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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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a plane crash in russia's western siberia kills thirty one out of forty three on board it's now thought the french italian media craft was not properly. before takeoff. the international envoy to syria told the un security council damascus has agreed to an april the tenth deadline to stop violence on the friends of syria group is criticized for undermining the un pact peace efforts. at the two sides of reform is the russian government considers loosening up registration for political parties and some opposition leaders say there could be too many bidding for power a top story this hour. around
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the clock around the world on screen and online this is r.t. the plane crash a plane which crashed in russia's western siberia on monday is not thought of being sprayed with antifreeze before the flight that's according to the international aviation committee which is looking into the cause of the tragedy doctors are fighting for the lives of the twelve survivors of a deadly plane crash of that plane crash when at least nine of them have now undergone surgery forty three people were on board when the aircraft went down minutes after takeoff it's believed the pilots were attempting an emergency landing when r.t.g. could greaves has the latest from the crash site. and the crash site actually just about hot a kilometer behind me to be scouring this site all day looking for clues is where they pulled twelve survivors from the wreckage of the plane we know that nine of
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them have undergone operations but three of which we sent to moscow for further treatment. in a very critical state thirty one people have lost their lives in this air tragedy all occurred early occurring early monday morning as the plane flew out of to an airport shortly after it was the mediately after i think counted serious problems with the pilots being on unable to communicate with air traffic control or also according to eyewitness reports there plumes of smoke billowing from the engines shortly after that they are set ablaze now these are just reports at the moment of how many sustained cheated but there may have been attempts by the pilots to make an emergency landing do you know just minutes after takeoff it's plane plummeted back to the ground and broke up to three parts of the investigation here very much in its infancy with three avenues being explored at the moment pilot error as
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twenty seven is actually due to celebrate his birthday to morris twentieth birthday tomorrow there is some reports of the most speculating that perhaps the pilot refused for the plane to be. the reason experts say is to be crucial because that could be an explanation for why the plane's wings weren't working that there are two i start also being stored is the role of the air traffic control in this case a finding this is indeed probably the most likely route and likely reason is that there's a malfunction or it came to the craft itself plane which he was actually manufactured in the eighty's by italian and french company it does have a bit of a history when it comes to deadly air disasters now this comes on the back of two thousand. deadly accidents just retake a look at the scene of the crash started a lot of it is very little really for investigators to be going on all that
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surveyed visibly is the tail end of the plane. from the snow to crucially here they have managed to find the black box which recorded the last moments of the flight and hopefully this includes the what went wrong. well as i mentioned there are reports that the pilot decided not to spray the aircraft with antifreeze and this could have led to the tragedy but aviation analyst christie aides who's based in manchester says defrosting is obligatory if a plane is being flown in harsh conditions you know whenever you're flying any type of aircraft in hostile conditions. very bad weather is a hostile condition and it's incumbent upon day week out some of the aircraft to take precaution before taking off and necessarily include the freezing the frosting the ice buildup on winds can very detrimental impact
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a severe impact on the safety of flight as indeed ice formation on the control surfaces on the aircraft as well so if it proves out. it. wasn't the highest before taking off. that is one of the potentially one of the primary causes of this tragic crash. one of the possibility being looked into is that pilot error and may have caused the accident but former utah employee he could have been or believes that is unlikely. but. i would rule out the possibility of pilot error because it is fundamentally at odds with what happened since the crew made a decision to return right after the plane took off what kind of mistake could there be it's possible that some system old function occurred that the pilots were informed about through a system message and they made a decision to return based on that it's also possible that there was some medical emergency among the passengers i can't rule that out either something like
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a heart attack but could also be a reason to try and return. still to come here in r.t. it's a nice financial turmoil fields said to sentiment. would be if not a crisis is taking great all the country every single sound since to wait nationalist feelings. to report from the ritual part of this province of self terrill where the people want sovereignty from the overseeing of rome plus. what is called. good he's on the that instead of spain the. new third. will leave budget cuts work the man who led the european central bank through the early years of the crisis talks about the future for the single currency. that's still to come here but first the peace efforts for syria the international envoy to the country has briefed the u.n. security council on the progress of his mission kofi annan said damascus has agreed
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to a cease fire deadline set for april the tenth. has more for us now from new york. what we do know so far is that mr anon says there's been no progress on the ground in syria so far as to implementing a ceasefire he also suggests if the security council to consider creating a cease fire monitor mission but the biggest news so far is that according to mr anon syria has agreed to an april tenth deadline for a partial implementation of his six point peace plan and according to what is said syria has agreed to stop all acts of violence within forty eight hours of that april tenth deadline we have been reporting that kofi annan did lay out his six point peace plan few weeks calling on both sides in syria to stop fighting stop their troop movements and stop the use of heavy artillery in heavily populated
