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tv   [untitled]    March 30, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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top stories this hour on r.t. israeli tear gas and stun grenades meet protesters across the palestinian territories at least one person has been killed palestinians are marking land day remembering six demonstrators who died during a land confiscation of over thirty years ago. french presidential hopefuls rampart anti immigrant talk while raids against islamist radicals see some twenty people detained in the wake of the to lose killings. as part officially backing a u.n. sponsored peace plan for syria nato countries a seen coming the rebels with britain sending in aid worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. let's open it up take them out of you but i'm not assuming half enough none
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of the time we go to washington for an hour with a lunar ski. welcome to the alone a show where you get the real headlines with none of the mersey are coming live out of washington d.c. and christine for south filling in for a loan and today the brits are meeting today in india we'll talk to economic analysts begins all the lira about the role these new emerging economies will play in the global economy but also with associate editor for alter net sarah jaffe about why some people think we might be entering a second gilded age and after two decades with the f.b.i. our number one hacker tracker is leaving the bureau claiming that we are losing the cybersecurity war i'll talk to cato's jim harper to try to figure out if the threats are real or just fodder for new regulations we'll have all that and more
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for you tonight including a dose of happy hour but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media has decided to miss. so there's something going on today regarding an issue that applies to each and every one of you it feels with your rights and your freedoms as an american and how those rights have changed immensely in the last few months based on a new law a law that's now being challenged all right tea partiers i'm not talking about health care it's something much more important and more far reaching but you want to know it because here's what you would have seen surfing throughout the mainstream media today. who wants to be a mega millionaire the jackpot has gone into orbit some players already making plans for the high hundred million dollar or so fortune and we spend more money than any country on the planet for person on health care the president knows that
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as gas prices continue to rise his approval ratings will fall or rather his popular anchorman character ron burgundy they know what announcement on cold it is family barely escapes a huge fast moving wildfire and now florida senator marco rubio is officially endorsing presidential candidate mitt romney we have news now that sheldon adelson may be closing his pocketbook to newt gingrich what happens when you pair and elephant with a smart nine justices novel liberating after wrapping up three days of grueling hearings on the health care overhaul tuesday's wisconsin primary is seen formes final opportunity to convince republicans that this race isn't over just a datsun weighs just over four ounces new details and new developments in the shooting of trayvon martin gas prices are at the pump the national average for regular gas just a gallon three dollars and ninety two cents. all right ron burgundy santorum bowling all of those interesting i guess but none of those items are with the
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mainstream media should be talking about they should be talking about the national defense authorization act now if you watch the show if there's no way you go know about n.d.a. the military spending bill that's a whole lot more than just how much money is spent on what it also includes at some questionable and that is a very polite word provisions specifically i'm referring to section ten twenty one a provision that permits the indefinite military detention without formal charge or public trial of anyone suspected of participating in aiding a terrorist organization engaged in hostilities against the united states and that includes u.s. citizens. well president obama said it would not in fact be used on u.s. citizens part was not taken out of the bill which is now the law of the land and the law several people have taken to court in the case hedges v obama had his is chris hedges who will be on the show on monday he's a reporter with truthdig who previously worked for other publications including
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working as a middle east bureau chief for the new york times and he has himself interviewed members of all cato members of the palestinian liberation organization hamas and many more i just said under this law even being associated with terrorist groups could land people in jail for hearings kick off today and plaintiffs also include pentagon papers whistleblower daniel ellsberg writer and linguist noam chomsky and a lot so brian the founder of the website us day of rage all of them argue that some of these provisions in the n.b.a. could impact them directly because of their work either in activism or journalism. you know you're serious journalist we're not saying they're going to come get us to morrow they're think we're all crazy theory and chilling effect and informally anecdotally i'm hearing it from many many journalists when they're on it you know across the country to change how we do our work so that harms our legal standing
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and that's why i think it's important kate. all right so i guess we shouldn't be surprised that this is not the lead story but attorneys fighting the law say it violates a free speech and due process plaintiffs say it turns this country into a quote homeland battlefield i could eventually allow for the indefinite detention of journalists who report the views of groups the u.s. government considers to be terrorists a journalist can't do their jobs you are kept in the dark under the shade of ignorance selective knowledge sounds to me like a whole lot of other countries the us likes to criticize only with n.c.a.a. we're following in those countries footsteps going on reporting on some of the court hearings or a debate even if it's pundits on fox news talking about why the president and the military need this power but no when it comes to the national defense authorization it is eerily quiet because that's what the mainstream media decided to miss.
