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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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i own the. video on demand keys my old costs. are a sense for now with the palm of your. machine. a passenger plane goes down in rushers western siberia killing thirty one people with a frantic rescue operation pulling a dozen survivors out of the wreckage. a group of nations backing a regime change in syria believed to have put the rebels on the pay roll comes and fears the syrian people are being ignored over questions about their future. party fever permeates russia's opposition movements as the government prepares to loosen up registration for new and not so new political factions also. with the school. good he's only that.
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you are the man who guided to europe's central bank through the chaotic early years of a single currency crisis but tells us here at r.t. what he sees as the future of the european project. it's good to have you with us today here on our team i'm a recent show you live in moscow doctors are currently fighting to save the lives of twelve people rescued after a passenger plane with forty three on board crashed in russia's western siberia it happened just minutes after takeoff it's believed the pilots were attempting an emergency landing in the plane's engines reportedly roads as the crew decided not just spray the aircraft with antifreeze but for all. ridiculous for study. can you
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bring us up to date for this hour what is the latest that we know so far. well we do know that the plane has crashed just three minutes after it took off from the airport the radio signal was lost and soon there witnesses reported that the plane started emitting black smoke from its engines crashed to the ground and burst into flames breaking into pieces now the plane fell down just one and a half kilometers away from the airport. of the crash site it to all of the emergency services needed able needed me to possible for the rescue mission to start as soon as possible and that is why twelve people actually were rescued from the wreckage site of course at this point investigation continues the witnesses are also saying reportedly for binet there is if the pilots were trying to avoid crashing into the village which was nearby of course that is yet to be determined
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the flight data recorders are being investigated and looked out at this very moment here's the latest what we have a from the representatives of the emergencies ministry's on the ground. the rescuers took them out of the debris area on stretchers two helicopters helped here with the majority of the interest from. the passengers and the nose of the plane and managed to survive the crash one conscious and another survivor we addressed our conscience will speak will have suffered brain injury. reno we're getting a latest reports here thirty seven of the injured have undergone surgery currently there injuries are not life threatening that's a latest on that can you tell us what investigators are saying about the possible cause of the crash and we know it possibly understanding something to do with the engines being frozen. absolutely now you have to understand that this particular model of the plane a.t.r. seventy two it's made in france and it's not designed to be flown in very low
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temperatures back there are there have been reports that the engines stop operation it's just minus one degree celsius that's actually not that cold air temperature it's always colder here right now where i'm standing and it's boarded li the crew members have refused for the plane to undergo special procedure where the plane gets showered with a special empty freezer agent now the only person who can take that decision or who can make that decision is supposedly the pilot of the of the aircraft in this instance we're talking about a twenty seven year old man who was supposed to turn twenty eight in a bitter irony his birthday was supposed to be tomorrow now he is among the four of the crew members who have been confirmed dead at this point in fact these particular aircraft the a.t.r. seventy two has been banned in the united states because of the problems with the with the frost growing on its wings and of course the ensuing new difficulty when
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it comes to flying now we also know that there are the emergency planes the majors the ministry's i'm sorry are standing three planes to two men actually one of them is on the ground there right now it's carrying special equipment special medical equipment doctors and of course teams of psychologists of course we understand that those who have been through this horrible ordeal as well as the relatives and the friends of the victims of those who died will have to i will have to go through some really hard adjustments when it comes to all things psychological we also know that so the families of those who died in this plane crash will receive a compensation a total of three point five million rubles now both from and that is combined amount from the uteri the company which operates the planes and probably the government of the of the of this re. now when it comes to you tear property which is operating this right if we are the only ones using this particular aircraft in
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russia and this is the first time which a.t.r. seventy two has ever come down in russia so we have to wait for the course of the official investigative reports to understand what exactly has transpired on the ground who is to blame for these for the possibility of this crash and we also know that the crew has refused to undergo or rather did not go through the ninety three medical checkup which they were supposed to go through right before takeoff so there is not still a lot of very rough patches in this in this story still kind of a few details which are not yet quite clear so we are waiting for the investigators to tell us more on this. tragic event and you talk about compensation over two and three and three point five million rubles that's more than one hundred thousand dollars just hearing here on a new server the plane did undergo technical maintenance in germany two thousand and ten and showed your maintenance in two men two months ago all right. thanks for
