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team don't come. from. the first ceasefire in over a year of violence between syrian forces and armed rebels comes into force following a u.n. deadline meanwhile russia calls for international monitors to help keep the peace. out of the frying pan and into the red payday loan companies offering purpling interest rates or replacing banks in debt ridden britain for people voting for a cash flow quick fix. and as egypt's first presidential campaign since mubarak's fall gathers pace there is criticism but the country could well end up with a dictator as its leader again. using
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common broadcasting to launch from the heart of moscow and. well syria remains mostly called after the u.n. brokered cease fire between the government and the opposition came into force on thursday morning a truce resulting from the mediation efforts of international envoy kofi annan is the first in the year long violence but as oksana boyko reports from damascus with mutual distrust between the sides he still remains fragile this ceasefire came into effect at six am local time and so far it's been holding syrian the finance minister promised not to conduct any operations and have found so vague as they are that military groups while they did say that they reserve the right to retaliate in
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case their units are being attacked as for the syrian opposition what we're hearing from various members of various opposition groups is that there are going to respect the cease fire and they promise not to open fire if the regular army. indeed silence has its guns damascus has always been spared the destruction and violence that has iraq and some of the northern areas of syria but these trends of violence is still present in your daily lives people have to think twice about where you park your car and they try not to do that in front of the government offices or police precincts a young people are looking for ways to go more to being drafted into the army the economy is getting harder and the cost of living is increasing jobs are scarce and maybe people here in damascus now saying that we can discuss political changes later on the first thing that should be done is to stop violence russia says the un's most powerful body could send an observer mission to
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syria soon this friday that's after envoy kofi annan brief the security council about his ongoing peace efforts in the middle eastern country archie is going to joins us live from washington now i know what else came out of the council session while kofi annan reported to the united nations that he was encouraged by the cessation of hostilities in syria and urged the u.n. security council to send an observer mission as soon as possible we heard the syrian envoy to the united nations say this that syria is ready to accept the observers as soon as the decision is made in the meantime the russian ambassador to the u.n. read aerated what we've heard from the russian foreign minister lavrov here in washington and that is russia is very supportive of the plan and does everything it can to make sure the cease fire holds and that dialogue begins between the opposition and the government the syrian government said that its armed forces will remain on standby to retaliate against any attacks by armed terrorist groups
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against civilians or troops russia says it's crucial to have monitors to have a clear picture of what's going on on the ground to avoid provocations take a listen. somebody must be there as quickly as possible and the full fledged mission will take some time to deploy the quicker it can happen the better the russian position is that monitors must be there as quickly as possible and the so if we are able to put twenty or thirty morning tours early next week very good if we're able to put more in the next few days of that so that's even better so this is our approach and this is something which was one of the suggestions which mr annan was making to the council. russia's stance remains the same and that is all parties must lay down their arms but for a cease fire to work all sides need to commit to it there is a lot of skepticism here in washington about kofi annan is trying the u.s. accepted the plan but it almost designated as doomed even before the plan had
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a chance to work but so far it has worked violence has reportedly stopped and the ball is now in the opposition's court it has russian about it when i think that he took it said. now the syrian opposition is to formulate their attitude towards political dialogue take a listen to what you call the instead of talking about demonstrations opposition leaders must finally formulate their attitude towards political dialogue because i mean not only our delegation other delegations were speaking about the need for a political process in syria but there can be no political process with all political dialogue and frankly there is one thing which mr john and i hope is going to very soon clear cut agreement by opposition leaders to enter into dialogue with the syrian government that this so far has not happened. as far as the rhetoric between the u.s. and russia it's tense to say the least they're career state hillary clinton said
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russia's refusal to support quote unquote constructive action by the u.n. security council on the crisis in series keeping its president. assad in power but even though the u.s. accept it will be in its plan or we could refuse all sides of the conflict not just the syrian government washington who seems to could you know all responsibility in the hands of president assad and never mention the opposition which also has to lay down their arms. and chicken or porting live from d.c. thank you now turkey has hinted it may ask for nato help or to attempt to protect its borders after gunfire from syrian skirmishes reached its territory a few days ago to discuss the international reaction to syria with me now is patrick hayes a reporter for the online magazine spiked has written extensively on the middle east patrick thanks for joining us today now turkey's hands about nato involvement in the region comes just to syria is seeing this breakthrough in the form of
