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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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a passenger plane goes down in russia zero is killing thirty one people with a frantic rescue operation pulling a dozen survivors from the wreckage. for group of nations back in regime change in syria believed to have put rebels on the payroll prompting fears the syrian people are being ignored over questions about their future. party fever permeates russia's opposition movements as the government readies to loosen up registration for a new and not so new political factions. with most italians show by austerity the country's affluent alpine tear old region in the south seas a rise in separatist sentiment.
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it's noon in moscow i magine you with us here on r t our top story doctors are currently fighting to save the lives of twelve people rescued after a passenger plane carrying forty three crashed into russia's year olds it happened only minutes after takeoff believe the pilots were attempting an emergency landing for more on this new life argues arena delusional standing by with the latest arena what more can you tell us about the crash at this stage and again. well the plane has crashed as we have said just minutes after takeoff the air traffic controllers have lost radio signal with the aircraft three minutes after it it's took off from the airports it is every ported the pilots have tried to undertake a crash landing unfortunately for the people on board that didn't work out thirty
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one people have been have been reported dead now the plane crash just a one and a half kilometers away from the airport nearby village and that was the reason why the rescue teams were able to arrive on the scene very very very fast hence the number of survivors they were able to help those who were in the crash pulling people out and taking down two hospitals at one point more than two hundred people were participating in the search recovery efforts i would use to say that so the plane has broken into three parts and then burst into flames on impact let's have a listen to what the eyewitnesses have are also telling. the rescuers took them out of the debris area on stretchers two helicopters helped air lift the majority of the injured from the site it was the passengers in the nose of the plane managed to survive the crash one woman is still unconscious and another survivor leader but the rest are gone no spiegel have suffered brain injuries and fractures. you have
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more information right now about what caused this tragedy. well of course there are several versions being out put forward by the investigators at this point as some are saying that a technical. could have a could have been one of the reasons for the plane crash of course the pilot error is also not being ruled out all four crew members which were on board are now confirmed dead in fact all the bodies of those who died also have been identified the bitter irony is that the pilot was only twenty seven years old his breathtaking twenty eighth birthday was supposed to be smart oh we do know that the flight data recorders have been also recovered in the investigators are looking closely at the data that was recorded on those those so-called black boxes of course they're also issuing information as soon as we get something we reported naturally. and arena unfortunately this crash is an isolated case in russia recently has it tell us more about that. unfortunately not less than
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a year ago. one of the most two probably horrendous crashes which occurred in russia to place in doris lovell in september when a jet plane carrying at the entire level hockey team crashed almost immediately after takeoff some similarities that there the pilot error was to blame for it that's incidents where everybody almost everybody except for one person who were on board died in that plane crash made a huge impact in the sports world and not just in russia but of in the entire world a lot of those players from the hockey team were playing for the n.h.l. and of course people from all over the world who felt the tribes you can crush another incident the incident occurred in june of last year a plane going from moscow to pictures of all its which is a northwest of the country. crashed on the landing about the pilot error as well as the extremely. difficult weather conditions work to blamed for that incident where
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forty four people have died of course when it comes to this particular plane crash into then we do know that the weather conditions have been favorable you saw the pictures it's actually vince johnny outside so gently what happens the details of the events which turns fired are yet to be determined they're also have been some information that possibly the ground control crews those responsible for a looking at the plane for the making sure that it's prepared for the flight because those people might also be responsible for the incident so we're still waiting for the investigators to look at all the data that they have collected and make the ruling right thanks very much and he's really delusional live in moscow with that update we'll check back with you later for all the latest. tonight other stories we're covering on our t.v. special envoy to syria kofi annan is due to brief the u.n. security council on how damascus has complied with the latest peace plan except
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that last week the friends of syria group believes president assad has failed to implement the plan the group's meeting in istanbul has seen some gulf nations allegedly deciding to pay salaries to rebels fighting the syrian regime for more. talks of ending the violence on the inside the friends of syria. the outside they take issue right place with getting heavy handed they dispersed a tiny per syrian government gathering so find a crowd at the moment passing them back up the straight to their actions going he seemed to serve to. already rowdy crowd out so he was absent but we won't just. a gun aren't good and so. must. move but we can't force. the influx only got. to distract us from.
