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tv   [untitled]    April 15, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the week's top stories in days news from r.t. observers are set for syria as the u.n. issues its first resolution on the conflict designed to prop up the shaky cease fire. in egypt shorten the list of presidential candidates barack sidekick submitted out of the race. it's the final push for france's top job as voters and lurch to the extremes of concerns of immigration identity and in proposing. and millions of water dogs christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of christ including the bishop used to ceremonies held in the main cathedral.
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you're watching our season we can use your view welcome to the program first started more than a year of fighting in syria the un's most powerful body has ushered in its first resolution on the conflict a small team of unarmed military observers has been deployed to oversee the fragile cease fire ok with the force on thursday. as wonderful new york. porting to russian ambassador to the un batali churkin one russian officer will be part of the group heading to syria the resolution that was adopted also calls on all parties in in syria including the opposition to immediately seize all armed violence in all its forms this is what was the sticking point on friday and why the security council was wasn't able to vote on
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a resolution friday because according to russia's position the u.s. first drafted resolution made many demands of the syrian government and no explicit demands of the syrian opposition the russian ambassador. vitaly churkin said at this critical junction is very very important for all syrian parties including the arm opposition to comply with the six point peace plan that was laid out by u.n. special envoy kofi annan on this of course also calls for an immediate cease fire and for an inclusive political process in syria in which the opposition groups and the syrian government engage in dialogue with the russian ambassador said that moscow from the very beginning has been supportive of mr are not peace plan it is only he said through an objective balanced approach that the security council was able to reach a consensus on saturday with. russia on the number. of
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members draft resolution has been significantly changed it became more balanced instance which sees more. interest. in syria's government it will be an. observer mission according to this resolution the un secretary-general ban ki moon will have to report back to the security council on april nineteenth regarding how the resolution is being implemented whether the observers are being granted access throughout says. by the humanitarian officials are being granted access throughout syria if the syrian authorities and the syrian opposition is complying with what the security council's this monitoring mission will eventually grow to a team of two hundred fifty people we should note though that it does say in this resolution that has some there is a vague reference that if syria does not comply with what this a curate council is asking further measures can be taken and what those further
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measures are is not clear again i think at this point all security council members are hoping that the armed opposition group and the syrian government do comply with what's being asked and peace is finally established in syria. when they bring in turkey accused syria of conducting across border raid this week the retaliation if it happens again the country is also having to hunt for the growing influx of syrian refugees the middle east expert enson the use that it was a policy towards young reckons it's really fueling the conference. turkey a big part of the nato coalition of countries is basically playing an interesting only role sense of the situation turkey's very skillfully and quietly stayed in the background of this conversation but actually turkey has been allowing free syrian army and al-qaeda soldiers to come over the syrian border have safe haven within their country now this is going to be
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a problem if you're looking at any sort of binding agreements for as a peace plan or anything like that is turkey can't be allowed to do that they've been hosting the free syrian army in their country since october and so let's get real here turkey is a nato country they've been actively involved in helping provide a base for this insurgency to come over the border it's an absolute free for all in terms of geopolitics so women to think that turkey is somehow a respectable player in this in this story which i think the spotlight needs a couple of turkey and fast if we're going to see the situation stabilize and syria shortly in the program the whistleblower tends inquisitor that's ten days from now controversial leaks about the song yes he's going to show you know week ahead. also the game changer for spain's football clubs sinking in debt some tough stuff you want to make. now ten of the twenty three candidates who want to run for
