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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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marty tonight the first u.n. observer team arrives in syria to oversee the troubled truce there but the massacre says it must call more than eight monitors movements to keep them safe. the man who shot seventy seven innocent people says he did it in self-defense dave one abandons brevik trial hears him say he was protecting his country from muslim. and it's pole position for russian all joins us now after the teams up with america's exxon mobile to tap the trenches in the arctic ocean. just the tip of the iceberg. this groundbreaking of the deposits the details of business in switzerland.
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hello there just out of ten pm here in moscow now on this monday evening my name's kevin owen this is our team and we appreciate you joining us tonight our top story the news the first u.n. observers touched down in syria the government to allow them under strict access to monitor the fragile ceasefire damascus says it can't guarantee to monitor safety and as every steps coordinated with the authorities for their part the opposition claims they are still under attack and the government has to crack down on what it calls terrorists and some of voices in damascus with the latest for you. waiting to be reborn mysterious orthodox christians in meaning of it all the more poignant this year as they contemplated the sacrifices of the last few months. the
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death and suffering across the country many sought refuge in prayer hoping that peace could be resurrected i guess. praise for these despite isolated clashes the coffee and brokered cease fire has answered its fifth they have made the rival of the universe servers a lasting peace may now have the best chance in months still as these analysts points out the u.n. monitors may need to learn from the experience of their arab league counterparts his mission in january failed to stop the bloodshed in the eyes of both the government and the opposition the u.n. mission is more professional more credible it will be made up of the observers of particular countries with their own agendas and the perceived neutrality or the lack of it could make a great mission. the rapid deployment of monitors in the interest of the assad government has argued is the only way to ensure the compliance of both sides of the cease fire now that they have servers are on the ground you know officials have
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made it clear they expect the syrian authorities to take further steps to uphold it we are worried about the operational deployment of heavy armor. in population centers they don't belong they didn't belong there in the first place they don't belong and we are working with the government and with the opposition for a full cessation of violence in all its forms let me leave that there for the. political aims and counter claims of violence by both sides the u.n. monitors will show wrestled with the challenges ahead but at least they have syrians cheering them on. the owner of the shop just ordered another batch of these t. shirts a popular wrestling slogan in syria it is now taking on a whole new meaning with brows and killed across the country rising as it's water
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and the meeting here is mysterious agreed that having impartial international observers on the ground may be that. artsy damascus syria he was also calling on the syrian government to show restraint kind of the opposition to fully cooperate with the truce but middle east expert say getting a positive reaction from the rebels could prove a problem the syrian government is responsible as a government to the united nations international community interest rate. but on the other hand. they don't want to come in and. we. will respect if you. take and as we. started many operations as the syrians say that many operation has been made by the answers. for you in this case
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has to reply. there was no respect for. the first day of the trial of self confessed norwegian killer anders breivik saw him perform a right wing salute smirk at survivors in court and we put is a propaganda video got in the mix killing seventy seven people in a bomb attack on a government building and a shooting rampage at a youth camp last summer but he did not use criminal guilt insisting it was self-defense to protect norway from being taken over by muslims credit will be given his own testimony on choose day but it will not be broadcast his lawyer said his own explanation was crucial to help determine whether he's a rabbit could be locked up for the rest of his life if considered a danger to society now we can journalist and our crew are told to spread because partly succeeded in using his trial to promote his extremism the big paradox
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concerning this case is that. because the outset made this is planned he wrote manifesto and published it outlined his plan in this plan was to do an outrageous criminal act and then use the court proceedings later this around the world and in that sense. one might say that he has succeeded in that he himself has taken the stand that starts first tomorrow and there's been of course a lot of debate about that here in norway. to what extent he should be allowed to do that in the court case he has a monster this called an my numerous witnesses extremist witnesses both from the extremist right side and islamic extremists to sort of. build under this notion that he has that there is a war a clash of civilizations and there's been a debate in some of the witnesses i've been called and have actually refused to go and which they don't want to be part of this propaganda that he is using the court
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case to promote. two energy giants and lining up to take the spoils of the arctic oil let's share with our seas daniel and the business destiny. is up to date but you going to tease us i know what it would you know to get like the expertise in typing areas like the gulf of mexico and the toehold in united states and crucially shale oil which is revolutionize the sector of the us gets a whole new area to explore the world when you reserves are hard to find if it works we expect many more such deals soon our correspondent will tell us more in the business in around fifteen minutes time. by going all thanks for i look forward to it now by the russian president's released two political prisoners one of which is a former presidential candidate alexander lukashenko is an expected move follows pressure from the e.u. this been highly critical of the regime after a harsh crackdown on the opposition two years ago and he's