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well today was the annual meeting of the minds for the five countries known simply as brics the leaders of brazil russia india china and south africa together to talk about some of the ways they might be able to work together to make moves that make a difference on the global chessboard now it's only a one day summit but these countries together make up half of the world's population and one fifth of global economic output and some of their supporters see their mission as creating a new global architecture of sorts on the docket this year a pretty unified front when it came to the subject of military intervention isn't from iran to syria the group is vehemently opposed to any outside military involvement and they also talk about the role of bricks in decisions regarding the global economy and i want to talk about some of these things with economic analyst . a there. this is a group that has really been able to speak in some cases with one voice on
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a number of issues book like a few critics of brics ask you know what is this group accomplished since its inception back in two thousand and nine. well two years of existence is very little to accomplish much so that's. the point people have to be worried about where it's because the fall they are the largest economic group on the planet the united states economy the g.d.p. of the united states last year was approximately fifteen trillion dollars the equivalent for a euro zone was about sixteen trillion grex that is reserved russia india china south africa account for over eighteen trillion dollars last year that's the size of their g.d.p. combined now they're in for trade is growing at a rate of about thirty percent per year that's that's trade within those confines so this is very important this is a key group that the mainstream media is not paying attention to but it ought to be paying attention to because you know it's the biggest economy in the world now if
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you use five countries starts to implement a close trading system among themselves and exclude europe and united states well then we're going to see some serious serious shifts in the world economy and i think some of these leaders are also sort of feel that power not only with trade but with the economy especially as a lot of them are you know what we call emerging markets and there's been a lot of talk probably as a result of on the so-called south south development fund the formation in the future possibly of a joint development bank but what what's it you know what are the possibilities that this could actually happen that those five countries forming a bank it seems to me they want to have an alternative to you know institutions like the world bank which they complain as always been led by somebody in america and the i.m.f. which is always led by european and they seem to want to have an alternative is that viable yes it is the key issue of the summit is that there are going to be so any agreements to trade among themselves in their own currency and have slop
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agreements that is currency exchange agreements between their central banks you know to the egg. currencies they can meet up each other so the nomination. for instance between russia and brazil say no they'll below but similarly currency in either one of those two countries their central banks will stop those differences in order to maintain the balance of trade which is the typical. function of the central bank but this is important because it creates a such sustained cycle among these countries now south africa is really good at the small and the really the ones that really matter of course are was ill russia and yet china those countries if they start doing this this independent bloc will be sent an economic challenge to the west that is to european the euro zone pantsuit the american free trade and. this is really really important now if they manage
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to create an analogous institution what went bang that's a good fight but that's not really important it's the currency stops it seems so it's your but that's the key issue because it's moves each trade between those five countries as i said before they are trading there are there and there are trade among themselves growing at a rate of about thirty percent a year it's only two hundred thirty billion dollars per year at this point but if you're growing that trade that number from you know by thirty percent every year year after year you know very quickly what number is going to become huge and that is when these five countries were present a serious challenge to us but i think the driving to me invalid that just these five countries and if they're going to sort of create a la la round themselves concerning trade. hard to swallow that they'd be able to function without the help of the west and our. that son issue that i'm sorry i
