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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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turkey glass syria after skirmishes between government forces and rebels on its border early was a turkish threat made possible may response that he says quote would have been better not to think about. the u.k.'s prime minister a follows in washington footsteps seeking to increase his country's military presence in asia through a weapons deal with japan possible deployment of a submarine. to the accusing ok seen by many as a flagrant miscarriage of u.s. justice talks exclusively to r t only on what your ma gives his first t.v. interview after being taken off death row. and the years after the polish
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president's fatal plane crash in russia which impacted the turbulent relations between the two countries are looking at live pictures of the moments of memory chanst taking place in warsaw. this is r.t. coming to you live from moscow the turkish pm says he's considering a response following skirmishes between syrian forces and rebels across the turkish border response he is quoted as saying quote include options it would have been better not to think about well let's now cross still has got to be all over has got all the latest on this now can you tell us about the cease fire chances and specifically what's stopping it from being implemented. well what we see no. the
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series of skirmishes told me bull to between syria and turkey now this is resulted in turkey accusing syria of violating international law. and the turkish prime minister saying he would be filing an official complaint with the syrian authorities now there are those who are saying that the these skirmishes are being initiated by rebels in order to draw government forces into chasing after them across the border and firing after them across the border into turkey however there are also those saying that these are people legitimately fleeing across the border away from from government troops now in response to what we've seen all not border between turkey and syria the turkish prime minister mr erdogan said that his country are considering all options including knows it may be best not to sink it out. if an international reaction to the united states is said to cause calls
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to appeal to nato turkey calls a nato member and one of the key principles of the nato alliance is that if one member is attacked then all of the members of nato should step in to defend them now that would really open up a whole new reality to the situation with syria. something that would completely change the whole spectrum of what's going on in the country now on tuesday the syrian foreign minister is here in moscow he's meeting with said he loved his russian is russian counterpart now it's expected that they'll be discussing ways in which they can salvage the the six point peace plan that was laid out by kofi kofi anon to try and bring a solution to the conflict that's going on in the country i was also expected to list a series of achievements that the syrian authorities have already made in trying to to make strides towards that plan being put into place the situation in syria.
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extremely complex what we're seeing is the rebels continuing to to garner support from the west also in getting funds from groups like the the friends of syria. now with the situation where it seems that rebel fighters are using turkey as a safe haven from which to attack government forces as sarah first now reports. walking a fine line as tens of thousands of refugees have crossed the syrian border into turkey keeping the peace here has not been easy and now the violence is still dave a searing gunfire reaching across the border and into a refugee camp government forces perceived fleeing members of the free syrian army take he started talking of setting up the buffer zone to ensure the security of its southern border and to take civilians fleeing from the violence in syria has also raised serious concerns that that could undermine diplomatic efforts to end the
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conflict by setting the stage for a fully fledged foreign military intervention well serious questions will be raised about just why a refugee camp was located so close to a conflict area even louder voices want to know why the rebels are being allowed to use the count as a safe haven for turning back into syria to continue their fight walking toward across the border again maybe by. the army or turkish army culture among. some people come back you know because people work with me. beside the border. to syria under state border and of the many of the free syrian army people here there are people here and they're operating there inside you know. the government. let him go on back and forth as well as the. civilian refugee camps turkey has the military
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army defectors and the man considered the head of the f.s.a. in the country the camp with a state closely guarded thirty's make it extremely hard to access information here but we managed to speak to one member of the free syrian army about what they're wanting from the turkish government. it's not just the f.s.a. that turkey is supporting it recently played host to the friends of syria conference where many countries including gulf states qatar and saudi arabia the quick to contribute millions to funding the free syrian army it was a miss some country source undermining. to put an end to the violence in the country peacefully and these latest incidents are just the latest in a long line of setbacks these efforts to be realized syrian refugees skeptical that
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a solution is close at hand thousands of people have made the journey across the border from syria. like. some cases they're just miles from their homes the struggle on the left unable to return. are they perhaps my province on the turkish border. and right now i can take you to the news conference that's taking place in moscow and given by the syrian foreign minister and his russian counterpart sergey lavrov let's watch this. the solution. muslims are meeting my counterparts. and foreign minister. should have national guard start again when they sent german . we met today with my syrian counterpart foreign minister believe that while i'm here because. it's your brickwork make moment for the whole region with
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a big one why you want. to hear why hijack. he has look we need food. your mother. knew of the crisis in syria and outside of it has taken place for a year. you were young it did. several thousand civilian service men as the heads i live in canada needlessly in the high. seas so when i chose the since the very beginning russia ruled the parties to stop violence and bloodshed. and solve all the problems by the syrians themselves on the basis of inclusive jalap without any foreign intervention and any other violations of syrian of the syrian sovereignty the destiny of the future of the
