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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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arrangements three. three stooges three. three branches of the video for your media projects a free video gun to. russia's foreign minister says the assad regime should be more active in implementing the un brokered cease fire plan in syria but also calls on those supporting the opposition to piled pressure on the factions who are separate sargeant peace efforts. the british prime minister seeks to seal and historic weapons deal with japan in a move many see as a mirroring washington's recent drive to boost its military presence in the asia pacific region and. also russia and poland to remember the victims of the tragic plane crash near smolensk that killed the polish president and most of the country's political elite two years ago. the man who spent thirty years on death
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row for a crime many believe he did not commit america's most famous prisoner jamal talks exclusively to r.t. it's his first t.v. interview since his sentence was commuted to life behind bars. and it's just after five pm on tuesday here in moscow this is artsy with me rule recent showing russia's foreign minister says international monitors will be key to implementing the cease fire in syria's civil conflict so he laughed off met his syrian counterpart ahead of thursday's peace deadline in the arab country this all is turkey who rushed to declare the ceasefire agreement as void and promised a tough response after syrian guns fired into turkey's territory spitter all of
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a brings us the latest. to foreign ministers meeting here just behind me the foreign ministry headquarters here in central moscow so your love for all the russian foreign minister phrases the progress that's being made by the assad government towards implementing kofi annan six point peace plan for the for syria now he did praise that but he also said that syria could have been more proactive in their efforts. we have information that syria's government is starting to feel the steps laid out and announced plans by withdrawing troops and military hardware from cities i will be honest with you and we have shared our concerns with our syrian colleagues they could be more active and decisive in following the plan before mr lavrov went on to say that those nations that support the rebels in syria must put pressure on them to adhere to the cease fire when it comes into effect.
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if not a majority of opposition groups including the syrian national council following skirmishes on the border between syria and turkey the turkish prime minister has accused syria of violating international law and said that he would be filing an official complaint with the syrian authorities now there are some that have been claiming that the groups of rebel fighters had been drawing syrian army troops into into the skin issues before fleeing across the border into turkey to try and get the the army to fire after them into turkish territory however there are other people saying that these were just people fleeing from the army across the border into the safety of to the now of the reaction it's come from the skirmishes we heard from mr oedipal down the prime minister of turkey saying that his country was considering all options including knows that they don't even want to think about
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snow in terms of international reaction the united states is said to. he should bring this issue up with their nato allies turkey a member of the alliance of course one of the fundamental principles of may so is that if one member of the alliance is attacked all of the other members of the alliance to step in to defend that nation well of course that would lead to a whole new reality in syria and could dramatically change what's happening in the country right now now the whole situation in syria still extremely complex receive support for the rebels and increased around the world also funding coming in for them from groups like the friends of syria and the sara first no reports are we seeing them syrian rebels use turkey as a safe haven from which to launch attacks against syrian troops syrian army troops walking a fine line cans of thousands of refugees have crossed the syrian border into
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turkey keeping the peace here has not been easy and now the violence is still data saying gunfire reaching across the border and into a refugee camp government forces he's telling members of the free syrian army he started talking and setting up a buffer zone to in chill the security of its southern border and take civilians fleeing from the violence in syria is also very serious concerns that that could undermine diplomatic efforts to end the conflict by setting the stage for a fully fledged foreign military intervention well serious questions will be raised about just why a refugee camp was located say close to a conflict area even louder voices want to know why the rebels are being allowed to use the count as a safe haven before turning back into syria to continue that fight walking toward across the border i walk again. there are many.
