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tv   [untitled]    April 15, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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noise in r.t. reports of fresh shelling in syria as you and observers are set to enter the war torn country after a security council resolution grants and passage. kabul under attack the presidential palace western embassies and nato bases all hit by a large scale taliban and slaughter today militants claim it's retaliation for a u.s. soldier massacring afghan civilians and burnings of the qur'an. two main challenges for the french presidency rally last when it's a pulled ahead of next sunday's ballot but many politicians are using immigration and terrorism fears to sway voters. and it's the biggest holiday for millions of
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orthodox christians who are celebrating easter sunday a day they believe marks the resurrection of jesus christ. hello and welcome it's nine pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. and the weekly a roundup of the top stories of the last seven days with me kevin first though damascus says it will respond to increased attacks from armed gangs as reports of more violence comes out of syria but said of the arrival of the first group of your knowledge as to the country after the security council adopted a resolution on the conflict out is more important as the latest from new york. according to russian ambassador to the u.n. to tell you one russian officer will be part of the group heading to syria the resolution that was adopted also calls on all parties in syria including the
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opposition to immediately seize all our violence in all its forms this is what was a sticking point on friday and why the security council was wasn't able to vote on the resolution friday because according to russia's position. he was first drafted resolution made many demands of the syrian government and no explicit demands of the syrian opposition or russian ambassador to the u.n. to tally churkin said at this critical junction is very very important for all syrian parties including arm opposition to comply with the six point peace plan that was laid out by u.n. special envoy kofi annan on this of course also calls for an immediate cease fire and for an inclusive political process in syria in which the opposition groups and the syrian government engage in a dialogue with the russian bastards so that moscow from the very beginning has been supportive. of peace plan and is only he said through an objective balanced
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approach that the security council was able to reach a consensus on saturday with. russia and the number of other security council members the draft resolution has been significantly. it became more balanced instance of general present realities more frequently it is taken in. syria's government. the u.n. observer mission according to this resolution the un secretary-general ban ki moon will have to report back to the security council on april nineteenth regarding how the resolution is being implemented whether the observers are being granted access to outside. there humanitarian officials are being granted access throughout syria if the syrian authorities and the syrian opposition is complying with what the security council is this monitoring mission will eventually grow to
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a team of two hundred fifty people we should know though that it does say in this resolution that has some there is a vague reference that if syria does not comply with what this impurity council is asking further measures can be taken and what those further measures are is not clear yet i think at this point all security council members are hoping that the armed opposition group in the syrian government do comply with what's being asked and peace is finally established in syria will be questions will. come or was new joining us on the line from. c. tonight reports of more violence going shaky cease fire the mass. to respond to intensified revellers as it stands at the moment tonight is the whole peace. threat. obviously it seem like that there's some forty years within the middle east politics trying to sabotage
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the peace plan that is a range by mr anon and the u.n. i think somebody in qatar and sylvia arabia they're not liking the plan and they wanted the bloodshed to continue in syria and frankly we have seen and witnessed in the past couple days major of rest from other terrorist organization and tearing from arab countries into syria and causing all these against the stability of syria and i think in my estimate the peace plan should have signed by and by the qatari and the sudanese and the united states to that because because these factors are actually causing instability and escalation to continue at this point we don't understand how mr obama would say i'm supplying all kind of. different technique of supplies mostly weapons to the to the opposition and at the same time
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you want to have a peace plan is working at this point. peace plan and yesterday's u.n. resolution and learned the observers into the country was welcome of both the government on the opposition or both sides hoping to gain from it. i think i think the government of syria there there really wanted to have an end to this major division within the country and one of the healing to start they turn to the russian advice to the chinese advice and they want to dialogue to start and they want to end all kind of instability in the country then you have to look at the other other other opposition which is not headed by any known opposition but by . by some foreign officials from through the area and from qatar and from the united states where they calling for more arming of the opposition and
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more technical supply to the opposition so if you hear those states run from them then you know they're not really looking for peaceful outcome from mission and today was a major escalation and back and a lot of assassination by the opposition against civilian and syrian official mostly military man and this been happening really most more often now than before carol think you got to the what's generally been described as the failed arab league mission will these u.n. observers really get the true picture of what's going on there with his knowledge his route be able to get a reliable picture of what's happening. well you have to take it with a lot of grain of salt because you have to look at the observers and where they come from and what their agenda we hope for the past but i'm doubtful that if we don't have a political solution that includes. some countries i think