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nation should be decided by the people and this is deemed the. basis for the statements of the state in the letter has been made by the chairman of the security council which was taken last last year. why jenny a pedestrian the cleaning lady i want to share them with. the doc with creating a little you think how. one would feel the bayani the icy feel majesty and not the will i let them make the whole the whole. i'll be at the left there who think. it's something modern and with so much to nobody's on but the drilling we have actively supports is the whole initiative of the bleak rubel us to. put up with work which was why i mentioned by say that i noticed that nobody
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should mention last year that i let you down that you cannot shut down the member. in mother of the things i do so based on this initiative french was the consent of the syrian government the arab league sent certain mission and step by step of these this will help to normalize the situation with deep regrets we have to stay the business and was aborted thirty million so only nish two of of of those who organized this mission here but it looks. like i'm a little more peed in this because where they can be. done what family actually neatly had. with him and us of their i mean. man someone who might have to be with him. we do not want to remember recall the past we want to sue ferguson practical steps to become the current
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crisis situation and to improve the situation from the political perspective and. i'm here at c.s.e. from what. you know. so consumed with the winds with this goal in mind we have the facts as the appointment of a curfew and as the special envoy and his six point plan we have discussed in detail with themes that. we have urged the parties to. unite with the title by his plan we are made up and lucy there when he will. deliver. on and. now i gin yeah i die on my second valley community but with some of this news the moral of the day with his foreign minister will lead on well known we discussed how this
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plan is being implemented. we will see some of the syrian government's. retraced its commitments are to this plan and we have received information on. the initial steps to implement this plan and i mean the withdrawal of heavy artillery and troops from the cities. i could that be and how that plays in between with as an act about how the death of you live i mean that how living at home i with i look at the stuff of them i love what the three of i mean if you model for me i'll screw up going on the and to be honest the schools really we have to go through this and he's going to press their own assessments or syrian partners is we believe that their actions is a good have been more active nuns more determined certainly implementing some of
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the provisions of the a six point plan and so we have been quite straightforward we've got our syrian counterparts now where there has been for me a young one and the third one at a new of the on the three in the in kenya in kenya and the primary actor nasheed. the rest of the mechanisms and but some of the other hands we cannot afford to overlook the fact. that kofi annan. proposal said not clean it's a little pledge rizzuto by some of the opposition groups including the well known syrian national council and that prime minister by the what they would be at the house and people about the three years you might have any connection with a weapon the three. well you know when you're through and furthermore but newly simmers the partners of the syrian national council i mean some international
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stakeholders. even before kofi annan began his mission they made some of the statements of its mobile undermines this limitation of this plan by the chirac i might just not enough for me inside willing. had i let you down in a fashion him with a hood with him. over which is why again today we want to call them all the opposition groups. all the international player who have been influence with the opposition including military a position with their influence to stop the flow and. stop blood and violence as a state it's in the plan presented by special envoy kofi annan and
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i thought i might add that. if we're having good food we have a doctor highly highly yeah and not ashamed on the kenyan. at the top of the year we should move the needs i have talking with i talked about that the turkish foreign minister at home into gloom a bit when we talked over the phone and i will voice my position from the g. eight ministerial summits in washington tomorrow the. other have them all who are who. i was that i heard you mention that the money from washington. see wooden yes . isn't that ziggy when the contradiction reports we receive the if the focus should be on the problem you see you on the
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group it's a dispatch of international observers to syria and. i mean that we cannot condemn. genuine i mean a man who could then. there was really really funny american who had me anywhere yet another of the. bad luck to remind you of that the six point plan presented by kofi annan and visits the initial steps on the pullout. have the whole of the snow to. troops. from the cities but the last thing ceasefire is no good to be only. would something by both parties when all of the groups in the region called for raise with the special envoy and of course we need a strong next observer mechanism in place to monitor. the
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implementation of that cease fire plan with a lean and within three years. and only her. own and what i didn't believe any across the three year. that i did what would be about one year i thought it. would. i'll go before long. by a visit with mr when the security council approves of the plan by kofi annan and in the group as the chairman of the security council a few weeks when you put all of the countries to prison and such a mechanism work least work out a plan for such a mechanism we believe that theses a burning issue and such a plan should be worked out and presents its international community as soon as possible. they can. get then one.
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hundred and group or. group of. technocrats birds works in damascus is excellent and it's good natured because many details of the observer mission with the syrian government are staffing. of coached and this is first step both sides discussed so the formation of the initial group of observers which could arrive in syria as soon as possible and it should consist of. which who work best parts of the un mission on holland heights. in. the next why do you mean why have you. been.
