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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a plane crash in a russian was a western siberia killed thirty one out of forty three on board technical failure on the french italian made aircraft looks to be the likely cause of the catastrophe . with the international envoy to syria to report on the progress of its peace plan the friends of syria group is criticized for undermining u.n. backed peace efforts. also the two sides of reform as the russian government considers loosening up registration for political parties some opposition leaders say there could be too many bidding for power. with the school.
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instead of. the budget cuts work the man who led the european central bank through the early years of the crisis talks about the future for the single currency. just after five pm in moscow on a monday this is r.t. life with me. doctors fighting for the lives of the twelve survivors of a deadly plane crash in russia's western siberia forty three people were on board when the aircraft went down minutes after takeoff monday morning it's believed the pilots were attempting and. how this early stages thought a technical failure was the most likely cause of the events. let's cross over live
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now to our heat jake agrees for the very latest now he is at the crash site i checked if you've heard some of the facts that we know at this point and he tell us what else do you know about the tragedy so far. on the crash site sat alone and just parts of the wreckage still strewn across the fields now we know also those who have survived the troth of ours as you mentioned approved from this wreckage alive that several according to doctors are in a stable condition there of course there are some still left in a grave condition and they're being monitored by doctors at the moment now this it's surprising to an air force and really the problem occurred almost immediately after takeoff and the part of it said to have lost all signal and communications with the air traffic control then i wanted to get out so they. could be plumes of smoke coming from the engines surely after that they would seem to be on now would
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be reports of them over there are reports suggesting that it was attended an emergency landing and then we know for certain that just minutes later this plane coming to the ground breaking into three pieces would not impact of course a lot of water now being given to how life is kind of. rough crappy three particular regions during. this trip is hard there is a young hot age twenty seven fifty is called the proposal it's a terrific you'd be i thing of the plane here in western siberia the motor is still very wintry conditions also did the air traffic control they may be to blame somewhat for. the reasoning given credence to the top three the most likely according to our challenge is that something went wrong with the air. choreography link with our i had
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a play one that was brought into operation in the nineteen eighty-four originally made by the cali independent frogger french producer and it's actually d.o.d. want to restore to be in operation in russia but only used by. the airline a question at the moment now all in coffee from the crash site repeats retrieve the black box of course it will get a look inside a little cruise at the wasatch air. rights jake agree was there a lifeboat from either side of the crash thanks very much we'll talk to you soon. well as we've been trying to discover here in our two years we've been airing this story all morning all afternoon there are reports that the pilots decided not to spray the aircraft with antifreeze and that could have contributed to this tragedy but aviation analysts are christian who's based in manchester says defrosting is obligatory if the plane is being flown in harsh conditions. you know whenever
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you're flying any type of aircraft in hostile conditions when you could argue that very bad weather is a hostile condition that it's incumbent upon they would constantly think of the aircraft take what you can question before taking off would necessarily be freezing before. the high school bell rings for a detrimental impact the severe height saved the flight as indeed its formation on the control surfaces on the quarter as well so it could proves out. across the walls and dui system before taking off. and that is one of the potentially one of the primary causes of this tragic crash. technical failure is believed to be the likely cause of the tragedy but pilot error is also being looked into but former employee you've got
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a blue off believe the chances of that seem small or. which i would rule out the possibility of pilot error because it is fundamentally at odds with what happened since the crew made a decision to return right after the plane took off what kind of mistake could there be it's possible that some system old function encouraged that the pilots were informed about through a system message and they made a decision to return based on that but it's also possible that there was some medical emergency among the passengers i can't rule that out either something like a heart attack but it could also be a reason to try and return. to other joint french or italian a.t.r. seventy two model was put into operation at the end of the one nine hundred eighty s. or the first flight was back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight more than four hundred are currently in operation all across the world but the aircraft can carry up to seventy four passengers of a crash in western siberia is the first accident involving an eighty are seventy two in russia although not in the rest of the world but it's been involved in over
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a dozen incidents of the first and one of the most deadly crashes took place in one nine hundred ninety four in the u.s. that was when all sixty eight on board were killed it was cause after parts of the plane i stop and the catastrophe led to the aircraft being banned in the northern u.s. . why would you stay with us here on r t for the latest on the plane crash in western siberia our correspondents are in the region and they are bringing us the details by the hour. now as turn our attention to the peace efforts for syria the international envoy to the country kofi annan is preparing to brief the u.n. security council on the progress of his mission it follows a meeting of the so-called friends of syria group in turkey where delegates reportedly agreed to pay wages to syrian rebels russia has dismissed the gathering for its uni lateral approach saying the group's plans run counter to efforts for a peaceful settlement but r.t.
