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tv   [untitled]    March 23, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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my little street. street likely. to face a continued crackdown as government forces keep up with the pressure on peaceful protesters appealing for democracy. the violence goes largely unreported world wide talk about reigning regime claims of carrying out democratic reforms. plastic security is a myth but must become a reality of the stark words of president medvedev in moscow also for nato said not live in the. american soldier accused of a shooting massacre of afghan civilians has to face seventeen counts of murder in the u.s. for the taliban vows revenge saying it has no faith in american justice. for
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wall street futures are mixed before opening as we enter the week for world stock markets the business in twenty minutes. it is a just after five pm on friday here in moscow this is artsy with me rule research a protester has died after security forces again fired tear gas and rubber bullets of opposition rallies in bahrain the government's been continuing a crackdown on dissent over the past twelve months. investigates. we are hearing from the family of a woman who died on thursday saying that she died from inhaling tear gas we do know that the security forces have been using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds meanwhile in an effort to try and clean up their public human rights
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image the riot police say that they're installing video cameras in several of their offices that critics say that this is not going to hold the situation because most of the youngsters who are being beaten are being beaten before they even reach the police stations now earlier this week the united nations high commission on human rights to see if there was a disproportionate use of force being used by the security forces and this is something that moscow too has indicated it finds alarming what moscow is saying is that there needs to be stabilization efforts there needs to be some kind of movement towards national dialogue and the violence needs to be brought under control and stopped immediately the media coverage that the brain receives is are warming little when compared to countries like syria iran and libya and what some activists are suggesting is that this is because the united states clearly has a vested interest in not showing the violent crackdown by the regime the united
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states of god's reign as its closest ally in the region and the headquarters of the u.s. navy's fifth fleet are stationed there if you look for example at an ongoing trial of some fifteen medics who have you sentenced to fifteen years for merely assisting protesters during the violent crackdown last through that trial has received little to no attention in the mainstream western media always by comparison reports coming out today friday of the european union slept in sanctions on the life of the syrian president bashar assad and his family that has received a lie and sprayed media attention what we do know is their full members are two sides family as well as eight government ministers will have sanctions against him that is receiving a lot of attention or is what is happening in terms of has a violent crackdown in bahrain is receiving little attention. that is policy reporting right more e.u. sanctions against syria have now come into force this time personally targeting the
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inner circle of president bashar assad and his wife and with travel bans and freezing of assets violence does continue in the country with insurgent fighters killing two syrian army troops and capturing eighteen soldiers near the turkish border the main opposition group the syrian national council has also dismissed the u.n. resolution urging a cease fire saying it doesn't meet the needs of the people the motion passed earlier this week approved a peace plan proposed by envoy kofi annan it calls for all sides to stop fighting provide for humanitarian aid and begin a political process towards peace resolution backed by china and russia doesn't demand president assad stands down washington continues to insist on this is threatening to put more pressure on damascus if it refuses to comply with the u.n. motion kristoff or still however the u.s. ultimately at the end of the day is simply sponsoring terrorism in syria. bashar.
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tried reforms from the start of his term you should he have been you know in a friendly manner supported by other countries syria would have been of much better position know what we have done is this the west has you know stimulated corrupt regimes and unfortunately also a deal a turkey to interfere in a syrian situation and what we have now is president obama you know openly declared that we have in the state sponsored terrorism in damascus i was present with this. attack in damascus that is very clearly a secret service business with some you know i people who sharpshooting any help was approaching to the scene and we have more incidents of the bridges incident in aleppo and things like that i call this terror minute by the u.s.