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a truce what do you make of the timing of the statement. well it's very interesting isn't it because you know what you have today is the first cease fire in in syria for the first time in a year and the rhetoric from the west and turkey is that you hear from british prime minister david cameron that the new snow needs to be tightened on the assad regime which is hardly the language of diplomacy and dialogue at the same time as well you have to turkish prime minister who's come back today from china and he's talking about invoking charter five of the nato treaty which would allow them to sidestep the united nations and to take action against syria because of the you know the alleged breaking of the disrespect of the turkish borders so i think it's praise worrying time when peace is being emphasized and this isn't just about peace it's also about having a debate and a dialogue about the way in which the syrian people want to take forward and
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progress situations. and take forward their own country and how the syrian society should be run what you have is external pressure from turkey and from the west as well trying to push things in a certain direction and you have the you know practically them for using the fret of the whips they can crack if they can't use the u.n. in order to really put more pressure on the assad regime and that's that kind of pressure is not what you need what you need instead i think is a backing off now and allowing the two sides to gauge no dialogue and strange one another without this western intervention now these western powers they say that they don't believe the regime will step to the truth making no mention of the opposition's commitments are not justified do you think that position is. well i mean the opposition is very hard so you have to remember of course the opposition is very fragmented in syria and there isn't really a sense of any kind of leadership there and what you have with the syrian national council in particular is you know it's headed out by
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a guy who's an academic in this sort born in paris he's a sociology lecture these are the kind of people the west wants the business with here they're very comfortable working with the syrian national council they're not going to want to put pressure on them in fact there is already some talk in some quarters about the idea that you know turkey in particular could recognize the syrian national council as a government in exile and effectively see the assad regime as terrorists and then use the ninety eight sedan or agreements or other agreements that turkey has with syria in order to try and use force against the assad regime and again there's a lot of discussion at the moment about how more pressure can be put to try and either tighten the noose or remove the assad regime and it doesn't seem like there's any real emphasis on letting the opposition and the assad regime battle it out by themselves without external intervention or not very briefly the syrian government says it has defeated those seeking to bring down the regime what do you
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think this is do you think that this is why it agreed to a cease fire. well certainly there has been an intensification of the conflict over the last few days in the run up to the ceasefire whether or not you know the rebel opposition has been defeated will be remains to be seen but i think the key thing about this truce now in the peace treaty that is put in place is the extent to which the syrian people who voiced their concerns what you have is a ragtag army of of rebels who don't really have a real sense of what the alternative to be here at the moment and it's very important that a democratic process of discussion and debate now takes place within syria about how best to pay that country forward to be very interesting over the next weeks and months the extent to which not the allowed to happen the extent to which assad goes along with the idea of freedom of press of protests in the country also the extent to which the west will back off enough to allow that dialogue that discourse and
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the syrian people to force their own future for themselves i am skeptical i don't think the west and nato and secular will allow that to happen all right patrick harris reporter for the online magazine spiked thank you thank you channel your watching r t expectedly the analyst said as an official enemy of the stonier in an annual report released by the baltic states attorney services one of our correspondents also found his name among those deals to pose a potential or real threat to the country and the man in question alex a ski is with me in the studio now saying now firstly what is this report and looking at it it seems that you're among some illustrious company itself what's going on that certainly is one impressive list along with r.t. our station and me personally on it it's also the russian foreign ministry the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov as well as several russian stations t.v.
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stations channel one and there were and other stations surprisingly enough even the vice mayor. who is known for his pro russian stance is also on the list of a potential threat despite him being so at least some kind of authority in capital also surprisingly enough there are also concepts not only the names but concepts and historical events on this list like the great black short of war the kremlin and even the relocation of the monument off to the ground soldier big scandal in a story or several years back also on this list of potential and real dangers to the country this is not a surprise because this has happened before. one of my colleagues reported back then he was denied a visa when he was trying to fly to a story or to do a documentary about neo nazis and knew not as many country and later three years later to two thousand and ten one of our crews who was detained at the border of latina stonier for filming an anti-fascist rally their peaceful demonstration so
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this is not a surprising thing that a story of puts us on the blacklist is just personally i'm surprised that i'm they went personal this time and bring me directly on the list because this is nothing never happened before and are guarding your own personal situation what have you done to seemingly make this journey and security so upset this far as i'm concerned my only crime was speaking the truth i've been to stonier three or four times in the in the course of last three or four years and mostly film stories about how the those in power actually think the russian minority there the burning issue or glorifying the former nazi collaborators the economic issues or the one issue the one case which may be the reason for staying in the thirty's to put me on the black list is when we were filming a story about how some of stone you have been unhappy being part of the eurozone and how some of been speaking against being with the united. we are actually used to the fact that the astonied authorities have been denying interviews to r.t.
