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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2012 1:00pm-1:17pm EDT

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these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of chatter about. trying to look for a shelter on the day. tonight an hour to the first human observer team arrives in syria to oversee the troubled truce there but damascus says it must coordinate monitors movements to keep them safe. the man who shot seventy seven innocent people says he did it in self defense day one abandons brevig for trial is him say he was protecting his country from muslims. this pole position for russian all joyn as it seems up with america's next oldsmobile to the top of his in the arctic sea. the race for the world's last frontier is on with a deal that could be worth tens of billions of dollars the business is in twenty
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minutes. hello then i'm here monday night here in moscow you're watching our very good company my name is kevin know it our top story is the first u.n. observers touched on in syria the government's being urged to allow the man restricted access to monitor the fragile cease fire damascus says it can't guarantee the monitors stay sido unless every step is coordinated with authorities any time your position claims it's still under attack and a government to crack down on what it calls terrorists but it was not a boy or is in damascus for. call waiting to be reborn for serious orthodox christians in the meaning of is syria was holding more poignant this year as they contemplated his sacrifices of the last few months. death and suffering across the country many sought refuge in prayer hoping that
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peace could be resurrected i guess all syrian prays for peace despite isolated clashes the coffee and broccoli cease fire has ancho. it's they have made the rival of the u.n. observers a lasting peace and they now have the best chance in months still as these analysts points out the you monitor this may need to learn from the experience of their arab league counterparts as mission in january failed to stop the bloodshed and use of both the government and the opposition un mission is more professional more credible it will be made up of the observers of particular countries with their own agendas and the perceived neutrality or the lack of it could make or break the mission the rapid deployment of monitors is in the interest of the assad government it has argued is the only way to ensure the compliance of both sides in the ceasefire now that they have servers are on the ground you know officials have made
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it clear they expect the syrian authorities to take further steps to uphold it we are worried about the operational deployment of heavy armor. population centers they don't belong. they didn't belong there in the first place they don't belong and we are working with the government. the opposition for a full cessation of violence in all its forms. with claims and counterclaims of violence by both sides the u.n. monitors will sure wrestled with the challenges they had at least they have syrians cheering him on the honor of his shop just ordered another batch of these t. shirts a popular wrestling slogan in syria it is now taking on a whole new meaning for thousands killed because they can see it rising above he is a tall order and while here is many syrians agreed that having impartial
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international observers on the ground may be the first step in that direction it's not going to artsy damascus syria. also calling on the syrian government to show restraint and on the opposition to fully cooperate with the truce but middle east experts say getting a positive reaction from the rebels could prove a problem for the syrian government. as a government to go united nations and international community to respect. but on the other hand. a man. who would respect if you. move it. back to any operation by the syrians that many. of them
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children. in this case have to reply. this is for. the first day of the trial of self-confessed norwegian commanders president so in perform a right wing salute smirk survivors in court and we put his own propaganda video the gun admits killing seventy seven people in a bomb attack on a government building and the shooting rampage then of the youth last summer but he did not raise criminal guilt insisting it was self-defense to protect norway from being taken over by muslims read it will be given his own testimony on choose day but it will not be broadcast his lawyer said his own explanation was crucial to help determine whether he's sane brevig could be locked up for the rest of his life if considered a danger to society and we journalists chris says brevik has partly succeeded in using his trial to promote his extremism the big paradox concerning this case is that. at the outset made this is planned more.
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than published it outlined his plan in this plan was to do an outrageous criminal act and then use the court proceedings later advocate is around the world and in that sense. one might say that he has succeeded in that he himself has taken the stand that starts first tomorrow and there's been of course a lot of debate about that here in norway in to what extent he should be allowed to do that in the court case he has called the witnesses extremist witnesses both from the extremist right side and islamic extremists to sort of. build under this notion that he has that there is a war a clash of civilizations and there's been a debate and some of that this is i've been called and have actually refused to go in because they don't want to be part of this propaganda that he is using the court
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case to promote. big business story developing this afternoon two energy giants are learning up to take the spoils of the article it's split on this from daniel bushels of our business desk and it's clearly is the dollars have been committed to make this happen tell our viewers more about it what it all entails world we can service the really fun as the starting gun with enormous gas and oil reserves both really will explain what it all means in around fifteen minutes time in the business news not giving too much away that ok push these business there's the. stuff the president's released two political prisoners one of which is a former presidential candidate alexander lukashenko is an expected move follows pressure from the e.u. that's been highly critical of the regime after a harsh crackdown on the opposition two years ago let's see your jet skis reporting for us here. few if any had expected such move from the man often described as europe's laws dictator alexander lukashenko the leader of the bellows now former
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presidential candidate under the sun your friend he's close counterpart. among a dozen opposition figures arrested in december twenty town following the presidential election accused of instigating massive street protests that was certainly a very serious crackdown on the opposition with all those so so many people arrested and being sentenced to prison terms the. sentenced to five and two years in prison respectively now both of them have been set free on a presidential pardon they have reconvened with their families and came out with statements saying that they could never believe that their plea to be set free would be met by alexander lukashenko you know the political analysts in belarus are trying to determine the reasons behind this move while the other ten political prisoners still remain in prisons in behind bars in belarus and their fate remains pretty much unclear at the moment this also being a reaction from the european union from the highest representative and
