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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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serious troubles true nationwide rallies flare up along with reports of ongoing killing as a un security council decides on whether to send in cease fire observers. hopes of a breakthrough by breaking the silence while clouds meet with iran over its nuclear program for the first time in more than a year. and voting for president indian election where crooked candidates leave citizens choosing between the next murderers and he approves to.
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have here watching out here very warm welcome to syria's three day old cease fire is being put to the test with reports of ongoing clashes and killing. what is expected to vote on saturday but deploying a monitoring mission in days and the governor rallies have resumed across the country is concerned being hijacked by the rebels some sort of boy come from damascus. it was good friday for syrian orthodox christians but it didn't bode well for the country at large three people lost their lives in demonstrations nationwide threatening the fragile ceasefire before it even reached the end of its second day of opposition to stop messing about stop provoking for the clashes in syria and actually put into effect what call finance peace plan wants which is to sit down on
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the grocery bill with the government as with all their uprising in the arab spring the largest of clashes in syria have often taken place after friday prayers are with some believe has been and many major political aims. in the run up to blood day this week the opposition tried a new tactic. comfortably removed from the repercussions of the statements himself revolutionaries made the point the demonstrations and the ceasefire that includes this any moment the troops are withdrawn from the cities those people in the government in the regime know very well that hundreds of thousands. freedom seeking crowds have become a glorified image of the arab spring but in reality demonstrations often resulted in crime and violence in egypt female journalists were sexually harassed as protesters demanded more rights in libya a soldier was lynched calls for elections. there are fears that rallies may
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be deliberately used to derail the peace process i am very concerned that in piece of sort of large gatherings of people the possibility of provocations will be greatly enhanced so instead of instead of talking about demonstrations opposition leaders must finally formulate their attitude towards political dialogue demonstrations here are not banned but those who hit the streets without permission from the interior ministry they're arrested and while this official admitted some heavy handedness on the part of the government he says it's borne out of the security challenges serious currently facing what are. the challenges the government is facing is distinguishing between democratic process toure's and armed groups but we're not afraid of the peaceful opposition because this greatly outnumbered by the government's own supporters who we are trying to prevent these armed groups using these demonstrations for provocations killing civilians and
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blaming the killings on the government especially now when the ceasefire is still in its early stages but it doesn't mean that political discourse life'll for decades syrians have gathered in the countries many who cafes were no topic is now off limits over time going to go to france italy working. so you think ok but. in this group of high school friends old have studied or traveled abroad and while they're perfectly familiar with the notion of western liberties they say what's being imposed in syria now has nothing to do with freedom but you know what's been called freedom where is the free and easy for you. i was in the fight for an hour i was used to going to work hard you'll never see anybody else where are these going what. your friends are asking can be late at night so everybody's afraid of them and that's what continues driving syrians apart as some of fighting
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for freedom others are fearing for their lives the right to demonstrate is an undeniable human right but is it equal to the rights well maybe syrians do recognize that their country's political system needs to be changed but. first things first and if opposition is can you only interested in stopping the bloodshed for the time being it may consider responding to the government he thought with their own. initiative. artsy damascus syria. or a setter and author of a full spectrum dominance and joins us live now from across the syrian border for his take on the latest developments thank you for joining us here today on t.v. that seemed like a turkish officials accuse the masses of cross border raids and warn of sharp response if this happens again what's on correction preparing for do you think. i think the turkish government as poured into turkey sources here is. split down the
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middle west into this pressuring turkey. in syria translated in libya to be the stalking horse for the united states' interest but it's not having the effect because inside the. there's a split down the minutes after a serious. the next door neighbor turkey twenty percent of the syrian population of the turkish population is alawite which is it's the same branch of islam that bit but the assad family is from so it's not so easy and the. i don't see anything but saber rattling and bravado coming from the government because they know that a military conflict from turkey into syria would be the end of the arab want government inside character turkey is a nato member and can it really naive that one military support from its allies if it's a rexx conflict with syria breaks out well there will be no direct conflict in syria
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these these are as has been pointed out by many neutral observers these are armed gangs of mercenaries that often we don't even know putting to some people i've spoken with then throughout syria they don't know who they're fighting for or fighting against they're just paid money given guns and go in there that i eat or that hillary clinton is supporting al qaeda if we're to take her sort of literally so this is a little bit bizarre thing it's the kind of chaos scenario that you have already and in libya where there's no organized government there's just fanned the gangs that are only in the streets trying to control different parts of turkey so tens of thousands of syrian refugees have fled into take a decent months how is taking supposed to stop that. well the if they stop the material support for the so-called rebels then i imagine it will stop rather quickly and i think the reports i have are that the government inside turkey has much more popular and broad based support because this is viewed as
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a foreign intervention into syrian affairs and even sunni populations are much much more closely rallying around the government so this is not as simple as he topple enough gadhafi in libya was for it for the united states and it's also the fact that russia china iran and. various various other entities have drawn the line and sat and said no we will not let syria fall that is what a huge print in washington stands for an arab spring get serious i don't think this is to happen. the turkey said to be harboring syrian opposition that isn't even the headquarters of the rebel free syrian army well it's anxious seeking to gain by supporting regime change forces well i think accurate under enormous pressure from washington. see i did cia director petraeus is almost weekly. visits you can imagine he's not talking about the ability of british t.v.
