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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. is a report on our. denounces richter bood sentencing in the us as a politically motivated as the russian businessman gets twenty five years behind bars. reports of ongoing violence in syria despite a new an ultimatum that both sides must reach a complete ceasefire by next week. french muslims say they're being scapegoated in the wake of a devilish shootings and to lose as the country cracks down on religious radicals. and super auctions like who's prepared to battle it out over new strides and of a strong moral and business in twenty minutes.
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this five pm here in the russian capital this is artsy coming to you live in a nice now way with your top story moscow has condemned victor boot sentencing in the u.s. that's unacceptable and politically motivated russia's foreign minister said the country will help to ensure his rights are protected the russian businessman was convicted of conspiring to sell weapons to terrorists and kill americans. is a new york. the u.s. government wanted victor boot to spend the rest of his life in an american prison however our us federal judge has sentenced the russian citizen to twenty five years behind bars and that is for conspiring to sell millions of dollars of weapons and surface to air missiles to colombian rebels those rebels were really
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agents that were posing undercover the u.s. federal judge delivered her sentence in manhattan. thursday afternoon that was the mandatory minimum sentence that she could give mr grootes the u.s. federal judge has said that mr hasn't been an active arms dealer since two thousand and three and believes that there is no proof that mr putin was looking for opportunities to deal with terrorists or kill americans victor boot for the first time stood up and addressed the courtroom he said that he never intended to kill anyone or sell arms to anyone he said that is the truth and then he turned around and pointed his finger at the agency that testified against him saying that they know that what he's saying is the truth yes he expected the sentence because i believe the judge is very intelligent very professional it's an acknowledgment of
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the invalidity of the accusations made by the prosecutors i think the judge was much constrained by the rules of choosing to close the case. mr booth in a recent interview said he was the victim of a u.s. propaganda and mainstream media narrative that was bestowed upon him without any truth there was a movie made about him but lord of war and he said the u.s. press him the merchants of death and that he is just a legitimate businessman since the very big. giving mr boot has maintained his innocence he continues to do so his defense attorney following the sentencing came outside of the court room and said that victor boot is an innocent man. i want to let you know that the big this is that the games. that the jury is just beginning.
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most decisions are being. released vick should. was arrested in thailand in a sting operation in march two thousand and eight following his arrest the u.s. was pressing for him to be taken to the united states the russian citizen was in. jail for some two years and during two different court hearings courts refused the u.s. extradition request the russian federation also said that mr pruett a russian citizen and also former soviet military officer should not be extradited to the united states nonetheless in november two thousand ton mr boot was taken out of thailand by a group of u.s. officials according to documents released by wiki leaks the u.s. government spent an enormous amount of time trying to get custody of viktor booth
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following his arrest in thailand according to u.s. cables u.s. president barack obama was urged to rationally call thailand's prime minister directly about in addition the state department and the attorney general wouldn't we can be documents were encouraged to call gets high embassador highlighting the massive drug enforcement administration is commitments from thailand to the us federal judge says she will recommend that mr bloom remains in the person's general population for now the russian citizen heads back to a maximum security prison in brooklyn. morning from minneapolis federal courthouse more important i am martin. who is your m.p. from the u.k. independence party told me that once a person is extradited to the u.s. it's almost impossible for them to escape the clutches of the american justice system and there may be some cases where it's permissible if somebody organized
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crime is the only way i think has to be created with great caution and what we also have been under the american system is once people have been entrapped and taken to a court you have this way politics that's where people are faced with you know sixty five years in prison unless they plead guilty to a lesser offense and get a few years i mean this isn't in my view this isn't a legal system this is a this is a system of oppression where people are forced into admitting some kind of very often in order to get a lesser sentence and then you know also applies longer than i would otherwise in america's barbaric prison system who could resist that kind of pressure if they were arrested and you know it's it's an unbelievable pressure on them the things that you know our court we should be protecting our own people from not surrendering people unless we think there's a cost or increase against what i should have to answer in a foreign country. by the u.n. ultimatum to syria i've got a complete ceasefire must be fully in place next week reports of violence from the
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country continue that's despite president also saying he's already implementing the u.n. backed peace plan by was drawing his military from certain areas are mideast correspondent polis lir reports. the united nations has given its still more backing to the peace plan put forward by the former u.n. chief kofi annan on thursday the united nations security council issued a statement on syria in which it pushed for the syrian president bashar assad to hear to his commitments and told the united nations that syria had pledged to cease all kinds of movement towards population centers he also said that he was in contact with the opposition and urging them to stop financing at the same time he called for both sides and so political world now on tuesday also a united nations team arrives in syria they will be the groundwork for a new observer mission which is to come and also preparing the scene for the april