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sarah ferguson are. talks of ending the violence on the inside the friends of syria conference. outside they take place we're getting heavy handed they dispersed a tiny cost syrian government gathering. quite a crowd at the moment pushing them back up the thread with their actions only seem to serve to further. rowdy crowd oh yes oh. yes. we want just two of the guns aren't good and so. forth. the conference continued throughout the afternoon and they say talk is cheap friends to syria have pledged millions of dollars with the syrian army effectively putting the rebels on a foreign payroll however even this didn't go as far as the opposition group the
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syrian national council and some of the friends in syria had hateful with calls to a purely on the free syrian army becoming stronger his country turkey is now home to twenty thousand displaced syrians refugee camps near the border see a continual flow of new arrivals and these we will have tales of war videos things just. have to skip over the border the violence got through. negotiations they tell us while we're the opposition will not back down from the spikes nor they feel pressured into fat despite the syrian government's along with the international community having signed up to the un envoy to syria cape fear peace plan at a friends a syria conference the parties have already decided who is just not representative of the syrians france of syria syrian people support the mission called an inch declared by shooting nation council we see syrian issue. illegitimately present
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a few for all syrians this seemingly one sided approach is a part of the reason why russia and china has. concerns that excluding the assad government from talks undermines diplomatic efforts to end the violence if they want to help syria the to engage the syrian government in diplomatic talks on neutral ground it's quite quite clear and present the saudi is not going to. you know accept the call c.n.n. plan as the western countries are still giving aid to the opposition and then the scene there in a message to president assad was clear when it comes to the implementation of the peace plan time is running out so i think it's temple. and journalist and political analyst crystal forced or says there's nothing new in a friends of syria group deciding to fund the opposition fighters as financial aid and weapons have been finding their way into the country since the very beginning
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of the unrest they are being paid since a long time since the beginning and since we have an eyewitness now the ex lebanon correspondent of zero mr ali hashem who went away in disgust from zero who said in april two thousand and ten it was two thousand and eleven sorry april two thousand and eleven i have personally witnessed hundreds of people crossing the border from lebanon into syria from there all experts know quite clearly that must have been. prearranged from the summer of two thousand and ten and that kills the whole story the west and some of these corrupt arab allies including unfortunately turkey are making out of syria so what we can see now the sort of see neo colonial battle of the west against syria is in a way stalled right now they're trying to pull magically their try in diplomatic
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bickering about god dealing with communication equipment this is a ridiculous show these people these are praises in syria from the start from outside. you're watching on t.v. it's good to have your company today are still ahead for you this hour but italy's financial turmoil fuels separatist sentiment. at least money crisis is taking grip over the country every single sounds seems to wade nationalist feelings we report from the rich autonomous province of south to where the people want sovereignty from the overseeing of. plus what drove peace activists to try and storm nato headquarters a movement with a heavy handed police response which ended in hundreds of arrests. proposed a new legislation for russia's opposition political parties could make their entry into parliament much easier if passed the law may lead to an unprecedented push for
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power by literally hundreds of factions and assorted cities are now explains this could cause a problem in itself. politics in russia may never be the same protest have become a common sight and new parties are registering left and right as political reform starts reason i'm thought of former deputy prime minister in the ninety's is no stranger to the white house here. right here don't you know him so it was long off the political radar until a sudden mass protest movement picked up after vast fraud claims against the december parliamentary vote now might be his chance to get back in the game or pressure only part of the cake is that i see but my proposal is for any party with five hundred members there isn't a lesson fifty percent of russia's regions should be registered. if you want to
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start on it but none so want squishing for easy party registration is already seen thoughts there's it was an accident now there will be hundreds of part just registered hundreds of democratic socialist nationalist balance sheets will be kilometers long alexander be a lot of has been trying to officially get into politics for years. there are. known for his staunch nationalism russian marches and tough rhetoric but love could now have a good chance of getting into parliament and already has a plan. so there will be many nationalist parties registered sore first goal will be to get together on one ballot as one party or readings and use already popular aspects of a movement to win seats. nationalist will have tough competition not least from a new face who has already proved himself billionaire proof of a sensation in the presidential vote announcing his candidacy just
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a month before and coming in third now promising to work hard for the middle class viewer will soar with more than five and a half million people voted for me and trusted me for that reason i will form a new political force and strong party. it seems everyone wants to do in the party and start want exiled and want to go in london and me for no good show have both said they have plans to launch political forces for those looking for a lighter choice they may well be able to vote for a party of love subtopic or a party of friends of allianz but before there were complaints of too few parties it may now well be too many perhaps putting the days of a so-called technical russian parliament behind but a new russian political system that works still some way off and he's now a r.t. moscow. or so i look at the impact of the internet and new social media on