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that the shaky truth will break down sometime before we will see peace and i think there are people in the region do not want to see syria prosper and stable and they want to play you ask continue and they're not bothered by what is taking place and they think eventually this will work against the regime you know very positive picture you painted their political analyst on the line from beirut thank you for your informed thoughts on the program thank you. the taliban has launched a series of coordinated attacks across the afghan capital today including an assault on the presidential palace the afghan parliament or nato headquarters most of the targets were in the city the mattick district with western embassies and residences under fire the scale of casualties isn't clear but police said least two
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militants were killed and five people were wounded the military airport of jalalabad in the east of the country was also hit while violence was reported as well in two other provinces the taliban says the attacks were retaliation for the actions of u.s. troops including the burning of the qur'an and massacre of seventeen afghan civilians deepak parfaits a middle east expert and former correspondent in afghanistan he tell us he thinks the actions of foreign troops has been a factor in stoking up the situation there. it is hard to argue that the taliban are using events like the unit doing by the american marines on the dead body then the burning of the koran the that it streamed the offensive actions by foreign troops in any case in any country. but of course afghanistan has a culture of war and that was gone on since the late nineteenth century so all
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these actions are extremely influential in afghanistan is a fragile country it's an insecure one stable country with more than twenty thirty thousand nato troops and it can diminish or but most of our. most of the combat it's drawn at the end of next year this these attacks are also all horny to the current government. so. that. their survival would be very difficult because our team moscow coming up with me kevin owen show premieres and exclusive interviews for you. we launch a new show featuring the world's most famous was the blood jew in the sun surely next week it will be told about that coming out. israel has refused entry to dozens of activists who arrived in tel of eva's part of international campaign dubbed welcome to palestine nine israeli activists have also been arrested the
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organizers say they plan peaceful activities like planting trees in the west bank and they've criticized israel for overreacting let's get on top of this story without ceasing all these intel or other paula all the activists still arriving what's happening from i was the picture of them. well we are receiving reports of more foreign activists arriving later on sunday so thought thirty five international activists have arrived the majority of them being french nationals they have been barred intreat from israel and at the same time they entertained at ben-gurion international airport now of the forty five twenty nine have already been taken to running a prison in the same to of the country from where according to the israeli police spokespeople they will be deported the remaining sixteen are still at the airport and will be put back on flights later on sunday to be returned to their home countries they are part of this international campaign that has been dubbed to
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palestine and the intention of this campaign is to highlight the plight of the palestinian people there are also been nine israeli activists who arrived at the airport to show their support for their foreign counterparts and they were arrested after holding up signs that said welcome to palestine and shouting slogans such as free palestine there was a small counter demonstration by a group of israelis who shouted at them go home go to syria what are you doing here essentially what the activists are saying is that this is a peaceful right its intention is to really hold peaceful demonstrations in the west bank they were planning to meet with palestinian families to plant trees and to gather in bethlehem and they say that this flight to low which is the second such high to low in two years and they have tried to organize is also an attempt to highlight the way the israeli police and these regular coroutines deal with activists all foreigners coming to israel who hold political views not shared by the government ok. they. are the peaceful activists doing
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nothing while there's no violence is the will of the israelis the israeli authorities about why they appeared to exert a strong over the when. well the israeli police have been preparing for this already now for several days there were four hundred and fifty uniformed and undercover police throughout the day at ben-gurion international airport and to site they were there to control the situation israeli police accuse these activists of provoking the situation they said that they were intent on destructive and public to saw them that they really were trying to be legitimized his role particularly by holding up signs that say welcome to palestine but the activists accuse the israeli authorities are violating their right to freedom of speech at the same time they point out that israel has been particularly heavy handed in dealing with this situation the israeli police into this adds some five hundred
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names to various airports and airlines around the world saying to the airlines that if these people optimistic the mission to board planes when they are the pool for fun is well it will be the responsibility of the airlines to pay for those tickets and so at least five hundred people were prevented from actually arriving in his role in the first place this heavy handedness by israel is not something new we've witnessed at a short time ago with the way the israeli police dealt with the day commemorations at least one person dead and several other palestinian activists injured throughout the west bank from jerusalem and then of course they've been to attend in previous years. to reach gaza those flotillas were unsuccessful with the first one resulting in nine activists killed policy things for yourself to restore it emerged from tel aviv but the french just a week away from choosing the next president the two main rivals are rushing to secure a last minute support as they hold rallies in paris socialist candidate francois hollande head of the polls president sarkozy's joining the charge now to the right