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tenth deadline now that is the deadline according to announce plan we also know that one thing that they found it would be forty eight hours for the opposition to lay down arms with a final deadline being on april twelfth at six am now the syrian regime has indicated that it has already begun preparing the ground work for observing that deadline the syrian government is committed to making that mission of course a successful one we had acting according to the mission and then claim he was doing of the eighty degree will take place. but he did think we need. to cut commitment and to get in but mr annan himself after he called some saudi arabia and the others that one is the government. and we respect the end of. the other parties we do the same and will not fill the
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vacuum but the opposition claims that fighting is continuing in damascus and now the same terms and that the fighting is actually getting worse there certainly is a lot of skepticism. relation to both sides as far as bashar assad goes there is skepticism that he will continue with his troop withdrawal and actually meet this deadline and then the skepticism being voiced by countries such as russia particularly amid calls for arming the opposition and rebels and this follows a friends of syria meeting that's all countries like qatar and saudi arabia waging millions of dollars to pay the salaries of rebel fighters and at the same time we heard from the united states a pledge that if it would provide communication equipment so there is a lot of skepticism as to whether or not the deadline for the cease fire will be made and indeed whether or not these political will to actually adhere to it. still heard through this hour or an hour to the war crimes court and libya fight it out
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over gadhafi is most influential songs pay claims of slump as being assaulted in custody as libya refuses to hand him over insisting he is tried. first france for trey's itself as the country of liberty equality and fraternity yet one town there feel increasingly isolated the country's muslims are bearing the brunt of a heavy crackdown on religious extremism after the shootings. and the impending election is fueling islamophobia tests or so they get now explains. that this may be a film about the struggle to live in the french suburbs but this. it is reality. the shooting of seven people had to lose by a frenchman of algerian descent was the latest incident to intensify an already heated debate on security immigration and its a gratian in
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a country with the largest muslim population in europe. firstly i must say this is an isolated case fortunately my young immigrants in france do not have this kind of behavior i think this is a result of his personal journey he felt that it was out of place in france probably humiliation discrimination and therefore personal kind of feeling of hatred and hatred of france in the words of this second generation muslim immigrant many like yourself don't feel french. in the suburbs there is this feeling of rejection by france and the government socially when we say i'm from the suburbs they're not taken seriously the truth when young people apply for jobs and the sun resumes and have a suburban address it poses many problems some employers turn to favor people from central paris or sometimes she says favor a more french name and therein lies the problem the french republic's values of liberty equality and fraternity seem to exclude those living on the periphery like
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this parisian suburb of mont there where we chanced upon a law that encroach asked do you need my claim the right to live like everyone else if you earn between one thousand and thirteen hundred murals you live in as investors you live in the middle of electromagnetic waves with leeds and unsanitary conditions just five minutes from posh areas like the. people guy you're in seoul and different i. know i denounce that fact in france we'll have a revolt there's a french saying to describe the country today losing translated as a france and moving up to speeds of the young people will find themselves stuck on the slower moving frame some say they belong to a generation already lost by the. states may find a sense of belonging elsewhere and by the time that happens any efforts to bring them back a likely to be futile and where some may find solace is anyone's guess it's about
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the man not only on people but there are those who create heroes like robin hood and it's the likes of osama bin laden or other so-called leaders who create a year there's a new generation that is hungry and business and aggressive if there's a conflict on the internet and the easy access to information freely and easily and the worst is ignorance that is reinforced but it isn't and this is a huge danger to the us in response politicians bombard the public with proposals for even more policies like policing internet behavior reducing the number of new immigrants or stripping some of their citizenship which critics say are holo president sarkozy has been really trying to expose the line. party here as well. you know ways attacking immigrants talking about. making issues. of muslim groups these have become major issues in france
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rather than the question of creating jobs and perhaps the question of how to bring back the very basics of a society that calls itself a gallon tarion tesser sylvia r.t. paris. let's describe discuss i should say the immigration policy is in the e.u. the upcoming election with political analyst who is in brussels and now joins us live alex how big a threat are immigrants to the e.u. as a whole in reality. i don't think it's a it's a big threat to a reformist e.u. if each of the member states of the e.u. at the wheel to reform their welfare state then integration would be seen as an opportunity and out of the threat. sarkozy has threatened to freeze money to france the money that russia said the money that france pays towards running the european union if he's reelected what do you think is behind this well we all know what it means i mean we all know that during