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and. the u.n. secretary said dressed russia unsupervised it's concerned. are you going east as well. so that some of it is with some of its mission members could be part of that. group and we believe the same consent should be given by all other countries so that these observer group could be sent as soon as possible. and that they are. not beneath the inches of the world who now one of. the u.n. experts are in negotiations with the syrian experts there's been
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a recess hoping that this work. of cooperation the breeze you messin as possible you can show the world if you will go with school straight after a meeting i will talk with kofi annan and i will. i will talk about this issue as one of the most relevant at this point. what i mean if i think one more thing here like in another. yeah that. we haven't gotten from. the work. now i mean i'm the only one. oh we should especially will and again i would like to know the solution and line that says we just syrian partners. of the main can meet it suits you kofi annan. and you will just stick to it of course isn't that success could be possible only for other international stakeholders those who have
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influence of the. opposition groups and if vs like national sick old. they are the same responsibility for what is happening in syria what lies in my letter and let it be the hope of course but nothing worked and yet here i proffered well yes. i want that profit motive so oftentimes. we need to have another instrument literally the presence of international observers and i hope there will arrive there for good as soon as possible could be a key fact. and objective picture of what is happening is syria and will help us understand who is. who is remaining committed to the peace plan and who's not in the who was the what an honest model idea the money every year
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why yes. but doesn't. allow a. little narrow of cause and objectivity of the perception of the situation in general and it depends a lot so on how it sees covered by the mass media. but they have free access to any point say to any of the sites in syria we talked about that some of this has been one of the seascape of useless musicians state is in afghan and supply and rushed. the syrian sides to provide additional licenses for international media including a russian media to see. the. through here how they would use news. on the how the model and for that. he had
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youth level you're with minimal. here i imagine. the head is in the i'm i think we're you might have eric and you know. global top we appreciate very much the work that says you guys journalists your colleagues they say actually working on the frontline and whereas for me suffer a lot at some of the journalists dies in syria. shooting and you know we express our condolences it see your colleagues and that is why i would like. the for you to ask the syrian government small and this is those armed rebels fighting the u.s. government but protects journalists from any threat.
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and that would allow journalists who visit any sites in syria which provide objective coverage this is this would be chief were decisions that would be taking a vision that would for one listeners have paramount significance to the future of all the nations in the middle east. i think if you did one time five fold and we had to call so one of the kaleido how they'd hunted for nothing in the club india had a to as it done by a million man eleven socket will come the hail and other to sleep it off and if any can ask another who has been on the silly or looked up i will say look and i did a. family a heart that did you who are just a few of the william what are. minimal him. and then him and the who will. be the half hour genuine article three you have
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a full minute then i'll be at the heart. of the if we do is going summing it all up why would like to save us immediate. ceasefire he's one of the key charts this would allow for humanitarian aid to be delivered the fish is already coming in to the civilian population in some of the cities in syria and this was also. says immediate political dialogue so that swallow the syrian groups without fording the vention decides their own future through a peaceful democratic way. the. image of the living through. the home who could then means that the work of her wife and the shame and what not. be the genuinely i love the. you
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that. you are with him in a production her if you. really this is the goal we are striving for and this is why we have been consistently on a day to day basis working with the syrian government's we don't have any hidden agenda we just warn. you achieve. carnlough for the syrian people perspective the syrian people and we expect other parties other international stakeholders to work with or without any political plans only bearing in mind and considering the syrian interests having the syrian interests at heart and nothing else. but no one but one of dollar commune have needs to learn well you must side with
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unuseable see when i meet him on the jamia talk of the year of the how much i would like you somewhere nice to have the power cut but being afraid of. just like e.g. a space about things. took. a look at. the only problem police. have been accounted for. ok. in a motor car. with political power so we're. down as possible sure so was nothing for those cars other than barely so many people voted we did indeed have a lot of my fish asians lately were very fruitful partitions of larger coincided to action we discussed ways to. the implementation of global.
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coffee mugs and six point plan and it can be heard her story. but the amount. of said yes sub she will. i thought my russian colleagues all about the steps and i made the syrian government staking demonstrating on the loyalty of six point one your search for italy mr nunn i've got not seen that nobel but korda nation that our countries negotiate in coordinate steps on a daily basis for. we just really would look at the when we have already withdrawn some of the troops from several syrian from the system and save them and hope that pan out such. as per point of mr adams
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plan and no regime. with the whole illness who are here. to harm so harshly in. africa truly. well i tell you. what's got the market starting from march twenty fifth of love with her on a sense of governance plan has been the city was approved we have granted them access to twenty eight arab regimes in the for groups which are work in syria was on a letter for. we share and this. market but one hundred dollars suit me plainly that was not it was not the stuff we had met with the chairman of the international red cross in syria we have here recently.


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