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keeping us posted on. you watching our t.v. special envoy to syria kofi annan is due to brief the u.n. security council on how to moscow's has complied with the latest peace plighted accepted last week the friends of syria group believes president has failed to implement the plan the group's meeting in istanbul has seen some gulf nations allegedly deciding to pay salaries to rebels fighting the syrian regime with more authorities terror. talks of ending the violence on the inside the friends of syria come. outside and take issue what place we're getting heavy handed they dispersed a tiny pretty syrian government gathering but you find a crowd is. pushing them back up the thread with their actions going he seemed to serve to further round rowdy crowds oh yes houses but we won't just. a gun aren't good
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aunt jo's. new body can force. the influx only got. to the start. to find a solution to the complex and. the conference continued throughout the afternoon and they say talk is cheap some of the friends of syria have pledged millions of dollars for the free syrian army effectively putting the rebels on a foreign payroll however even this didn't go as far as the opposition great the syrian national council and some of the friends a syria had hateful with calls to a purely on the free syrian army becoming stronger his country turkey is now going to twenty thousand displaced syrians refugee camps near the border see a continual flow of new your rivals and these we nestle will have tales of war video things just. have to skip over the border the violence
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got to. negotiations they tell us why weren't the opposition will not back down from this fight nor they feel will president assad despite the syrian government's along with the international community having signed up to the un envoy to syria kay finance peace plan at a friends a syria conference the parties have already decided who is the legitimate representative of the syrians. france of syria syrian people support the mission called an int declared by seat in the consul we see cede an issue council illegitimate to present a few for all syrians this seemingly one sided approach is a part of the reason why russia and china has this mystically all other we think concerns that excluding the assad government from talks undermines diplomatic efforts to end the violence if they want to help syria the to engage the syrian
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government in diplomatic talks on neutral ground it's quite quite clear and president assad is not going to. you know accept the kofi annan peace plan as the western countries are still giving aid to the opposition at the meeting there in the message to president assad with clear when it comes to the implementation of the peace plan time is running out sir. it's the. journalist and political analyst christophe horsetail says that he's not surprised by stories that the friends of syria group is paying salaries to the syrian rebels he told us here at r.t. the financial aid and weapons have been finding of a way to the country since the beginning of the uprising. they are being paid since a long time since the beginning and since we have an eyewitness now the ex lebanon correspondent of al-jazeera mr ali hashem who went away in disgust from zero eight who said in april two thousand and ten i it was two thousand and eleven sorry april
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two thousand and eleven i have personally witnessed hundreds of people crossing the border from lebanon into syria from dead all experts know quite clearly that must have been preplanned and prearrange from the summer of two thousand and ten and that kills the whole story the west and some of these corrupt arab allies including unfortunately turkey are making out of syria so what we can say now is the sort of see neo colonial battle of the west against syria is in in a way stalled right now to try a diplomatic really they try in diplomatic bickering you know about god dealing with communication equipment this is a ridiculous show these people these are praises in syria are armed from the start from outside you would r.t. a lot from moscow are still on the way for you in the program a lot of europe's dark spot. she would call for
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finally facing up to this problem and holy people i can report poland admits it's opened up an investigation into evidence of a secret cia prison on its territory for its claim that prisoners were tortured. also with most italians choked by austerity the country's affluent alpine region of south to roll sees a rise in separatist sentiment. from the pirate party of russia to the group headed by billionaire tycoon mikhail prokhorov but there's no shortage of fresh political blood hoping to find a place in russia's parliament this week with the president expected to sign in new laws making it easier for them to register the competition could get a whole lot tougher teasingly said our reports on what's become of a real party rush. politics in russia may
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never be them saying protests have become a common sight and new parties are registering left and right as political reform starts reason themselves former deputy prime minister in the ninety's is no stranger to the white house. was one off the political radar until his son who now has movement picked up after vast fraud claims against the december parliamentary vote now might be his chance to get back in the game to pressure on the other kate just about so but my proposal is for any party with five hundred members that is it's no less than fifty percent of russia's regions should be registered at something that you're on the running and then found once pushing for easy party registration is already seen fawns it was a distance from now there will be hundreds of largest registered hundreds of democratic socialist nationalist balance sheets will be kilometers not. and it found their
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beloved has been trying to officially get into politics for years but there are already. known for his staunch nationalism russian marches and tough rhetoric but love could now have a good chance of getting into parliament and already has a plan and a proper worth of there will be many nationalist parties registered sore first goal the key to get together on one ballot is one party to bring up a ratings in use already popular aspects of a movement to win seats nationalists will have tough competition not least from a new face who is already proved to south billionaire brokers a sensation in the presidential vote announcing his candidacy just months before and coming in third now promising to work hard for the middle class. more than five and a half million people voted for me just of me for that reason i will form
