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tv   [untitled]    April 4, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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deadly dead bird in a greek pensioner shoots himself in front of the part of the way i made a soaring suicide rate and growing financial desperation across the. first u.s. marines reach australia as america's military moves in on the asian pacific region challenge china's growing influence. and russia warns against arming the syrian rebels with peace efforts underway saying they can't topple president and they will only leave the carnage. the bears are growing on the russian markets with the obvious m i six ending wednesday session down around two and
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a half percent more on this in twenty minutes from. seven pm here in moscow this is r.t. coming to you live from an isa now a with our top story struggling with money has proven to be an unbearable burden for a greek pensioner who has shot himself in a square in central athens and this is one of a string of suicides across the e.u. caused by financial desperation and the continuing harsh austerity measures are these tests are simply reports from brussels. on the bigger picture it is a symbol of the desperation on the street of the ordinary people across the e.u. who are suffering from all the a steady cuts in the financial difficulties other countries are going through at the moment the seventy seven year old man before shooting himself in front of parliament alpha's as he would be leaving so as not to leave debt with his children
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and this is a sentiment that is called by a lot of people they may be suffering as silently or they may not be protesting out of the streets or are killing themselves but it is certainly a sentiment that is reflected across the e.u. and it's not just the increase this country is seeing a rise in the suicide rates but also in italy there have been a string of recent to suicides directly linked to their financial problems we've seen a seventy eight year old woman who threw herself off of the balcony of her third floor flat and she said this was because she had said before that that this was because of the cuts in her pension this was the reason that her son had given to those who had been asking and this is again the interesting thing here thing here is these suicides are directly linked to the financial crisis and this is a message that they're trying to get their leaders to understand those who are trying to are making these decisions for them and again austerity cuts are still being tried to push being pushed through by leaders of these countries in order to get their accounts in accordance with what the e.u.
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wants it to end the cycle of the sovereign debt crisis however you know greece is the latest received to be allowed the eyes are still on the trees like italy and spain portugal the question being asked of them is my this is the next to receive another bailout which country is going to go downwards spiral again and there are reports that the european commission of a showing of the possibility of a stagnation or another recession coming this year or in the near future and so it's very it's clearly not the end of seeing the cycle of the spirit. and unfortunately this time around peace and suicides is. more coverage of this. very public suicide is that our team dot com coverage from the scene of where the money process of thinking too much about elderly man and where some on lookers wonder what this says about their country on our website right now at r.t. dot com. in other news the first u.s.
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marines have arrived in australia as america boost its military presence in the asian pacific region more than two thousand personnel will be deployed there over the next few years it adds to america's military footprint and such countries as japan the philippines and singapore are all in china's backyard is it climbs roving correspondent probably ask a bar says beijing one powerade it. there's only one thing about this whole thing which is you certainly if not for resting in china what do you all the way around rather harassing the chinese though if they know this is a belt american called throw off the western pacific and the south china sea and they will have their culture measures in place of course china doesn't have an expansionist strategy in the south china sea look now they are facing a us expansionist strategy in their own backyard should their countermeasures be
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basically defensive measures but it's not that the trainees needed to nor is going to started to actually bullets in the south china sea but this is what some a piece of freaks of the pentagon that's their wishful sleeping actually well that they're packing long long from hong kong singapore city high city university just say joins us now live from bangkok to discuss these developments dr park no one how threatening is this build up to china how do they thinking. yeah i think the situation now is already caught the attention of the chinese communist party in the past three months as far as i have some signs of discussion and the chinese government with chinese government. started to. gain some consensus
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a perception that the u.s. and china relations is in a sealed game now in this regard it will have some very important implications of the change of chinese the. us the press of china what will be i think is one of the possibility is the chinese government for the future apart from. the source. the prophecy and economic. activities in the overseas be chinese government is going to seek to take a more assertive more clear position to trying to influence the internal politics of other countries number one number two i think also for the chinese government to proceed to increase and to. increase its military presence
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in order to probably tear the kind of mess with the interest that it has overseas. the u.s. has recently announced its plans to build missile defense shield in asia to address threats coming from so-called rogue states like iran and north korea is trying to convince they're not aimed against. so i can hear you could you repeat i'm talking about u.s. missile defense plans in the asia pacific region they say it's against iran and north korea is china convinced that that ok but it's not against them ok thank you very much i just as i was from what i have in the past three months china east north convinced that the missile in north korea and iran is only targeting north korea iran and actually all these friends.
