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stalemate syria with a u.n. sponsored peace plan on the rocks days ahead of a ceasefire deadline. syrian rebels matthews' the regime's demands for guarantees they lay down weapons before the massacre still calls its own troops more details in just a few moments. all of egypt's presidential hopefuls have now submitted their applications to fight it out for the vacated cedar falls new mubarak. and moscow valis to secure the return of victor boot that's after a u.s. judge sentenced the russian businessman to twenty five years behind bars for
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conspiring to kill americans. but the stories that made headlines this week this is the weekly with me rory solution the u.n. back peace plan for syria could be in deadlock just days ahead of a ceasefire deadline for the rebels have refused to give damascus any guarantees that they will lay down their arms when the government troops pull back middle east correspondent paula now the latest joining us live on the program up paula with the clock ticking now until the end of the ceasefire deadline the two sides don't look to have moved any closer to complying with a peace plan well can you give us some other. well the commander of the rebel free syrian army has indicated that he will not give any kind of written guarantees
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that he plans to lay down arms and this is just hours after the syrian regime before it adequate for such explanations what the syrian regime is asking for is written confirmation that the rebels will lay down arms before with all the times and the troops some population seems has now this does place in to derail the peace process just two days before the cease plan that was put forward by the former u.n. chief kofi annan goes into effect what we know is that the rebels are saying that they do not recognize the legitimacy of the syrian president bashar assad's regime and as such they will not be giving any kind of guarantees what they want is for the syrian troops to return to their bases and for all security checkpoints to be removed from the streets but what we're hearing from damascus is privately opposite they say that they need to have some kind of written guarantees and that they've received none of this coffee or none at all from the rebels themselves in addition
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they say that in the last few days there has been an enormous increase in violence in numerous syrian cities and it puts the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of the opposition who they say are continuing to tary out of wind and acts well paula despite the ongoing domestic crisis there in syria with the government forces with the opposition let's talk about the international community members ago you mentioned this whole situation police peace plan proposed by kofi annan do you think the international efforts are helping in any way to resolve this conflict. when increasingly the sense in the international community is that there is any kind of resolution of the syrian crisis is getting further and further away certainly there are many of the international community who still that what world powers are doing is actually. moving the two sides further away from each other at least some of the some friends of syria meeting which has effectively now become known as the brains of the syrian opposition and this all countries like the united
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states and its allies as well as several gulf countries saudi arabia qatar and turkey pledging increased support for the rebel fighters but we've heard from countries like russia is that thought from actually helping to resolve the conflict these kinds of search shows of support are merely steering the crisis on the ground we also know that the united nations is waiting to take what it's calling service states against the mascot's if it does not withdraw its troops by next week's choose state did not just a reminder that kofi announce plan says that by tuesday point government troops must be out of population centers i mean by six am thursday the opposition must have responded and ceased with the hostilities but certainly increasingly the sense is that many of the international community by mending the support to the opposition fighters i actually do little to help was over the syrian conflict are the authors of policy their law prohibits other be explained here. i thought well for more on syria we can now talk to talk to. former syrian ambassador to turkey
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joining us live from damascus i thank you for coming on our team today you are there into massacres with less than forty eight hours left ahead of the ceasefire do you think it will actually take place. thank you it's a privilege to appear on the show today. it could happen but it's going to be a little bit difficult with the battery language that has been actually demonstrated to me lead by the opposition gangs syria has a very hard lesson from the arab league observers if you remember the opposition or the armed gangs have actually used the existence of arab league observers on the ground and they have multiplied they festered in syrian cities and towns and it has cost the syrian army and security forces and innocent civilians
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hundreds of extra lives or extra hundreds of innocent lives of syrian population and army soldiers to get rid of some of those armed gangs and to take lose some syrian cities and towns so syria has no plans does the same thing to happen again during the existence of any international observers on the ground that's where syria has demanded so that's rebels. lay down their arms and syria granted the route in guarantees from main handlers and supporters of the so-called says i'm sorry to interrupt you but it might be very difficult to get these so-called rishon written assurances from the opposition members considering there are at least four or five different factions that all claim they are the opposition but if i may for a moment the u.s. and its allies are adamant that assad asked to go but that is not a part of a cease fire deal how do you see syria's next chapter if if all sides drop
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their arms. i i i think you know before. george w. bush wanted to go and jacques chirac wanted to go and they have gone and i said are still there i said is that choice of the city and people in the most recent referendum he got almost sixty percent despite all the hard circumstances on the ground i have the votes of confidence of the syrian people and he grabbing the new constitution of the seat and out of the public i agree with that we need to do family family is vital is essential for the modernization of so bad we went through for. a peaceful and civilized manner not under the bonnet of these so-called lab is there have been butchering men women and children in syrian
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cities and towns so ok obama can say what he wants the west could say what they want but what matters is what happens on the ground well it is happening on the ground in syria particularly in recent weeks is that the state to the government to the army is the gaining control of the majority of syrian territory and you know armed gangs are running away fleeing to turkey durban lebanon and. finally today what made this jump from i would i do apologize again for it's an interruption you are so low on time here but i want to continue this conversation in recent days we've had the so-called friends of syria meeting that occurred in istanbul we've spoken to some syrian so you say that group is not the friends of syria they are the enemies of syria and yet they're the ones who are all being the rebels what are your thoughts on that. absolutely and absolutely right and they are absolutely right friends of syria. russia venezuela china.