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to try to sway voters exactly to the reports it's growing immigration and fear of terrorism that many french politicians are braintree on these days. anti immigration anti euro antiglobalization and advocates of protectionism. all in the name of the french state and national identity there is not a single french person not one european who does not know that i am a sworn enemy of the european single currency buskers it is radical islam as a direct consequence of mass immigration that the left and the right in hose on us for decades it is make no. traditionally on the fringes of france's national politics the rhetoric of today's far right may no longer be as far off for its citizens as it once was opinion polls suggest the presidential candidate marine le pen of the ultra right wing national front party is third with potentially ten
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million votes its biggest support base ever there is no potency of include christian friends so if you don't speak french. doesn't bother anyone but. we don't want. to cloak england so we've got one. of the different communities that don't speak together. as a native and. it's globalization destroyed inside and. enter look then with her calls for economic patriotism or your ties in france over europe its native citizens over others of giving the french back their jobs. and center right incumbent nicolas sarkozy stands accused of jumping on the far right bandwagon some say for the ballot sake. our integration system is getting worse and worse why because we have too many foreigners in our territory threatening to withdraw
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from the shank and border from the agreement by no coincidence at a time when europe is seeing an influx of refugees fleeing conflicts in north africa and the middle east this is a free gift so we will have to see the what you can do is. sarkozy knows pretty well that he was elected in two thousand and seven only because he was able to catch. the national front and know the situation is quite a state some say that what was once a protest vote is now a more permanent part of the french political spectrum so. there is certainly a part of the electorate who vote for the reasons of dissent but i think it must now be recognised even if it's difficult to accept that the vote for the national front is increasingly a vote of support for the increasing problem is the right wing rhetoric in france especially the lead up to the presidential elections is clear but what's more
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difficult to decipher is whether this growth support for the right reflects the direction the fratricidal values has taken or is simply a knee jerk reaction to everything the french see wrong in their country. just are so you aren't see paris is the talk show everyone's talking of burden of premiers right here on this channel are to moscow on choose they were helix founder julian assange comes face to face with news makers in the program which was filmed while he's under house arrest in the united kingdom are u.k. correspondent laura smith brings us a look at what to expect. the first episode of the show will be broadcast on tuesday april seventeenth so that's this choose date coming and we and julian together are really hoping this is going to be an exclusive new show i can't tell you the name of the first guest you'll have to chew nine yourselves to find that out on tuesday but i can tell you that they are all opinion formers some of them dissidents and some of them have never been interviewed before on english language
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television the first guest is particularly controversial and according to julian in the wake of the interview highly charismatic so you do find out what that's all about i met with him recently and i talked all about the show how he chose his guests why he decided to do it and of course he spent a lot of time sitting on the other side of the interview as desk and he told me a bit about his disenchantment really with the mainstream media and why he chose to broadcast first this show the themes that we have been trying to report green card . in the mainstream press or who. works. for kurtz gently or not this week coming up for the week in which the first show is going to be broadcast is really a week of anniversaries for him both personal and professional it's going to be five hundred days since the investigation into these allegations of sexual assault
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by two swedish women began now we've seen that the requests for his extradition go through the courts here in the u.k. right up to the supremes court which in that case finished at the beginning of february that's ten weeks ago now we still don't have it we are expecting it possibly to come next week but there's still no set date for that verdict to be handed down and still after five hundred days no charges have been laid against him it's also five hundred days since the wiki leaks bank accounts were first frozen so that has made funding for wiki leaks very difficult. and threatening that whistle blowing organization all together and really that's what makes this program so unique the fact that it was conceived of thought of while. living under house arrest here in britain awaiting this verdict on his extradition there's two reasons first of all being on the house arrest someone from the us that happened. to talk
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more about the world and. the conversations we were having important business. for the people of god that's one reason the second reason is that as someone who has given a lot of news before and it's been on the receiving end of a very aggressive. i felt i wasn't getting much more. quickly. i just. sort of defensiveness for some sort of. context and i want to have a different sort of purpose. and why that approach has been difficult and sometimes i think it's also it's excellent. very very sorry it's all very interesting important for. you because they're not dealing with. doing with someone who is under house arrest. and calling for political problems. so you can see the full version of that interview on monday the sixteenth of april and that will be