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the conference continued throughout the afternoon and they say talk is cheap the friends of syria have pledged millions of dollars with the syrian army effectively forcing the rebels on a foreign payroll however even this didn't go as far as the opposition group the syrian national council and some of the friends of syria had hateful with cool they put me on the free syrian army becoming stronger base country turkey is now paying to twenty thousand displaced syrians refugee camps near the border see a continual flow of new arrivals and these we met clearly will have tales of war videos in the face just. to skip over the border on the violence got through. negotiations they tell us what were the opposition will not back down from this fight nor they feel that with interest despite the syrian government's
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along with the international community having signed up to the un envoy to syria kate finance peace plan at a friends of syria conference the parties have already decided who is just an it representative of the syrians. friends of syria syrian people support the mission called an int declared by seat in the council we see cede an issue consul illegitimate representative of all syrians this seemingly one sided approach is a part of the reason why russia and china has. anything concerns that excluding the assad government from talks undermines diplomatic efforts to end the violence if they want to help syria the to engage the syrian government in diplomatic talks on neutral ground it's quite quite clear and present the sword is not going to. you know except of course you know and you should learn those countries are still giving aid to the opposition and then be seen there in the message to president
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assad was clear when it comes to the implementation of the peace plan time is running out so i think it's double. perilous a political analyst christoph horst all says he isn't surprised by stories that are friends of syria group is paying salaries to the syrian rebels he tells our financial aid and weapons have been finding their way to the country since the start of your pricing they are being paid since a long time since the beginning and since we have an eyewitness now the ex lebanon correspondent of zero mr ali harshly and who went away in disgust for zero one who said in april two thousand and ten it was two thousand and eleven sorry april two thousand and eleven i have personally witnessed hundreds of people crossing the border from lebanon into syria from there all experts know quite clearly that must have been preplanned and prearranged from the summer of two thousand and ten and that kills the whole story the west and some of these corrupt arab allies including
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unfortunately turkey are making out of syria so what we can see now the sort of see colonial battle of the west against. syria is in in a way stalled right now to try a diplomatically they try in diplomatic bickering you know about god dealing with communication equipment this is all a ridiculous show these people these are praises in syria are armed from the start from outside. so you with us here on r t still to come europe's dark sky. to see who goes all is finally facing up to this problem and holding people accountable. it's all but it investigation into evidence of a secret cia prison out of territory where it's claimed prisoners were tortured. but first from the pirate party of russia to a group headed by billionaire tycoon mikhail prokhorov there is no shortage of
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fresh political blood hoping to find a seat in russia's duma this week the president is expected to sign new laws making it easier for parties to register and the competition can get a whole lot tougher for he said he's an hour or so what's become a real party rush. politics in russia may never be the same protests have become a common sight and new parties are registering left and right that's political reform starts. so former deputy prime minister in the ninety's is no stranger to the white house. you know him from was long off the political radar until his son in mass protest movement picked up after vast fraud claims against the december parliamentary vote now might be his chance to get back in the game to pressure only party other candidates that are but one proposal is for any team with five hundred members there isn't snow
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less than fifty percent of russia's regions should be registered at some of that you in the state only been employed once pushing for easy party registration is already seen thoughts it was of dissidents now there will be hundreds of part just registered hundreds of democratic socialist nationalist balance sheets will be kilometers long. and extend their beloved has been trying to officially get into politics for years but they're only. known for his staunch nationalism russian marches and tough rhetoric and love could now have a good chance of getting into parliament and already has a plan to. overthrow there will be many nationalist parties registered so our first goal will be to get together on one ballot as one party to bring up a ratings and use already popular aspects of a movement to win seats. nationalist will have tough competition not least from a new face who has already proved to south billionaire broker
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a sensation in the presidential vote announcing his candidacy just months before and coming in third now promising to work hard for the middle class the year before we more than five and a half a million people voted for me trusted me for that reason i will form a new political force a strong party. it seems everyone wants to do in the party and start one so thanks now don't want to grease in london and me for no good chunk of have both said they have plans to launch political forces for those looking for a lighter choice they may well be able to vote for a party of love subtopic raso or a party of friends of allianz but if before there were complaints of too few parties it may now well be too many perhaps putting the days of a so-called technical russian parliament behind but a new russian political system that works still some way off and he's now
