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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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moscow denounces victor boot sentencing in the u.s. as politically motivated as the russian businessman gets trying to five years behind bars. reports of ongoing violence in syria despite if you want to make up that both sides must reach a complete ceasefire next week. and french muslims say they're being scapegoated in the wake of the deadly shooting from terrorists as the country cracks down on religious radicals.
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from our studios in central moscow you're watching r t with me and he said now it's four pm here in the russian capital eight am in new york and moscow has condemned victor boot sentencing in the us as unacceptable and politically motivated russian's foreign minister said the country would help to to ensure his rights are protected the russian businessman was convicted of conspiring to sell weapons to terrorists and kill americans are jews were an important is in new york and now the . the u.s. government wanted victor boot to spend the rest of his life in an american prison however a u.s. federal judge has sentenced the russian citizen to twenty five years behind bars and that is for conspiring to sell millions of dollars of weapons and surface to air missiles to colombian for rebels those rebels were really the agents that were posing undercover the u.s.
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federal judge delivered her sentence into manhattan. thursday afternoon that was the mandatory minimum sentence that she could give mr boot the u.s. federal judge has said that mr hasn't been an active arms dealer since two thousand and three and believes that there is no proof that mr bush was looking for opportunities to deal with terrorists kill americans victor boot for the first time stood up and addressed the courtroom he said that he never intended to kill anyone or sell arms to anyone he said that is the truth and then he turned around and pointed his finger at the agents that testified against him saying that they know that what he is saying is the truth. and expect to be sentenced because i believe the judge is very intelligent very professional it's an acknowledgment that you really did see the accusations made by the prosecutors i think the judge was much
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constrained by dual should of choosing to close the case. mr booth in a recent interview that he was the victim of a u.s. propaganda and mainstream media narrative that was discovered upon him without any truth there was a movie made about him the lord of war and. us press him merchant of death and that he is just a legitimate businessman since the very big. getting mr good has maintained his innocence he continues to do so his defense attorney following the sentencing came outside of the courtroom and said that victor boot isn't in the same bed. when i let you go this is not the end. of the journey is just beginning. though you know it was positions are clear. victor was
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arrested in thailand in a sting operation in march two thousand and eight was arrested the u.s. was pressing for him to be taken to the united states but the russian citizen was in. jail for some two years and during two different court hearings mort's refused the u.s. extradition request the russian federation also said that mr boot a russian citizen and also a former soviet military officer should not be extradited to the united states none the less in the two thousand time mr boot was taken out of thailand by a group of u.s. officials according to documents released by wiki leaks the was government spent an enormous amount of time trying to get custody of viktor been following his arrest in thailand according to u.s. cables u.s.
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president barack obama was urged to personally call thailand's prime minister directly about in addition the state department and the attorney general of the top humans were encouraged to call this high embassador highlighting the massive drug enforcement administration is commitment thailand to the u.s. federal judge says she will recommend that mr bloom remains in the prisons general population for now we go russian citizen heads back to a maximum security prison in brooklyn. reporting from the times federal courthouse where you are to. talk to george bratton who is a euro m.p. from the u.k. independence party live with us on the line from london victor not the first case of extradition to the u.s. that sparked controversy british businessman chris thompson was shipped off in february on charges of illegal shipping air defense batteries to be wrong what do you make of such cases. well mr copley square it was another alleged sting
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operation which are not allowed under english law. police forces i'm not allowed to do things like that and what concerns me about this is the procedure that's gone for a week now if essentially not just in relation to the u.s. in relation to europe but the european arrest warrant. extradition is now been reduced to. judicial surrender and is in fact legalized kidnapping in many cases i mean we've had some extraordinary cases in britain which mr type is one reflects a similar situation with the u.s. i courts can look at the evidence but he isn't allowed to challenge the evidence so his defense team a not allowed to say well it's not valid so it's become almost as much as a bureaucratic formality intervention to our people to the u.s. as it is under the european arrest warrant to other parts of europe and of course this is a sixty five year old businessman who walks with
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a stick with no threat to everybody has been treated like you jack the ripper or somebody you know is kept on twenty three hours. solitary confinement not allowed books. he could have been easily granted by only he surrendered himself through actualizations i wasn't going to run away anywhere inside the u.s. and yet they treat people in this barbaric fashion and i really think that this could have been prevented. in actual fact we're extradition arrangement that we've got with the usa where we cannot challenge the evidence the defendant kind of challenge the evidence is only three countries britain. and france the rest of the country would require would require prima facie evidence to be given to the court and for that for the accused person to be able to challenge we can have that we surrendered our rights our own citizens are you know i'm i represent the people of london and i just do not understand what our government is doing in relation to these matters it makes no sense at all why is it so hard for these countries your country the u.k. proceed to say no to the united states especially when the sides for that evidence