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a lecturer jeff ski reports. few if any had expected such move from the man often described as europe's last dictator alexander the leader of bella who is now full of presidential candidate on the sunday before his close counterpart. a dozen opposition figures arrested in december and following the presidential election accused of instigating mass street protests it was certainly a very serious crackdown on the opposition with all of those so still many people arrested and being sentenced to prison terms of the sandy hook and when they were sentenced to five and two years in prison respectively now both of them have been set free on a presidential pardon they have reconvened with their families and came out with statements saying that they had never believed that their plea to be set free would be matched by alexander lukashenko you know the political analysts in belarus are trying to determine the reasons behind this move while the other sand political prisoners still remain in prisons in behind bars in belarus and their fate remains
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pretty much unclear at the moment this also being a reaction from the european union from the highest representative and international affairs and security catherine ashton who said that's releasing these two prisoners is definitely a right move to improve relations between brussels and minsk and she demanded that the old political prisoners must be set free as well definitely the ties between brussels and minsk have been very much strain after the events in december two h. and the presidential election and the crackdown on the opposition in fact all heads of all diplomatic missions to do the european union left immediately all twenty seven investors then the european union imposed sanctions umbrella was namely more than two hundred state officials and businessman are still brought here but it from traveling to the european union countries as well as several companies are blacklisted from trade with the european union to have been talks of war itself or sanctions to come within the next several weeks so the possibility. that the to be
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the saying of the possible sanctions and the release of the prisoners are connected cannot be ruled out by many experts. where the story online on our website r t got caught also stories there's no it might be interested in just taking a look at self outrage from israeli top brass tonight including the prime minister . when they saw this video take a look for yourself. an israeli soldier throws a knockout punch with his rifle a danish activist find out what the brawl was about along with the footage we got more pictures of it and the reaction to it on our web site also if you get involved in north korea's story very much the news of the moment serve the country keeping mum about its alleged nuclear program but nonetheless celebrating this and thinner of its leaders with a bag great fireworks display it was the sparks fly it got pictures in a web site. thousands of american and filipino troops are going to annual military exercises new disputed south china sea waters
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tension between the philippines and china has been escalating there for the past two weeks demonstrators gathered outside the american embassy in manila in protest of the war games peking university deputy principal junction chin says the u.s. only has its own no movement in mind in the region right now. there are many filipino students and doctors concerned that these were games represent us playing a big brother role in philippine politics and you know there are many people were concerned that the government will so subordinate to the people national interest to u.s. interests so i think that these protests are a sign of a lot of discomfort with the traditional filipino reliance on u.s. military muscle american ships have gone back and forth over the pacific. and this especially trade that i think a lot of it is an inertia of the fact that for a long time america has been writing has it dissipated and now it's not so used to
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be ideal to other powers but i think that for the future of world peace i think in the future america will need to you negotiating with china and create a framework to share it but they said they did that in the south china sea. this is our team from moscow on the way for you we look at who's holding the cards over cairo right now. the fact that they have to submit your delegation to charm of washington shows you that what they are trying to hide is not very charming as egypt's made islamic political forces tried to move washington in the country's upcoming presidential election could lead america facing a tough choice on it with allies really. but next the european court of human rights is ruled that the massacre of twenty thousand polish soldiers in russia in one thousand nine hundred forty one was a war crime but it doesn't hold russia responsible and stopped short of forcing moscow to reopen the case into the captain atrocity which poland says it will
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appeal the polish soldiers were killed seventy years ago by soviet troops under starlin's orders in western russia for decades the sovereign leadership insisted it was the work of nazi forces only twenty years ago russia revealed was really behind the tragedy and launched an investigation the massacre of patty caused a strain in russia poland relations with longtime niccolo machiavelli from the european courts moscow office says polish concerns are understandable but that russia has served its part of the full. i can see that this is and is balanced with the court took into account the arguments put forward by the russian government russian federation strike is the instigation in one thousand nine hundred sixty that it was. there's unfold in kenya and the british citizens can see the investigation was not fair. given the.