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didn't mean to imply that there really are war going to be substantial not at all the continued treatment with the west but the problem is that the dollar will no longer be the undisputed new circuits now the dollar has been the reserve currency because it's a part of the agreement a tacit agreement between the united states and saudi arabia was the united states supplied military protection and saudi arabia to guarantee that it would only trade oil in dollars or saudi arabia's that largest exporter of oil in the planet has the largest proven reserves in the planet so. he's sure that the dollar would remain as he. currently see a choice in the world's global trade and if these countries succeed and this seemed to stop each other's currency and maintain a more. foreign currency exchange among themselves this will erode our status now why is this important because it will become harder now it
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states to fund its deficit remember people only buy that is foreign countries are made by u.s. treasury problems because the dollar is the world's trading currency now if that's that's status as you wrote it if the dollar is no longer it will be sort of currency if it becomes atomize among you know the reason that russian ruble the indian rupee and so forth then there will not be that needs by treasury parlance because after all foreign countries you mentioned are buying treasury bonds because we need those dollars in order to buy oil and other commodities which are currently priced in dollars now as that is he wrote it by the skin fixation of bret's it to start affecting the american economy specifically the american ability to fund itself you have debts and that will put added pressure on the federal reserve to go into the. no printing press no and print out more dollars and thus accelerating
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garzon research works well let's talk to certainly this tipping the scales of the economy is one of the most important things that these countries talk about but they also seem to want to make sure that the rest of the world knew their position on military interventionism certainly china and russia are to have that opportunity at the united nations but they made sure that everyone knew that that all brics countries are unified in the fact that they are vehemently opposed to any sort of intervention in iran in syria why do you think that this is necessary for them to sort of put that out there. well because they depend on it once so they're all i mean both india and china the number one supplier of oil to india and china is iran now they want to make sure that you really an oil continues to flow their way reasonable prices and the more uncertainty and the more warmongering but strong on the west if you. are the higher the price of oil what hurts india and china you
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certainly don't want that so they're going to be making sure that there is no war with iran no war it will be they just want things to just settle into a new as they are so that they are you know that they love iran and they just want to maintain the status quo you nords to not be worried about their domestic economic situation which is perfectly reasonable just now i just want to get one more question in as we're almost out of time. what do you have to say to those people in a lot of people as you said the mainstream media is not really covering this at all some people are taking a look at this and just and saying this is just a photo op really quick what would you say to those people. wait five years and when the dollar reserve currency status is no longer it's as it is today then. all right economic analysts again dollar lira thanks so much for joining us my pleasure thank you for having. time for a quick break but when we return we'll say discounts on plenty of bargaining rights
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leave you right in to if i can from the gilded age and then i will look at why america hates contacts and i'm not talking about the one from her and the out all that were turned. down for your social obligations your own phone the i pod touch from the top still . want your life on the. video on demand all keys minefield culture. and all registry now in the palm of your. question. there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact.