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a new political force of strong cord. it seems everyone wants to join the party and start one. and want to greece berezovsky in london and me i'll go to church of have both said they have plans to launch political forces for those looking for a wider choice they may well be able to vote for a party of love subtropics russia or a party of friends of elliot's that have before there were complaints of too few parties that may now well be too many perhaps putting the days of a so-called technical russian parliament behind but a new russian political system that works still some way off and he's now a r.t. moscow. well i do remember you can always log on to our website for much more comments and analysis so here's some of the items waiting for you there right now at r.t. dot com we visited one of the darkest reminders of the soviet past a museum and based on the gulag forced labor camps we went there to hear terrifying
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flashbacks from some of his former prisoners. plus just amazing pictures of a miraculous escape as almost seven hundred fishermen were saved from an ice floe that broke off russia's far east coast by taking hundreds of people deep into freezing waters. belgian police have arrested almost five hundred peace activists outside the nato headquarters in brussels protesters attempted to storm the building but were met with a heavy handed response from hundreds of officers demonstrators say the march was calls of protest and nato's hawkish intervention policies let's hear more of this now from one of the activists who actually took part there in the demonstration. a spokesman for nato game over joining us live from brussels on the program good to see you are you witnessed yesterday's protest first hand and what appeared to spark the violence and you tell us why did the demonstrators try and break into nato
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headquarters. ok the fact that the europeans are to this doesn't mean you have to steve precisely aside we didn't youth violence but. appropriation of war policies by need so we see the need for headquarters what happens there is the preparation for our war crimes governments don't stop with its . citizens you're sure that they want to stop so you so you're protesting against what you're calling the heavy handedness and aggressive approach of nato but here you are a peace activist. brussels and they don't headquarters are not particularly peaceful some might say. well what reflektor trying to do is to bring the legal look people the official policies before the courts have you tried to do that ourselves bar and i prefer civil disobedience or if they prosecute us we also have a discussion on the legality of the like the nuclear weapons policies and the
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military interventions before so that's a good distance behind the protests let's take a step back and look at the broader picture nato has been credited by some with bringing a fled fledgling form of democracy to libya for years has been working to bring the same to afghanistan isn't nato a successful pro peace organization. well i would hope to successful i mean nato is not for ten years in afghanistan and i don't see a lot of success libya now we see like the revenues of more than on that that's between wars or between militias so effectively you can question if the military interventions are really pretty or are we just arming the next phase in civil war but if it through the military the numbers are all i'm sure there's some sort interest you put that nato is an international military block we all understand that but surely nato does have some global responsibilities to promote peace in
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conflict torn areas or you know you saying that it's not doing that at all it's just actually arming rebels. well i'm saying is that the method of bringing peace is just not working. like in the libya war in fact the political will of the air force of this sort of conflict. and what you see now is the future of the world to new troops to sort of float the political. importance of all the facts of what you do with military interventions and just making hoops more important than the simple kooks and you effect preparing the civil war which comes off the afterwards but could it but could it be in some people's eyes when you talk about the the indirect arming of rebels all worsening a conflict torn region some might just call that collateral damage. were finger collateral damage is a good thing quite
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a lot like everyone focuses on one dictator and of course we were not friends of cut off. ever but it's the dictatorships the sort of symptoms of the underlying problem and by just removing that one and putting all the parties in place you don't solve the conflict you just prolong. the lumber a spokesman for nato game over thank you for joining us live from brussels today. in these painful times of severe cuts and austerity in italy and the autonomous region of south to roll in the cradle of the alps stands as one of the country's few islands of prosperity with the italian debt burden biting hard that you can really catch over reports on how the wealth gap is leading to a rise in support for a breakaway from rome. lost in translation between the outs and the need to rein in a population of one million people and
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a lot of pain to become independent one day that soul to roll a probe in so northern eternity all these has never been italian says eva klotz is showing off her native town of boys she spent thirty years of her life fighting for independence see. the holy see where tear all their languages german were taken from the rest of to rule before so host a hundred years ago we have seen precious which has affected our language closed our school van gogh songs and now it changes the regional name into the adage he not the me ever quotes refers to how these german speaking territory was occupied by easily at the end of the first world war and was and it's in one thousand nine hundred after world war two the allies decided that the province would remain a part of easily but would be granted a certain level of self-government both zano already enjoys the status of an
