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tv   [untitled]    April 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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material is one hopes he journalism honest. we want your position. some free copies of. the week's top stories and today's news from the u.n. this sets the stage to send observers to syria with this first resolution the conflict designs of pop up a shaky cease fire balanced team of thirteen monitors who paved the way for hundreds more. egypt to shorten their list of presidential candidates for supporting mubarak sidekick something down to the running thousands of business to write it in current support the new normal venting former regime officials from entering the race. is the final push for france's top job as well to the edge to
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the extremes of constant of integration identity losing influence and serve to brussels middle son to z. of land and somebody rallies in paris. and billions of orthodox christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of christ through life issues discernment is home to australia. the holy planet which was acknowledged in jerusalem brought to russia one of the centuries of tradition. now the man accused in a case seen by many as a miscarriage of u.s. justice talks exclusively to r.t. me i would your mother a former journalist and simple life sentence behind bars gives us his first interview of the being taken off death row.
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revolutionary journalist an activist an honorary award holding citizen in over twenty cities with a street named after him in france his case is said to be one of the most of beaded in modern legal history of killing a police officer in the it is near boojum all who spent almost three decades under a throw in general he was taken off death row and is now serving life behind bars without parole for the first time since his transfer and he's speaking exclusively with our teeth from jail. thank you so much for speaking with us today my first question to you is after almost thirty years on death row and now serving a life sentence without parole if you were behind bars right now if you could be anywhere else in the world where do you think you would be and what would you be doing. i've always been sent my earliest years what was called an international that is a attention to what's happening in other parts of the world and as an internationalist
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i'm. thinking about life by all the people all around the world of course as an african-american i would love to spend some time in parts of africa but it's also true that i have many friends and loved ones and friends i was really like to. bring my family my wife and my kids to come see our st. louis i was wondering the high bard you seem to be watching world affairs much closer than most people who are free to walk the streets and i want to ask you which events of the last thirty years would you really want to be a part of if you could i think first would probably be the anti-apartheid movement itself africa because of course it was south africa it was also global because it was the touch point of white supremacy versus the freedom and dignity of african people south africa which would be
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a. logical first choice but wherever people are fighting for freedom you know that kind of what's my appetite and it gets my attention and moves my passion you turn at the end of the month which means you will have spent more than half of your life behind bars and most people can't even begin to imagine that was it like how did change here. the point of fact i've spent most of my life. the bigger percentage of my life on death row and i cannot have had a profound effect on consciousness and on. the way one feeds and interacts with the world. i like to tell myself that i've actually spent a lot of the time. on the bars and in other countries and you know. the parts of the world because i did so mentally mental can only take you so far. the truth of the matter is i spent most of my living years in my lifetime on death row
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so in many ways even to this day in my own mind. if not attack i'm still on your story has really become a symbol for many of our flawed justice system do you personally have any faith left in a spare and free justice system you've described in your work the prison system in united states of the war on the poor prisons being built to get rid of the broken the homeless do you have any faith left in that system at all considering you are obviously so much part of part of it in your life and so much affected by it. when i was a teenager and i was in the back of the party i remember going to downtown manhattan and protesting against the. political imprisonment and incarceration and the threats facing angela why favorites. and i remember you know of course like many
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other pastors reading her works. and. finding when she attacked the prison system she talked about the perhaps two hundred fifty thousand or three hundred thousand people in prisons all throughout the united states is not just a problem that need to be dealt with but. a crisis situation that bordered on fascism well fast forward thirty forty years into the present there are more than three hundred thousand prisoners in california alone one state out of fifty being imprisonment in california notice i'm not talking about united states but in california alone exceeds that of france belgium of england and perhaps you could name four five of the countries combined so we could not perceive back then of what it would become and. you know so it's monstrous when you really look at what's
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happening there you can literally talk about millions of people being part of that is being cross rated by the prison industrial complex today men women and children and that level of mass incarceration really mass repression have an immense impact and effect on the our community not just among families but in a social incommunicado just this way and again caucasian fear among generations so it's at a level at a depth that many of us could not even fathom or dream of today you know i can't help but wonder you talk about so many important social and economic issues in your work. do you have a dream today if you could be one of those aspects genes which one would you pick what you wish you could happen in the united there's never one thing i mean it's
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a separate question and i understand it and i will address it but the point is because the system is a system of interconnectedness and because one part of the system impacts the other part of the system and because what antonio prompts you call the chimney of the ideological system impacts other parts of the system you can't change one thing that will impact all things i think if anything that's one of the lessons of the lie detector because the civil rights movement was talking about integration and this and that and changing the schools in point of fact if you look at the vast majority of working class and poor black kids in american schools today. they believe they live and spend their hours and days in a system profoundly as segregated as that of their grandparents but it's not segregated by race is that we're getting by race and class formally class which in tax rates the great jonathan cause will whose research american education for forty
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years has written in one of his most recent books that the american educational system is an apartheid system i know from my personal interaction with my own family talking to my wife my kids and even to grant you that the schools that my grandchildren go to the worst in the schools i went to when i was in my mind for years and in my teenage years that's a condemnation of the system because for generations only concentrated on one thing or one side of the problem the problems really got worse and worse and worse and while there is a lot of rhetoric about schools. american schools are a tragedy if you only think of equal well i would start with rephrase that american schools and many of the black and latino communities are not a tragedy they are a crime were monitored by the f.b.i.