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a presidential election in france before the first round every sun to right or center left going to do trade to secure all the right wing votes so you know sarkozy's clearly campaigning on on its ratio he's clearly courting the extreme right voters that's why we have. mrs i mean this huge week euro skeptic rate. but i'm sure that. for the i mean just before the first round. i mean sarkozy. all these pledges to speak from right and move closer to the center . first of all do we see very much of a similar kind of rhetoric coming from him the first time around in the sense that i think it's fair to say it works and how much do you think it's going to work this time how much is that nationalist sentiment going to play with the voters but. you know the. euro skeptic left and right is know something about like thirty
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percent of the vote so it's clearly. when you are some to left or center right politician you know you you really want. to be seen as a little era skeptic but not too much because you will always. scared here the centrist voters. most european politicians promise to sort out the e.u. come election time yet voters still see it as a bureaucratic behemoths which takes on more that which takes on more than it gives is this just jumping on the russia but brussels bashing bandwagon or is it easy influence that's waning. you know france. i mean the french contribution to the e.u. budget is something like twenty billion euro but you have to strike from that the fact that for example for us receive. ten billion euro for the
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for the cup so so we need you to receive ten billion euro for subsidies for for its farmers so i have a very sound actually strategy for sarkozy if you really want to reduce the french contribution you budget you must scrap the cap we all know that the cap piece you skis are scrubbed so let's scrap it. all right alex problem to us live from brussels thank you very much for your analysis. was mia is marking twenty years since the start of one of the bloodiest conflicts in recent history that left almost one hundred thousand dead and over four million displaced in the capital sarajevo an orchestra will play in front of thousands of empty red chairs one for every man woman and child killed in the city of the war resulted from the breakup of yugoslavia and began after the european community recognized as an
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independent country the conflicts are vibrant division among the bosnian serbs croats and muslims but nato eventually forced to intervene but serbian historian employs the knowledge says western countries only accelerated the conflict. ironically still track to the consulate in a sense it's always don't you know we can hear. the political option you sharing. your story of. and mining. if you see one hundred ninety two engine we haven't changed much. since she was in twenty years and years of news about bosnia that it was a conflict it ran rampant on its own and the west had to step in and stop it in fact. peace process and it actually results it was a constitutional remained
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a compromise between the parties you're refusing to give the communities and everything was set for a peaceful resolution of the credit of the constitution grazes and then we're going to merge testimonies and information the american ambassador stamped in council with the rules important to these you need to know you need a. lot of having been promised american vanity which is happening in this city dated war. another is the war crimes court defense team of. daffy says he's been assaulted while in libya's custody the hague demands his immediate handover of a tripoli wants to trial a colonel son of home soil over the grass of protesters and the revolt was to pose as father of a middle east researcher sarah marusek says the ice is his reputation is just disobeyed. as is this about and i should say is questionable. there are big questions over the effect of meth and adjust and the thought of the i think the if
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you look at the history there's only been one conviction recently and also has been the target of the our african african media and certainly africa is not the only continent to. war criminals and to experience grave offenses being committed and so really the i.c.c. hasn't necessarily proven its ability to effectively carry out justice and this is hugely problematic because if you're going to have an international criminal court that supposedly carrying out principles of justice if they're not equally applied then of course it's not in any way possible for them to be fair it really is a sort of colonial power play to go after certain bad bogeyman to probably make the west feel good about it so. no u.s. marine faces i just miss all over comments he made on facebook as we report online today the critical fire as commander in chief. which
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a military portable misconduct sergeant claims he was only back for science in a speech. also u.s. coast guard opened fire on a deserted japanese ship that's been drifting in the pacific ocean since last year's tsunami. and these are the images the world is seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations. more news from around the world in brief for you this hour mahler's rebels have the third independent for a large desert region in the north they are earlier countered three key towns during the may have been caused by a coup in the south the african union says the declaration is null and void between our legs have long complained about their treatment by the government but the drive