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you know countries who have been supporting a peaceful and peaceful settlement for the dispute in syria if those so-called friends of syria have gathered first in tunisia and now in istanbul who actually enemies bitter enemies of syria are supporters and friends of syria they would have a start the nuclear power plant gun that the media provocation initiated by qatar and saudi arabia mainly al-jazeera and al-arabiya t.v. channels they would have stepped arming those militias in turkey and training them in turkey and some other neighboring countries namely lebanon turkey and probably jordan and iraq if you had a friend of slip then you would help the government. accomplish a peaceful solution to this crisis because people have gathered in istanbul are the same we have gathered previously in tunisia there is a group where he lives. and there were members and they are actually trading
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with the innocent the blood of innocent civilians who have been killed almost seven or eight thousand of them and that's half of them are army soldiers and security forces have been butchered by those on the guns fans are absolutely i would support a peaceful enemies of syria would go on. arming and training and financing those islamic fanatics who have been trying to dismantle the very existence and their mind the very existence of a secular state in the city and out of republics need ali kamel i wish we had more time for this we turn here in our to see a former syrian ambassador to turkey thank you for joining us live from damascus thank you thank you letter. the doors of egypt's electoral commission have closed for presidential hopefuls to submit their applications on this just ahead of the first round of the vote next month several candidates are hoping to fill the shoes of hosni mubarak who was ousted more than a year ago and car was artie's or been accomplished. you can divide the candidates
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into essentially three groups the first group are the liberals for those who have the support of mostly the young people then you have the second group who are essentially hailing from the camp of hosni mubarak the ousted president we have his former prime minister running for president as well as a move former foreign minister in egypt but also as the former head of the arab league is also why you put the top job as well as the former head of the intelligence service of egypt and was the lay man and finally how the third group who probably half of loudest the most rowdy supporters in egypt and they are the islamist parties the muslim brotherhood who from the get go from the first days of the revolution said that they're not going to put forth a candidate for the presidential race here leader not only do they hold the majority of seats in the parliament but they're also they have also submitted applications then there's this party who also have
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a very staunch very radical islam the person running for it and you finally have a third radical islamist party to moslem which have also put forth their candidates who is actually banned from traveling in france because according to the french authorities he's a preacher coincides religious intolerance and hatred the muslim brotherhood have just recently been in washington d.c. insisting that radical islamist groups have been misrepresented is that they actually seek nothing more than to install a sharia law in place of the constitutional law some of the things which they have proposed to be put forth in egypt as the law is for example betting alcohol for everyone including tourist for i roasting tourists or where into the service you are sick of waiting and making girls go to separate schools for boys and for lowering the age of consent to twelve years of age and whether or not these are the types of laws which those who have been out on the streets of cairo
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a year ago bringing about the egyptian revolution whether this is exactly what they had in mind when they called for liberty equality and justice but of course that remains for the egyptian people to decide. live from moscow this is our t.v. still to come for you in the program greece in raged this after an elderly man becomes the people's austerity martyr bank of all the over into riots this week after the retired pharmacist killed himself in front of parliament his death no said he had no more means to live. by the twelve survivors from the cumana plane crash that killed thirty one are continuing to receive treatment in hospital as a failure to d.i.'s the plane is named as the primary cause of the tragedy. russia has pledged to bring home victor brute after the businessman was sentenced in the u.s. to twenty five years behind bars moscow says that views the case as political he was found guilty of conspiring to kill americans but maintains his innocence in
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fact the judge stressed there was no proof that brute would have committed any crime but for the sting operation that set up his arrest with details as r.t. as i started yet. here is spent by the u.s. to hunt down one russian man tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer cash poor into a state operation snatched up from a third country alleged arms dealer viktor boot was handcuffed known to the u.s. and police in solitary confinement for months before trial found him guilty on all four charges one conspiring to kill united states nationals two conspiring to kill united states officers and employees three conspiring to use an acquire anti-aircraft missiles and for conspiring to provide material support to the for the forty four year old russian air cargo business fascinated hollywood one car for every twelve people. going to court. and only on the other eleven