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political turbulence across the globe that's coming your way let's say our most recent edition of cross talk or make sure you catch it. this is r.t. highlighting the massive wealth gap in italy its central bank says the ten richest people in the country have as much money as the three million poorest combined with economic inequality widespread the prosperous and autonomous region of south cheer world is looking to go it alone and break away from rome for good artes or you could even get a job or went to hear their complaints. lost in translation between b. alps and the need to rain a population of half a million people and
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a lot of to become independent one day that south to rome a probe into northern italy all these has never been italian says cloths as showing off her native town of. she spent thirty years of her life fighting for independence. you only see where to rule their own languages german were taken from the rest of to rule but for so host a hundred years ago we have seen precious which has affected our language closed our schools and our sons and now the changes regional rain into i've. been enough for me ever close refers to how these german speaking territory was occupied by eataly at the end of the first world war and was and it's in one thousand nine hundred after world war two the allies decided that the province would remain a part of easily but would be granted a certain level of self-government goes on already enjoys the status of an autonomy
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for example ninety percent of the tax revenue from these coffee will stay in the region while the other turn will go to rome but we cannot make prices taking grief over the country every single cent seems to wake nationalist feelings and this is the situation the politicians are all too ready to take advantage of we asked the chairman of the popular libertarians party how she would answer an italian from a poor region of the country who wanted to know why selfishly role doesn't want to help rescue them for so long i don't give him a cup of coffee and will then have a long discussion such a role is not in charge of saving evenly and couldn't have done so even if it wanted to use a bad housekeeper or who wants of debts we're not paying full benefits with our money. there is and ours are the two words which you hear very often and start to roll and money is at the core of the dispute the time is expected to contribute one
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hundred twenty million euros to cleaning up the telling national budget to do so it will have to raise real estate the eighty and income taxes as well as these be by parents instead the south to all economics minister it wants to buy its freedom from easily one cent the wrong even names of concrete purchase price team billion euros one knows that the best thing we can stay part of easily but we want full financial freedom we're ready to pay a solidarity tax of three percent we'll pay our foreign policy fiscal and euro policy otherwise we'll do the rest on our own we build our roads and several months before it happens we wait for permission from rome for years. growth and infrastructure in this rich province of italy are indeed very non italian so too is unemployment which stands at only two percent compared to almost nationwide here one of our local government has to keep pushing with the idea of independence
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that's for sure because we can't go on like this there's no way we can progress this way with a little. exhibit a great show of on our t.v. . eaten. more than one trillion dollars that's the size of the euro zone's newly expanded fund it's hope it will act as a buffer to future crises and market fluctuations that could you have a rise from europe's painful austerity drive and will cuts alone cure the block's troubles now is just one of the questions r.t. put social cold cliché the man who led the european central bank through the turbulent early years of the euro crisis. with his color still very often he's only that instead of spending more than you were used. although you were a look at this through spending. are you there with europe so how could you call that austerity if you go back to some. then you improve confidence and by
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improving confidence you give a chance to growth and job creation i think it is the reality to the way the you with the problems are the center of the larger problem which is you to characterize the all the advance they couldn't meet in my order to studying others interest. and over and if it was coming your way in full in next hour here on our c but for now belgian police have arrested almost five hundred peace activists outside nato h.q. in brussels protesters attempted to storm the building but were met with a heavy handed response from hundreds of police officers to discuss the situation when i was joined by anti nato activists and international affairs commentator rick ross offered good to see you today it's not the first time and the nato activists a fellow held a protest like this that explain to us exactly what you're unhappy about. i think
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world peace and anti intervention activists are concerned about is the fact that as a highlight of going to sponsoring organization and all of your action for peace though we should mention the worry that there are participants from several countries revealingly polluting finland and sweden which though not formal nato members of the peace activists is frak and with the braves and their countries and surreptitiously dragged into nato there is seven hundred some sort of some then one in sweden fighting in northern afghanistan currently in sweden nominally neutral contributed warplanes for nato as war against libya last year what the activists are highlighting what are the three major causes for concern the first was that nato is evolving into a sun chalet a global war fighting organization having now conducted wars and three continents present yugoslavia now it's down it's still ongoing and in libya also the fact that nato is in very symes or the european phased adaptive approach interceptor missile