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in china feel is targeting china itself and as a way to contain china. why don't the nations that are hosting us want to see china as their ally in the region yes i think the. the the situation of the allies in the region is becoming a bit complicated on the one hand they still want to gain the economic benefits that it could be used to gain in trading and tons of things with china but on the other hand also want to gain the support from the u.s. soledad they would north be also with lions on china and small part they are also very concerned about the growing chinese military presence as a source of rights to their own security so in this case they're going to pray
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to tens one if they continue to try and set with china economically and in terms of trading relationship but on the other hand they will be very welcomed the return of the u.s. in terms of military presence and also military and security collaboration with the u.s. right after a long long time so the university in hong kong thank you very much for joining us . well russia is accusing a group of western and arab states who are supporting the syrian opposition of undermining peace efforts gulf nations are calling for weapons to be given to the rebels but moscow says the opposition will never defeat the army even if it's armed to the teeth arminius correspondent paul sr brings us the details. these comments by the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov come just as they do is take a trip state hillary clinton has restraints to the united states' position that
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they want the syrian president bashar assad to step down immediately against the backdrop hard on go in peace talks clinton say that the u.s. would want to decide to step down in any situation and the sooner the better now at the same time we are witnessing increasing support for the opposition inside syria with the friends of syria we played commitment and support to rebel fighters we hear in from the gulf nations from qatar and saudi arabia that they are willing to pay several million dollars each month in salaries to rebel fighters the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says one of this undermines peace if that's on the go those peace efforts of course initiated by the former u.n. chief kofi annan i mean the process is that they are hampering the peace if it's because they're encouraging the parties to engage in fighting and not engage in and not engage in peace and in response to the gulf nations of course for the rebel fighters to arm themselves so telegraph had this to say yes. it's clear as day that
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if the opposition is armed to the chief it will not defeat the syrian armed forces but instead will be slaughtered mutual killings for many many years we've heard from these syrian government that they have actually started implementing the conditions for the scorpion and peace plan that they have begun withdrawing the troops from more volatile cities where the troops are moving to the perimeter and in khan the cities we've actually seen some of the troops returning to the army bases that according to this cease fire implementation after a positive the armed opposition will have forty eight hours in which they will have to cease their own hostilities and not be hearing from the syrian regime is that while they are committed they need to be the same kind of commitment coming forth from the opposition in terms of wanting to see this violence to. well in egypt the islamist muslim brotherhood is now fielding its presidential candidates by widespread condemnation artie's cross-talk later argues whether it could put
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a damper on the country's drive for freedom here's what's ahead in about twenty minutes. in the wake of america's so-called war on terror which effectively put the muslim brotherhood push the muslim brotherhood underground and. to the party being. accepted and officially in the political landscape but nonetheless. there is room. oh no no no no no reason for the brotherhood has been on the ground for decades going back to the to the air over the last so i mean i'm not quite sure where in the view is getting it going the fact. that the decision not to be ice or russian passenger plane is now considered the most likely cause of monday's deadly crash in western siberia the aircraft came
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down just minutes after takeoff killing thirty one of forty three people including all the crew doctors are fighting to save the twelve critically ill survivors investigators say the plane's engines were functioning when the plane hit the ground a three day period of mourning. because it's the first taking place. we will keep you across developments into this plane crash in western siberia that are to dot com and we've got many more stories online including how to handle presidential prying. pleasure to speak to all of this. and to have a microphone that i can see. feel free to transmitting any of this to me if you see him rock obama laughs soft last week's incident when a rather sad conversation between him and president medvedev of caught on a hot night. and the american ambassadors are against russia's foreign minister
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rounds on the u.s. and william moscow saying european missile plans will fall on regardless of what other nations thing. the international criminal court has turned down palestinian requests to and investigate alleged israeli war crimes on their lands the official calls for the rejection is that palestine is not a un recognized state or a co-founder of the israeli committee against house demolitions says that casts a shadow over the whole international justice system. the palestinians exist in a kind of a limbo because they're not a state they don't have access to all the instruments of international law or of the u.n. system but at the same time. international law that does apply to the occupied territories it's intended to protect them especially the fourth geneva convention is not enforced by the international community so on the one hand they don't have