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who lost his case in a court of u.s. public opinion before his trial kicked off raising concerns of the fairness of his trial this is the lord of war. a merchant of death right and you've got him in your hands right he's in custody it's a great feeling u.s. officials were relentless in their efforts to get behind bars a so-called merchant of death is now a federal inmate american agents posing as far members a colombian group terrorist in the u.s. but not by many other countries and the un met with and then arrested in thailand in two thousand and eight after twice being found not guilty by thai courts the west reportedly plea dirty arm twisting thailand into extraditing him to america they're willing to flaunt every international law to get what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of the extraditing march and kidnap and boot family also called us actions entrapment and kidnapping i can
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accept the possibility that you might have some information that's might be of regions to someone but why is it that other countries don't just think to themselves that there is someone who has some interesting information and why don't those governments just drive those people onto their territory moscow's request to send him to russia for trial were brushed aside there was no official decision of an extradition and russia called boot extradition illegal and question the validity of his conviction one of the main arguments of the defense that the u.s. lacked jurisdiction was ignored by the court defense says the russian was aware that he was not in touch with real fark remembers this and all he is trying to do still sell to all cargo planes magically crimes manufactured jurisdiction and manufactured evidence curios george map has attended every hearing in the case he says is one of many victims of u.s. judicial power play i feel that richter and it's going to take the charges that
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were brought against him that he's innocent so you know i don't i don't want any innocent man whether it be russian citizens who are truly be with you know sentence right or trying to commit it to boot is the second. since it isn't any year to say sentencing on american territory for little crimes committed in a third nation for peace is a major precedence and represents a worrying us tragedy to simply override the legal system's other countries as this is serving our hearts. and of experience cases not the only extradition to the us which has sparked controversy american lawyer thoughtless mcnab believes washington regularly uses a legal loophole to trap suspects in its own judicial system the federal government the us government takes a very aggressive approach extraterritorial like if someone is in london and wire transfers a sum of money to an individual and girly on a on unbeknown studly on the money kings through citibank in new york that paying
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that touching of u.s. jurisdiction is sufficient jurisdiction for the united states government to charge both of those individuals with money laundering but both facing extradition proceedings if they both lose they're looking at twenty years without parole as risk placing a federal judge in manhattan u.s. government decided they wanted him they were able to manufacture a ny do you jurisdiction not illegally a form of entrapment where they were able to took hold mr boot into the jurisdiction of the u.s. court they placed him in you know impacts tradition proceedings so by way of. kiley and having extradited to the united states he must file a properly prepared notice of appeal and probably in about a year or so we'll know what the second circuit court of appeal says with regard to mr pitts appeal. to go deeper into any of our stories just head over the top go for
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example you can check into why gambling in the u.k. becomes a game of russian roulette for many we report online lady luck is merciless to thousands of other existing throw the dice hoping to get their money back course they really do. find a discovery worthy of indiana jones the construction of the olympic site in sochi unearths an ancient byzantine temple those details about seeds of. twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow a retired pharmacist became the most public victim of greece's austerity measures this week after the seventy seven year old man shot himself dead right in front of parliament he left a suicide note that blamed the cuts for destroying his livelihood some two thousand people came to pay their final respects to demetrius christo son saturday some comparing his death with a murder suicide it sparked riots with anti austerity protesters clashing with
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police and throwing petrol bombs officers are then responded with tear gas greece has been ramping up its spending cuts since two thousand and ten to secure a vital e.u. and i.m.f. bailout economic analyst says the cuts policy needs a major overhaul. at this point we have about a third of the population in greece living underneath the poverty line and we've got about a million people employed and probably half a million q two really don't we very well with all all we need is something like these to catalyze opinion and send us into deep reflection i think the more austerity cuts follows on from cuts to pensions public sector wages tax increases are an absolute nightmare it's like putting it on a rate sic on a very strict diet it's going to backfire what we really need here is more structural reforms something. more privatizations to clamp down on waste and