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which you've mentioned they could just say well i think that's the law. i don't know why they don't do it first of all i would you know if it's been my responsibility i would never have adopted the two thousand and three action action act anyway which makes this possible but it i believe even under this act one secretary could still refuse this crisis and so it's not in the national interest to actually do this and i should actually get up off their knees and start defending british citizens against the rest of the european union the rest of us in the rest of the world but we don't do i don't agree with your country position russia you don't allow extradition at all under your constitution i think there are there are cases where criminals if they're british criminals have done something which would be actionable if you can cross a person we have the right direction people here or international if i committed a crime and our soil but there should be i process whereby cool are allowed to look at the evidence take into account is there a proper search through on is there a proper legal system move the people treated fairly before i give consent to the
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extradition and that's we've frozen out the window in britain. and. there's other cases for the u.s. sorry we've got a young kid. richard who's alleged to have made some minor kind of infringements of copyright on the internet by linking through to people start it's a minor crime where the he should get a slap on the wrist and told i really i really like the security of the boot case if i would mr patten just because we can touch on it this judge ruled specifically that we have not committed the crimes he's alleged to have committed without the involvement of u.s. agents how would you assess the ethics of entrapment in cases like this. well i said we don't allow it. our legal system and of course i think it's a very it's a if your if maybe some cases where it's permissible if somebody is about organized crime it's the only way i think has to be treated with great caution and what we
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also have in under the american system is once people have been entrapped and taken to a court you have this plea bargain system where people are faced with you know sixty five years in prison unless they plead guilty to a lesser offense and get a few years i mean this isn't in my view this isn't a legal system this is a this is a system of oppression where people are forced into making some kind of very often in order to get a lesser sentence and then you know also a price longer even the than i would otherwise in america's barbaric prison system you know who the one who could resist under pressure if i were arrested and tried to you know it's it's an unbelievable pressure on me and the things that you know i'll call going back to the british system we should be protecting our own people from not surrendering people mess with me as a hostile and i did something that i should have to answer in a foreign country. from the u.k. independence party with his on the case thank you very much.
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now despite the un ultimatum to syria complete cease fire must be fully in place next week reports of violence from the country continue this despite president saying he's already employed to implement and implement implementing i should say the un backed peace plan by withdrawing his military from certain areas and mideast correspondent paul cyr reports. the united nations has given its formal backing to the peace plan put forward by the former u.n. chief kofi annan on thursday the united nations security council issued a statement on syria in which it pushed for the syrian president bashar assad to adhere to his commitments and then told the united nations that syria had pledged to cease all kind of movement towards population centers he also said that he was in contact with the opposition and urging them to stop fighting at the same time he called for both sides and so political world now i'm going to say also a united nations team arrived in syria they will be rain the groundwork for an
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observer mission which is to come and then also preparing the scene for the april tenth grade line now that is the deadline according to announce plan we also know that following that they found it would be forty eight hours for the opposition to lay down arms with a final deadline being on april twelfth at six am now the syrian regime has indicated that it has already begun preparing the groundwork for observing that deadline the syrian government is committed to making that mission. a successful what we are acting according to mr annan claim he was doing the with agree will take place. the thing we need to reach the cut commitment and again by mr annan himself after he consults with both
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our saudi arabia turkey and the others that one is the government. and we respect the end of. the other. we do the same and will not fill the vacuum but the opposition claims that fighting is continuing in damascus and in other same terms and that the fighting is actually getting worse there certainly is a lot of skepticism. listen to both sides as far as bashar assad goes they risk it this isn't that he will continue with his troop withdrawal and actually meet this deadline and then the skepticism being voiced by countries such as russia particularly because we arming the opposition and rebels and this follows a friends of syria meeting that's all countries like qatar and saudi arabia pledging millions of dollars to pay the salaries of rebel fighters and at the same time we heard from the united states a pledge that if it would provide communication equipment so there is a lot of skepticism as to whether or not the deadline for the cease fire will be
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made and indeed whether or not these political will to actually add here to it. sarkozy is trying to win back french voters by promising to freeze the money the country pays towards running the european union both among a raft of money measures he outlined as he tries to secure a second term as president trying to cushion the blow of inevitable tax hikes political science professor appear go down hill joins us from paris live via broadband thanks for being with both up france is run a deficit for four decades now will voters believe this puts or turn the chronic level it's at now into a surplus with just three years. well actually you know as you pointed out in your report there is a campaign going on and basically what we heard yesterday is empty rhetoric so cosy says one thing one day he runs a different have the next. one he talked about chang and he said there would be strict rules it's just trying to reconcile few people would have
