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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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these are the images. from the streets of canada. giant corporations are rooted a. damascus puts a price tag on the safety of the u.n. observer mission to syria the first more let's get down to business to oversee a fragile cease fire. eighteen hours of fighting in kabul security forces regain control of the color balance a massive coordinated assault on the parliament's western embassies and nato is h.q. . well it was resisting a high profile political prisoners following pressure from washington and the e.u. to ease up on the opposition join me all the details in just a few minutes. hello
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this is our table casting a twenty four hours a day live from moscow welcome to the program. the syrian government says it cannot guarantee the safety of u.n. observers unless they coordinate every step with your thoughts as the first group of monitors has arrived in syria to oversee a shaky cease fire comes as opposition activists claim they're still under attack by the government wanted for acts against what it calls terrorists a son of workers in damascus for a. whole one thousand could be reborn for serious orthodox christians the meaning of all the more poignant this year as they contemplated the sacrifices of the last few months. with death and suffering across the country many sought refuge in prayer hoping that peace could be resurrected i guess all syrian prays for peace
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despite isolated clashes the kofi annan brokered ceasefire has answered its fate they have been the rival of the u.n. observers a lasting peace may now have the best chance in months still as these analysts points out the u.n. monitors may need to learn from the experience of their arab league college or parties as mission in january faintest of the bloodshed you know moment in the eyes of both the government and the opposition the u.n. mission is more professional more credible it will be made up of the observers of particular countries with their own agendas and their perceived neutrality or the lack of it could make a great mission. the rapid deployment of monitors is in the interest of the assad government which is argued is the only way to ensure the compliance of both sides to the ceasefire now that they have their various are on the ground u.s. officials have made it clear they expect the syrian authorities to take further steps to uphold it but we are worried about the operational deployment of heavy
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armor. in population centers they don't belong they didn't belong there in the first place they don't belong and we are working. with the government. the opposition for a full. of violence in all its forms believe that their foot. with claims and counterclaims of violence by both sides the u.n. monitors will surely wrestle with the challenges ahead but at least they have syrians steering them on the owner of the shop just ordered another batch of these t. shirts a popular wrestling slogan in syria it is now taking on a whole new meaning with thousands killed because they can see it rising above he is a tall order and while it may take here is that many syrians agree that having impartial international observers on the ground may be the first route in that direction it's
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not going to artsy damascus syria. but despite officially backing the u.n. plan for a diplomatic solution to the conflict america and its allies are providing even more material support to the rebels rest of your political analyst come along he says efforts to scuttle the cease fire amounting. some parties within the middle east politics trying to sabotage the peace plan that is a range by mr annan and the u.n. i think somebody in qatar and soon. they're not liking the plan and they want the bloodshed to continue in syria and leaf we have seen and witnessed in the past couple days major of rest from other terrorist organization and tearing from arab countries into syria and causing all these against the stability of syria and i think in my ass the message the peace plan should have signed by the qatari and the sudanese and the united states. because of because these factors are
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actually causing. instability and escalation could continue at this point we don't understand how mr obama would say supplying all kinds of. different supplies mostly weapons to the opposition and at the same time you want to have a peace plan is working at this point. coming up later in the program appeasing the voters. we have a country. for free it's about this truly world with the you. and the mafia on the front of. the. french model. politicians campaign with radical views which they believe in successive polls voters for this national identity. the
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afghan capital has seen eighteen hours of fierce fighting after militants launched a daring and well coordinated assault on a city official say the battle is now over the attackers killed and captured the taliban claimed responsibility for sunday's strikes on kabul and three other provinces any of them with the start of a spring offensive. machine gun fire targeted foreign embassies venters headquarters and afghan parliament in the capital fishel say at least seventeen attackers have been killed but several security officers also lost their lives it's the first such incident in carbon since september. winds down its military presence in the country. since the u.s. led mission is failing. this is one of those moments you don't want to be an american or indeed a military commander in afghanistan eight miles after the last impressive commander style attack in kabul that targeted the very building of the u.s.