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. and washington has other ways that it's pressure in saudi arabia from all reports i have displayed an extremely ugly role both will be aired on government in turkey and also in syria to try to create regime change alone along with the bike or ultra serious incident but i government so it's it's a faction within the arab world united with washington. try to force regime change inside syria and that's simply not happening after one year on so i think there's a degree calculation and i have the sense that washington is trying to fallback plan b. of those simply portraying russia and china as the greatest offenders against world peace by defending syrian government and to try to get them a bad face in the idea in the eyes of the world community and i don't think that's going to wash either but if the u.n. that fails to take decisive action on syria when to be up to the country's
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neighbors like taken to intervene in result the conflict by force no turkey has no business intervening in the affairs of a softened country even if it's its next door neighbor these are. the dead the rebels are being armed from outside and they would be nice sent in from outside they've been trained by the cia by french intelligence by british intelligence and sent in there to create these incidents these random shootings of civilian buses school children and so forth and then to blame it on the government so that i documented from numerous sources travel directly from syria as an independent foreign journalist and i think this is what's going on you have you have journalists from al-jazeera resigning in protest because al-jazeera under pressure from the dubai government that owns it is refusing to tell the truth about what's going on inside syria this is an armed intervention in the illegal file ation of un chartered by the united states and the various other countries including most
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likely turkey to try to destabilize so that it can in steps. that should be against the u.n. charter all right after the death now live from istanbul that was set for north africa thank you for joining us thank you. well for the first time in fifteen months international talks on iran's nuclear program are to resume six major wealthy. house and tehran will meet later on saturday in turkey there's hope of a solution this time needed to use tension in the region especially with israel threatening a preemptive military strike rather has been increasing its which went in recent years it says it's for peaceful energy but the west suspects is making a bomb the u.s. and europe have imposed tough sanctions including an oil embargo that comes into force in july and countries are comply with china has agreed to help expand iran's time complete economist says the polish to suffer more from the sanctions.