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presidency have been banned from taking part in next month's election but also business. support. venting former regime officials from entering the race just now got a stamp on the route is excluded kind of its own files to appeal it's a protest demonstrations are expected in the capital. for most. women to muslim brotherhood kind of that's. best for us in cairo these days the mists want to control. i believe this law is unconstitutional because the supreme constitutional law and court has to review pennie legislation that affects the presidential elections the muslim brotherhood were creeping towards grasping all the power in egypt they first they had
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the to overwhelm the civil societies the unions then the second phase of the strategic plan is to overwhelm them and control the legislative authority so they are accelerating their pace in controlling the power in egypt by controlling those dimensions or key players in the political scene in egypt. online we want to know who you think benefits from egypt adding it and the time it's in there it become a present so r.t. dot com thirty seven percent of you say it's really military council study q believe it's that is the mr gang of course you don't think anyone. just a few percent think we're a big pro-democracy activists might skew this to their politicians an excellent place to live your voice and while you're there take a look at some other stories we've got on the phone today including. the off
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revolution boards passion ten degrees in atlanta suspended price for what expenses payouts to the dead in terms of what's in the can. and can't go break to make up new journalism voters weigh up an election list for every fifth candidate in their criminal reports all to dot com and from the you tube channel. the wait is almost over whistleblower children a son comes to r.t. early next week he's a new show we're featuring two beams of powerful people around the world as our correspondents will smith explains. the first episode of the show will be broadcast on cheese day april seventeenth so that's this choose day coming and we are doing together really hoping this is going to be an explosive new show i can't tell you the name of the first guest you'll have to chew nine yourself to find that out on
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choose day but i can tell you that they are all opinion formers some of them this isn't and some of them have never been interviewed before on english language television the first guest is particularly controversial and according to julian in the wake of the interview highly charismatic so you can find out what that's all about i met with him recently and i talked all about the show how he changed his guests why he decided to do it and of course he spent a lot of time sitting on the other side of the interview as desk and he told me a bit about his disenchantment really with the mainstream media and why he chose r.t. to broadcast first this show the themes that we're trying to report not being heard . in the race for the purse when we look at what works. for the. currents gently or not this week coming up the week in which the first show is going to be broadcast is really a week of anniversaries for him both personal and professional it's going to be
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five hundred days since the investigation into these allegations of sexual assault by two swedish women began now we've seen that the request for his extradition go through the courts here in the u.k. right up to the supremes courts which in that case finished at the beginning of february that's ten weeks ago now we still don't have a budget we are expecting it possibly to come next week but there's still no set date for that verdict to be handed down and still after five hundred days no charges have been laid against him it's also five hundred days since the wiki leaks bank accounts were first frozen so that has made funding for wiki leaks very difficult. and threatening that was supplying organization altogether and really that's what makes this program so unique the fact that it was conceived while a soldier was virtually living under house arrest here in britain awaiting this verdict on his extradition there's two reasons first of all being on house arrest
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the sort of more it's nice to have a look a little. calmer and more about the world and the conversations we were having a party just. for the people what was going on that's one reason the second reason is that as someone who's given a lot of this before and this you know the receiving end of a very aggressive struggles i felt that i wasn't giving much away. pretty quickly. he just keeps you know sort of a difference in response so people don't take it out of context and i want to have a different sort of proportion of people and why that approach has been difficult and sometimes i think it was also succeeded in something that we really sides or very interesting people and not normal because they're not dealing with. the human was sort of was under house arrest. of course for political problems. so you
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can see the full version of that interview on monday the sixteenth of april and that will be followed hot on the heels by the first episode of the program on tuesday the seventeenth of april we're still awaiting the verdict on julian assange as extradition but we are quite glad that he's managed to make this program before whatever happens to him happens to him obviously his main fear has always been that he will be extradited from sweden to the u.s. . there hasn't been easy here he. is to get the maximum political. sources. it's what helps the journalism. we want to preserve. something.