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embassy there every one of the bigger forces of how this stuff but the fact that it's this happens again just shifting there we would not be exaggerating if we see them here what we're witnessing right now is the collapse and the crumbling up that they don't get it afghanistan and it comes and the worst time will be for the u.s. military here because of the risk completely just to get wiped out with the nato forces and the american forces in iraq head and you know go on even the afghan national police and we just forget the past few months we've seen you see how white american and world leaders soldiers getting killed at the hands of the very afghan army solutions and bullets means that the needle of the newsgroups retrained today's attacks just to remove that the middle man to the school or problem overcome still his friend from whom. for that we want to know your view on events in the afghan capital had to r.t. dot com to participate in our latest work quote they were all staying with the
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recent attacks what's next for. you expect more strikes on ground over third believe there's going to be a collapse of central thirty ten percent saying it will see an equal share to choose from it's so only the minority feel it will lead to a sense of international troops on the right course of your vote while you're there and what else is going to be said right so that one of the teeth of all embrace is genetically modified products in a step towards boosting its culture about the possible consequences. also in our own yard lights up with a massive fireworks display to celebrate the one hundredth birthday of the nation's friends that are still here on our website.
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but a ruse to high profile prisoners one of the two presidential candidate. why were these two being held in one day now being set free. well few if any had expected such move from the man often described as europe's laws dictator alexander lukashenko the leader of the bellows now the former presidential candidate under the sun you can find his close political counterpart to meet the. dozen other political figures opposition figures arrested in december twenty ten following the presidential election accused of instigating massive street protests that was certainly a very serious crackdown on the opposition with all of those many people arrested
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and being sentenced to prison terms the signing of and converting to was sentenced to five and two years in prison respectively now both of them have been set free on a presidential pardon they have reconvened with their families and came out with statements saying that they had never believed that their plea to be set free would be met by alexander lukashenko now the political analysts in belarus are trying to determine the reasons behind this move while the other ten political prisoners still remain in prisons in behind bars in brother was and their fate remains pretty much unclear at the moment so what's been the reaction to the release of these prisoners. well no official explanation from the bill or russian leadership so far if we are received if you will receive any it's still unclear but this also been a reaction from the european union from the highest representative need to national affairs and security catherine ashton who said that releasing these two prisoners is definitely a right move to improve relations between brussels and minsk and she demanded that
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the old political prisoners must be set free as well definitely the ties between brussels and. i have been very much strange after the events in december and the presidential election and the crackdown on the opposition in fact all heads of all diplomatic missions to. the european union left immediately all twenty seven passengers then the european union imposed sanctions umbrella was namely more than two hundred state officials and businessmen are still brought here from traveling to the european union countries as well as several companies are blacklisted from trade with the european union several companies certainly now there have been talks of more tougher sanctions to come within the next several weeks and political analysts are trying to determine whether this unprecedented move by a look at trying to releasing the two high profile prisoners is somehow connected to the possible for the prospect of tougher sanctions but while they are speculating definitely many experts agree that tougher sanctions on belarus which
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is still recuperating from the financial crisis of last year would definitely be detrimental for the economic growth so the possibility that the two. possible sanctions and the release of the prisoners are connected cannot be ruled out by media experts. thank you. how the countdown to one of the most anticipated shows of the year has begun chief . program. comes face to face with headlines makes its debut on tuesday. and it's coming up next. what were your criteria. thought through the single biggest criterion since they were kind of short. so that's quite that's quite interesting because there are
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a number of guests that we couldn't fix so let's talk about that so that he can finish it so we're still trying to how we he's currently in prison under house arrest him so that he views anything political situation makes it extremely difficult for him to speak to me at all. cortical skink. in prison in russia. was a was a billion they all got any prison so i would like to speak to him he's in prison. maybe if we look at some of the us inside so people who haven't power of some of john edwards corporations think we have. an indirect personal problem. so some of them say it's too dangerous for the u.s. government is concerned yes i would hope that it would help me. but politically it's just too dangerous. then we go to the other.