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followed hot on the heels by the first episode of the program on shoes day the seventeenth of april we're still awaiting the verdict on julian assange his extradition but we are quite glad that he's managed to make this program before whatever happens to him happens to him obviously his main fear has always been that he will be extradited from sweden to the u.s. . there hasn't been anything yet he. is to get the maximum with. the source. for the real reason we. we want to visit. something else. i will bring it to you much anticipation about this new series here on this channel so on here for next week as you heard there on the show also streaming online at
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r.t. dot com if you get a minutes check it out that way talking of online what's that r t dog call we got these stories as well lined up tonight the president of bella roasts releases two political prisoners as we're reporting one a former presidential candidate as he goes to pressure from the e.u. threatening more sanctions of the ways against the regime when read up more on that song line also president obama's visit to colombia is overshadowed by a prostitution scandal involving u.s. secret service agents again the details on our website r t v dot com. world news in brief ten of twenty three candidates in egypt's presidential election have been barred from standing in next month's poll thousands rallied in support of the new law banning former regime officials from running for the top job and excluded candidates have a right to appeal and supporters them stray from the expected in the capital the list of those banned from the whole includes the mubarak era intelligence chief omar suleiman. is that it's. been
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a make jailbreak in northwest pakistan which borders volatile tribal areas nearly four hundred inmates escaped arteries most insurgents stormed the prison with guns and grenades early on sunday morning some of the prisoners are al qaeda linked militants on death row in the taliban says it carried out the grade it's a start but i will be one of north korea's new leader has made his first public speeches the nation marks one hundred years since the birth of its founder a millstone his grandson yong all in praise the country's military might and call for even smaller. but he didn't mention though it was friday failed rocket launch says it was trying to put a satellite into orbit but the un suspects it was a cover for a band long range ballistic missile test washington suspended two hundred million dollars worth of food aid to north korea because of it. for the first time in fifteen months the rands held talks with major world powers over its nuclear program meeting in turkey was held as positive and constructive second whether to
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go see asians due to be held next month in. the five plus one group ultimately hopes to persuade iran to stop enrichment something to that and so far refused to do run insists its nuclear ambitions are peaceful but western nations suspect it could be seeking nuclear weapons. millions of orthodox christians around the world are marking their biggest holiday easter sunday believed to be the day of the resurrection of jesus christ rushes main church christ the savior of the special vigil overnight led by the patriarch of his tongue. easter services in the russian orthodox tradition are designed to be both long services but also very beautiful services stylized markings of the key moments in the story of christ's death and his resurrection on the third day a key moment in the service is the easter vigil where the priests walk in a circle around the church holding candles and they also change their outfits three
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times during the service from black which represents lent through the purple which represents the passions that christ went through and on to one which represents the resurrection itself. the holy fire has also arrived here in moscow this easter as it has done since the eleventh century when it first made that journey for the church of the holy. in jerusalem the story surrounding the fire is that a light shines through the roof of the church of the holy sepulcher every easter in jerusalem and somehow manages to light candles one of which is brought to moscow and is then taken around to merely orthodox church is a very special symbolic moment for the russian orthodox church easter the russian orthodox church also comes at the end of a great lead seven weeks of fasting no meat and no dairy products but at the end it
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is time to bring out some special foods with a special connection to easter what is coolidge a cake a sweet and filled with raisins and the other is named after easter in russian language. it's a sweet dessert. also designed to be a celebration after the long weeks of fasting and also that universal symbol of easter eggs many are painted and often shared with family members and all are taken to priests at easter for blessing. with holy water and they'll be shared around by orthodox families the world over as will lisp raise in thirty thousand russian orthodox churches and their communities around the world a traditional russian orthodox greeting will be said at easter christ has risen and it will be answered with another reply the traditional russian orthodox reply
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indeed it has risen to report for us this is our team. recap of our headlines coming out of this very short break in just exactly two minutes time.
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the swiss the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution of the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spreading. will continue to be in the more than hundred thousand people in the. groups working in the kitchen and see that children today are ten times more likely to be born to bust effects in children in a missing in action. in the sea as little as five hundred dollars for lifelong injuries and. unpunished.


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