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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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this is a street still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal. the soviets and. north korea launches its controversial long range rocket the leaves the ground but the u.n. security council to consider taking measures. the world body also sets its sights on syria for the draft resolution on the table to enforce a cease fire and send in an observer mission. incensed over immigration and rage at the euro france is far right against ground in the presidential race a rally for reforms. you're
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watching r.t. a very warm welcome today well despite warnings that it was defied international the north korea launched its controversial long range rocket but within moments of it plummeted into the sea even so there's anger at the u.n. security council which isn't mulling over what action to take against the country for violating its resolutions russia maintains the north has a right to a peaceful space program but it should not go against the u.n. he is artie. the launch was definitely part of a long running power game for pyongyang in which the rocket galaxy three was just the way it is peace to be played but no one expected the eventual outcome extreme international concern was expressed by north korea's neighbors including china russia and japan as well as heavy criticism from the united states all agreed that the launch why awaits the u.n. a c. resolution banning the country from testing long range missile technology yang
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ignored all i'm going to have with it's spectacularly wrong there were fears that the launch was a cover for testing long range missile technology and if that were so it's back for dramatically but most who insist that north korea does have the right to develop a peaceful space program and the issue should be settled through diplomatic means a negative reaction from washington is cruise's tell lies stretched tensions in the region closer to breaking point than the launch itself washington stripping its military focus from middle east to the asia pacific and is expanding its military presence with new u.s. naval ships arriving in joint the newer is being announced surgeon activity that makes china very unhappy experts believe that the and goal of the expansion is designed to challenge china's dominance and its own backyard. well let's now get some reaction from asia specialists in buildings in new zealand for
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a start thank you for joining. us and despite the wind back i'm military threats from japan and south korea. but again really had no choice so i think it's a calculated strategy. and it's all part of the negotiating ploy with the with the american. on the one hand they show checks policy and to make some concessions but at the same time they have to stand up for what they regard as a sovereign rights and russia and china are quite right to point out every country has a right to run to launch satellites to have such a place of peaceful space exploration so i guess the koreans have to juggle these two these two demands of like jay tough on them because they are after all only initiating the far cross tanga country
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a country of course which has thousands of satellites and thousands of missile. site and that so how is the international community likely to respond now. if you were going to enlarge the worlds in the security council it's very difficult to see what more can be done i mean there are the sanctions in place which courses which usually damage to your career and it's all. which is you know one of the basic reasons why there is hunger in north korea. on the other hand. the chinese don't pay too much attention to these sanctions so. it's very difficult to see the americans really be able to to tighten the screws very much more so than when they get a lot of. power. but perhaps the the actual consequences will be fairly
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limited now north korea is reportedly preparing for a third nuclear test which would also violate international law and i don't know what happened with us rocket i mean do you think kang i will go ahead with that of course well i'm going to say that knowledge of the satellite violates international law i think it's not quite correct certainly it's violating the united nations sanctions but you know that's really constrain the weight around so now it's not about international law as for the. nuclear test that was partly a. a story started by the south koreans in conjunction with the inaction this week where they were trying to raise b. b. and c. there if there are fresh sanctions if the americans europeans continue to refuse to negotiate probably probably with the young un then yes i suspect we will see
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another nuclear test. you mention the americans are there when are seeing us beefing up its military presence in asia pacific region much in its effect on the balance of power. well. the balance of power has always been greatly in america's favor. slightly in the long term course it's shifting towards china is this based our christian scott is extremely aimed at china is also aimed at the us election and i think we should also bear that in mind a lot of that is it's posturing. so it's not really changing the balance though much in the asian pacific but certainly. some provocative action against china and of course against north korea i mean only last week we had a massive invasion back to. the korean coast. south korean
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press was talking about sending in one hundred thousand. north korea so there's a lot of there's a lot of tension around. and. ultimately it doesn't really come from from pyongyang going beyond. is just to get imagine that it's back and have these sanctions lifted and so small ok i live from the sea and that was commentator nature especially to bill thank you for that. well you can read more about north korea's failed rocket launch on our website r.t. dot com and tell us what you think to also waiting for you they're getting a new war in afghanistan. than ever the joy of american say mostly what might. be taking from the fall. leaving religion and market forces