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a hostile attitude towards europe where people are very pro europeans equal catching the votes of very different groups in the population but i don't think this should be taken seriously at first a lot of this stuff is announced could not be implemented because all the other europeans will be against it just overt catch up and empty rhetoric france is the second largest contributor to the e.u. after germany how much of a blow will they be to freeze its funding well actually i don't think cycles he will do it you know especially after saying that he was such a good friend of merkel's and so on it would be a heavy blow of course if it happens but. things are not likely to develop in this way and most probably sarkozy will be defeated what he's trying to do now is catch the great thing both for the present round of that of but and then for the second round of drive to move to the center but he enters
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a lot of people in europe but frankly what he says will not be translated into actual policies or even demands in the future. must be involved petitions promised to sort out the e.u. come election time yet voters still see it as a bureaucratic mess which takes more then it gives really i mean is this it does dumping on the brussels vassal ban like enter as the e.u. influence waning well the e.u. influence is waning but for reasons that have to do with the so-called dead crisis that is the way europe needers a try to solve a crisis which banks invented by not taking the appropriate measures and also all these new liberal policies but make the rich richer and poorer but there is an tag in his employ is that on the part of many people but even the people who are against this kind of europe and against the euro in an idea percy they want
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a different kind of europe they are hostile to the way europe runs its policies or is totally incompetent when it comes to solving this problem is if we had a functioning central bank it would be no problem so there is this weariness and hostility but not necessarily. against europe as an idea but against this particular kind of europe and of course there is room corporate civility within europe and things can change whoever's elected president. in may. but last month of course he threatened to pull out of the e.u.'s border free zone to stop the flow of illegal immigrants it's one of the cornerstones really have an opening here at so it baffles apart will the e.u. crumble with it just briefly mr korea well the e.u. would crumble but i think it's once again it's a. strange appeal to people who focus on immigration and so once you have he's
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playing games with the well hireable murder that took place in toulouse a few weeks ago. piers as a tow guy. stops immigration first is not doing it second no one in europe could agree to a drastic change of changing and all it was basically. seems to be losing. professor pier ground parking to us live from paris thanks for that you . know france britain has itself as the country of liberty equality and fraternity yet one in ten there feel increasingly isolated the country is one of them which mr go down was talking about of but there are bearing the brunt of a heavy crackdown on religious extremism after the suitings interviews and the impending election is fueling islamophobia star city explains. this may be
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a film about the struggle to live in the french suburbs but this. this is reality. the shooting of seven people had to loose by a frenchman of algerian descent the latest incident to intensify an already heated debate on security immigration and it to gratian in a country with the largest muslim population in europe. firstly i must say this is an isolated case unfortunately nice young immigrants in france do not have this kind of behavior i think this is a result of his personal journey a felt that it was out of place in france probably humiliation discrimination and therefore personal kind of feeling of hatred and hatred of this in the words of this second generation muslim immigrant many like yourself don't feel french. in the suburbs there is this feeling of rejection by france and the government socially when we say i'm from the suburbs they're not taken seriously the truth
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when young people apply for jobs and we send resumes and have a suburban address it causes many problems some employers turn to favor people from central paris or sometimes she says favor a more french name and therein lies a problem the federal public's values of liberty equality and fraternity seem to exclude those living on the periphery like this parisian suburb of mont there where we chanced upon a low that in protest didn't do you need i claim the right to live like everyone else if you earn between one thousand and thirty hundred year olds you live in as best as you live in the middle of eligible magnetic waves with lives in unsanitary conditions just five minutes from posh areas like the. people die here and totally different i see no no i denounce that fact in france we'll have a revolt there's a french saying to describe the contents of a loosely translated as a france and moving up to speeds of the young people who find themselves stuck on
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the slower moving frame some say they belong to a generation already lost by the. states may find a sense of belonging elsewhere about the time that happens and the efforts to bring them back a likely to be futile and where some may find solace is anyone's guess this approach may not only on people but there are those who create heroes like robin hood the city it's the whites i was some of the lot of other so-called leaders for creative ideas there's a new generation that as hungry and pushers and aggressive if there is a conflict on the internet it's an easy access to information freely and easily and the worst is ignorance that is reinforced by then and this is a huge danger to the us in response politicians bombard the public with proposals for even more policies like policing internet behavior you see the number of new immigrants or stripping some of their citizenship was trix a our whole president sarkozy has really tried to espouse the line of the right wing.