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at the age of fourteen and i want to ask you now was laws such as the being passed in the united states where people are watched a teen and can be held that's become easier than ever are do you think they grow other one the fish really shown his face in this country at this point. well let's look at it this way if you look back at the cointelpro era what is clear is that the f.b.i. and their leaders and their agents knew that everything they did was illegal and the agents were taught and trained how to break into places how to do what they called black bag jobs and that kind of stuff how to commit crimes but this is what they were also to do with it you bet i could probably because if you get caught you're going to jail it will act like we are on your own what has happened in the last twenty thirty years not just the n.b.a. but the so-called patriot act has made everything that was illegal back in the one
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nine hundred sixty s. and nine hundred fifty s. and nine hundred seventy s. . legalized legalized they legalized the very things that f.b.i. agents administrators knew was criminal back then that means faith you can look at your mail they certainly can read your email they tap your phones they do all that but they do it in the name of national security but they do with less what we live in today is a national security state with big brother is. legalized legal rational you described politicians once as prostitutes in suits giving your apologies to honest prostitutes so i want to ask you would celestion season in the united states right now still trust who would you vote for somebody frankly i mean if i had let me put it this way i have seen no one that i could in good conscience vote for today. because most of the people that are out there of the two major
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political parties and when they saw it all i hear is a kind of at least. reasonable. wish to return to days of yore the nineteen fifties where they talk about the perpetuation of the american empire and serialist like i mean what is there to hope for how many people consciously when they go to the polls are voting for imperialism or voting for more war the voting for their son or daughter or father or mother for that matter to become a member of the armed forces and become a mass murderer bomber or for good reasons we have the second i just want to ask you lastly you seem to have endorsed the occupy wall street movement that has sprung up all over the united states is this a couple of uprising that you think could change america and do good for the united states i think it's the beginning of the kind of a project because it has to be deeper it has to be broader it has to address issues
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that are touching on the lives of poor and working. christ i think that's a waste but i think it's a damn good pick a i just wish it was bigger. since our time is running out so me a can i ask you you are the voice of the voiceless what is your message to your supporters today right now who are listening to you. in order to cooperate organize organize organize and i love you all and i thank you for fighting for me now let's try to go for it thank you so much for your time today thank you for talking with us the best of luck thank you thank you thank you.
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markets by now scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in cars report on r.g.p. . the week's top stories on today's news from our t.v. the u.n. that sets the stage to send observers to syria with its first resolution on the conflict designed to prop up the shaky cease fire but well it's a team of the monitors will pave the way to hundreds of new. egypt shortens than this took presidential candidates as for mubarak sidekicks up and down to the running thousands of business to try to get congress in support of a new normal venting former regime officials from entering the race. it's a final push for francisco to join his voters and that's to be extremes with concerns of integration of identity and that imposing
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a good sort of pride for its. own and hold something about its. beaches head out later section from the world of sports. sports analogy hello there thanks for joining us this hour our top story. almost championship is an eight hour one victory away from retaining that russian premier league title after beating it's a scrap in st petersburg nailed. stream diving video of you get a good result and in the heart of security brush your gold in the men's room it's a synchronized event at the world series in moscow. and a more tragic day on the page for telling football players you need dies from
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a product tag during a serious message being a too late. so let's start with it was an incident but it's just one win away from retaining the russian premier league title that's off to suit no victory over second place to scott more skill on saturday two men opening their gold telling this season just in time for the senate with the dimmer but strong second half strike team. in the sixty fourth minute in the parliament so the game looks on the critical fourth found under our cabin in the area close out the game with an excellent strike in the eighty ninth minute victory means fourteen points at the top of the list fifteen to play for. sort of what if missed a chance to move third after they were one zero away at both teams greater chance of france as the price half but despite that it was goalless at half time recent
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signing of the chain could finally breaking with deadlock for the not scribes in the sixty minutes thirty year old was sceptical immediately the fall of the efforts is a zealot levelled matters for the. in the seventy five minutes with a brilliant cricket one of the finest in the style back. in the relegation group cruelly set up in our state chances for survival with a one victory over. it was a visit opened at the end of the first half pier on the scoreboard for the prime side sixty minutes into the game through a gate to russia for receive a yellow card for the box to get ridiculed making one all for miss sport three minutes late for school and second of the night soon after that this is down tonight it's a good vocal and later in the bucket it said but really failed to take advantage of that remained so you want. three games are settled for
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sunday where starts to go second is a bit routine at the stadium while demanding more school visit. and. if they come away with a victory that the round table rock bottom spotlight not to post for ground. manchester city have lovely tartan rates wide open one small with a big picture i know which now is just two points behind it is meant to see united worlds remain to the goalless draw at sunderland blood but are still just one place about them following. its all three are two points above the drop serve due to one male defeat at west brom. in the meantime in the top seven form as wembley liverpool trained from behind to be innocent rivals see one because the law which feeds the twenty fourth minute but second part girls draw blue stars and