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areas from the very beginning russia has fully supported kofi annan six point peace plan for syria most recently russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov reiterated mosque aus support for the plan but mr lavrov indicated that the plan could be undermined by those that are showing more support for the armed opposition in syria and russia is committed to it so implementing goofy unknowns plan and we can see the syrian government's secret steps in line with proposals according to each of the syrian government to be the first to begin to pull its of its forces this is position. he expects and wish to call this and some arab states simply seems to be all. responsible for bloodshed in syria. just over the weekend seventeen nations gathered together it's a group that's referred to as the friends of syria they gathered for
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a meeting and reaffirmed their support for the opposition groups they also recognized the syrian national. council as the legitimate representatives of the syrian people now the lover of said that this only undermines the peace process that is trying to be implemented in syria and also said that it this group known as the friends of syria cannot replace the un security council and it is only the un security council that can really make a decision as to whether mr kofi annan peace plan is moving in the right direction or not reported talking to the little earlier based political analyst commodore was me has told me that he thinks the friends of syria group is destroying un peace efforts in the country the friends of syria headed by the united states and france they're actually not looking for. one corner of the organization produced
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the allies region. allies we're not looking to. what we call normal dialogue between the government of syria and our position. you. and i think american are dictating violence and chaos in syria and in the region. egypt's muslim brotherhood party has named its chief strategist i'll shut up to be the presidential candidate the party of privilege previously said he would stay out of the race the brotherhood already controls about half of the seats in parliament leaving some worried about and is in the midst of this causes for the bald truth freelance writer and journalist joins me live from well a bit of a u.-turn here the muslim brotherhood had recently said it would not nominate a presidential candidate so while this sudden change of heart. it's difficult to
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say exactly why they changed their minds when they made the statement a charter himself made the statement in april saying they wouldn't run for presidency it seems to be perhaps a reaction to the fact that there are quite a few candidates running who are x. regime people would call them here so we've got our mission was the prime minister under mubarak and also a recent new report reports almost to the man who is vice president and i'm saying he run for presidency this is unconfirmed but i feel that maybe the brotherhood is feeling pressurised to have a candidate for itself in addition charter himself was in prison for many years and which meant he couldn't run for president and this was recently pardoned by the military which means that he was able to run and he sort of powerful in the midst of brotherhood many people who think that perhaps they're waiting for him to have this pardon and therefore and therefore push him forward why was he in prison terms a bit more about his checkered past. he was sent to prison in
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a military trial for basically money laundering for economic reasons he was only pardoned very very recently but he was actually in prison until after the revolution he was only released in march and he's a very very wealthy man and he has many many businesses stretching across many industries i'm actually was still managing to be very interested very very important in the muslim brotherhood was in prison which is pretty amazing i'm considering he was under military arrest you say he's very influential and powerful should he win the election what's the chance them that we could see a much islamic law being introduced to egypt and not the democracy that we assume egyptians fought for. it's difficult to say exactly what his policies are is because he's only just announced that he's going to be president but certainly the muslim brotherhood have not been one suit to push social train so i imagine it'll be quite difficult for women or for minority groups including coptic christians who
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obviously are quite important in this country i think is the most important have shown a very strange relationship with the ruling military council and the supreme council the armed forces and i think this is where they maybe some issues of the revolutionary groups i mean they appeared to have been doing deals with the scaf behind closed doors which could basically mean that there isn't revolutionary change and this i think will be the worry for the rest of the future of egypt so we're saying that in effect the muslim brotherhood is in cahoots with the military . olds with the military. it's a call to say there's many different opinions at the moment particularly as there's been recent statement exchanges between the ruling military council and the muslim brotherhood in the last week but certainly they said they would not come to the streets in the. clashes and they seem to have been having closed meetings with the scarf arranging and political show jewels for the presidential elections and they keep a very cautious attitude towards image i think they realize that if they work with
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the military then they will get power which is exactly what's happened they have fifty percent of parliament they will say dominate the constituent assembly which is very important because it struck in the constitution to egypt we don't know because no one is it is right with the brotherhood in the meetings however it sixty many like you that they have been doing deals well just briefly though several members of the muslim brotherhood criticize this nomination and. have even resigned what does that say about the party's stability just briefly. i think they're going to party he only won fifty six very stiff if t.v. which is very minor considering he is the deputy head of the of the of the muslim brotherhood extremely influential i think this is perhaps showing a division within the muslim brotherhood to create i think upset when i pull for tour it was remember the muslim brotherhood he was actually objective from the from the greek for wanting to run for presidency i think many people are very upset and so i think yes this is definitely showing some division within this very well life