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nationalist party here as well. you know we always look back and immigrants talking about me making issues coverings of muslim girls these have become major issues in france rather than the question of drugs and perhaps the question of how to bring back the very basics of a society that calls itself a gala tarion tesser sylvia r.t. paris. bosnia is marking twenty years since the start of one of the bloodiest conflicts in recent history that left almost one hundred thousand dead and over four million displaced in the capital sarajevo and will play in front of thousands of empty red chairs one for every man woman and child in the city the world resulted from the breakup of yugoslavia and began after the community recognized as an independent country the conflicts are violent the conflicts are violent division
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among the bosnian serbs croats and muslims with nato eventually forced to intervene but serbian historian of course amal it says western countries are only accelerating the conflict at their ironically still trapped in the conflict in a sense it's always going to be there. the political option in syria even. more security. is still an order and it keeps reminding. it is still going to be ninety two engine we haven't changed much and moved on since she was in twenty years and there's a myth about bosnia. it was a conflict that ran rampant on its own and west had to step in and stop it in fact there was a costing peace process and it paid actually the results that was constitutional remained a compromise between the parties of the communities and everything was set for
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a peaceful resolution of the proud of the constitution praises and then we're going to numerous testimonies and information the american ambassador stepped in council with the muslim party to basically get on your. way to. having been promised american backing which is happening in this one precipitated the war. a u.s. marine faces of just missile over comments he made on facebook as we report online he criticized commander in chief all of which the military board ruled as misconduct over sergeant claims he was only exercising freedom of speech. although u.s. coast guards opened fire on a deserted japanese ship that's been drifting in the pacific since last year's tsunami. look now at some world news and grief for you this hour molly's rebels have declared independence for a large desert region in the north they earlier captured three key towns during the
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may have caused by a coup in the south the african union says the declaration is no and void. have long complained about their treatment by the government but the drive for separation is suspected of being driven by al qaeda. two people have been killed in a botched suicide attack believed to have been targeting intelligence offices in southern yemen the bomber who is suspected of having links to al qaeda was on route to his intended destination when the blast occurred a civilian who was driving him of the time of the explosion was also killed yemen has seen a rise in violence since president hadi took office in late february. well our president. has died according to medical and ministerial sources although no official confirmation has been made the doctor who treated him said on thursday that the leader was clinically dead after suffering a heart attack if confirmed his demise could create
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a new cold new political tensions and growing social unrest loudly as one of the poorest countries in the world with most of the population living on less than a dollar a day. pre-crime not three with happening in the financial world marina joins us now with most of the markets closed investors in russia have much to react to it was a tough week out there. well it is good friday so of course we have traders in hong kong europe and the u.s. are all celebrating but there are some news there is some news coming out later and that's from the u.s. and we're expecting to see that the u.s. as adults hundred and seven thousand jobs lost and if that is the case that will be the fastest course of growth since the end of the recession which was in may two thousand and nine but i'll tell you more about the russian markets a little bit later and the figures first i want to talk about if you would let us ask elating between the shareholders of the world's top aluminum producer and that is of course roussel we have russian cycles one is the effects of work and the
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other one is an exit of pasta and basically paxil burke who is just also just a shareholder right now he's threatening legal action against the company's main owner who is of course now this is over an agreement with commodities trader glencore to sell up to half of aluminum exports back to work was against the deal and now claims it's violated his shareholder rights earlier he resigned as chairman over a disagreements with the company's management and he says its policy board into a deep crisis. all right let's take a look at the markets as i mentioned it is good friday it's a very quiet there are some market is in fact among the new that is still trading as we can see it's in the red we also know that the minister for economic development here in russia said that it's slightly lower this g.d.p. forecast for this year now let's take a look at how investors are reacting all secular government moves on the my six
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most of the blue chips are in the red with gas from the us news and almost one percent now we know the company has struck a deal to increase its presence in the vietnamese. we've known we have spurred losing over a third of a percent and we know that it's reported as six percent increase in the first quarter but that's on the russian accounting standards and finally we have fertilizer all cawley all supposed losses there and we know about the company that has cut production by twenty seven percent in the fourth quarter and that's amid a lower demand now moving on to exchange rates we can see that the ruble as values and against both major currencies and as the spike saw in the oil prices and when the close of the euro dollar trading before. we are getting increasing concerns over the prices in europe after there was a bad reaction to the spanish that sell off and that we have acquired today for the markets and because of the good friday of course but hopefully it will pick up
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again later i'm sure a lot of people are hoping on that as well brianna sue next hour thanks for that update a short break here on r.g.p. and i'll be back with our top stories that we enjoyed perfumes in the past and present in moscow out so don't go away. wealthy british science. is not on the.


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