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before the source material is hopes journalism one of we. we want to visit. something else. last february months before occupy wall street began we saw the populist movement take shape in wisconsin when public sector workers collective bargaining rights were in jeopardy more than a year later despite recall campaigns are now outlaw known as x. ten is still intact as lead to lost wages difficulties and recertification and a loss of bargaining power over vacations benefits working conditions sick days and overtime alter net compared the situation in wisconsin to ohio where some type of
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attack on collective bargaining rights led to a public referendum that ended up overturning a law so looking at the two even the situation around the country is the republican attack on unions taking workers back to the gilded age or has it maybe rekindle the populist movement i reminding it what's at stake joining me from our studio in new york is sarah jaffe associate editor at alternate. let's talk a little bit about this i know that this act and went into effect on june twenty ninth twenty eleven in wisconsin talk to me in specifics here what exactly have workers have to give up. they had to give up a lot i mean the comment that marty beal from me told me was that this is actually reminding workers to value their union because they can't bargain over anything except wages up to a very small cap now so things like bathroom breaks or what they can where are now up for whatever their employer wants to institute teachers are can be fired for
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having their students as friends on facebook and you know prison guards have to get a replacement to come out if they want to take a bathroom break and also if we look just sort of a good money here the dollars from what i understand take a state worker who earns about forty thousand dollars a year has lost an average of thirty six hundred dollars in a paycheck i mean that is a lot of money when you when you look at it when you talk about your household expenses for the year. do you think that they've started to feel the brunt of this . oh absolutely i mean forty thousand dollars a year is not a lot of money to lose four grand out of right. it's not only that but it's also you know they're losing jobs their people are retiring you know not replacing them and not getting the economy in the state overall i mean if you look at the jobs numbers nationwide the last few months the private sector has been adding jobs and the public sector has been losing jobs and that's what's keeping our unemployment rate high but when you look at the public and private sector i mean you can't sort
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of put them as two separate entities certainly when you say there's sort of a trickle down effect when the public sector jobs disappear. oh yeah the money is coming straight out of the economy it's in it's impacting everyone and this is one of the reasons that the movement in wisconsin and the movement in ohio were not just union workers it's everybody because i mean first off people do actually still relate especially in states like wisconsin and ohio to the idea that the workers should have a say on the jobs there is that this is an idea that we value in this country and then second of all they know that if your teacher if you were. you know the person at the d.m.v. . or d.m.v. yes sorry who's it going to be these people are losing money they have less money to spend in local businesses they have less money to spend your store they have less money to spend when they go on vacation this isn't acting everyone it's not even just impacting ohio in wisconsin in the other states that i've just seen this go through i mean it's impacting people around the country my parents own
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a bicycle shop in south carolina and they rent bikes to people on vacation people in ohio are making less money they don't go on vacation to south carolina. a really good kind of in your face example talk a little specifically though and i think you mentioned a few things in terms of teachers being punished in their facebook friends with their students about some of the more specific ways in which the rights of people have been taken away. yeah i mean when you had a union contract like the madison teachers incorporated the teachers union their contract would specify all sorts of things like the amount of hours they could work for the same amount of money. dress code violations all these things dress codes. there is a new girl and teachers that i wrote about in the piece they are now required to report their speeding to or not their speeding tickets the traffic violations to their bosses what business is it of your bosses if you're a lousy driver right or not you are not you know we're going there right. yeah i
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don't think that that's a standard that you should be held to on the job right that has nothing to do with whether you're a good teacher or not i know we asked this last year when we saw those protests in wisconsin and again we saw them in ohio. as much damage as this law has done for a lot of people sort of feeling it directly do you think it's also sort of reawakened spirit and reminded people of the importance of bargaining rights the importance of workers' rights it absolutely has i mean first off we wouldn't have seen occupy wall street if we didn't see wisconsin we would have seen the fight back in ohio if we didn't see what happened in wisconsin you wouldn't have seen this around the country this absolutely started there and it absolutely started with people realizing that the republican governors that came in you know promising to create jobs in their states they're really just interested in cutting taxes on the rich cutting corporate taxes and hitting working people right where it hurts whether that's their wages or whether that's control of the job it's really