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shield program which in some spending not only throughout europe from west to east but also and asia minor into turkey and thirdly they talk about this is a very promising year human biology or a big important work of their careers and you know it's a shame because belgium is one of five europe you know major members under a major program called burden sharing part of nuclear sharing. policies and u.s. tactical nuclear weapons that would be you first right nuclear turkey of another kind i don't have to tell you that sort of thing the same sleep close to russia but also borders or iran and syria while i'm just i'm just i'm what you say i'm sorry i interrupt you about nato essentially in what your suggesting is being a war mongering machine i know the i mean the action for peace group calls nato quote a threat to world peace but can i ask you know it's a it's an old an organization like nato isn't it needed for global stability i suppose somebody could have stepped out of the berlin tokyo rome back to my mind
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late one nine hundred thirty s. know what is and glory. now you have to an organization that at the time of the collapse of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred one and the soviet union was its alleged reason for being found in the first place ninety four unite and system of sixteen members still currently twenty years after the breakup of the soviet union is apparently has twenty eight for members no fewer than fifty part and this includes the members and partners and all sorts and i have to conduct it is not a building over it is referred to as the sun the star wars missile shield in europe and recently has been following the us military clinton is going to spam you know her trip to the persian gulf and recently started expanding into the middle east and the far east asia in one thousand sixty eight here in chicago where i'm speaking there were massive demonstrations against the backdrop of the democratic national convention because of the build up of the war in one nine hundred sixty eight and the slogan it was chanted by the hundreds of thousands of protesters the
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whole world is watching and they twentieth and may twenty first of this year nato is holding its its summit in chicago it will be only the second nato summit ever held in the united states and the first how it outside of washington gets the city and it was clear that it's clear from our out in belgium yesterday that the world is already watching and the world is say and to the world only gives these margins to make north and to arbitrate military interventions and any sort of star wars in the foreseeable growth so i think it will be when it comes to when it comes to the military bloc that nato is certainly is a conversation that requires a lot more time than we have available for us today here at say red cross auto international affairs comment erica thanks for coming out of so we run out of time . so let's get some other international news for you in brief this hour with the oxy world update and me and a physician leader aung san suu kyi party claims to have won at least forty three out of the forty four parliamentary seats and by elections has to change the
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national league for democracy party. one the last time the country held multi-party elections in one nine hundred ninety but the results were ignored and she was placed under house arrest she was finally released in november and has gained support for her push for democratic union. mollies or to regular rebels have seized the city of timbuktu planting their flag of the offices of the governor and mayor capturing the city was a main goal of the rebels who now control the three largest towns in mali's north as they seek to establish islamic law throughout the country meanwhile the west african leaders have yet to decide on sanctions against mali after leaders of a military coup promise to return power to civilians to avoid diplomatic and economic isolation. why don't we go to the r.v. business section there is dimitri it seems are the markets in russia looking for direction that's right they were imposed surgery now in the red this is of course
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on one hand there's positive manufacturing data coming out and russia on the other hand in europe as unemployment figures which are growing now what we're seeing right now is that the obvious and the mice a soft let's too negative as our let's quickly take a look at what's moving the nice legs in russia gold still fighting the foreign elites the london listing is declining one percent you chair is down three percent the airline because of the plane crash are things been reporting on massively and. announced and then gainer of the day up for almost one percent point to something see. over on the oil markets not good news for russia light sweet and brant are the colliding within one dollar per barrel all story here investors are afraid that the u.s. and other countries will release strategic reserves to the market. now if we look at what's going on in europe actually this does not really reflect the general
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picture the footsie and the banks may be flat to positive this hour but if you take a look at other indices such as the foot c.m.i. be in milan i was down one and a half percent in madrid the index is also down one point four percent so in general it's all declining because of growing unemployment which is reached in the euro zone ten point eight percent and you reckon. and if we take a look at the currencies quickly the euro is losing versus the u.s. dollar whereas the ruble has barely changed against of currencies reflecting on that global change of trade. also in other news the. one of the most important investment funds in the world norwegian sovereign wealth fund is changing its strategy. moving from europe to the fastest growing regions out in africa and in asia but nick parsons from the national australia bank says this should not be viewed as negative news for the european continent. we think that's
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a reaffirmation of its belief in global growth because it is the fastest growing economies in the in the world that it's seeking to increase exposure to we have seen some very strong performance from the u.s. equity market recently emerging markets of the less well but to the extent that there are customers for its oil then if you like its head it's investing those surpluses in a way consistent with its revenue streams and i think it is consistent with the fun's aims and objectives it's not though an outright negative vote on europe all right that's the way the markets look at this our headlines are next on r.t. .


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