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people come back you know because people work with. beside the border crossing to syria. many. people here there are people here and they're operating. you know. the government. let him go to fort as well as a civilian refugee camp taking the military army defectors and the man considered the head of the f.s.a. in the country the camp with a state's closely guarded thirty's make it extremely hard to access information here but we managed to speak to one member of the free syrian army about what they're wanting from the turkish government. is not just the f.s.a. the turkey supporting it recently played host to the friends of syria conference
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where many countries including called states qatar and saudi arabia agree to contribute millions to funding the free syrian army me for this country soars undermining diplomatic efforts to put an end to the violence in the country peacefully and these latest incidents are just the latest in a long line of setbacks for these efforts to be realized syrian refugees are skeptical that a solution is close at hand thousands of people have made the journey across the border from syria. like this one in. some cases they just miles from their homes. unable to. serve but are they the happy province on the turkish border. for now let's talk to a. visiting professor of international relations from university in turkey good to see you today it's quite interesting that turkey is outraged over syrian forces
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foreign interest territory but how justified is that reaction as we just heard provide safe haven for rebels who don't return to fight in syria. well certainly the syrian rebels main strategy is to draw in foreign intervention because neither the protests on the streets or in the military has undermined the control room for themselves regime and so one who truly has to bring in the fire are nato countries you know it is a not a new board have to remember major so if you can provoke a conflict. that might work but there are serious problems. here in this regard so do you think it's possible though that turkey is looking to bring in some sort of international incident here as we heard the pm saying earlier today that he had thought of bringing in some sort of nato intervention does that seem a bit of a rather large call to make or is he just riding ruffling feathers well it's certainly a large call to make and we have got for instance the turkish parliament has yet to
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meet to discuss what according to. what you know. it is a very large what we are seeing it really from the point of the syrian rebels one hope is to get outside intervention and turkey is country with a large army field a border with syria would be iraq is not hostile to the syrian regime rebels are capable and israel would. become involved in syria for the simple reason that it would congress serves point but somehow or all this trouble. really is trying to buy a biggest arab state which is still two is who are christian west bank until now as we were reporting today are the russian foreign minister was meeting a syrian counterpart today here in moscow russia saying that syria has provided evidence they are fulfilling the international peace plan however france says that syria's claim is quote a new expression of a flagrant and unexceptable lie how do you explain such a vast difference in this assessment well i think we do have international politics
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going on here essentially nato countries france in particular america or britain to our side they want to go so it's very important for their own prestige that ultimately decide they have. because friends of those who are opposed we call russia or china or perhaps the is this dislike of foreign intervention in accordance with the russian whatever the local. instability wants or action in syria those are now money and we're going to help but without impression i think of a more serious kind of on the ground this is not right in to overthrow assad still and this is a big problem because we're going to reach a civil war in syria as well as a. kind of religious divide spreads turkey there are many our rights. there are many turks so who are not happy about the idea of saving for our lives. i'm from. your state is a very dynamic situation with a lot of internal and external our partners and cultures and traditions all
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involved here the opposition calls the government's demand for a written guarantees from them and attempts to stall the cease fire plan how do you read that well i think the problem with the annan ceasefire was precisely that it wasn't similar tiniest if you will say that the government has been wrong to use. its highly improbable government troops faced by rebels in medals around struction so i think it was a call even if one could have had the other criteria sincerity on both sides and frankly i suspect there are enough i can finish and i will get out more but rebels has any intention of doing anything. better and program or verse for international mediation faces. on both sides marc ahmed professor of international relations i do apologize we don't have enough time to thank you for joining us i'm here today . that britain is seeking to boost its military presence in asia
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as prime minister david cameron visits japan to agree on a possible royal navy submarine deployment in the region and u.k. is joining the american buildup in asia pacific a strategy critics say is aimed at challenging beijing's growing influence from london as r.t. as ivan. for britain this is a highly lucrative opportunity first because it means big business when it comes to defense japan is an untapped market and britain is very keen to exploit that prime minister david cameron is unashamedly touting britain's military hardware on this trip taking with him over thirty executives from the u.k. aren't arms industry he's defended that move as being perfectly responsible and respectable despite the region being highly sensitive to any kind of military maneuvers whatsoever and tensions are particularly high at the moment with north korea planning a rocky launch for later this week but on top of that and more importantly for britain is the chance to exert its influence with
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a physical presence in the region a region that traditionally and certainly geographically is china's to maine because part of the agreement could mean the regular deployment of british submarines in the area these would be hunter killer submarines they can hold missiles with a range of up to two thousand kilometers and any such move would really mirror america's activity in the region because the u.s. is also very keen to exert its influence on the asia pacific region only recently deploying two hundred marines to australia a deployment heavily criticised in fact by china as being an incursion on its own turf in his own backyard and now britain is seeking to do the same this time even closer to home this will undoubtedly increase the friction in what is already a highly sensitive region. reporting right there what as the british and japanese prime ministers are meeting in tokyo they've warned north korea that it must scrap its satellite launch plans james corporate the editor of the news website the corporate report says although pyongyang's neighbors are worried about the planned
