the substance is banned in fifty two countries around the world because if it's proven dangerous as both tools by good writers most will. cause. lung diseases like asbestos the. lung cancer in fact wonder what it isn't as this disease if you don't make. but it's still being used in india and studies show that it could kill as many as one million people in developing countries in the next eight years the indian government has been the mining of especially those of the importing and manufacturing of it is still legal and he is growing economy has led to a construction boom and alternatives to a spot cost almost double that's why many indians believe it's worth it despite the
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health risks for those of us in the car caution reka is one of the three million people involved in the eight hundred fifty million dollar a year business in india he's been selling its best to his roofing for twenty five years and says he's aware that it could become one of the country's biggest killers . i knew it was harmful with a stool suit because i have to support my family while activists campaigning to ban especially within india acknowledge the government needs to do more to stop it they say blame also has to lie with their biggest importer of the toxic fiber canada the north american country has one of the world's largest our exporters of us bastos even though it's illegal for it to be used inside its own borders. the standards is quite many first on the one hundred going to the house of commons on the go to the . kinds of causing would be good countries they can do this is what.
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activists are trying to inform indians about the danger is that it's best to those but even the ones who have heard about it feel like they have no option but to live with it like a government should pay attention to the way poor people are living where they were living in a healthy safe environment. using the toxic chemicals shipped from the west to make their livelihoods even though it might cost them their lives preassure either archie new delhi india. has promised on the tossers now here on the program or good to see you we know you've got your eyes on the markets and the good news to report today were you know the short answer is definitely not it's pretty much a sea of red all across the board everything is falling crude gold equities u.s. futures you name it but the thing we're watching this hour is or oil prices as they slip into red on mixed signals about u.s. economic recovery the data released on friday shows that consumer confidence unexpectedly dropped in march on what experts say is
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a concern about high gasoline prices and saudi arabia the world's biggest oil exporter boosted its production essentially easing concerns over tight supplies coming from iran which is facing tough economic sanctions over its nuclear program and let's now take a look at the equity markets european equities are all the word the footsie is shedding value pushed down by banking stocks one of the only stocks that's bucking the downward trend is vodafone and in germany the dax is also shedding value now on to the currencies the dollar is gaining value against the euro this hour and the russian ruble is also higher against both the dollar and the euro and that naturally brings us to the russian equity markets and here in russia it's all pretty much a sea of red all across the board as you can see that my sex is losing almost two percent and it's pretty difficult to resist but that's a negative sentiment coming from all over the place the biggest movers on the my
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sex this hour is problem is that it's down as you can see as their bank is down but not as much as the rest of the market and that's mainly because the biggest blunder says that it will put on hold its plans to offer it shares to the public in. april andrew small is being punished for not only releasing a lower than expected of revenues for for twenty eleven but also for picking a berry as its new chairman to replace victor vessel burt made the decision to leave the company a las tweet apparently investors don't think you'll be as effective russia's energy giant gazprom is expanding its partnership with european companies it'll planning and what with germany's biggest oil and gas company is now google has little to do to us. we don't talk about german. cars at all mr klotz a lot for me in the will see the developer of this field is german is gas producer
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with his whole wish was planning an acid swap with russia castro we've sold to get up to twenty five per cent share in some of russia's gas projects in the summer with an option for fifty per cent while castro wire and our share in the interests holds all sure projects like this one guest form will get access to that we have. specially the british will see. this very interested in its production. of russia. just for. there to be actually also jointly with the two companies have been close racing for decades they jointly build the north stream and now intensifying their for its constructs of the south trade routes their turn to ensure real gas transports which distributes the russian gas in europe has just been made in the pantaloons and
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renamed cascades get older to comply with the third energy charter to spray him as a producer from also holding the means of supply gas from which invests billions of dollars and pipelines most to keep control of the rapidly changing rules mean that . the local operators may be the best way for gas prone to axis customers in europe's new liberalize gas markets but. those aren't see from the north sea. and staying with the energy sector ukraine is reportedly in talks with turkey crimea and germany to import gas kiev has been a long running dispute with russia's gazprom over prices and it's now looking to diversify its supply base according to commerce on daily wants to buy up to eleven billion cubic meters from the new sources that's roughly one quarter of what it and he only imports from russia. and that's the latest from the business that my
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colleague daniel bush will bring that i'm taking about fifteen minutes. culture is that so much movement which of course is fine it comes ability of the candidacy you call what makes him tick why is he so popular among younger voters why do republicans smeared him while.
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the enemy is. just simply. just spam. today violence is once again flared up.


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