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power so coming through which is meant through to their second domestic or foreign appearance this season once on the top and chelsea go head to head in the semi. finally. the boys are all happy go home loans over the top you know there's a job to do to get them out of. the world celebrations or anything what the rules are because we've got the option not up to was to go and look. same with the board said news from me to now we're live on a midfielder and former under twenty one pair myra has died after suffering a cardiac arrest during a serious police car the twenty five year old signed onload from it in a zip collapse in the thirty first minute or is it it was taken to hospital unconscious after a medical staff tried to revive the player of the beach with the figure later but he was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital he's death comes less a month after english premier league player bruce one but suffered
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a heart attack in an f.a. cup fixture the ball turned wondrous midfielder survived and is making slow but steady recovery. possible where in the n.b.a. the metaphysic resists have claimed their seventh straight home victory by beating you to the judgment sitting in the west. during the first two quarters with one point of break then. not a three point lead to extend your trees to four points late in the mathis part a way to respond. sports seventeen of these twenty during the final quarter to the . hardwood weeknights eight remaining in the conference. and i thought the league finals between auburn god and dinar money on sunday game two takes place remember the hawks are one. of seven encounter against
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a lead is no ropes meant game three will take place in the russian capital on tuesday as this series moves to moscow. staying with fame but switching to tennis and bizarrely for the first time in history a third cup tie is to be played guess where on ice but don't expect to see russia preparing their skates for the next match with serbia our correspondent michael tranquil explains. you wouldn't believe it but i'm actually standing on an ice rink it's a mega sports arena in moscow in a building two thousand and six to hold various with a sporting events so the little bit strange that i'm actually helping to cover it with clay soil now by the end of april they promise to turn this into a bonus in the tennis court indeed the federations cup semifinal between russia and serbia is being held in moscow on the twenty first and the second of april and irene is ice rink famously known for hosting many figure skating and ice of events
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was traditionally been the cup of legends is being sealed off and completely covered with soil it's a really dumb technique and the world's first for such a high caliber tennis event but ensuring that the call doesn't create through the custom built courts isn't an easy task. it's not minus food in one it's five degrees only a feat right now not only have to protect the eyes but also be able to remove everything and make sure the ice is usable within forty eight hours additionally goods are not usually used indoors like for example one grants. the ice is first covered with special isolation tiles called terra cover after which it's then secured by a layer of carpeting and plastic. but because the board is literally being laid over rice and no heavy machinery can be used to cover and press the soil so the only way to do it is manually. although defying the elements like this has been
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done before and both the russian and international tennis bodies have endorsed such advanced technologies it's not really something that was planned or intended it's just. a facility that is available at the moment because normally we. organise such a. stadium or or here but there's no other word choice of facilities that accommodate such an event i was too busy at the moment. visit and this facility since to be more than a very convenient to ration the certifier there's no doubt the highest quality in standards are being used so there's no way any of the players will have a chance to glean bionics for wrong call now the brand new court is set to be completed by the seventeenth of april a full four days before the federation cup but if there are some unwanted delays
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players can still rest assured that they won't be feeling and it can gain time michael r.t. in moscow. and finally in diving team russia has won the men's three major synchronised events on the final day of competition at the world series having a fall from able to russia's teller in moscow set it up with ice all the details. the three metre springboard synchronized men's you and was the biggest intrigue of the final day with the usually dominant team china not competing in the discipline it led to an open conversation but the russian pair of you again you couldn't solve and there was a her lead from the first round to secure the gold with a solid performance while the u.s. team or second and ukraine third yes. i think the chinese divers decided to take a pause and have some rest we also didn't compete at the beijing stage however we
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try to assure the best perspired fair absence. that it's a pity that china team didn't take part in this event expected to compete with them as thoroughly for this competition after this when the russian due to travel to the final stage of the world series in mexico next week and they're allowed to skip the domestic championship which means they have their place for the national team at the london olympics thank you i don't know yet i haven't talked with the head coach but it seems yes we are going to deliver picks however in our events on the night the chinese won all the gold medals c. and the room and see i took that for us two places in three metre springboard and we knew where get the highest score in the manse ten meter platform and one hole enchant joleen wonder woman smear a tower that cheney's diaries hold undisputable leadership in the sport and will be
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hoping to hear if you medals at the final stop of the serious in mexico next week as a matter of party. ok that's all the sports from me for the moment i'll be back into our style with more for you. i. am. wrong.
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and i. am.
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