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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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this is our top stories tonight russian businessman victor boot sentencing in the united states after being convicted evolving terrorists and conspiring to kill americans he could get life behind bars but insists he's innocent and that his case is fabricated to bring you full coverage of that throughout the coming hours and see if we go now to also had learned from us the u.n. security council calls on the syrian regime to meet the april tenth deadline to pull back troops with a full cease fire on both sides in the forty eight hours which followed that.
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greece is mourning the distraught elderly victim of the government cuts who took his own life outside parliament the retired pharmacist suicide the violent clashes one of our stories on line twenty four seven that are. up next for the next ten or so minutes. foreman tells us why he thinks the war on terror is actually a war on islam. well it means create my own take who was recruited by the f.b.i. to take part in the agency's most controversial tactics he was a confidential informant sent to infiltrate college for indian mosques to root out radicals and to investigate them community from within and now six years later he is with civil liberties groups to complain for their rights thanks for having me back in two thousand and six he became fact as he said french syrian against
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islamic or it's tell me how did that happen while i was successful as an informant from two thousand and three to early two thousand and six working on murder for hire operations robbery is a pretty white supremacist groups. and one big that was i was speaking to my handler her name was tracy had one i said. i'm interested in it for trade mosques and she said. oh my god. i'm using a new gold. a specific kind of man. a certain man who can. with the proper training can adapt and glady and to the muslim community where the language learn the religion and use the religion and the culture
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against the muslim community the f.b.i. supplied me with sophisticated surveillance devices they were called key fobs. a caller who control. maybe. between five and six of them. they're always charged. i left them around the mosques where i would frequently pray i had one of my pocket the entire time always on and i had the other key is laying around in certain places where they wanted me to target like the mom's offices that certain board members offices. certain worshippers cars in their homes so those devices were pretty much used on daily basis some believe that entrapment is
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a necessary evil it is a part of the price he paid for national security do you agree with. i don't agree. in retrospect the specially because again i may use those tactics on a daily basis for over a year. but i disagree. in the reason why disagrees because entrapment methods. there are stop it always grows there's no boundaries for it if i can seek out an individual and get them coerce them in some way to do something they normally wouldn't do. that behavior. from the informant. only grows into more of
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a violation more severe violations. of the civil rights of americans so i think entrapment alone must be stopped did you use any information that you acquired to create other informants yes yes that was part of my role on operation flex for example in my conversations or. in their private conversations. with say certain things would come up like if the a muslim man was married and he had a girlfriend the mistress fifty i would use that information to blackmail that individual to become informant or if someone perhaps had a different sexual orientation. the f.b.i. would use that information. to blackmail them to become informants or
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a certain youth if they had recreational drug use. or desire to use certain narcotics and a misdemeanor level. the f.b.i. would use that to blackmail them to become informed you've said early on in one of your injuries that at the time you thought you were in touch. because i was protected by the f.b.i. under the bracket of national security so that is the most untouchable that individual can be where the local police federal officials cannot arrest them because of transactional immunity and bad times you have any constraints about which we grown yes i did. i was being paid a lot of money at the time. and i was assured by my handlers. that the
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information that i was gathering and the method that i was using to gather it. was far more important than the violation of it with threats. so i continued my handler karen armstrong had serious concerns about the method in which i was tasked to humans. to gather information but he was overruled by the operational. leader paul callan to keep me using entrapment types of methods to gather information how widespread entrapment and or enforcement agents is in the u.s. in my experience and i work with. several federal agencies in
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several local police departments. as an informant. and i'll tell you this each and every operation and case i work. in a large degree. is a large degree of entrapment. is the principle best justice better grave injustice. and i believe yes let's rethink their policies and procedures. because i believe that entrapment creates. any. because i was interested in really is is the bottom line it is setting someone up against the u.s. entrap people who tried to abroad yes yes.
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operation flex again in the united states operation flex expanded. to be on the borders of the united states and there are people that get a stand and a certain few in iraq. a few in yemen. who were. entrapped. but they would use that method of entrapment was used to blackmail them to become informants not lead to and arrest it was to blackmail now in regards to be to put he was implicated somehow in dealing with charles taylor. when he was a present liberia. he was accused of having ties with. our us in sierra leone among
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other areas in the in the world of africa rather where he was accused of providing arms usually when they want you they meeting federal authorities da a.t.f. f.b.i. they will arrange some type of operation with a lure you in entrapment manner where you may be innocent of that particular crime with their use that the rest are pressuring you to plead guilty on other arrests so having known the methods of the f.b.i. the a.t.f. which i work as the informant with those individual agencies not only the f.b.i.