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but this time the finance minister said that he would like to give us an interview we came to his office. i waited for more than an hour there and then suddenly his secretary said he doesn't want to give you an interview i was so much insulted by that unprofessional approach and i tweeted about this fact furiously saying that this is not the way things should work out where you're being denied an interview straight and in the minister's office maybe that was the reason for the story of what used to blacklist me and the station i don't know i just have to wait and see whether the explanation for that but certainly it's very interesting to find my name on that list interesting indeed alexander said correspondent and so-called enemy of the stony are according to the country's security services thank you very much. with the e.u. delusion that it's not only governments looking for crisis counts as credit dries up for those in desperate need companies providing so-called payday loans are
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booming offering money but at a very high price as artie's laura smith reports short term funds often lead to long term debt. leeks played a little longer dot com so he didn't see it all sounds so easy and it is in ten minutes payday loan companies handout short term loans to tide you over till you get your paycheck but kelly smith knows this short term solution can become a long term trap. line then isaac hey what happened next month is our prize a hundred pound i'm having to pay back about one hundred sixty when long when i was stuck in before that was no struggle compared to what it is it's not until recently payday loans were the preserve of the desperate fast easy no questions asked cash the catch punitive interest rates in some cases a staggering one thousand seven hundred percent
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a year because according to reports by accountants pricewaterhouse coopers in these times of economic hardship with traditional credit like cards and bank loans harder to come by payday loans are becoming part of the fabric of the u.k.'s economic society the only growth sector in the consumer credit market what's happening in the current economic climate is that people are going girl new credit card good people don't want long term duty because they're worried about the future income streets. so the ability to borrow just the money you need for a short period of time many people are finding much more up on stage the running up long term get on credit cards i've got a just maybe if you pay it off straight away but high interest rates and extortionate late charges can make it impossible for people on low incomes to pay off their debts according to research by the deficit for trust people will average twelve hundred pounds and forty percent of the borrowing money to pay the basic
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living costs even more worryingly new stuff to forage for paid a company to pay off and not. payday loan companies now the average payday borrower has from different companies and they're constantly targeted by the firms both somehow managed to get my number off this one company these are the different martins techs to me and say hi kelly do you want to draw a line you've we've expected to use the chance to get your loan and then it's all these different companies takes to me nor is me really because i think. why would you want to get somebody in debt like this months later kelly still trapped in a vicious cycle of debt she doesn't know how she's going to get out of it you have to go cold turkey of smoke in. cold turkey thinking. and you want to do that would you be able to afford to my laura smith forty kept.
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crisis in europe had seen a brief for spying after greece narrowly escaped apart but now it's flaring up again with spain being in the eye of the storm backscatter and stacy herbert give their unique take on the situation a little later on today. a lot of easy money courtesy of the european central bank may for a calm start to two thousand and twelve but of course spanish bond sale last week signals it may have only been a long before the debt storm breaks analysts warn one think of it more as a debt do really with a boy you take a country like greece you stick it on the farm do fork and you dip it into the debt and then you serve it up to goldman sachs or j.p. morgan. do is great now spain is being thrown into the debt fondu. just joining us eighteen minutes past the hour and egypt is preparing to vote for
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its next leader but the first presidential poll since the fall of hosni mubarak scheduled for next month election has been overshadowed however by a controversial candidates accused of offering promises as if you negotiate splaying the democracy egyptians fall for is anything but certain. the list is long but the choice may be limited with just a little over a month left before the crucial presidential polls i complain is off to start the liberal candidates believe this election is quite all in determining whether the egyptian revolution will sink or swim in our data revolution is it is transitional period and it's not clear whether it will reach its final destination its goals of freedom and social justice haven't been reached shared by the looked through committee will have to sift through more than twenty names on the list of those who plied for the country's top job but they aren't the ones faced with
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a crucial choice. choice. if you like the. car was. the. liberalism the copts all day long really a problem people not the people of various can you have the islamists who have been unleashed deliberately by the staff by the military some of the people would have. been these are the military the people or. islamists the people ship the muslim brotherhood's freedom and justice party or j.p. already holds the majority of seats in the country's parliament and promised to abstain from the presidential elections but later backtracked on their words many question whether such
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a staunch group of islamists may be successful in giving the egyptians civil liberties and freedoms they demanded a team of the f.t.p. members disembarked in washington d.c. last week for a charm offensive on both the western politicians and media to prove sharia law does not mean a return to the dark ages yet when you're skeptical of the sincere. you know the company this is an ideological totalitarian old and as it should be measured the communist party wins an america and says we will not. impose will be missed but we will respect capitalism who would believe such a thing. something like that practically but you know in cairo when they become powerful we will follow the program the alternative hosni mubarak's former prime minister foreign minister and chief of intelligence are hardly the better option as many here they will return things back to where they were before their revolution so likely. that's because the source is leading. to the answer they say.