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. you're watching our t.v. still ahead for you this hour how tweets have changed the world one hundred forty characters at a time. they can twitter posts you know anything you wouldn't want your mom to see or wouldn't want people are portrayed in the newspaper you probably shouldn't put on twitter just twitter celebrates its sixth birthday we look at how it's generated scandals and inspired of the world change. the european union has expanded its sanctions against iran freezing assets and adding more officials to a visa blacklist it cites serious humanitarian rights violations for the measures which follow other similar penalties over the islamic republic's nuclear program the u.s. has just drawn up a list of countries which are to be cut off from the american financial system if they don't reduce iranian oil imports within six months meanwhile israel says its threat of a military strike on iran is stopping you from building
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a suspected nuclear bomb iran maintains its atomic program is for peaceful energy purposes only the big u.s. is against an imminent attack on the islamic state believing it would drag the whole region into a war or third trita parsi argues a military conflict would be a disaster for all involved. there's been an ongoing campaign for the last couple months in which the u.s. military is leaking information about how dangerous it would be if the israelis were to attack iran how counterproductive it would be and what it would do to the united states because it would drag us into a war that its main objective is really difficult to achieve militarily if not impossible so this is a way also for the military the military to push back and make sure that the politicians of the civilians don't make a decision that would put the military again at the center of a disaster from one perspective i can say that the netanyahu government seems to be
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more fearful of a negotiated settlement on the iranian nuclear issue because of a fear that the u.s. would go with a compromise that were not meet the israeli red lines and as a result they actually seem to be more comfortable with the idea that there would be a military confrontation but i think there is also a miscalculation or what lies in israel's interest because in the long term it would not be in israel's interest either because it will bring about not only a tremendous amount of turmoil in the region but also so far israel has not had a military confrontation with any of the middle east's non arab states in fact mean iran and israel over the last two and a half thousand years the relations have more often than not being good it would be a very strong red psychological red line if it were to break out between israel and iran are you watching r t you know three years on from the research in russia u.s. relations earlier optimism appears to have cooled addressing a security conference here in moscow russia's president dmitri medvedev said that
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he wants western alternatives to missile defense plans for nato to stop living in the past and he said now it has been following the conference. the theme of this russian international affairs council is euro atlantica security is a myth or reality at present it makes a definitive very little there that he believes it's a minyan that needs to become a reality and way too easy when there are these two major issues that are hampering progress on making that a reality the first is this mindset that there's nato and that's all that's needed for european security the second our expansion plans on missile defense which we love a little bit of relief it's been a long time standing issue between russia and the us and of course in cooperation with nato and how to resolve the signing of the strategic arms reduction treaty in twenty two ten between bit of an obama there was a little bit of relief and it was the really as the peak of the reset but lately
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russia has been pushing very strongly that they need britain guarantees which are not in that start treaty that there will be no expansion of missile defense and prove that it's not aimed against them to make that very clear another issue which she touched upon was the u.n. as a body and how it's become somewhat others seem to be used as a body of course rather than a body of diplomacy and they're just talking about syria and a lot of the rhetoric we're hearing about iran and its nuclear issue but to take more about european security as a whole joining me now is a very special guest has come out in this horrible moscow so cold weather that we're having the secretary general of the council on here of hope warner cable and thank you so much for being with us is it a myth to you is european security joint european security a reality. i don't think it's i mean. if you say. they are the world we have a bomb a very very long way towards to secure defend mode for. you'll
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be getting married we have excellent institutions that they have to be. because he's. made. the states. i believe are coming from when they say they can't see that they can't. be promised to pay for any kind of system close to the borders he says. to construct that it's going to. security yes i can make a. pragmatic approach i think these issues may be sorted. i mean everybody is pointing out the difficulties but people who've got the realities that call me in is the united states i'm just.
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disappeared this in all these because i know beyond the. secretary general thank you very much for coming out speak to us here in. the security of your security that's coming to an hour i just want to highlight again the main thing that all sides seem to be able to agree on is that it's cooperation that will take both parties will work but there's still a lot of work to be done. in our reporting right the u.s. soldier accused of a massacre of afghan civilians will be charged with seventeen accounts of murder and six of assault and attempted murder staff sergeant robert bales is currently held in solitary confinement at a military detention center in the u.s. and could face the death penalty if convicted earlier this week his attorney said there is a lack of evidence against his client and he has no memory of the incident meanwhile the taliban has already vowed to take revenge against american forces saying it doesn't trust the u.s. court to look at justice and we can get more details on this and more insight from
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jim brown from the stop the war coalition live on through today good to see you president karzai already attacking the u.s. over the investigation into the killings do you think washington really cares about what he says having ignored demands for a trial to be held not ganna stand by the u.s. stepped in and to whisk the soldier back home within days of the killing. oh yes i mean that kind of behavior is absolutely consistent with the united states. and other countries if you just look at for example. it. calls a major non nato ally the. united states went in for example and. deep into pakistan and killed a. cia man who killed i think three pakistanis on the street and he was whisked away and