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a bunch canonically high interest rates. raising the stakes a record breaking poker tournament set to take place in the state's drug courts more than eighteen. syria's fragile cease fire is under close watch with the u.n. security council considering a resolution to help enforce it and boy. forces in the country have not yet fully complied the terms of the peace deal martin is going to consider and has been looking at the latest u.n. draft. it calls for all parties in syria to immediately cease all armed violence in all its forms that's a quote it would also authorize an initial deployment to syria of up to thirty on or and un observers to monitor the sites compliance with kofi annan six point plan will hurt the syrian envoy to the united nations say that syria is ready to accept
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the observers and that it's determined to stick to the plan in the meantime the russian ambassador to the u.n. reiterated that russia is very supportive of the plan and does everything it can to make sure the cease fire holds it's crucial for the monitors to be on the ground and to make sure that the new transgressions of the good of the got a state of the world and is going to be detected there's a lot of skepticism here in washington about kofi annan plan the u.s. accepted the plan but it almost designated it as doomed even before the plan had a chance to work but so far it has worked violence has reportedly stopped the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice this described it as quote a brief positive step obviously implying that the ceasefire is not going to hold and maybe not to miss rice that too many it's clear that the ball is now in the court of the syrian opposition the last thing we heard from them was that they were going to organize mass demonstrations but we didn't hear much about their plans on
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engaging in a dialogue with the government take a listen to what the russian ambassador had to say about that i'm very concerned that injuries of sort of large gatherings of people the possibility of provocations will be greatly enhanced so instead of instead of thinking. demonstrations opposition leaders must finally formulate their attitude towards political dialogue so far the main point of diplomatic bickering over syria has been the one sided approach of the us in a number of other countries and i would put all responsibility in the hands of president assad and would never address the. opposition whereas russia's stance has been the same all the way and that is all parties must lay down their arms but with this resolution which appears as more impartial which calls for dialogue and addresses all sides of the conflict one may argue there is finally hope for the much needed consensus in the international community that is of course if the resolution comes to pass and the chances are it will. with present reforms being
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inducted in parliamentary elections june many syrians hope the u.n. cease fire will help make change a reality so some of the reports from damascus. damascus greeted the ceasefire with a sunny day and high spirits residents to flee the parks rather than streets and sprinklers not bullets were all that needed to lodging yeah this picture perfect morning was laden with fear and uncertainty as them esteems anxiously awaited news from the north. my biggest wish now is for the ceasefire jools long when you could walk the streets without fear include at least one day without hearing that somebody was killed. that wasn't the case in the rest of the country on thursday proceedings were rocked by three blasts that killed and injured twenty five harsh though that is in a country that has grown accustomed to
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a daily death toll exceeding one hundred even that could be seen as a step forward one hundred of them everyone here regardless of religion or politics wants one thing for syria and. the capitals all bizarre business is slow many locals are pressed for money and tourists are few and far between for centuries trade was serious best antidote to six syrian religious conflicts but it's politics that draw a wedge between syria and communities many relieve you know here in syria. is sure. everyone in the mosque and. in. the homes and you know we like the. rest the damn acing stories that once held syria to war there are few ripping crusaders some fear that syria may become the target of yet another mortar in the western conquests it would again seek to impose
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its values this time it twenty first century wrap lance. bludgeoned of the infallible dumbest thoughts isn't part responsible for syrians seeing themselves as a nation of great warriors who value voller above everything else but a revolutionary violent strain the country more and more syrians are far more eager to out for five than the other part of their cultural heritage that peace loving peace cherish a nation. east true that syria doesn't have a long record of political pluralism the main rallying cry of the opposition there are efforts to change that. party's support fragile state in recent months some of them openly seeking to challenge the dominance of the ba'ath party. we used to have three taboos religion sex and politics at least we can talk about politics now that there is a member of the party of supporters it can boast only fortune five hundred people so far there are still figuring out the details of their political agenda but the
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first says he's pretty certain of the means it will not be used to achieve it. it's true that the regime has a long way to go to make our political system more inclusive but we also have to agree that using any kind of violence and politics is unacceptable politics is a great compromising with your rivals and you can't do that while shooting many here say that if there is any force that can unite syrians these days is the opposition the opposition to war at some point artsy damascus syria. now the subject of immigration always supposed to come election time it seemed french far right presidential candidates showing their true colors. forms if elected as the reports there's a fear that france proved to be permanent. anti