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information about was afraid of their relatives. he said be it in one hundred fourteenth it's completely or this then to go from their point of view but from a legal point of view the russian figure isn't given him an obligation to nice to get the case from the very beginning it was that it actually was that basically grounds and this is important. he's used to expose the world's darkest secrets so it's no surprise top whistleblower julian stars once reveal even more the beginning dissidence and opinion makers in his interview show that debuts here on r t on choose day but today tonight he's answering the questions about his much anticipated program on his guests is a quick text. only combatant a traitor getting into bed with the kremlin. and interviewing. terrible radicals of. i think that's the sort of the. current
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attack. when you would think what were your criteria or the single biggest criterion something i would come up with. so those are. people who normally don't give a voice could any of the guests that you have got do you think appear on a mainstream t.v. network some good some couldn't but some have. quite a few happened. what is feared saying is that the majority of what they have said to me i could not say. things from didn't work and that is not is because of the absence of the networks and because my style of interaction as someone who has been interviewed by the media a million times. i understand the faults. in that format and so i wanted something good in the book to the depth in the situations and so you know
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a way of. pulling out their story about their situation and from there i would suspect that reluctance and i think that would be a familiar sound. in dealing with me they understand that they're not truth dealing with a host of his feeling reports of dealing with someone whose dreams were very trying dangerous and difficult for my people situation so they can speak to a degree as equals because they understand that i'm starving. it's going to be a must watch set of shows on this channel we got more from julie the sun show of just a short clip of it in about ten minutes time he talks about his forthcoming programming really do hope you can make it here for the premiere of the show choose date tomorrow eleven thirty g.m.t. will also be broadcasting it throughout the day here on our team catch up with the latest as well on twitter and on you tube and on our web site r.t. dot com. moving of those world news in brief
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a twenty to sixty moscow time american has once again become head of the world bank by calls for the holder of the job to better reflect today's economic reality kim yong soras try it again jim yong kim but the wrong way around is a health expert who's been serving as president of the ivy league dark with college before that candidates from the world's fastest growing economies have been seeking to break the hold of the of slowed to reflect their increased role in global finance i'm sure in the cards for shiite muslim farmers who've been shot dead just north of the iraqi capital in what appears to be a sectarian attack two carloads of gunmen opened fire while the men were working in an orchard violence has decreased in iraq with sunni militants still launch attacks to challenge the country's sheer led government. military leaders in the west african state of guinea purcell's announced the national transitional council after meeting with political parties soldiers wrestle control from the nation's interim
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government four days ago over plans to reduce the size of the country's influential army whose have been comedy get into so since that one independence back in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. gala stands president says sunday's attacks across afghanistan showed an intelligence failure on the part of local and nato forces kabul saw eighteen hours of fierce fighting of the taliban militants launched an all day shearson well coordinated assault on the capital's diplomatic district thirty six militants were killed but eight police officers and three civilians also lost their lives. online you want to know your so you think about this story what you expect to happen next in afghanistan mosul vote tonight. would be telling us thanks for posting if you have more than half of you think more militant strikes in the country could see their close to a third predicting a collapse of central authority eight percent of you telling us afghanistan do you think we'll see if they go see a to truce with the taliban the minority there six percent feel that will lead to
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an international troops your views of how we do like to hear from you please but our website says what you think r.t. dot com some place to do it. free of egypt's leading presidential hopefuls will appeal their ban from next month's poll election committee barred almost half of the candidates from standing including the muslim brotherhood's main contender prompting the threats of mass demonstrations the uncertain egypt could compromise its u.s. relations to as artie's garniture can friend. egypt is changing dramatically washington policies are not for the last thirty years the u.s. has sent an annual aid package to the egyptian military this year it's one point three billion dollars it is absolutely essential that we do what we can to preserve a close strategic relationship with egypt because egypt is being major player
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in the region the egyptian military has been widely accused of cracking down on peaceful protesters and egyptians want to put an end to the overreaching power of their military but that seems to have had no effect on washington's decision to keep going with business as usual with the injured business as usual ceased to be a reality almost a decade ago unfortunately our leadership in the white house and in the state department have not caught up with that reality the new reality is it is not business as usual we are not buying loyalty but not even the egyptian military's loyalty may be enough to secure business as usual between washington and cairo the muslim brotherhood is the ruling power in egypt's parliament now and their candidate could well when presidential election in may the rather hood has declared israel america's closest ally in the region enemy number one we will not be able to