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for separation is suspected of being driven by al qaida. two people have been killed in a botched suicide attack believed to have been targeting intelligence officers in southern yemen the bomber who is suspected of having links to al qaeda was on route to his intended destination when the past occurred a civilian who was driving him at the time of the explosion was also killed yemen has seen a rise in violence since president hadi took office in late february. allowing president. has died according to medical and ministerial sources although no official confirmation has been made the doctor who treated him said on thursday that the leader was clinically dead after suffering a heart attack if confirmed his demise could create a new push new political tension and now to a growing social unrest a low is one of the poorest countries in the world with most of the population
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living on less than a dollar a day. a group of californians are in a spin over how the golden state's going green communities say they're blighted by government subsidized wind farms which are damaging the environment and endangering wildlife but in the course of a report on living in the shadow of the giant generators. vibration and flushing grant's troops at night not exactly environmentally friendly save those living right next to these rotating giants are all completely paid by taxpayers subsidies and utility rate increases it's a complete corruption where our politicians and it needs to be stopped and now robert moran and his wife are running you can paint to start energy companies building the windmills even closer to his home a battle being fought in many small rule towns in the whole it's sort of a money pit where our taxpayer money is going into these they're destroying
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thousands of acres they're actually hurting the environment that governor thought proposed through bryanston who doorstep with almost daily letters to her local governments and she succeeded with the energy company abandoning its plans but her case was very much the exception to the rule for more than thirty years now when power industry and its largest have promoted it as a green and clean but for many who live directly with the impacts of this energy was more about the color of money with huge government handouts wind farms began popping up all over the place but it was subsidies in the bank the high maintenance cost coupled with the relatively small power generation have seen many now lying idle. acts when a company executive believes the industry should be left to find its own place and the and get field instead of encouraging companies only interested in the
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government handouts we should not subsidize where anderson for energy that is the wrong way to develop renewable energy and we should tree removal energy just the same way we treat electricity from any other source whether it's coal or nuclear. gas or oil the frenzy of windmill building during the winter rush didn't just ruin the view but some devastated wildlife many of these farm stand on my grade three pasture for birds so we can sit with hundreds of birds and bats being killed by the huge blaze every year. it seems the green and clean intra has generated little more than brute kill and a huge amount of animosity and you know which the r e t reporting from california. prolific in with green agribusiness last hour you said that you're expecting a report from the us lots of other people of course expecting and that it would
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show either the country added two hundred ten thousand jobs last month have those numbers really been that profit or o'reilly so while it was supposed to be the biggest burst of growth since the end of there is such of admits a thousand i but in fact it was that number was just one hundred twenty thousand making it the smallest increase in the last five months so knowledgeable people were expecting and i suppose it is probably a good thing that the u.s. markets are closed for easter today because investors would normally take in this news of very well but i'll talk about the markets a little bit later first i want to talk about a few that's escalator among the shareholders of the world's top aluminum producer and that's of course. the feud is between sue major russians i can see you can see them on your screens right out and basically victor backs of bird is launching legal action against resells main owner who is alleged to be pasco and that's sort
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of an agreement with commodities trader glencore to sell up to half of resellers aluminum exports that's about it goes against is the oil and now claims that's violated his shareholder rights earlier he resigned as you saw sherman over at this agreement with the company's management and he says it's policy and so the crisis. are less. i look out for markets now as i mentioned earlier it is a good friday so not a lot of action going on as you can see the russian markets are of course and all of you still trading today and they are x. then their losses both the arts yes and the my succession adding almost a warm and a half percent this hour and that comes also after the ministry of becoming development also slightly lower this g.d.p. forecast for this year let's take a look at the main movers on the price like most of the blue chips are now actually in the red with have gas problem that's the reason the company has actually struck a deal to increase its presence only given the shelf also we have a sperm bank also losing this hour and we know that the company has reported an
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increase a sixty percent increase in net profit in the first quarter of two thousand and twelve under russian accounting standards and finally we have a fertilizer roll cawley losing almost two percent of the sour and news there is that it has no production by twenty seven percent in the first quarter and that's on the lower demand enough with take a look at the exchange rates we see that the ruble is now considered ensues against both main currencies and when it comes to the euro dollar trading it's still relatively few odds and that's over disappointment over the spanish and that's an option that's really been running concerns over the crisis in the euro zone. so i mean basically it's still quiet and the more pessimistic news from us well can i say all right thanks marina for that update we'll see you next hour back to the desk a short break here on the news desk and i'll be back with the headlines process we meet the former russian prisoner returned from fallon to filmmaker stay with us. so
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