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people who normally report. a number of what egypt's leading presidential hopefuls indicated their bad for next month's poll comes after the election committee ten of the twenty three candidates from standing and supporters have threatened to carry out massive demonstrations in cairo in response to back. street suman brotherhood's leading candidate may twenty fifth this presidential election the worst since the country's former president was toppled more than a year ago. activist. says despite woods' democracy. in egypt to break away from a tree. the running mates banned such a side of charter almost a month well causing
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a lot of tensions on the ground so egyptians are receiving this blood there's a deep militarized state here for over sixty years the military has been ruling this country anyone from the political heads the governors the mayors they're all retired military generals this octopus depend because i have a strong grip over the country so it's not easy to those terms i remember when we were first in the square they said we're not here this is on the islamic revolution with years egyptians and once things settle down we'll definitely run for parliament and that we will not get over thirty five percent maximum of the parliament and this is this was more of a promise than just the statement what we've seen is that they actually began with seventy percent and then said it would be twenty five and then they said it will be thirty five what we've seen is that with the broader coalition of us. well if this is all the seventy percent. but egypt's unclear political future could
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compromise its relations with the us and result in a conflict with america's key ally israel is going to chicken out of what's. egypt is changing dramatically washington policies are not for the last thirty years the u.s. has sent an annual eight parent case to the egyptian military this year it's one point three billion dollars there's absolutely essential that we do what we can to preserve a close strategic relationship with egypt because egypt is being major player in the region the egyptian military has been widely accused of cracking down on peaceful protesters and egyptians want to put an end to the overreaching power of their military but that seems to have had no effect on washington's decision to keep going with business as usual with business as usual seems to be a reality almost
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a decade ago unfortunately our leadership in the white house and in the state department have not caught up with that reality of the new reality is it is not business as usual we are not buying loyalty but not even the egyptian military's loyalty may be enough to secure business as usual between washington and cairo the muslim brotherhood is the ruling power in egypt's parliament now and their candidate could well when presidential election in may the rather hood has declared israel america's closest ally in the region enemy number one we will not be able to afford an open g. for example as from the borders of egypt this is not acceptable by the egyptian people but most recently a delegation from the muslim brotherhood has made a trip to washington and flip flopped on some of their harsh statements this time the brotherhood lawmakers said they were not planning on breaking the peace agreement with israel signed at the end of the nineteen seventies in light of the
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mixed messages that keep changing daily some wonder whether there is any guarantee that egypt's military power bolstered by u.s. taxpayer dollars and weapon. will not one day be aimed at israel the fact that they have to send a delegation to try. washington shows you that what they are trying to hide is not very charming for talking about american taxpayer dollars being used to fund what may well be a government in egypt which is vitriolically in america washington seems to be holding on to the old policy of offering egyptian leaders incentives in exchange for favors and loyalty but will that model work with a new democratic egypt which may soon be ruled by those who capitalize on fraley and anti-american rhetoric i'm going to check our reporting from washington. poles
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apart on the political spectrum but two of france's presidential candidates share common ground when it comes to me that key issues as marine. one the race for the country's top jobs and their platforms including the right against the. sound surprisingly similar saucily reports. they say they lie in office it ends of the political sphere. gianluca milosz on the hard left and marine le pen on the far right. but who would have thought they'd have this much in common both denouncing what they see a straight jackets for france namely nato and what they see as europe's impositions palm fronds must be for the world a new under globalization alliance independent of the united states of america whether the european union treaty if it is a patient in nato which we no longer want we've got up front proclaiming that we will call a popular referendum in these two matters. our father said is doing the child of
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this devastating as they are it is the euro designed as a tool to force the advent of the federal and freedom killing europe say the subject of immigration is the clearest difference between the two with the far right start against it but both share a passion of his to the towards globalization blaming it for job losses. both plans to increase the minimum wage and both want to increase the power of the french state to nationalization and greater control over the quote unquote big bad banks. all other political forces today including the socialist party believe blindly in virtue of capitalism this is the disillusionment that drives about thirty percent of middle sean lappin voters who see a still and impotent middle ground a government that left jobs go and threaten their way of life they're worried this