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just living fully with their. lives. so i don't want to. play out what i would like to do which is. saying i'm not going to if you. like and thus the much lauded presidential election in egypt may turn out to be just another big disappointment in cairo in a go. as the world celebrates the fifty first anniversary of the first smiled spaceflight by god and russian scientists have revealed an ambitious plan to make it to the moon and stay there artie's towncar now takes a look at the next giant leap for mankind. to put a man on the move to keep him there that's the aim for space exploration in the coming decade according to a plan unveiled by moscow's academy of sciences' choice what bloggers about what's
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known klein cannot stay where it is now for a long time we have been successful in exploring near earth space it's time to move beyond the obvious the goal is to put unmanned rovers on the moon by two thousand and twenty with landing stations established by twenty twenty two which will start the process of building a permanent manned base there and on a minute who is that all well say scientists we actually know surprisingly little about our closest cosmic neighbor and the consensus is we should try and prove our skills and science as close as possible to home before attempting any bigger leaps but asked quantities of frozen water we discovered under the moon's surface taken there by billions of years worth of collisions with asteroids and water might not be all we thought if we look carefully organic samples may have been preserved in comets in a frozen state it's impossible to investigate them from afar so we should deliver
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those facts were in the control rooms there have been serious questions about whether we can technically manage a moon base the past year has seen a catalog of errors between to the supply rocket on its way to the international space station plunging back to earth and an unmanned mars exploration rocket falling from orbit we're still using technology from the decades of the space race from the fifty's to the eighty's so scientists and new ships have been taking too long to arrive. until we get these new ships we will have problems also many of the people with the knowledge of the old models are no longer with us and the younger generation doesn't have that knowledge so for now sticking with the moon might be ambitious in. enough with some tentative mars missions planned as well as the world remembers the plane is who made it up to space in the first place and those in charge of coast with explanation want to stop marking the breakthroughs of the past
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and start making some of their own some bottom. and parents are on scene about dimitry will be here in just a minute with a business here on our team. if . rush is going to be so rich bryson if you remove the song from
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feinstein gratian. stance on teen dot com. a welcome to the business update on r.c. with me dimitri medvedev and co russia will ease the tax burden for companies developing the country's arctic shelf now new projects will be exempted from export duties and that will have low extraction taxes president elect person says the special terms would last for fifteen years and the government believes this could help bring in more than five hundred billion dollars of investment over the next thirteen years. now this announcement came after the close of the russian market so didn't have much of a stir but will be looking at of course tomorrow's session meanwhile in the u.s. it's looking all polls as it were the dow and the nasdaq up more than one percent this on a batch of contradicting data coming in basically jobless claims were up and that's
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bad but the wholesale prices stayed the same and that's a good sign over in europe are they taking that optimism from the u.s. and that's coupled with a not such a bad bond auction in italy well boring costs rose but not to the extent some feared they were. uncaring sees the euro is gaining massively versus the dollar on the bond auction and on general positive feelings with russian ruble is again a against both currencies at the end of as they search. in russia the markets couldn't take that positive way they closed too early for that. and therefore we're seeing a mixed picture with the r.t.s. up point three percent in my six down point three percent decline in positive oil as we've seen it right now we've got to comment on that did not have that much of an effect because of the late arrival of the news over on the nice legs the after
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is down almost two percent at the close the carmaker is going to borrow two billion dollars to modernize its facilities gazprom will be looking at that stock massively tomorrow of course. to see a reaction on the news of these tax exemptions and but i would give the saudis sparkling wine producer was up half a percent in its second day of trading. as the way the markets look this i'll be back in that two hours time to bring you one final first a person substrate. the .
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emissions. critic a should three times court judge is free to make me free. free. to free. the old free market system in video for your media projects and free media john darche dot com. the book.


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