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so i'm sure there are many many examples in that region and throughout the world. they don't treat. any respect at all about the possible backlash here of the taliban already in revenge for all this or how do you think that could affect the plans of talks between the u.s. soldiers and the militants. i think that things are moving and it's very extremely hard to read things accurately in. or around afghanistan so that the question of the talks who exactly they're talking to how long they've really been talking to them are substantially if the courts really are all these things are really. and i suspect that when we talk about the taliban we're actually talking about quite a broad and diverse movement so you could be talking about one centrally organized
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bloc whereas you could be on the other hand you could be talking about much more diffuse. local movement. so that the i suspect that will go on because they have a tremendous problem to resolve to extricate themselves with any kind of. dignity and believe that of this so yes i think they will carry on talking now let's address what's happened in the recent days this this u.s. soldier allegedly acting by himself all of that's yet to be confirmed this is a tragedy with seventeen accounts of murder and now with all these afghan civilians and many children being shot dead in a nighttime raid is it possible though that the soldiers are facing an impossible task under horrendous stress and pressure in afghanistan because something good has come from their work surely in alstom the taliban and bringing some form of democracy with the karzai government. well i think that no i can't really agree with that i think if you just take the car of
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a government it's hardly true that he has any more credibility now than he did ten years ago if you're a member of the united states take him he wasn't. they take him in. shortly after september the eleventh and they declared him to be the head of some kind of local administration and it's true that later on he was elected president but then he was the only person who could actually travel around afghanistan in united states helicopters so its rivals didn't really have much of a chance so he certainly has been chosen by the united states and he's been put in a very. weak position and. if you just go back to the one nine hundred eighty s. i mean the administration that was left behind when the serbian left afghanistan in one thousand eight hundred nine was measurably stronger by any count than what exists today it's very hard to believe you know i'm going to try to do you think
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a hundred cars i do think he has the respect of the afghan people are simply in it simply in some way or marionette with capitol hill washington d.c. pulling the strings he really does seem to be the second thing you mentioned i mean for example earlier this year rather than call a. meeting of the parliament to discuss a major issue it simply picked his own people and called the zone council for example so he doesn't even trust his own parliament so i think that's a good example of lack of credibility among the outcome now when it comes to this recent mass here with many civilians being shot the u.s. has apologized it says the actions of one soldier don't reflect the work done by the military overall do you agree and do you think people will agree. well i think it's very clear if you take recent major incidents if you take another incident that certainly was an official thing and not
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a rogue one and that was the burning of the korans and i think if you put that against the action of the suppose it action lone action and sergeant bales' you can see a connection in this that how can misuse then in afghanistan a very solidly muslim country for ten and a half years your men acting officially do not know that burning the koran in front of afghan stream lee thing that i can do and i think that shows you the mentality and ok what sergeant bales' it was clearly the action of one rogue element but it does actually follow on from that mentality of burning korans in front of. the americans are supposed to be the official for withdrawal will be out by some point in two thousand and fourteen our jim brown will have to wait and see how this ongoing effort in afghanistan continues our jim brown from the stop the war
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coalition thanks for coming on r.t. today thank you. let's get to some of international headlines for you here are you with the hourly world update japan has ordered missile defense systems to be prepared in response to north korea's planned rocket launch next month tokyo will deploy them near the island of okinawa in order to shoot down the rocket if it threatens japanese territory the u.s. and its allies of north korea to cancel the launch calling it a threat to america but they're also concerned that pyongyang's technology could be used for long range missiles in the future. at least seventeen prisoners have escaped from a jail the northern iraqi city of. the men used a rope made from blankets to lower themselves out of a window during the night the prisoners include several members of al qaeda and two convicted murderers cook has been the center of violence between the region's three main groups of kurds arabs and talk. no more excuses for
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missing all being late to class in brazil where microchips are to be stitched into school uniforms to keep tabs on pupils. devices will be embedded in clothing meaning there's no way to escape parents will receive a text message when their child has arrived at school or if they're late for class is almost a billion dollars is being invested by a local authority on the scheme all students help to gauge the fourteen. french intelligence has been criticized for failing to address the to lose government before he killed seven people mohamed merah was under surveillance for months of france's prime minister says there was no prior evidence that the gunman posed a threat to society he was killed by a police sniper just about twenty four hours ago after a thirty two hour siege around his apartment where art films himself killing a rabbi and three children at a jewish school as well as three soldiers in separate time. but to lose the
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killings of fuel discussion on europe's immigration policy pit of hell in his cross talk at the impact of globalization europe has a problem integrating immigrants. can i think i think is. discriminatory and offensive that you come on international television you need general sweeping statements about my faith in my community and not expect a reaction you need to get you from the streets you need to step away from your prejudice fags it was good to see you too like. not going to roger in oxford going to look like and i just say that my perspective on all the different because i don't represent a party nor a faith community i'm just an academic trying to handle these complicated this isn't. good i don't know.