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immigration anti euro antiglobalization and advocates of protectionism all in the name of the french state and national identity. there is not a single french per cent not one european who does not know that i am a sworn enemy of the european single currency buskers its radical islam is a direct consequence of mass immigration that the left and the right in hosanna us for decades it is not know. to this unity on the fringes of france's national politics the rhetoric of today's far right may no longer be as far off for its citizens as it once was opinion polls suggest the presidential candidate marine le pen of the ultra right wing national front party is third with potentially ten million votes its biggest support base ever there is no party surfing through gryphon friends so if. it doesn't bother anyone
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but. we don't want. to play to england so we bought one of the different communities but don't speak together. as an identity it's globalization destroyed inside and. enter them with her calls for economic patriotism prioritizing france over europe its native citizens over others of giving the french back their jobs prince efficient of the world to the minutes that is globalization and quite frankly we would have this anger and this is defiance if if from. very high it can be growth but in france because of sarkozy's past policing his economic policies the gross doesn't exist so you have a lot of people saying think the presence of the of the immigrants and center right
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income that nicolas sarkozy stands accused of jumping on the far right bandwagon some say for the ballot sake. our integration system is getting worse and worse why because we have too many foreigners in our territory threatening to withdraw from the shanghai border from the agreement by no coincidence at a time when europe is seeing an influx of refugees fleeing conflicts in north africa and the middle east this is a free electoral clift so we will have to see. what he will do with us. sarkozy knows pretty well that he was elected in two thousand and seven only because he was able to catch. up as a nation front and know the situation is quite the same some say that what was once a protest vote is now a more permanent part of the french political spectrum so it has long been the case that people vote for the national front as
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a protest against the others there is certainly a part of the electorate who vote for the reasons of dissent but i think it must now be recognised even if it's difficult to accept that the vote for the national front is increasingly a vote of support. the increasing provenance of right wing rhetoric in france especially the lead up to the presidential elections is clear but what's more difficult to decipher is whether this grows support for the right reflects the direction of the fratricidal values has stated or is simply a knee jerk reaction to everything the french see wrong in their country that's are so you aren't see paris. well not some other news making headlines around the world the south mali is back on the civilian rule the interim president has taken over three weeks after a military coup you know was very nice to organize elections the army seized power over what it saw as a previous means failure to tackle tory separatists and it's the most insurgence since declared independence from the north. issues who served
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egypt president hosni mubarak are being banned the running for the top job any prime minister in the past ten years or so scope of the plans of former vice president omar suleiman revealed his surprise kind of missing last week or the. region council which took us to the. u.n. is demanding an immediate end to fighting on sudan southern border the south sudan says the town of healing which is going to round off of sudan's oil production there's a plea for forces to withdraw and a presidential summit between the countries to resolve the conflict fighting along well richard paula has increased since south sudan and thence nostrand are. now orthodox worshippers northeast this coming weekend but the church here in russia is reeling from egg on its face and this in no way reports on the scandals
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that have got church leaders scrambling and their reputation. leading up to the most celebrated russian orthodox holiday of the year the church found itself surrounded by scandal and in not so holy hot water. from a girl ponders pussy riot who preach their anti putin protest in song at christ the savior cathedral to the watch on the patriarch's wrist that was and then wasn't an official website photos the church has been in the spotlight for months and some think it's going no coincidence. or monitoring issues there's a planned and active campaign against the church you. patriarch ariel's wristwatch with a price tag of some thirty thousand euros became the talk of the russian blogosphere over photos but the piece obviously brushed out in official pictures online of
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course some of the sensation is connected with the scandals ability to make news but someone who strongly stories into the news for example the charge has always had to watch for signs of being on the website for years social media monitoring analysts find that online activity on the church usually peaks around holidays like orthodox christmas in january but this year peaks continued throughout the spring and some not even during scandals but just after and before making sure the ballgame drop and blogs tweets and spoofs kept flowing. and someone starts consonant at patriotic complicated and expensive watches or gifts it's all part of a campaign not saved for a minute but to send rush upside down. but critics argue the church has become hysterical and oversensitive to mean all liberals anti church in attracting