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and true thank you very much indeed for your analysis on the developments there at the moment in egypt thank you. propose new legislation for russia's opposition political parties could make their entry into parliament much easier if passed the law may lead to an unprecedented push for power by literally hundreds of factions in his arteries and he said no he explains that could cause a problem in itself. politics in russia may never be the same protest have become a common sight and new parties are registering left and right as political reform starts so former deputy prime minister in the ninety's is no stranger to the white house. was long on the political radar until a sudden mass protest movement picked up after vast fraud claims against the december parliamentary vote now might be his chance to get back in the game more
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pressure on me by the other candidates that's what my proposal is for any party with five hundred members that there is it's now less than fifty percent of russia's regions should be registered at something but if you're one of the only and i'm told once pushing for an easy party registration is already seen fawns it was a distance of now there will be hundreds of part just registered hundreds of democratic socialist nationalist balance sheets will be kilometers long. and founder of the love has been trying to officially get into politics for years but there are already. known for his staunch nationalism russian marches and tough rhetoric and love could now have a good chance of getting into parliament and already has a plan and. there will be many nationalist parties registered sort of course call the b. to get together on one ballot is one party or readings in use already popular aspects
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of a movement to win seats. nationalists will have tough competition not least from a new face who has already proved himself billionaire broker of a sensation in the presidential vote announcing his candidacy just months before and coming in third now promising to work hard for the middle class for more than five and a half million people voted for him like trusted me for that reason i will form a new political force a strong cordie. it seems everyone wants to join the party and start one so i designed and want to breeze better is asking in london and me they all go to the top of have both said they have plans to launch political forces for those looking for a wider choice they may well be able to vote for a party of love sub tropic russia or a party of friends of elliott's but if before there were complaints of too few parties it may now well be too many perhaps putting the days of
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a so-called technical russian parliament behind but a new russian political system that works still some way off and he's now a r.t. moscow a look at the impact of the internet and new social media and political turbulence across the world later today for you in the latest cross talk debate that's coming away later today. things. are getting. crosstalk in a couple of hours from now on highlighting the massive wealth gap in italy its central bank says the ten richest people in the country have as much money as the three million poorest combined with economic inequality widespread the prosperous autonomous region of south terrell is looking to go it alone and break away from
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rome for good t.v. coverage which over went to hear their complaints. lost in translation between the alps and the need to reign a population of pop a million people and a lot of pain to become independent one day itself to roll a probe into northern italy all these has never been italian says cloths as showing off her native town of boys ana she spent thirty years of her life fighting for independence. the only see where to rule their own languages german were taken from the rest of to rule but for so host a hundred years ago we have seen precious which has affected our language closed our schools van gogh's findings and now it changes a regional name into. the not of the me ever closer refers to how these german speaking territory was occupied by eataly at the end of the first world war and was an it's in one thousand nine hundred ninety two world war two the
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allies decided that the province would remain a part of easily but would be granted a certain level of self-government both zano already enjoys the status of an autonomy for example ninety percent of the tax revenue from these coffee will stay in the region while the other ten will go to rome but with the economic crisis taking grave over the country every single sound seems to weigh nationalist feelings and this is the situation the politicians are all too ready to take advantage of we ask big chairman of the popular libertarians party how she would answer an italian from a poorer region of the country who wanted to know why self to roll doesn't want to help rescue them. so. i don't buy him a cup of coffee and will then have a long discussion stuck to raul is not in charge of saving italy and couldn't have done so even if it wanted to usually is
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a bad housekeeper and we're not we're not saying it will benefit with our money. there is and ours are the two words which are here very often insults are wrong and the money is at the core of the dispute the turn is expected to contribute one hundred twenty million euros to cleaning up the italian national budget to do so it will have to raise real estate the eighty and income taxes as well as these paid by partners instead the south to roll economics minister it wants to buy its freedom from easily one simple rock even names of kwan quick purchase price billion euros almost out of this we can stay part of usually what we want full financial freedom we're ready to pay a solidarity tax of three percent we'll pay our foreign policy fiscal and euro policy otherwise we'll do the rest on our own we build our roads and several months before it happens we wait for permission from rome for years. roads and infrastructure in this rich province of italy are indeed very non italian so too is
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unemployment which stands at only two percent compared to almost ten nationwide. local government has to keep pushing with the idea of independence that's for sure because we can't go on like this there's no way we can progress this way. except in the church over our team was done into. more than a trillion dollars that's the size of the euro zone's newly expanded bailout fund and hope it will act as a buffer to future crises and market fluctuations that could yet arise from europe's painful austerity drive but will cuts alone cure the block's troubles well that was just one of the questions put to john called pressure he's the man who led the european central bank through the turbulent early years of the euro crisis. with his call austerity a very often these only that instead of spending more than you were on you spend. all the newer and look at the students spending in her so.