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interesting when we hear these discussions i've certainly heard them party rallies and of course you see them in the back and forth debates on the mainstream media a lot of people like to say you know let's cut government make it smaller smaller. cut government jobs things like that but i want to put up a map that actually shows it turns out a lot of jobs have been cut from government public sector jobs in a lot of what we called red states states that tends to be conservative and vote republican it looks like and i think we have a graphic of this guy's ok that red states when you look at red states versus blue states there's a lot of more problems in these red states if you look here i mean it's only one blue state. so even though they like to speak a big game and sort of fear longer it's hurting the people in these states directly . yeah i mean literally these are governors that came in in two thousand and ten
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right everybody was concerned about jobs and these governors scott walker john case in ohio the ones in the south tonight my friend nikki haley who might be indicted shortly here in south carolina they all came in promising to create jobs i don't know how you create jobs and cut government which equals cutting government jobs at the same time and on top of that a lot of them came in and cut taxes they cut corporate taxes some of them cut taxes on the wealthy they're doing these things then you throw in some of these really invasive anti-woman laws these ultrasound laws that somebody has to pay for these voter id regulations that somebody has to pay for and they're actually increasing the size of government and the control of government and those two fronts and then they're cutting people who you know needed this paycheck to continue to spend money make a living pay rent to pay the bills. and so what you're getting is a worse economy in the states which really should have been pretty obvious i want to kind of round this all out with something interesting that is i mean you said
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that the occupy movement would not have happened if it weren't for wisconsin it certainly seems that so many of the issues fought for are very much on the same page we talk about the one percent versus the ninety nine percent the plight of the public sector workers on one hand we just found out about the c.e.o. of bank of america brian moynihan was paid point five million dollars last year that's six times what he made in two thousand and ten and it was that an extra little gold star for doing a good job hard to say about because a good job i mean the of a stocks plunged fifty eight percent last year so. what's going on here. what's going on here is tailing upward is these people are in a position right who's on the board of bank of america that decides on his the c.e.o. salary it's other people who make a ton of money it's not the workers it's not bank employees from bank of america it's not you and me. it's going to be interesting this year because i know that
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several unions and progressive groups are planning to do shareholder actions at a lot of the major banks and other big corporations and we'll see it because they do have to hold shareholder meetings and it's shareholder meeting season so there will be people going into these shareholder meetings and saying hey wait a minute i are we paying these guys so much money to continue to tank the economy to keep foreclosing on your working family is to i mean the list you know totally it's very very interesting why is he making seven million dollars and we do appreciate all your reporting on this it's really brought to light a lot of interesting stuff there jaffe associate editor at alter net. zero or four years out from the collapse of the u.s. and world economies and millions of americans are still struggling to find work pay their bills and feed their families now according to a survey published in the financial times two thirds of americans are unhappy with the current model the current economic model are one on the internet loves cats things like the fat cats of wall street don't get the same love are you going to se
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her going to reports from the big apple. i mean me oh god. decades past but this money still applies to wall street the key property or of america's economy. it's recklessness and often financial meltdown overweight is just one. sense fundamentally it's an attack on the rest of the world and the bankers. are leading the army traditionally a symbol of a bullish economy employing natural might the statue near wall street has for many become associated with a system of economic injustice the power of the few over the many where main street america pays while wall street remains untouchable so they're making like ten thousand dollars less than their bonus they were last year big deal when they're making you still liked and actually times more than i and makes me angry he is not
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alone according to a survey published in the financial times two thirds of americans are unhappy with the current economic model i'm a high school student and my action seems to be going into college to go into debt and not get a job which doesn't seem to make sense to me there and in the restaurant business his entire life for the last two years homeless with a passion for puzzles and the yankees he sleeps in an abandoned jail in new jersey about problems you know we're with incarceration i've been locked up in everything and sometimes i don't get it how. they're able to do some good things there they go down there. but they don't get you know they're not held accountable for it this doesn't make sense and sometimes it really true that can be very for free you have no problem with people being i will do my criminal acts because i did it. and convicted of white collar criminals sam antara says he's milked what he could out of the us economy i committed a massive securities fraud during the 1980's we fleeced investors out of five
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hundred million dollars and we cause twenty five hundred people to be unemployed so i'm part of the they're part of the system you about. that i got yes i feel bad that i got caught them says he do it all over again as politicians today care even less but the system is flawed in the dark of the night these guys are legislating the country away from the people to the. among them most potently the bankers while the bright of day those beaten down are left to face their demons on their own it's tough to get started when they really don't have a place to stay and. this is. just the future doesn't look so bright. but on the plus side i can go down much further so you know and that's that that's probably my only saving grace.


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