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negative publicity including their harsh reaction to the punk protest. i agree with people who or where is seriously criticize their behavior. or criminal mistook you for. cork unfortunately for the female rappers from pussy riot it is they're now in detention for their stand awaiting trial could see a maximum sentence of seven years in jail. the patriarchs watch has long been restored to photos and got to see right away their sentencing criticism of the church continues but not during experts who believe a lot of the bad p.r. is being deliberately exaggerated also believe there's more revive came from and
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it's not going to stop at the watch and he's there now r t moscow. but our team has been listed as an official enemy of the system here eastern europe correspondent has been attacked by the country's security agency the list of people the companies and nations considered to pose a real potential threat. concentrates tollens getting personal. that certainly is one impressive list along with r t r station and me personally on it it's also the russian foreign ministry the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov as well as several russian stations t.v. stations channel one and there were other stations surprisingly enough even the vice mayor of thailand who is known for his pro russian stance is also on the list of a potential threat despite him being so in some kind of authority in the story in capital also surprisingly enough there are also concepts not only the names but concepts and historical events on this list like the great patriotic war the kremlin and
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even the relocation of the monument of to the bronze soldier the big scandal in the story is several years back also on this list of potential and real dangers to the country this is well not a surprise because this has happened before. one of my colleagues reported back that he was denied a visa when he was trying to fly to a stoner to do a documentary about neo nazis and united in a country and later three years later into two thousand and ten one of our crews were and was detained at the border of latina stonier for filming and thai fascist rally their peaceful demonstration so this is not a surprising thing that a story of puts us on the blacklist is just personally i'm surprised that i'm that they went personal this time and putting me directly on the list i've been to stonier three or four times in the in the course of last three or four years and mostly film stories about how the those in power are treating the russian minority there the burning issue of glorifying the former nazi collaborators the economic
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issues the one issue the one case which may be the reason for historian authorities to put me on the blacklist was when we were filming a story about how some a story as have been unhappy being part of the euro zone and how some of the speaking against being with the united group in currency we are actually used to the fact that these stolen authorities have been. but this time the finance minister said that he would like to give us an interview we came to his office waited for more than an hour with and then suddenly his secretary said he doesn't want to give you an interview i was so much insulted by that unprofessional approach and i tweeted about this fact curiously saying that this is not the way things should work out when you're being denied an interview straight in the minister's office maybe that was the reason for the thought used to blacklist me and the station i don't know i just have to wait and see whether the explanation
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for that but certainly it's very interesting to find my name on that list. but i was checking out the business headlines. for the markets investors in asia got some disappointing news we understand. yes that's right we have official data that shows that china's economic growth slowed more than expected eight point one percent in the first quarter of two thousand and twelve as compared to the year before of course now let's take a look at the asian markets and see how investors are taking these and these well as you can see it's not really making a difference and they. are going to break this down in japan it's exporters that are benefits and the most nervous about sony is lucent of waterside that's because it announced that it will cut thousands of its worldwide rise in the hong kong property developers that are doing quite well all right let's take a look at crude prices they are heading south and analysts say that they will fall
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even further in next week probably and that's because iran and the world powers are negotiating its nuclear program and they say that this might reduce the tension which of course has been bolstering of weiss's over the past couple of weeks it was like a look at currencies the euro is still loose imbali you against the dollar when it comes to the ruble it gave them against both major currencies but i was not there is there would be a more updated picture about when the russian markets open with us in. less than an hour in the hour with take a look at the close a picture of where there are some markets on thursday it's basically a mixed result r.t.s. adam i said straw just a little bit and that's because and that's what they're really got a chance to react to positive news that russia will be easing the tide spirit on companies developing their countries are i think selfhood says that the russian the government will make about five hundred billion dollars of investment over the next thirty years now another russia related news the despite all the air fare is the russian government so called coil anger as dependency their share of the country's
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exports is still rising the world bank says that amounted to seventy two percent and two thousand and eleven and it says russia should improve internal competition better support local acts waters and set up and efficient and supplies as. i carry i have the update for the russian markets for you next hour ok maria thanks for that. look at one of the world's worst industrial catastrophes we are two reports from the indian city of bhopal the tragedy that thousands there myself the headline status.
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it is. feeling. lucky limits to see feasts . feasts. become a. wealthy british style.


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