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the incident issa protect themselves and the other hand the international community doesn't accept its responsibility to afford protection for the palestinians the problem with the palestinians is that occupation was only seen as a very temporary military situation maybe lasting one to three years until it's over this is a forty five year occupation and international law simply isn't geared towards dealing with it so the fact that the palestinians are just states i think. completely destroys their chance to use international law and if in fact these millions of people are left without any to fans are any ability to leverage israel through international law it's certainly dense the credibility of the entire system american lawmakers are having another crack at regulating the internet spike a recent embarrassing climbdown of public airwaves soft piracy planned south
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a cyber security bill aimed to combat hacker attacks like the plague governments and financial websites is going to clam reports rights groups are worried that their fears over privacy invasion are now being realized. the u.s. government continue spending millions of dollars to support freedom of the internet around the world but is it freedom for all we keep leaks which to many has become the symbol of you know now freedom has been under fire from the u.s. officials and lawmakers because we can each publish documents which embarrass the american government in many ways we can fix it comes the enemy the u.s. has reportedly issued a secret indictment against julian assange the head of the website which leave hundreds of thousands of documents revealing embarrassing details about wars in iraq and afghanistan five major u.s. financial institutions we said master card pay pal western union and the bank of america have tried to economically strangle we here leaks by blocking donations to the web site until recently peter van buren has served as
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a foreign service officer at the state department he says he was fired over the book and the blog that he wrote about the feeler of u.s. policies in iraq and the state department since two thousand and eight has spent seventy six million dollars all received on internet freedom giving tools and support to bloggers and journalists and online people around the world particularly in countries that we have difficulties with at the same time the state department has spent all that time and all the money supporting both bloggers it has found internet freedom to be inconvenient in the form of we q leaks i just work just as hard and spend probably more money trying to shut down free speech that it opposes or increase speech that it furthers america's own political goals overseas we call that a partnership but it's not just a leaking website is that the u.s. is after but also their sources critics say this administration has embarked on an unprecedented campaign against whistleblowers in this culture where this
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administration is going after whistleblowers in an unprecedented way we all have an obligation to protect our sources i have to say that i myself i'm really nervous about the safety of some of the people that i talk to. as a journalist who covers national security i'm talking all the climate people that work in the intelligence and the military community to send shock waves through the community while trying to stifle inconvenient beliefs at home the u.s. perceives the internet and social networking platforms as major tools for spreading democracy and spends millions of dollars to help people in the middle east and trying to get around iran and block the firewalls at the same time ironically enough american companies provide bahrain saudi arabia and kuwait with the technology to effectively block websites a lot of the tools that are used by governments are provided by american company different citizens or corporations for better or worse talk about profit as their motivation the government ok however the american government talks about freedom
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and democracy as its motivation when in fact in many ways it changed in the opposite direction some argue that left uncontrolled the export of surveillance and sight blocking tools by american companies and undermine the air freedom the same way as arms exports undermine peace initiatives as far as u.s. government ever is to securing our freedom there seem to be two kinds of freedoms freedom that they encourage and freedom that they punish but is there such a thing as to freedom and fairness trickle reporting from washington r.t. . the brave look now at some other headlines from around the world a passenger vessel has exploded in pakistan killing at least six people and wounding nine others of the injured are in critical condition this was a priceless prancer no sign of a van in the camp or district which is known to be and are kreider and taliban. heavy clashes between gunman in the western libyan city of children forty falls and
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injured several others from member of the national transitional council says the situation is critical in the city which has been hit by rocket engineer by towns in the past week one hundred fifty people have died and almost four hundred others wounded in clashes between rival militias in the south. ten suspected militants have been seized in several police raids in france a day after charges were filed against thirteen other alleged islamist terrorists president sarkozy pledged to take a tougher line after last month's shooting dead before people at a school in the murder of three french soldiers although there is a large over the radical anti immigration policies being promoted by french leaders . britain suffering a nasty hangover from a nationwide bargain basement binge low cost alcohol is being blamed for a spike in drink related deaths and lawmakers think tackling supermarket sells is
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the solution both the industry and drinkers say price won't put them off as i've heard bennett explains. this is your average friday night now in britain it's not yet midnight but many people have already drunk well over the limit of what's considered binge drinking and now i just think about that line and. yeah take bites. maybe a couple shots. fired maybe if they succeed it's this kind of heavy drinking that's being blamed for the soaring numbers of deaths for a liver disease in the u.k. eleven and a half thousand people die each year from the disease twenty five percent more than just a decade ago according to medical data most of those deaths down to alcohol abuse so how much is too much the recommended daily limit is four units of alcohol so