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you call that austerity if you are back to sound policy then you impose confidence and by improving confidence you give a chance to growth and job creation i think it is it is the reality so in a way as the you where there are problems with the a.p. center of a larger problem which is you know god to rising all the advanced economies in my own understanding others and. that full interview is coming your way in the next hour. belgian police have arrested almost five hundred peace activists outside nato headquarters in brussels and has attempted to storm the building but met with a heavy handed response from hundreds of officers demonstration was organized by building and he nato group action for peace campaigners and they were speaking out
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against the military interventions in afghanistan and libya and the announces nuclear missile shield plans across the world well you know we spoke to hans limerence a spokesman for nato game over who took part in the protest and he says they were trying to stop a global warming chain. the fact that through europe peace activist doesn't mean we have to stay specifically sides we didn't use violence but actively trying to get them to stop the preparation of war policies by nato so we say in the nato headquarters what happens there is appropriation of war i walk crimes and if our governments don't stop it it's the only target citizens reach or to show that they want to stop it they think it's not for ten years enough to understand and i don't see a lot of success in the libya war and what you see now is that you first. brought a new army troops to sort of political importance so you factor in you can question
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if the military interventions are really bringing peace or are we just arming the next phase in the in civil wars a third brings up to date for the moment here from the newsroom next to me tree will be here with a business update and it's off to a short break. beasts
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which bryson if you move soon from science to christian. stance on t.v. don't come. out on welcome to the market updates on odyssey u.s. manufacturing data came in at an expansion of one percentage point in march compared to february this has been propelling markets pretty much all across the globe with the dow jones up the percent nasdaq off point eight percent now avon products is an outstanding gaina in the u.s. it's up seventeen percent after receiving a buy out of four could see incorporated of around ten billion dollars with a premium to the market in europe the trading ended there on a very positive note the folksy up almost two percent the dax one point six percent despite the fact that unemployment has been going up the average rate for the euro
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zone has reached ten point eight percent and new high oil prices have been of propelled by news of manufacturing expanding in the u.s. as manufacturers are some of the biggest consumers of gasoline and other world products the light sweet and the grantor are right now after all as per barrel this hour this has helped the russian currency the ruble at the end of the session to gain against both the green bag and the euro while the euro is weakening slightly versus the dollar on the global market and in russia a reversal at the end of the session of the trend with the r.t.s. up point four percent to my six point three percent well just fifteen minutes before closing they were fairing down around four percent on the my sexy. telecoms preferred shares shot up five and a half percent spawn rumors that they may be bought back by the company or converted into ordinary shares at a premium to the market price you'd says obviously down one point four percent of
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that plane crash that our team has been reporting on earlier and the b.c.b. is up two percent one of the biggest gain is among the chips. also russian energy major to be pink is poised to burst seven billion dollars to produce nontraditional gas in ukraine a country seeking to attract investment to exploit its shell gas reserves which it wants to use as an alternative to russian gas as kiev has long complained about the price that it's paying for those supplies. and that's the way the markets look at this hour we will be back in about fifty five minutes time to bring it up they do stay with artsy for the headlines with google. the.
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wealthy british style is something else and sometimes that is fine. for the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on r g.


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