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would go on we have a country. being a lot of fear about this transit world but with a new kind of it was globalization and the most fear of the french is that that could damage. the so-called social french model which is something that the french are extremely sensitive to the politicians are appealing to the french people over fifty or it is their radical left wing and increasing number of voters are looking for a first step but here of course at the core of the political. and some for good. the left front is the only alternative to liberalism which are not even sure if i vote for a little meaning socialist francois ono in the second round and vat is the biggest threat to the men in the middle front runners in the race far beyond the national and tough talking lapels and stance of libya opposite ends but they've got a shrewd knack of stealing voters on the core of troubles that are blighted by
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french people. tesser cilia r.t. paris. news and brief you how the south demonstrators have gathered outside the u.s. embassy in the philippines to protest against georgia military exercises between the two countries actually just trying to play right into embassy gate twelve thousand u.s. and philippine troops will twelve days of control drills that i know. exercises are taking place in the west and for the pains but tensions of china escalating of a disputed territory in the south china sea. ali's interim president says he's ready to open tours for the rebels and islamists working on the country but insisted on must leave it was assortments that they'll consider a federation within the body rather than a new state world leaders rejected mali has been divided into since rebels the credit dependent homeland that is smart put it on the tree in brussels staged by
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soldiers angry government providing them with weapons to fight insurgents. for trial against the region brown with anders breivik who's confessed to killing seventy seven people last summer begins on monday bravely expected to deny terrorism and premeditated murder charges for bombing in oslo and a shooting rampage at a youth camp i'm sorry for the story prosecutors that the massacre was carried out in something france and previously been ruled insane but it was overturned last week probably guilty and face a maximum twenty one year sentence. time to get the latest financial update from the tasher and the stock markets in europe and russia's too close to freezing in asia is in full swing isn't it so what's the sense with this. absolutely well the sentiment is quite negative and if you judge by that sentiment we should expect anything positive whatsoever this monday and
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found as you can see asia is a losing value this monday morning mainly after boring costs in spain skyrocketed on friday bringing global equity markets sharply down and of course europe was one thing but china has its own bad news on friday it reported weaker than expected g.d.p. figures and that disappointed investors as well but on a positive note of course china said that it will widen the you want treating band from plus or minus a half a percent to plus and minus one percent starting on monday we're not seeing any positive reaction to that announcement certainly not yet and as you can see in tokyo the nikkei is shedding more than one and order percent. being brought down by financials including mitsubishi financial group which is shedding more than two
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percent and now in the united states it was a pretty bad day on friday in fact it was the worst day in. this year so far and you seeing the growth try to schooling figures that out last one percent the nasdaq shed one in the house percent and on monday we are expecting of reports early results from citibank and bank of america of course it is the earnings week and we are seeing more and more companies coming out with their numbers but of course the biggest story of the week is. europeans florrie europe's financial health and its recovery you're seeing friday's closing figures right there as you can see it wasn't a good day there either european equities suffer pretty sharp losses after. the bank of spain said the country's banks in march doubled their
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borrowing from the european central bank essentially indicating the lack of liquidity and of course the yields on spain's ten year bonds were extremely high as i already mentioned and that affected the year old the euro was at its lowest level against the dollar in just about a month you saying that figure there and on friday the russian a ruble closed mixed to the main current says it lost to the dollar but again due to the euro we'll see how it opens today on monday we'll see that figure in a less than an hour and indeed it is less than an hour to the opening bell here in moscow let's see how the markets closed on friday they closed mixed and we're not expecting any serious drivers or local drivers domestic drivers for the russian stock market on monday so mainly everybody will look to the west for the news and for the motivations but of course one of the main factors is the price of oil at the moment or oil is down and the reason that's down is because one of the mean
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factors that was driving it higher in recent months has been fears over iran's nuclear program but over the weekend iran met with the leading six nations and they had pretty good positive talks very constructive dialogue and they agreed to meet again on in maze so those concerns are easing and of course china reporting weaker than expected g.d.p. figures is also raising concerns that the demand for commodities my work going forward and that's all the latest from the business desk kerry i'll be back in about fifteen minutes. ok back to the update attachable see you get sick. of that coming your way next our special report which tells the story of a florida software programmer who claims he was asked by a powerful republican to create a vote rigging software. the headline shortall stimulus.
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there hasn't been anything good on t.v. he. used to get the maximum physical in fact. before the source material is what helps keep journalism honest we. we wanted to visit. something else.
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something lies beneath. the. thousands of meters of the ice broke. the law. that is a lure for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it at a distance.


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