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a r t moscow remember you can always log onto our team's website for more comments and analysis here is what's a click away right now. we visited one of the darkest providers of russia's soviet past i mean using and dedicated to the gulag forced labor camps here terrifying flashbacks from its former inmates. was amazing pictures of iraqi losses skaters of all seven hundred fishermen saved from an ice floe that broke our precious far east coast and took hundreds of people into freezing waters. previously dismissed as rumor claims of a secret cia prison in poland are now being investigated prime minister donald tusk has pledged a thorough probe into existing evidence the previous former intelligence chief is
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already facing charges former cia officer ray mcgovern explains the significance of the revelations. these high high values suspects were to be given enhanced interrogation techniques and that of course meant that he needed a secure place to do them this story broke in a press many years ago but not until now and the polls pretty much it made it that a small site up there was condoned by the secret service of poland by their intelligence people and by their top officials who chose to call it finally facing up to this problem and holding people accountable accountability is a noun day has been missing from the vocabulary of washington officials and even jurists the us administration has asserted the right to continue to do rendition but i have no indication that the kind of abuses that happened and the cheney bush regime are continuing anywhere else in the world when these types of painful and
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severe cuts and austerity in italy the autonomous region of south tirol in the cradle of the alps stands as one of the country's few islands of prosperity with the italian debt burden biting hard archy's a kind of outrage over reports on how the wealth gap is leading horizon support for a breakaway from rome. lost in translation between the alps and the need to rein in a population of half a million people and a lot of pain to become independent one day that south to roll a probe into northern italy all these has never been italian says evoke lots as to showing off her native town of. she spent thirty years of her life fighting for independence. the holy see where to draw lives our languages german were taken from the rest of to rule before so was a hundred years ago we have seen precious which has affected our language closed our schools then go songs and down into the changes regional name into.
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enough. ever close refers to how these german speaking territory was occupied by eataly at the end of the first world war and was annexed in one thousand nine hundred nineteen after world war two the allies decided that the province would remain a part of easily but would be granted a certain level of self-government both zana already enjoys the status of an autonomy for example ninety percent of the tax revenue from these coffee will stay in the region while the other turn will go to rome but with the economic crisis taking grave over the country every single sons since to await nationalist feelings and this is the situation the politicians are all too ready to take advantage of we asked the chairman of the popular libertarians party how she would answer an italian from a poorer region of the country who wanted to know why self to roll doesn't want to
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help rescue them for so long i offer him a cup of coffee and will then have a long discussion such a role is not in charge of saving italy and couldn't have done so even if it wanted to italy is a bad housekeeper or lots of debts we're not paying for vets with our own money. theirs and ours are the two words which we hear very often and sell to rubble and money is at the core of the dispute the totem is expected to contribute one hundred twenty million euros to cleaning up the italian national budget to do so it will have to raise real estate the eighty and income taxes as well as fees paid by farmers instead the south to roll economics minister it wants to buy its freedom from eataly once and for all he will names a concrete purchase price teen billion euros those that we can stay part of easily but we want full financial freedom we're ready to pay a solidarity tax of three percent we'll pay our foreign policy fiscal and euro
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policy otherwise we'll do the rest on our own we build our roads in several months but before it happens we wait for permission from rome for years. rosen infrastructure in this rich province of eataly are indeed very non italian so too is unemployment which stands at only two percent compared to almost ten nationwide . local government has to keep pushing with the idea of independence that's for sure because we can't go on like this there's no way we can progress this way. eckstein the children are at sea most zanu eaten. more than a trillion dollars that's the size of euro zone's newly expanded expanded barrel out fund it's opened a lot as a buffer to future crises and market apart true asians that could yet arise from europe's painful austerity drive but whether cuts alone here the blocks troubles one of the questions are his tears are silly a petition quadri shave former head of the european central bank. with the school
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austerity very often he's only that instead of spending much more than you were and you spend. all then you are a look at these three spending your idea that what you heard so how could you call that austerity if you go back to sound. then you improve comfort and by improving confidence you give a chance of growth and job creation i think it is it is the reality so in the way of the you with the problems. the center of the larger problem which is you know characterizing all the advanced economy in my old understanding of the situation. full interview coming your way in the next hour here on our team. turning now to some other stories making headlines from across the globe belgian police have