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who started it i know it's a joke. you can watch across talking about two hours and ten minutes from now here on r.t. it helped to spread a news of the arab spring and the careers of a few celebrities love it or hate it twitter has forever influenced the way the world communicates and as the social networking site celebrates its sixth birthday party correspondent and a star see a truck and looks back on the good the bad and the ugly if the past six years of tweets. six years ago the little blue bird chirped its first tweet a new era of social networking took off a point of view squeezed into one hundred forty characters a tweet really should just be a random and you know like it should be held to almost zero standard whatsoever it's really sure a brain fart but with half a billion users today from anonymous bloggers to world leaders twitter has become
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a much more powerful force than that. the micro-blogging site help the spread of protests during the arab spring but it's also become a tool for manipulating public opinion a book has a higher standard of joking than a column does a column is a higher standard than a blog tweet is the lowest circle of fact during iran's green revolution tweeted eyewitness accounts of government brutality helped boost western support for protestors turned out many other bloggers were thousands of miles from the action. who thought he's also appreciate the power of a tweet recently occupy wall street somebody who we don't know who posts you know a message that say a cop should be killed ok my guess is the cops post you know because then they were the ones that reacted to it made it a story whether for this information or propaganda you have a very misleading tweet from some of the members of the security council in the
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sense of it they're kind of using it for propaganda they're right today we said you know and it's very selective they don't want reporters to try to find out what happened in a closed door meeting but they're tweeting things that are often false from inside them from closed doors to private affairs our did reckless twitter posts have seen its authors humiliated and virally hated even fired whether it's somebody like charlie sheen who can come out and say terrible things about his bosses on twitter and lose his job or someone like as their client who's now back on him as are the seed but in two thousand and seven he was on with tim russert and tweeted. can i say this. russert with an acid spiny test. and you know wast his contact with that most of the c.e.o. for arguably the most notorious downfall and now former congressman anthony weiner's tweeting a photo of his most private of parts we are certainly is one model of what not is that. i think that if i were ever going to cheat on my wife i don't think i would
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start by broadcasting it over twitter but this new broadcasting tool available to all is seductive i don't know if it makes them stupid or if they come to twitter already stupid they simply use it stupidly i think probably the latter risk of the truth of the microblog is a minefield for those not cautious and they could twitter drunken posts you know anything you wouldn't want your mom to see or wouldn't want be reported in a newspaper you probably shouldn't on twitter so what are we putting on twitter and early study found still called pointless diable made up forty percent of tweets news only four percent it's always surprising me with you know if you really care what sandra bullock aware of your following has to say it's not always time for you social network. to get. more time is wasted on what it can contribute and information that everyone's we can extend everybody else and since
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the world. at the end of the day you can use it to dumb down you can use it to smarten up that's how you use anything that really matters the sixth anniversary of the first tweet marks billions of tweets already posted and revolutions guided lady gaga is the number one blogger with over twenty one million followers but my core blogs talk trending topics of today include people are our boyfriends and things i hate about sex some tweeters we won't regret that i think interpret our art. well you can find out more about twitter's birthday on our website r.t. top karma also waiting for you right now locked and loaded the state of virginia allows its residents to buy and limited number of guns for the first time in two decades. and the golden boot goes leading midfielder is named one of football's most expensive place so all that waiting for you at r.t.
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dot com. right off we go to the r.t. business stash now for the hourly update on the markets and over to you daniel is it a feel good friday or just a case of seeing red. seeing red unfortunately it's been red across practically all markets all week and the oil price has been a big influence in fact the list take a look at crude now it's again on the rise which is bad news for global recovery from the lowest close in a week that is the supplies may tighten with persisting tensions in iran one key factor the international energy agency is not planning to release emergency crews. there's recent price rises and europe's having another worst run since investors are hesitant as they await us home sales data later today on the exchange rates the euro's gaining
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a bit to get the dollar the ruble mixed against the main currencies against the greenback but losing against the euro and the russian markets the bells ring back from earlier losses would be able to point two percent this hour there's some individuals here move was. slightly higher off the rating of grade five which is also gaining linda c.e.o. says it will be possible to cut the state's stake in the russian bank below fifty percent in about four years time only that's often the necessary changes in legislation and power it was on the rise to spy. disappointing results the company saw a net loss or all five billion dollars in twins eleven compared to admit profit in the previous year that's on the russian accounting standards and the nationwide campaign has kicked off the motions to buy anything that's greek will have more on that next hour and that's all we've got time for this hour.
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