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corruption and actually did some of the very rich to pay their share as well because at the moment it's the unemployed people it's the pensioners it's the little courses that are suffering while the people that have stashed away close to a trillion over seas have gotten away with it this is r.t. still to come for you this hour weapons from abroad are finally why corruption could be hindered india's military modernization of the country prepares to spend billions on new arms. the few survivors from a plane crash in the rushers to man reachin on monday remain in hospital but the conditions are said to be stable the aircraft went down soon after takeoff just a for a few kilometers from the airport it killed thirty one people failure to d.i.'s the plane has been named as the primary cause of the tragedy from the scene reporting is artie's jacob graves. i heard an explosion then we got a call and my commander ordered us to go to the scene in these few minutes you
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realize something was wrong but the magnitude of the situation hadn't quite sunk in among the first firefighters on the scene yury immediately spotted one of the few survivors of the first thing we saw was the clean debris on fire and we started putting the flames out there was this one man standing alone he didn't seem to have a scratch on him then we took him to hospital he said he was shaking he said he was very cool kid on us means turn the heater on even the already was of thirty people lost their lives in a tragedy that shocked the country twelve survivors remain in critical condition the investigation here continues but for a brief moment those involved stopped their work as family members arrive at the crash site a site where they lost their loved ones in the charts to pay their respects and say a farewell word out still to rule or to contemplate. the.
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thrust into grief relatives have been left searching for answers and already some think they know the most probable cause if it's true it's a tragedy that could have been averted. you hear. but the investigation is far from over hasn't reached any binding inclusions black box flight data and i largely intact klopp it may provide answers team scour the flight's final minutes looking for clues relatives of the victims are left to cultivate their loss degrees c. . let's go to some other international news for you in brief with the r.t. world after a huge bomb exploded near a church. in central nigeria of course this happening on easter sunday officials say at least five being killed when issues with the number of dead much higher but
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at this point no group has claimed responsibility for the attack though hundreds of nigerians have died in religious and ethnic violence in recent years most of the attacks blamed on radical islamists. nobel prizewinning german author grass has been banned from visiting israel it follows the publication of one of his poems in which he described the jewish state as a threat to world peace a grass also condemned germany for weapons sales to israel and to prevent any military attack against iran israel banned him under a law which bars former nazis from entering the country by cross did admit in two thousand and six that he had served in the waffen s.s. . afghanistan and the us have reached a deal concerning controversial night raids by american forces it means such missions will now be controlled by local leaders thirdly rates of fuel tension
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between the afghan government and the us with president hamid karzai aerial bombings it's all ahead of nato as planned withdrawal from the country by the end of two thousand and fourteen. india's army is getting stuck in the trenches beset by dodgy weapons makers and multibillion dollar corruption but now some of a flaky foreign firms are being held without russian military manufacturers on guard to help the world's largest importer of arms soldier on. reports. the rampant corruption and an army falling to pieces the current state of the indian military according to the country's top general himself he recently revealed he was offered a bribe of almost three billion dollars by a lobbyist to buy substandard defense equipment he turned down the drive but the scandal has rocked the country and caused the ministry of defense to suspend six
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defense firms for ten years over their lobbying tactics what happens is you have long believed. you have sometimes isn't that. you having decision which is sometimes at the level of the politicians so that in itself is a huge problem but we're dorset close first so they've opened for other many foreign defense firms are now eyeing the opportunity to take a slice of india's huge defense pie india is the world's largest importer of arms and is that to spend two hundred billion dollars in the next ten years to modernize its military equipment russia is at the forefront of the battle to win some of those contracts moscow says it can provide three billion dollars worth of lakin's to india every year. and there's also very intense competition for.
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these are the electric submarines to india. india also appears keen on the opportunity to let russia help modernize its defense systems and says a partnership with the country could be beneficial for both sides russia is one of the few countries that have joined joint development of military one of the classic example is. the other example is the. photo record of so india a string of military scandals is providing a shake up and its military suppliers competition to fill the void will be fierce among the russian and international firms bidding to bring india's armed forces up city preassure either r t new delhi india. in just
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a moment here on. the story of how to escape a death sentence. headlines in just a moment.
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