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arrested almost five hundred peace activists outside nato headquarters in brussels protesters tried to storm the building but were met with a heavy response from hundreds of officers demonstrators say the march was told to protest nato's intervention policies activists for more than ten european countries took part in. the north korean and u.s. officials have held informal talks amid tensions over appealing yang's plans to launch a long range rocket in the next few weeks the meeting in germany comes after the u.s. called for the launch to be cancelled over concerns that might be a cover for a long range missile test north korea denies this and says the rocket will only put a satellite into orbit. the u.k. and argentina marking the thirtieth anniversary of the start of the falklands war oriel is being held to remember almost a thousand people killed in the conflict is the mid strained relations between the two countries with buenos aires threatening legal action against companies involved in drilling for oil in waters off the islands coast. nowadays many see the internet
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as one of the main battlegrounds for influencing public opinion as well as a vital tool for bringing change to the modern world but kinda like and share buttons really create a revolution are to cross talk tells deeper into that with the poll show coming up at eleven thirty g.m.t. there's a pretty. people who are otherwise isolated in opinion and are fearful of that opinion being divulged in their context are suddenly made aware of the fact that many other people share that opinion have a place that they can gather and find out that they're not alone that makes a huge difference now they're also sharing it with a whole bunch of armchair revolutionaries and i've been one in some of these cases but it's an interesting case where the armchair revolutionaries can actually make a difference in the sense that ok john just me why we should be contrarian what is what is the difference ok the difference is that that being aware of what's going on on the ground in a pretty granular way makes it possible to deliver the people to the people on the
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ground tools that make it easier for them to convey the revolution that they're engaged in. crime to go out of the business desk a viewer standing by with our boys on the markets and russian markets are you managing to stay afloat right now you know what they are out there in the trade right now and it's still nothing pretty healthy indeed she would take a look at the figures just a reason quite says she by nicolas he's an emerging market actually struck just at u.b.s. in new york and he's saying that russia is still the cheapest of all the emerging markets and if the price of oil is to remain elevated it's about the market to continue trying to invest as obvious as we can see that this is the sense of why states around the same percent opposed to surgery at this hour let's say will start to benefiting the most that the russian gold mine up polly ross is that is net profit rose fifty sudden percent last year and that's thanks to an increase in
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sales and strong gold prices we've also got. the trends in the us down after the jet crash we're talking about it's enemy and it's what is that what russia is. and they too are benefiting percent imposed his territory the country's gas production rose one point four percent in the first quarter and yes i suppose now while we're on the topic of gas because of all the stories to talk about the household the daily amounts of gas transit through ukraine moscow says it will keep on reducing the usage of the grid in favor of other links to europe like the better recent pipeline the newly built subsidy very strange we've all analysts say the quick shift like lay on the net the current drop which sees no demand. we're going to take a look at the oil prices now as i was just saying the russian economy for a much from isaac on the we've got a light sweet over one hundred three dollars per barrel of bread almost one hundred
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twenty three dollars an hour this hour now tensions over iran's nuclear program continue to spur those or prices high and it's also worth mentioning that. russia's critical exports climb to. ten point six billion barrels a day in march according to the energy ministry that it was going to take. the european markets and they too are still imposed to charge the foot even sat around the same amount for. its miners and drug making searching. the strongest is out there in the second hour of try moving on to other stories in the region norway's so for a while fun to talk is exposure to the markets forty one percent of the six hundred billion dollars funds will be invested in europe thirteen percent less than it was . instead the spare cash will be invested into the world's fastest growth regions
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asia and africa. we have a look of occurrences we can see that the ruble is up against the us dollar and the euro is surged nine point two percent against the us dollar in the first quarter that's beating all the great currents is the brazil's round india's rebate on the china's e.u. on. top of that one point person three sixty six isolate and in other news the u.k. could get some of its new energy. has to take part in building power stations in. the russian corporation is interested in buying a stake in the country's nuclear program provides a sweet germany's energy firms. so they won't leave the twenty four billion dollars venture claiming uncertainty over investment returns. and that's how the markets look for this hour much. fifteen minutes time can you will be. all right thanks
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very much for that update looking forward to seeing you in the next hour with an update on the headlines of a couple moments with us. the
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