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north korea is celebrating a century since the birth of its late one time leader kim il sung his grandson currently came to our home made his first public speech praising the country's military tonight and calling for even more resolve something mentioned there was a friday's paled a long range rocket mission says it was supposed to put a satellite into orbit as you can see moments after the blast off. i think u.n. resolutions and sparked a well you know condemnation america has even suspended two hundred million dollars worth of food aid to north korea which expert jim walsh says that the. peace talks . did not go off course in a way where japan or south korea felt compelled to shoot it down because i think it could have been a trip wire it could have caused you know good but possibly better collation and. events that no one would want so you know if they all but it failed peacefully if you will the problem is as
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a consequence of this we're not going to have the six party talks we have president elect and in the united states very hard for us president to restart negotiations or produce after what are perceived as provocative acts and there is no one's talking which means this is dangerous. other bitter battle for french voters intensify its presidential rivals something close sarkozy and france are on hold sunday rallies in paris election is just a week away and with immigration identity taking center stage that's our city and looks at whether france is witnessing a seismic shift to the right. anti immigration anti euro antiglobalization and advocates of protectionism. all in the name of the french state and national identity there is not a single french person not one european who does not know that i am a sworn enemy of the european single currency buskers it is radical islam as
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a direct consequence of mass immigration at the left and the right in hose on us for decades if you make no. traditionally on the fringes of france's national politics the rhetoric of today's far right made the longer be as far off for its citizens as it once was opinion polls suggest that presidential candidate marine le pen of the ultra right wing national front party is third with potentially ten million votes its biggest support base ever there is no potency of integration friends so if french. doesn't bother anyone if. we don't want. to play king and so we don't want one. of the different communities but don't be together. as a night and. it's globalization destroyed inside and. enter the pen with her calls for economic patriotism prioritizing france over europe its native citizens
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over others of giving the french back their jobs. and center right incumbent nicolas sarkozy stands accused of jumping on the far right bandwagon some say for the ballot sake. our integration system is getting worse and worse why because we have too many foreigners in our territory threatening to withdraw from michigan border from agreements by no coincidence at a time when europe is seeing an influx of refugees fleeing conflicts in north africa and the middle east this is a free gift so we will have to see anything. in the us. knows pretty well that he was elected in two thousand and seven only because he was able to catch. the national front and know the situation is quite the same some say that what was once a protest vote is now
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a more permanent part of the french political spectrum i don't believe that there is certainly a part of the electorate who vote for the reasons of dissent but i think it must now be recognized even if it's difficult to accept that the vote for the national front is increasingly a vote of support the increasing prominence of right wing rhetoric in france especially the lead up to the presidential elections it's clear well it's more difficult to decipher is whether this growing support for the right reflects the direction of the french side of values has taken or is simply a knee jerk reaction to everything the french see wrong in their country that's are so your artsy part. turning now to some of today's world me for the first time in fifteen months iran has met with major world powers over its nuclear program convened in turkey and the winner god made new promises to end its program they all agreed to further discussions next month in baghdad tehran insists its project is
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peaceful western nations are instance developing nuclear weapons. strong has north to broaden raids on disputed border oil town it was seized a few days ago by south sudan which accuses its neighbor of curly airstrikes killing of civilians fighting between the two countries has escalated since south sudan gained independence last to die. when a major jailbreak in the northwest pakistan where the four hundred inmates escape thought it was the most insurgent stormed the prison with guns and grenades earlier something ornate some of the prisoners are writing militants and taliban says it carried out late. for millions of orthodox christians in russia and around the world it's easter sunday of course russia people gathered overnight in churches to take part in east a vigil well a lot of russians believe is the resurrection of jesus christ god sees a tom watson was about to cross the sacred cathedral when one service was led by
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petrarca. easter services in the russian orthodox tradition are designed to be both long services but also very beautiful services stylized markings but the key moments in the story of christ's death and his resurrection on the third day a key moment in the service is the easter vigil where the priests walk in a circle around the church holding candles and they also change their outfits three times during the service from black which represents lent through the purple which represents the passions that christ went through and on to one which represents the resurrection itself. the holy fire has also arrived here in moscow this easter as it has done since the eleventh century when it first made that journey from the church of the holy support in jerusalem a story surrounding the fire is that a light shines through the roof of the church of the holy sepulcher every easter in