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it's absolutely tragic for them because just at the point in time where all of the other colors of their civilization are gradually being kicked i because the fiscal permanent is a total disaster they find that the oil that they caught at very reasonable prices is suddenly going to have to go to market rates a little bit they're going to have to transource from somewhere else so it's one of these curious predicaments who are no one really wants to argue about the politics of the affair but ultimately it's the european union's weakest nations that are actually in the direct line to suffer more than necessarily the arabians themselves i mean clearly the e.u. has a series of different issues that it wants to bring forward and one of them is that the european union wants to act like some kind of major foreign powers and the problem then is of course the sometimes you have to do things in foreign policy the well to use an old irish expression you end up cutting off your nose to spite your
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face in other words you end up with a problem because actually economically you can hurt your own people rather than somewhere else but again i think the problem with this is it's a kind of growing pain for the european union because they haven't really got their head around how they can manage to juggle all the different balls of multinational statehood whether it be the economy where they're feeling abysmal or indeed in international states who are obviously they're trying very very hard to stop around getting a nuclear weapon but at the same time where they don't it is not good for their economy. on the way to challenges of rocket science says north korea with the sun light in orbit succeeds in sparking global fearing by the threat may be over hyped . and the future british generations will have to bear the brunt of everything to make a comeback after the first world wide. elections it should
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be about choosing upstanding citizens who will do their civic duty when you do any on sunday that is will get to choose from and edged fraudsters and murder suspects up to a fifth of candidates seemingly have a criminal past that's pretty sure expects. the show has been a councillor representing one of the wards in india's capital city for five years he's up for reelection this year and says he wants nothing more than to serve his community. and politics is like social work i'm in it to serve the public because that gives me satisfaction i know their needs but alongside these lofty aspirations are some murky allegations denise has been charged with attempted murder intimidation assaulting a public servant and armed rioting he says he's not guilty of the charges but he's not the only candidate in this year's municipal elections facing serious allegations according to the association for democratic reform about fifteen to
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twenty per cent of candidates from both major political parties have a criminal background many actually have pending cases involving serious allegations like murder kidnapping extortion and robbery and actually in a recent local election ten a family candidates were actually campaigning from and shale. out of the one hundred thirty nine candidates in delhi's municipal election the nisha has the second highest number of charges pending against him but he says the allegations are bogus and that on a general level the problem in india isn't as serious as it sounds. there is no truth in the it's a conspiracy i was in fact fighting for the people when they charged me with thoughts like is ations how can anyone called is a criminal case. should the cho car is working to make indian political candidates backgrounds more transparent to voters he says money often means power regardless
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of how it's obtained with. all made of. the money and the power of the muscle. money and lots of board. money through. while the indian parliament could pass a law to make it illegal for criminals to run for office choke our doubts it will happen since almost a quarter of the lawmakers themselves have trouble pasts in a country known for corruption and bribery some voters say they simply want to elect someone who they think can get the job done we should not bother so much with the history of the politicians standing for elections whether he's been a criminal in the past or not only we need to see is whether he brings developments but in a country where so much development is needed others feel that process is being
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undermined by shady allegations were candidates backgrounds are now very much in the foreground preassure either r t new delhi india. but while some alleged criminals are running for office another high profile indian national is being mistaken for a terrorist in trips abroad something reports online with the superstar. khan was detained in the u.s. support for the second time in four years because of his name. also online the secret service sleaze twelve agents in presence of obama security to send back in from colombia and tell me why. plus the traffic cop who wouldn't take no for an answer check out the footage of this vietnamese officer clinging to gas the driver tried to say take it watch the video in full get well you tube channel.
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there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. if. it is to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is one hopes he was and we. we want to cheer because it. something i. doubt just weeks before egypt's presidential vote thousands of rallied in cairo against the remnants of the old regime is the lists are protesting the candidacy of sentiment it was president mubarak's deputy before he was toppled more than a year ago friday will make his agree to ban only regime officials from politics but it still needs the green light from the military which has been running the country for the past fifteen months gypsum its commitment to the brotherhood wants
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an end to military rule acara based on listen i did not trust says the islamists and you want to assume our. i believe this law is unconstitutional because the supreme constitutional law. and court has to review any legislation that are facts the presidential elections the muslim brotherhood were creeping towards grasping all the power in egypt the first they had the to overwhelm the civil societies the unions then the second phase of this strategic plan is to overwhelm them and control the legislative authority so they are accelerating the pace in controlling the power in egypt by controlling those dimensions or key players in the political
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scene in egypt but more of the world's news for you now this hour eight sheer muslims have been killed in two separate attacks in south west protestant gunmen opened fire on a car incentive killing six people and it's later to move were killed. in the same chain muslims are the minority in pakistan and often targeted bias and community. clashes between troops and al-qaeda linked militants at least twenty four people died in yemen and follows a military offensive against insurgents attacked a military camp in the south and was two hundred people have died since the fighting began on monday kind of took control of several towns in the area you political turmoil and the pows presence. sudan's government has launched a counterattack or boil feels the southern border is also arming civilians of the south sudan seems that heydrich which is home to around half of sudan's oil
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production border clashes have escalated since south sudan gained independence last june r.t. . and a solid lardons family will be deported to saudi arabia next week after completing a jail sentence and proper start and legally entering the country gardens saudi arabian citizenship was stripped almost two decades ago and it's unclear whether the country will accept his widows they've been in detention since their kind of it was killed last american special forces. in the wake of friday's failed rocket launch north korea is gearing up for a century since that it's what the the giant statues of. his son kim jong il have been unveiled for weeping crowd and. it's a variation is north korea has been very good eighteen response to the rocket launch and fell into the sea just moments after blast off but still. nation.