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around two points of being that even if you drink. nights so pints of beer every binge drinking according to experts seriously damaging your health but even lease is nothing compared to what many get free come last orders. to end up making more. than you can quote an amount six times more than what's considered safe by alcohol the boy screwfix well there is a very great need to address the alcohol misuse issue in the united kingdom the short and long term side of his and the short term and other issues around him getting weight getting in trouble potentially putting yourself at physical risk or violence or something along those lines those are all short term issues that need to be addressed then you have the longer term health issues which are issues around heart disease cancer liver disease the government blames supermarkets for selling
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rock bottom prices just twenty. pounds can buy you as many as forty cans of strong cider now wants to ban these multi buy discounts and impose a minimum price of forty pence per unit it will fall supermarkets to effectively double their prices on the cheap drinks but the industry's adamant it's not cost that's causing the trouble of the heaviest rain because people who drink problematic levels of alcohol a least likely to be total drinking by price rises would influence a minimum unit price would do is raise the price for millions of ordinary consumers and if there is a section of society likely to be holistic it's the poor it's the lowest income so it seems very unfair in a policy that's not actually going to be successful in tackling the problem drinkers at the moment that falls to the police punch drunk punch ups a familiar sight come closing time the government claims ending bargain boozing
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would instantly cut crime and massively reduce alcohol related deaths but with the bulk of binge drinkers already paying over the proposed minimum it's clearly not the tempted to bar them from having another destructive night's toils michael bennett. it's time for the business news now let's cross over. that he's got a live update for us and it's a gloomy day on the markets isn't it absolutely is a massive selloff everywhere the second day of selling off pretty much everywhere except for russia which was gating on the previous day so russia's taking it really harsh and also the mood is dampened by the latest capita outflow figures which have been released so you look at them and what we're seeing is that russia has seen double in the first quarter of twelve compared to the same period last year now it's reached around thirty five billion dollars that's almost half of what the country saw for the all year of twenty eleven the central bank of this trend will
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reverse as soon as next month after the new. government has. taken out of those figures really the markets have closed and the r.t.s. is down almost three percent a nice sixty two and a half percent another reminder yesterday was a very positive session on the russian markets while everybody else was already correcting their for this nosedive among interesting stories on them i say hydro was down three point six percent on rumors that the sale of two billion dollars were shares to state bank the may be postponed m.k. was down one point seven percent reversing from earlier gains one positive story though after vast one percent after launching its new car just take a look at that in more detail now and assembly line for the first new allow the largest has been lost by prime minister vladimir putin have the best chance to
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produce twenty seven thousand of the cars this year and put forward new measures to support the mess that carmakers including a recommendation for the government that it should only buy cars made in the customs union of russia ukraine russia belarus bruson kazakstan. all right moving on to other stock markets in the u.s. still feeling the chill after those minutes released from the fed which did not suggest any quantity of easing on the horizon at all and the nasdaq is being pressured down by yahoo which is cutting two thousand people off that stuff and san disk is also be. over in europe around one hour to go or trading footsies down two and a half percent the dax three percent many stories here spanish born dogshit not going as planned inflation is forecast to be around two percent this year and g.d.p. to recline around one tenth of
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a percent interest rates have been kept on change by d.c. . moving over to currencies now and of course the dollar is gaining massively against many currencies including the euro and the ruble as vessels are selling off stock of course moving into cash moving into new zealand gold was about the ruble managed to strengthen our almost three quarters of a percent versus the. and in commodities because of a stronger dollar value of the nominated dollar nominated commodities of course declining light sweet is down the three dollars almost per barrel brant a little less than that. that's the way the markets look at this hour. all right maybe thanks for that update i'm done for this hour but you will certainly be back with much more next hour thanks for the. headlines are coming your way.
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to the. culture is that so much i'm going to be a huge music history of american time from the market. to the muslim brotherhood decision to my presidential candidates coming up next time to maybe there's a policy. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. and for the source material is what helps keep journalism honest we.
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we want to present. something up. or down the official anti obligation job on the phone the i pod touch from the i choose option. one john sees life on the go. video on demand on cheese minefield comes an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. machine on the dot com.


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