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international affairs and security catherine ashton who said that releasing these two prisoners is definitely a right move to improve relations between brussels and main scans she demanded that the whole other political prisoners must be set free as well definitely the ties between brussels and minsk have been very much strains after the events and in december to a to turn the presidential election and the crackdown on the opposition in fact all has of old diplomatic missions to do the european union left immediately all twenty seven passengers then the european union imposed sanctions umbrella was namely more than two hundred state officials and businessman are still prohibited from traveling to the european union countries as well as several companies are blacklisted from trade with the european union there have been talks of more tougher sanctions to come within the next several weeks so the possibility that the two. of the possible sanctions and the release of the prisoners are connected cannot be ruled out by many experts. well that story following online tonight on
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our web site r t dot com if it's not me a t.v. get a moment also these two outraged israeli top brass including the prime minister and president when they saw this video which we're about to show you now erica it's an israeli soldier throws a knockout punch with his rifle a danish activist find out what that was about along with the footage and the reaction to it would be describing some of it on our web site tonight going to lot of clips also stories that get a lot of interest tonight as well north korea keeping mum about its nuclear program but nonetheless celebrating its centenary of its leaders with a huge fireworks display we got the footage we've got the pictures the sparks fly at r.t. dot com. thousands of american filipino troops is because an annual military exercises new disputed south china sea waters tensions between the philippines and china have been escalating there for the past two weeks now demonstrators gathered outside the american embassy in manila and
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protesting the war games peking university that the principal junction chin told us the u.s. only has its own moves in mind in the region the space. there are many filipino students and doctors concerned. more games represent us playing a big brother role in politics and there are many more concerned becoming also. looking at national interest or u.s. interests so i think the back of these protests are a sign of a lot of discomfort with the traditional. over reliance upon u.s. military muscle american ships have gone back and forth over the pacific owned it and it's just a little treat i think a lot of it is inertia and the fact that for a long time america has been running as a fish and now it's not so used to go. out of power but i think that for the future of world peace i think in the future of america will need to sort of go shooting
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we're trying to create a framework to share it. this is our team from moscow on the way we look at who's holding the cards over cairo. the fact that they have to send a delegation to. washington shows you that what they are trying to hide is not very charming as egypt's main islamic political forces for the washington the country's upcoming presidential election could leave america facing a tough choice on who it is really as we report. how does the french choose the next leader later this week two candidates so usually poles apart a stealing from one of those filing surprisingly common ground. the european court of human rights has ruled that the massacre of twenty thousand polish soldiers in russia or nine hundred forty one was a war crime but it doesn't hold russia responsible and it stopped short of forcing
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moscow to reopen the case into the cat in atrocity which poland says it will appeal now the polish soldiers were killed seventy years ago by soviet troops under stalin's orders in. western russia the decades and solve it leadership insisted it was the work of nazi forces only twenty years ago russia revealed who was really behind the tragedy and launched an investigation a massive cause a strain in russia poland relations for a long time and it will i'm a tailor from the european courts moscow office told us polish concerns are understandable but the russian service part of the thought. i can see there is this is a nice balance of the court. arguments put forward by the russian government presently relations stuck at least occasionally in 1980's and it was the union of the polish citizens can see the investigation was not fair. given the. information about was afraid of the relatives.
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disappeared in one thousand fourteenth it's completely because then the bill from their point of view but from the legal point of view russian politicians didn't have an obligation to nice to get the case from the very beginning it was started actually on the basic all grounds and this is important. he's used to exposing the world's darkest secrets so it's no surprise to the blow during the sandals to reveal even more he'll be grilling dissidents and opinion makers in his own interview show that their views on this very channel are t. tomorrow choose day but today's answering the questions about his much anticipated program and his forthcoming guest. is. illegal patent traitor getting into bed with her. interviewing. terrible radicals and. i think that's the sort of the. current
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attack on character when you would think what were your criteria. so the single biggest criterion something i would come up with. so goes dark i mean people who normally don't get a point could i mean you think yes that you have got do you think a pair on a mainstream t.v. network some could some couldn't but some have. quite a few happened. what is fair to say is that the majority of what they have said to me they could not say on a mainstream thinking network that is not theirs because it's not something of the networks it's because my style of interaction as someone who has been interviewed by the media many many times i understand the faults. in that format and so i wanted something to. put one of the dips in the situation that they had so
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a way of. pulling out their story about this situation will come they are inspecting from work and so i think it would be for me. and in dealing with me they understand that they're not just dealing with the host governments leaving the reporter they're dealing with someone who's been through a very trying going to see if you go from people situation so they can speak to my degree as equals because they understand that i think. julian assange. is true which he really would expose the world since he's talking history see its cover your tracks for united states strong. belief something for five hundred days now i've seen detained without charge. so. they. can change the world.
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i'll have more from julian assange in an hour here on our team make sure as well if you can if you can find the time sometime tomorrow to be here for the premier of the world tomorrow that's where the program's called it kicks off tomorrow choose that eleven thirty g.m.t. but if you don't get there for that we're also showing it throughout the rest of the day at some point we sure you can enjoy it it's a series of programs. some world news briefly bring here today with what we've got for you the first of four shiite muslim farmers have been shot dead just north of the iraqi capital today in what appears to be a sectarian attack two carloads of government opened fire while the men were working in or in an op should violence is decreased in iraq but sunni militants still launch attacks to challenge the country shere led government. i was.


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