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jerusalem and somehow manages to light two candles one of which is brought to moscow and is then taken around to many orthodox churches a very special symbolic moment for the russian orthodox church easter the russian orthodox church also comes at the end of great lent seven weeks of fasting no meat and no dairy products but at the end it is time to bring out some special foods with a special connection to easter what is coolidge a cake by the sweet and filled with raisins and the other is named after easter in the russian language. it's a sweet dessert. also designed to be a celebration after the long weeks of fasting and also that universal symbol of easter eggs many are painted there often shared with family members and all are
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taken to priests at easter. with holy water they'll be shared around by orthodox families the world over as will this phrase in thirty thousand russian orthodox churches communities around the world the traditional russian orthodox greeting will be said at least christ has risen and it will be answered with a reply that traditional russian orthodox reply indeed it has risen. of russia and poland marked two years since a polish president lech kaczynski died in a plane crash and the russian city of smolensk countries held memorials on tuesday six people died in the crash as a high profile political recreational travel to commemorate victims of the stalinist massacre of the. russian poland have undertaken two years of this investigation into the traffic so a russian traffic control settles into their official probes concluded the pilot
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the plane's technical problems are to blame poland still believes there are unanswered questions which has agreed to help mr gates. the next the prominent german poet whose all riled israel with his writing laureate the grass is officially no longer welcome in the country published a poem warning that the israeli nuclear program is a threat to world peace for you all says and didn't intend to criticize israel itself but the policies of its present government comes to a standoff with iran but ten of those politicians are back still claiming. semitism. consultant says israel is just trying to make diversion tactic. israel the government of interest always used this argument of whenever you say something that is anti israel you're supposed to be anti-semitic this is the kind of argument that you use when you do it again not want to debate the issue and the
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issue here is israel is a nuclear power and is not signatory to the nonproliferation treaty and injure fuses controls by the international atomic energy agency exactly what it is the manning of iran which is a signatory to the n.p.t. treaty so actually what is happening here is indeed the issue is the fact that israel has a nuclear arsenal which is refusing to have controlled by international institutions . top flight football is taking a kicking other country's debt spiral drags down its premiere clubs after years of swinging cash to funnel for many teams. here in football list for many the embodiment of the beautiful game but off the field it's getting ugly top flight spanish clubs are struggling with masses of debt
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ninety percent of all european teams are bankrupt a based in spain and. presently the premier league clubs are either bankrupt or half bankrupt and this is a terrible result and the clubs have to realize that they can only spend as much as they have invested so many lives by this not just the sports that have the thought of a nation but as with many other aspects as mannish life only safe thing financial ruin me treasure of the year and euro zone a nation sports minister recently said spanish clubs may be offered help in the form of their restructuring refereeing the crisis german politicians appear to have kicked that idea into touch with one n.d.p. calling the move a threat to competition and asking german clubs to speak out i find it unthinkable we paying hundreds of millions of dollars to help them recover from the situation
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and clubs are trying to avoid paying their debts they cannot go on like this. the repos who has since been dropped by the problem persists the spanish clubs owing more than seven hundred fifty million euros in unpaid taxes karnow is one such club in ministration its struggle to pay all its players' wages. i think the spanish players were outraged when we talk about a strike it is gorgeous this is going through a really difficult time and inability to pay salaries is something affecting many clubs last year prompting place the strike wages are only part of the problem with spending to net the world's greatest talents amounting to four hundred million euros in the top league and those who lead teams from the boardrooms think something drastic needs to change. now spanish football and the spanish economy need investments from abroad it's not only about football but also spain as a whole off the pitch a similar scenario is be played out among the case of economy is not yielding many
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positive results and more some accuse football clubs of taking our eyes off the ball many are saying the same about the nation's leaders to greaves literate spain . this week's main news at today's top stories. this.
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the supposed the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution and the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spreading. will continue to be in the more than hundred thousand people in. groups walking in the back of children see the children today are ten times more likely to be born with birth defects in children in a recent action. in the sea as little as five hundred dollars.
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and. unpunished. the. machine would be soon much brighter if you knew about sums from funds to
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impressionable so. please from stunts on t.v. don't come. from. the atlantic. it's. just some. slum.


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