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afford an open g. for example lingers on the borders of egypt is not acceptable by the egyptian people but most recently a delegation from the muslim brotherhood has made a trip to washington and flip flopped on some of their harsh statements this time the brotherhood lawmakers said they were not planning on breaking the peace agreement with israel signed at the end of the nineteen seventies in light of the mixed messages that keep changing daily some wonder whether there is any guarantee that egyptian military power bolstered by u.s. taxpayer dollars and weapons. will knock one day be aimed at israel the fact that they have to send the go delegation charm on washington shows you that what they are trying to hide is not very charming talking about american taxpayer dollars being used to fund what may well be a government in egypt which is vitriolically anti-american washington seems to be
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holding on to the old policy of offering egyptian leaders incentives in exchange for favors and well loyalty but will that model work with a new democratic egypt which may soon be ruled by those allies on and he's really and anti-american rhetoric i'm going to take our reporting from washington r.t. . business now take a trip money lay. down your bushel i don't think you teased to sell your on with this exxon deal what more do we know about it with with rosemary yeah he's a bit more big opportunities for both sides americas exxon mobil's just signed a big development deal as we've been hearing russia's top producer will give to projects in north america own by its own in return the u.s. firm will get interest in russia's far north node has been a long time in the making though of course. is that was in effect quarters and explains why. but talk a lot of time for ross to have the next a mobile to team up because of certain factors of all first of all we're talking
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about exploration which is a very difficult technologically difficult process and russia lacks the know how in order to do so and it's getting this know how from its american partners the second factor is of course the legal fact that ross now had to abandon its partnership with b.p. basically leave b.p. at the altar as this deal contradicted already existing agreements between b.p. and its russian partners in a joint venture t m k b p and the third factor is of course money because it requires a lot of investment we're talking about three point two billion dollars of initial investment but the companies admit that this value could go up ten fold we could see tens maybe even hundreds of billion dollars of investment coming in on these projects and of course foreign companies required some kind of sweetener to go ahead with this deal and they got one last week when the government announced new
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tax breaks for companies involved in arctic exploration so as a result of these tax breaks russia's prime minister and president elect buddy numbers and expects to see why five hundred billion dollars worth of investment coming in in the next thirty years all right let's check what's happening on the money markets wall street is mixed off the citi group called to one profit be the expectations boosting the bell for the nurse those falling further below three thousand this hour mosco had a pope or first day of the week we chinese g.d.p. raised fears trade will fall russia will go from bank announced it could issue two billion dollars this year in euro bonds more six movers today earning season is continue here in moscow try to make it come as group of twenty seven profit for russian accounting standards. also posting the jump in net for last year makes little news it's privatization could be put back to next year to seize any. did under fifty seven hundred for the day mobile make a new year's rating was to one level up of junk as its collapse continues crudes
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also makes a lot of the sell the all minister said he's working to cut global prices if you can see the growth is now falling further on the one team on the exchange rate the single currency is going up against the greenback it was dissolved by just being used boring course hit record highs but the bureau. and that's all we've got time for the stories on our website or to dot com slash business all right thanks for all the good seo because it was a bit later but i just remind our viewers this week very big week for our take in just a couple of minutes world renowned whistleblower julian assange talks to us about his interview shows brand new show his dad doing on this channel with him more about that afro brought you a recap of our headlines after this quick break. on
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the. hundred. living years. five forty eight first's and nineteen ninety three and decided it would be a great place to finally go home and i tire. of their sheer. we call it our new neighbor neighbor nine o seven. we have seventy acres and i can convince them that they
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need to drill somewhere besides two hundred feet from. the needs of a growing economy also means expanding our domestic production of oil and natural gas which are vital fuel for transportation electricity and manufacturing this is before any problems of it before we do the right people and then us or change. your flows are not toxic and we get a lot of there's a lot of mis understanding of what that is actually in the fluids. does it get come out here in the lab you come out here and live in my house for a week. i have no rights. to. the elite. the
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limited. to just say. it's just some a. pig slum it's. coming to a. small scissors seriously technology innovation all the eastham elements from around russia we've got the future coverage. the close up team has been to the sverdlovsk region. where blacksmithing has developed from a craft into an industry. goes
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far north. where attempts to put roads and rail are a battle against the elements where helicopter is the only transport for medics to reach those in need. and where reindeer and fish are treasures for the people welcome to the. area russia close up.


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