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satellite launch the situation is not worth the military buildup. really threatening people in the region with a satellite launch and it is something that would seem to state some sort of response but whether military response is really necessary well that would only come into play if north korea was really doing some sort of suicidal attack where they were actually going to use this as some sort of cover for launching a surprise attack on south korea or something ridiculous like that which would obviously be suicide for the regime so i couldn't imagine that that would be the case but i would be the only situation developing from this that i could think would be involved some sort of massive military intervention or a need for military presence in the region he intertwining of the economy it is an interesting feature of a list it makes that the idea of great military confrontation i think less likely and to a certain extent perhaps this type of military aggression is played up as a way of milking more money out of the american taxpayers for example in order to fund the american military machine and to justify a new type of battlefront it's
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a quarter past the hour here in moscow still to come on your way here on r.t. a poster boy for what many see as the justice of the u.s. judicial system gives his first interview since being taken to death row. what we. were big brother. we don't ratchet up when we're abu jamal shares his views of r.t. and what has changed in america during the thirty years he's already spent behind bars and its aspirations for the future. but israel calls him a threat to world peace later in the program what are we report on the scandal surrounding a controversial poem by a nobel prize winning author. it's exactly two years since the deadly plane crash in russia was small again screeching which claimed the lives of the polish president lech kaczynski with almost most of the country his
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political elite all ninety six on board were killed in poland's worst disaster in decades starting so let's go to shops and he brings us more on the commemorations being held both in warsaw and at the crash site. commemoration events are taking place at the site of the awful tragedy which happened two years ago in western russia nearby the city of almost two hundred relatives of those who were killed in that plane crash are also here to lay flowers and reads at the site of the awful tragedy hundreds of thousands will be mourning the dead in poland just as it was happening two years ago i was. observing with my own eyes the grief and the emotions of the polish nation when this tragedy happened now certainly two years on a lot has changed the investigation separate investigations by both russia and poland have been held blaming bad weather and actions of the flight crew for this tragic plane crash now still emotions are running high among some of the
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politicians in poland which are using this grief still to rights to power now in my report which i had produced a little earlier we can have a look at the events of the last two years and the current state of affairs in this regard it was destined to become a new era in turbulent ties between moscow and warsaw a high profile polish delegation was flying to western russia to commemorate twenty thousand polish officers killed by soviet troops at katyn village in one thousand nine hundred forty but it never reached its destination. the mind of the. plane descending his usual i heard a loud noise and it didn't pay attention to it i just thought it was thunder. the plane crash killed all ninety six passengers onboard including the president and first lady and most of the country's political elite separate investigations by both moscow and warsaw blamed bad weather and dubious decisions by the crew they
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were warned of heavy fog and low visibility were told to choose a different runway but for whatever reason decided to land and you weigh. there was a very clear piece of guidance from traffic controllers that no conditions existed to land it seems to me that the pilot in command should have taken. the sensible decision and divert to another field but of course we have the president on board we have. the head of the publisher force on board. various of the big trees we're going to specific events and smolensk area. you know an awful lot of pressure was put on this guy's shoulders. such a huge loss was hard to take as hundreds of thousands grieved across poems before some accepting the truth was even harder despite lots of evidence and eye witness
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accounts supporting the investigation some political forces in poland have been pointing the finger at moscow kaczynski is twin brother yugoslav believes the crash was orchestrated. poland is subject to a process of force the meijer concerning this money is going crash which increasingly looks like a terrorist act if there were explosions on board if this catastrophe looks increasingly like assassination then this means there's a new development in international affairs. polish right wing parties tried to use this millennium crash to score points in presidential and parliamentary complaints which followed the tragedy but their failure to win votes with and side russian rhetoric say experts proves warsaw's line wasn't in june with the thinking of the polish people and that a new page in relations has after all been turned despite it happening in the most tragic of ways the wreckage of the polish presidential plane is still here just
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eighteen kilometers from the site of the katyn massacre and in many ways this is the reminder that the plane crash was a tragedy inside another tragedy and while the katyn massacre had scored their relations for many decades the events of two years ago have eventually brought the country's closer in the common grief and in the sand to find the truth. r.t. reporting from smolensk in western russia. and the timeline of the tragedy can be found online at r.t. dot com of course plenty more on the website including this year's annual time magazine poll of the most influential people there's a particularly well guarded secret the number one spot you go into the cyber group none of us this alongside rim is the pole itself was actually infiltrated by those hackers and more details about a dot com bust. this could soon become the location for the news capital of
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russia or at least that's what the newly appointed governor of moscow wants to believe or find out more there are two top. once a death row inmate we are jamal is now serving a life sentence convicted for shooting and killing a us police officer in nineteen eighteen run for the last thirty years the former journalist and black panther has proclaimed his innocence and gained international support for his case along the way since our conviction supporters have rallied behind him to seek justice claiming he never received a fair trial now or to use the first t.v. channel in the world to speak with the man since he was taken off death row the exclusive interview in its entirety coming up that will be next hour on r.t. for now though a preview from our reporter anastasiya checker. the revolutionary journalist and activist an honorary citizen in over twenty cities with a street named after him in france many have would you miles case is said to be one