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autonomy for example ninety percent of the tax revenue from these coffee will stay in the region while the other ten will go to rome but when the economic crisis taking grief over the country every single sons seems to wake nationalist feelings and this is the situation the politicians are all too ready to take advantage of we asked the chairman of the popular libertarians party how she would answer an italian from a poor region of the country who wanted to know why self to roll doesn't want to help rescue them for so long i offer him a cup of coffee and will then have a long discussion stuff sure all is not in charge of saving easily and couldn't have done so even if it wanted to usually is a bad housekeeper who wants of debts we're not paying for vet it with our own money . there is and ours are the two words which i hear very often insult to roll and money is at the core of the dispute the totem is expected to contribute one hundred
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twenty million euros to cleaning up the italian national budget to do so it will have to raise rules state the t.v. and income taxes as well as fees paid by partners instead the south to roll economics minister wants to buy its freedom from easily one cent for wrong he even names of corn quit purchase price billion euros or those that we can stay part of usually what we want full financial freedom we're ready to pay a solidarity tax of three percent we'll pay our foreign policy fiscal and euro policy otherwise we'll do the rest on our own we build our roads and several months before it happens we wait for permission from rome for years. roads and infrastructure in this rich province of easily are indeed very non italian so too is unemployment which stands at only two percent compared to almost ten nationwide given a particular local government has to keep pushing with the idea of independence
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that's for sure because we can go on like this there's no way we can progress this way. except in the great sure r t what zanu eataly. in just a moment it's katie with the markets but for now previously dismissed as rumor claims of a secret cia prison in poland that are under investigation prime minister donald tusk has pledged a star a probe into existing evidence the country's former intelligence chief is already facing charges for work cia officer raymond mcgovern explains the significance of the revelations. the. high value suspects were to be given in good hands during asian chick and they had a course meant but it needed a secure place to do them with story growth going to crash many years ago but not until now and pretty much it needed but a small shaded area was condoned by the secret service of poland by their intelligence people and by their top officials kudos to call it for finally
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reaching up to this problem and holding people accountable accountability is there now and it has been missing from the vocabulary of washington officials they need an jurists the u.s. should ministration has asserted the right to continue to do rendition but i have no indication that the cradle abuses that happened and that cheney bush regime are continuing anywhere else in the world. transferred over to the r.t. prisoners as we go to katie hello to you katie do tell us are the russian markets are still managing to keep hold of their games you know what rory they are actually a managing to do that for a second day in a ride if we have to look at the things you'll be able to say that they are one of the any stock markets is in the black this hour as you can see because nice grain are quite some sun out of my sights on heart of the sun in positive territory this
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hour the latest figures from haters the say so that manufacturing continue to grow at models late in march about helping boost sentiments in the region here must stay if we held to the stock seems really benefiting at this hour as that slight change of fortune surplus gold just as they've now gets into the red this hour that's despite their net profits rising up by fifty seven percent last year thanks to an increase in sales and stronger gold prices was slightly disappointing for this hour on some if we have a look at who else is bucking for kariya down after the jet crash that we've been covering here on alt. as you can see that's from burst to managing to hold on in there point seven percent this hour i move on to other stories in the region will stay with the topic of gas russia has halted daily amounts of gas transit through ukraine mostly says it will keep on reducing the usage of the routes in favor of other links to europe like the better pipeline on the newly built subsidy route
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north stream allies say the quick shift is unlikely to connect the current draw with seasonal demand falls. ok let's get back into the markets and see how boyle is doing and it's fall in and that's on the back of economic contraction in europe and it's counting size of growth in the u.s. and china the world's largest consumers of caruso have a look at the year appear figures and you'll be able to see how that sentiment is filtering through very as you can see it's a mixed you know another dax in just the last few minutes or so as mothers just pipe up into positive territory of the foot is still indeed down now a lot of this is on the back of a port for the financial times banks are pulling the stocks down this report was saying that several major european banks were getting ready to repay up with the money through the european central banks refinancing operations as has really
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keeping investors on guard this hour and in other news to do we here at norway saw friend who caught his exposure to the european markets forty one percent of the six hundred billion dollars oil funds will be invested in europe now that's thirteen percent less than it was earlier and i was at the spare cash will be invested into the world's fastest growing regions asia and africa. have a look at those exchange rates as you can see the ruble is fairing better against the u.s. dollar and the euro our the euro dollar is just one of thirty three forty nine and i just talk about the ruble against the u.s. dollar is actually the best performing emerging market currency when you compare it with the brazil brazil's ryall and india repaid and china is that you are so it was doing rather well actually at the moment so as you can see it's an excuse far as europe's concerned we've got oil down this hour but the russian markets they're
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hanging on in there are very thanks so much for that we will see you next hour indeed or still to come here will do some more headlines for you then we told. the man who led the european central bank through the turbulent early years of the euro crisis. thank you for. some of the.


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