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remains north korea is banned from ballistic tests it has its own range and the weapons. are experts. thinks. to anyone but in many respects north korea is technologically quite advanced and has been for many years for many decades is major problem of course is nonie it costs half a billion dollars to launch one of these rockets and that's a lot of money in north korea they don't have a lot of money to continually test these things so failure frankly is more likely than success on the side of threat does north korea really represent a threat well frankly it doesn't have much in the way of military at this point of course there's a very large army we're talking about a military that is declined rather precipitously relative to the south korean military and certainly relative to the u.s.
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military their nuclear program was in some sense an attempt to level the field the fact that it doesn't have much of a nuclear program. neither of which were particularly successful tried to put a satellite into orbit hasn't been successful that suggests that this attempt to level the playing field is pretty represents for north korea kind of a baseline of turns but no kind of offensive threat for other countries. there are britain's got big bills to pay but it's looking to a century old solution when times are even tougher never ending loans to cover the cost of the first world war but still being repaid today by the treasury treasonous planning more than the means of financial headache for tomorrow's children develop reports. strapped for cash and deep in debt the u.k. government has a plan but buyers beware all's not as it seems chancellor george osborne wants to bring back never ending loans dumping the government's crippling debt on to future
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generations it'll still be borrowing only this is money george and friends won't have to pay back sounds too good to be true that's because it is i think at this stage there are elements of it clearly this is a good time for the u.k. tax buy for these to be issued but that begs the question of who would buy it if it's a good time to issue them then it's not a good boy there would be buyers of the taxpayers themselves shouldering the government's rasta one trillion pound debt pile by lending it money also on off a bonds that will mature after one hundred years these workers if the government taking out a very generous mortgage benefiting from its current rock bottom interest rates for another century bad news for whoever is lending the money the only way you could actually make money here is if there was no inflation between now and the year twenty one twelve a very optimistic outlook take the last hundred years for example if i did bested
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one hundred pounds back in one nine hundred twelve at a rate of three point four percent say then this year it would have almost three thousand pounds sounds ok in itself but it's nothing compared to what i would have got just from inflate said which would have seen one hundred pounds balloon into almost nine thousand so you would fall for such a cheap trick well no one of course but that's where the government gets its own investment rules would force pension funds to buy against their will not exactly fair play but this is a monopoly with only one winner you know this is what happens in markets when governments and the risks are enormous you know the risks of buying a one hundred year. gilt from the u.k. government or historical evidence given inflation patterns in the past would suggest that. anything close to current yield you would lose money on the
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last time britain issued never-ending loans was off the world war one a massive deficit still burning a hole in the taxpayers' pocket even today and now base governments doing the same offloading its own mountain of debt to be someone else's problem i've been it r t london. parrots easter weekend for millions of orthodox christians around the world and christianity is most significant festival the russians walking a traditional food. cakes today and the kurds spread this pastor which is what easter is called where the foods are taken to church history lest russia's better ok well that's a special morning liturgy at moscow's manger christ the savior cathedral for leading services evening and we'll bring you live coverage from the think of later today this church ministers talk us through the key parts of the proceedings stay
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with us for that. what are the headlines just ahead stay with us.
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this was the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution and the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spread to. people and they need to be in there more than hundred thousand people in. groups welcome the fact that children see the children. ten times more likely to be born with birth defects in children in the rest of the country. in the sea as little as five hundred dollars. and the unpunished. bush. the bush always adds by one vote for kerry for kerry
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so the people that are going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote for somebody and it will be right every time a guy can walk up here and if he hits the right buttons he can flip a vote that he's. something. he's beneath. thousands of natures of ice. broke. the law. that he's aloof from. but dangerous even to those who keep it to distance.


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