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i would say entrapment is definitely there are other minority communities in america targeted asked in constantly asking a sense you know i think the muslims today are what the african-americans were in the fifty's sixty's and seventy's i think the order of today. where the f.b.i. needs an enemy. they found it in islam. and i think unfortunately the so last a long time religious war yes the people never say that because they can't it's a violation of one's constitutional rights but that's exactly what it is the war on terror is a war on islam thank you you're welcome. her
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old free blog quality videos for your media projects free media. stories from russian business and word sentencing in the united states convicted of . conspiring to kill americans he could get life behind bars the. case is fabricated. u.n. security council calls on the syrian regime to meet the deadline to pull troops with a full cease fire on both sides in the forty eight hours which follow. some of the government cuts who took his own life outside parliament retired farmer suicides. says r t. she's got the sports.
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thank you for joining me for the third baseball round of the ladder lives. chelsea benefits who want to set up a repeat of the two thousand and nine champions league semifinal against holders bosler. by any unit. while relying on roll shot that aims to overturn a four two deficit against athletic bilbao as the former spain's fighter returns home for a crucial europa league quarter final. and lost the stripes four time without tiger woods and world number to worry about glory are the favorites as the seventy six masters gets underway at all that stuff. but that's because with local and chelsea have set up a champions league semifinal with holders barcelona after a late two one win over ten man by a stunt to bridge the blues goes through three want to i guess as they can manager
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of the birth of the white to face box. would be exciting to play two games against . pre one of the first teams in the world. we will find the strategy that will suit over players and to face also on. well frank lampard first half penalty for chelsea two nil up on aggregate and then benfica have captained much of programmer a send off for the blues into a nervous finale after how he got his head up with the visitors one go away from winning the tie at a loss to guard last on substitute row about the chelsea in the last four for the sixth time in nine years and says a repeat of the two thousand and nine lost four tie against barcelona while inveterate christiane are another scored twice as round three five two and eight to overrule. the sort of what it was for someone who's not for uber it is super if you have a semifinal williams byron brothers. to be very balanced we are to go try and change
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that or playing world wire and has an actual motivation of playing the final home real madrid has been two consecutive years and semifinals and that is normal that we also have the extra motivation of trying to reach the final descent on time when we couldn't reach it last time. around means our focus now shifts to the europa league quarter finals this thursday night athletic bilbao are looking to maintain the momentum of their late comeback in last week's sporting when a child at lyon shrugging off their poor domestic for the robot from two one down however on sunday they were outclassed by barcelona two nil in the spanish only their first defeat in the last five games. this urgent has plenty of seize the initiative right away. in the structure where they will go out and try to win the game just like we always do it would be to dominate throughout supreme victory if we don't take control and there is a disadvantage there has always been my game plan for any match. so sharp to have
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everything to do to overturn the deficit they need to win by three goals or better and hope their top scorer after striking boots on the former real madrid and spain legends and i said both of their goals in that fourteen defeat by athletic and says you can't wait to return to the sun less stadium. i want to see. it was always a privilege to play at the stadium when i was a troll but read the games he was very tense as well as be because of the big football rivalry it's for me it's always been a very special ground great atmosphere it's a great honor to come back here for such an important game show. while elsewhere however that's not. a role to ones own in their respective ties but enjoy the relative comfort of away goals into the home backs against athletic on their very sporting and out mark respectively. all over england there's one premier league game on find a once one. as he has in for the new council and there are seven games on saturday
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top who could regained third spot with a win at sunderland eight space liverpool will look from hosts of poor runs which are seen lose six of the last seven games the home when i rest in villa this conference that was recently diagnosed with leukemia. killed sleeping or force would be the usual story it will sue. for some considerable money a bit of perspective but for the. we have a much change say that we have already going to be us from the going to come here that. we're never get anything good. the russian women's football team have had a year a twenty thirty patients hope stented after they lost to militant group leaders in a welcome thank you reports. bored by resoundingly win over macedonia last weekend