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of the most of the needed in modern legal history accused of killing a police officer in the one nine hundred eighty s. lumia has spent almost thirty years on death row this january he was taken off death row and is now serving life behind bars without parole and for the first time since his transfer he spoke to us here at r t he gave us an exclusive interview and one of the first things i asked to mia was what is it like to be on death row for that long. post. in my life. so. wait he would do this in my own mind. if not it back. for countless of his supporters all over the world media boojum all has really come to represent a symbol of a flawed justice system in the united states and in our interview we talked about whether media thinks and has anything left that the justice system in america can
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still be free and fair this is what he had to say there are more than three hundred thousand prisoners in california alone you can literally talk about beauty and hope people are free to buy. a car quick but here. and show having been part of the black panther movement me about jamal was actually watched by the f.b.i. since he was fourteen years old and i asked him when the laws such as the n.c.a.a. which allows officials to watch the teen and hold people in the united states whether the media thinks that big brother has officially shown his face in america the so-called patriot act has made everything that was with back in one thousand six hundred nineteen fifties or nineteen seventies i think realize they realize they realize the very thing that the f.b.i. agent. was criminal background that means they can look in your mail take care of your phone they do all you need to jamal's take on occupy wall street the us
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elections as well as his dreams and much more in our exclusive interview with him here at r.t. . time for prize winner. convicted of controversial. after thirty years on death row. the judge speaks to our chief. you know just a moment as marina with the business but for now of a scandal surrounding a poem by a german nobel prize winning author and which he denounces israeli policies shows no signs of dying down but some critics attacked a grass for calling israel a threat to world peace televisa reaction to the literary work also came under fire a travel ban imposed on the writer was dismissed by his supporters as a disproportionate response but some pointing out israel is simply diverting attention from the issues tackled in the poem israel the government of israel is
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always used argument of whenever you see something that is anti israel you supposed to be anti semitic this is the kind of argument you use when you do not want to debate the issue and the issue here is israel is a nuclear bomb it is not signatory to the nonproliferation treaty and it infuses controls by the international atomic energy agency exactly but it is the landing of iran which is a signatory to the end of the treaty so actually what is happening here is indeed the issue is the fact that israel has a nuclear which is refusing to have control by international institutions. time now for the r.t. they will begin with afghanistan where twenty two have died dozens injured after two explosions in the country's a relatively peaceful western province of herat
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a car bomb ripped through a government building just as local businessmen were meeting with officials but hours later in the more volatile south three suicide attackers tutt targeted a governor's office two of the bombers were shot dead but one did manage to detonate explosives and that killed eight policeman. when you psychiatric test is found that mass killer anders breivik is sane contradicting an earlier assessment so we before the thirty three year old a norwegian goes on trial confessed to last year's twin attacks of planting a bomb in oslo which killed eight opening fire at a youth camp outside the capital leaving sixty nine dead. europe's human rights court has ruled that five terror suspects can be extradited to the u.s. from britain among them is radical islamist cleric abu hamza al masri who is reportedly linked to the one nine hundred ninety eight hostage taking in yemen and setting up a notorious terrorist training camp in oregon if actually right to the suspects
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could face life long solitary confinement in top security u.s. prisons. oh there we go to the audio again there's marina business desk i understand that could be a record loss for one company yes story that's right and that company in question is so in the end it has forecasts that an annual loss of six point four billion dollars it's blame in this own tunks charges related to its u.s. business over there and if this happens it will be sony's fourth year all of a loss is going to be only want to make them also saw the european markets let's take a look at ago and as we can see there both the footsie and the dax are still in the red almost one percent this hour and of course in messrs there are now only getting the chancellor react to this appoints new as jobs that are not on friday but it was easter break over there and also must have been spooked by spain's central bank
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saying that the country's banks are vulnerable and need more capital and this has sent spain's foreign costs are pretty high on the on market sentiment of what's happening with the currencies the euro is now again in against the dollar and as this by increasing transparency over the debt crisis and the euro zone then when it comes to the ruble it's the truth and against both major currencies i mentioned the ruble so let's take a look at the russian markets in fact this hour we are seeing a mixed picture the r.t.s. has slipped in suit negative territory and so far it's been positive news the russian government has signed that it will push ahead with privatization programs on that we've heard many times before that it's a prime minister you can savalas that that we should see along with decision within sunan so let's take a look at the main movers on and then my sites that were gone mostly blue chips are mixed naturally recent gas moments reading and so is a business miss and there's more and that's because the company could be put up for sale and the bucking the trend is retailer my beneath them out some report that
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it's first quarter revenues of rose by thirty four her sites and that. so business looks the sour rory next hour about wall street's wealth and saw give me a market update from that very good marina looking for to see that. title here analogy to stay with us the spotlight is coming up right after a recap of the top stories with me for six.


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