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russia's women were in the mood for results against group leaders italy but that prospect was never going to be easy the italians won all of the previous five group games including a comfortable two nil win over russia in italy and there was also the small matter of the story look conceding a single goal in the process while registering twenty three but russia's group record of only one defeat in five meant they seemed well prepared for the challenge however from the get go it was clear russia was in for a tough ninety minutes just a few seconds in the italian should have scored and this early in the trinity set the tone for the remainder of the hof eight minutes on and italy went ahead through veteran patricia penney call who headed home from a deflect across a goal down early on russia failed to get their rhythm when they did get forward it was brief and ineffective but they did manage to keep the italians at bay going into half time trailing by the sole terry goal despite it being a weak day over five thousand people were on hand to give the russian team their
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focus for the second half started with a flurry with both sides to me close to scoring but if that was a sign of things to come it flattered to deceive the game became weary with the russians running out of ideas and italy content to sit on their lead but when it looked like russia would finally step up their game their once again caught on the break and found themselves to nail down. this result of course the talons and even though the russian side huffed and puffed until the final whistle the results remained unchanged despite his team's dominance italy's coach had considered russia their main group rivals and said the difference between the two sides was simply confidence we are the same but. italy now is he and it's a good. more confident about the game russia's coach was understandably disappointed but adamant his team will still qualify for next year's european championships we must think those we could do. for me i have in my
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head no questions and no negative think that we can do it it's impossible we must be so complacent risking that we go to sweden russia remain second after the defeat two points ahead of poland while having played the same amount of games with a win would have set them up well in the fight with italy over first thought they will now surely have to settle for runners up position which is still far from guaranteed in the end it was too much for the loss of the women's national football team the italians were willing to nail on the day but it was a fantastic day of court ball sun is shining with all the good performances from both sides and now for the russian team it's up to them to secure the runners up place to qualify for next year's european championships and that starts with greece on the sixteenth of june. r.t. region. now it looks like russian fans have a new cycling champion to cheer on
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a fast approaching under lympics anastasio actual call that has captured her maiden gold in the points race at the track cycling world championships in australia the twenty seven year old edge to canada's jasmine vassar gave russia their first track gold in seven years is also the double national champion and her second at last year's university games so she's right signed at the london games some four months away. and that means our preparations are also in full swing for russia's first winter games in sochi twenty fourteen the world's biggest construction site hosting its first ever speaking world cup event in february and not just events to shed jewels for next winter. where world pairs all the infrastructure of the games both mountain and of course all costs to gether and all beingness will be commissioned by media folks were for us to be able to. recently build state of the art
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infrastructure in terms of the operations told in more than twenty two different informational level events with a level of world problem. i was about seeing now a russian cruiserweights that is level has defended his w.p.a. interim title in some style after knocking out sean cox early in the second round in front of his home crowd here in moscow although there was the clear favorite before a punch was thrown around by pucks and competitive in the opening round the russians with a stop in the second this was the thirty two year old's first defense of his belt and his certainty is not that it has record now stands at twenty three wins in just one defeat and feels he did everything right on the night. one michel martin as soon as a story moving better in my eye to the edge he was still throwing punches but he can learned and lost confidence you can be the judges where he was the world the
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opponent for me i just did my best and i will do them better in the next bellows if you will when you started the first the second round i was sure that you would not knock him out because it was obvious that first of all you. he found a hole in his defense and it was a matter of i don't know ten or fifteen seconds if you didn't learn this punch then you would have learned it fifteen seconds later. finally goals first major of the year the masters has got underway in august i was tiger woods the favorites to capture his title but ahead of the tournament there was some mixed news for corey power and to some good they were the joint winners of the traditional pass rate cut and raise and unfortunately there were no this event is that the cons of playing the monster in fact all sixteen of them fails to make the cut so birds. and children have to try and break. one of the mean time thomas bjorn had one of
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the shots of the day producing the seventy fourth hole he won in a tournament at the fifty two history of the world so far. today. you can watch. and a quick update before we go said shows that woods has got his opening round after a bumpy start and he's four shots off the pace but birthday boy henrik stenson thirty six today of sweden leading the way michael roy is yet to tee off and that is all sports news with. film makers. and. the. directors of real life.
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