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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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goes into. anything. to teach relational why you should care about. this is why you should care only. back here with our teachers look at the top stories. the philip finds leader of house board takes to the international t.v. stage for the first time in six years in an exclusive interview show by a persecuted whistleblower julian assange. shows down the israeli occupation an arab revolution in syria. provocation by rebels against the syrian army only brings more violence and undermines the truth so the opposition inside the country sending signals it's ready to negotiate. months twenty twelve olympic sponsors come under fire as campaigners call into question their credibility saying the games have been
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turned into a money making mission was advertising the top priority. our voting on a car version online and they always do this summer and that's flying internet piracy in today's artsy interview tom barton speaks to rick fox linger founder of the swedish pirate party he says internet freedom isn't something governments should take lightly. internet freedom is a subject very much in the headlines these days and synonymous with internet freedom increasingly is the word pirate. it started with piracy and the idea that information on the internet could be copied and passed along sometimes without copyright but the issues involved with the reaction to this and governments trying to pass legislation to try and restrict access to the internet to do with piracy have caused
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a lot of controversy and pirate parties have sprung up to try and promote the rights of internet freedom we are lucky enough to have with us the founder of the original pirate party here in sweden rick forefinger thank you for joining us thank you for having me on the show appreciate it ok just recently we've been conveniently provided with three examples with a significant defeat it seems for the pirate movement a success and a future battle start with bad news the defeat another name including pirate pirate bay here in sweden large fines prison sentences how do you feel about that result i think it's absolutely horrible i think there was an excellent example of how the establishment takes its own privileges and then the status quo of the incumbent industries ahead of laws government cares for itself first
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and then for citizens if you look at previous new political movements i mean you had the liberal movement which came under twenty years ago you had the the social democrat the labor movement which came about eighty years ago you had the green movement coming about forty years ago all of them challenged the establishment and the status quo to the point where the activists frankly went to jail and in history we regard those that went to jail as heroes so. it's a shame perhaps being cynical that's the way it goes and these people will be heroes in the history books there is another side there are people who say look how much material went through that site and how much of it should have had some rights money going to the people who made it and they didn't get to them i think that's an interesting argument. what you're essentially asking the years interpretation of the law and i didn't become a lawyer but
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a politician because i think the law was wrong and i want to change it so looking at the income for musicians since the advent of napster in the file sharing era we find out the average income for musicians have risen one hundred fourteen percent in the past ten years the average income per musician has risen sixty six percent and twenty eight more percent get some sort of this share. is true is that the parasitic middlemen who are if i'm going to be a bit derogatory here who are in the class piece of plastic construction industry. have seen their record sales just go through the floor and that's it for artists since these are linked in the value chain the used to take ninety five percent of the cut and artists have found out how to circumvent them so much more monitors to the artists however this particular link sits on all the
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lobbying and most of the legislation passed so these parasitic middlemen are trying to legislate their place in the market which from an entrepreneurial perspective is just a market stick and outrageous from from a solidary to perspective it's outrageous because it's corporate corporatist repression so. if you're looking at. if you're caring for artists then you certainly should not look at the record industry which have done that at most since their inception to rob artists of the money i see i see that your target and i see the way it's a it's a well framed arguments and i think it has an obviously gained a lot of traction but the person sitting at their computer who downloads a film for example that they know that they're not paying for it
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there's no issue with that none whatsoever i mean the issue here is if you're running a business then it's your responsibility to find a business model within the current constraints of society that allows you to make money you don't get to dismantle civil liberties even if you can't make money or perhaps even especially if you can't make money. a person a corporation's profitability does not factor into degree of freedom of speach. so yes the pirate might have done something illegal i don't think they did but then again i'm not a lawyer in any case absolutely adamant that what they did was beneficial to society and to art history and so it should not be illegal under any circumstance well i think you're not alone in that opinion because we'll go on now to the victory has been a victory for the pirate movement and not just the party movement in america was so
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print paper have really mattered i think unexpected amount of resistance do you think that this is perhaps a slap in the face to media companies that perhaps felt they could steamroll of the process i think it's tremendously important so i mean you have two hundred fifty million europeans sharing culture in violation of this old copyright distribution monopoly to them it's ad against beyond description a corporate structure takes the right to determine what they can say to other citizens we have a generation that's grown up learning that they can say whatever to whomever on the planet and just let the ideas battle it out for themselves we have this perfect enlightenment era deals where it's really a battle of ideas doesn't matter who says them all of a sudden corporations want to take that away and it's not enough to say that the
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junk younger generation perceive that perceives this as incredibly offensive. so so people i think that was the first case where the general population really woke up to realizing that well we have been saying all along isn't crying we are actually warning for some for a very real danger out there and what we saw was nearly a year literally of people rising up and demanding their rights and i think there was a beautiful thing and these trade representatives used to working in the shade working in the dark just agreeing in backroom deals kind of a freedom of speech which we should have just taken they were just taken by surprise and again you have this key element that politicians started to fear for that their jobs if that hadn't happened so people would already have
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passed but politicians sort of saw the floor crumble beneath their feet because they started to realize the same same as here in europe two hundred fifty million europeans sharing culture that's not a problem with a couple of teenagers that's half the voting population and if you want to keep your job you can't call and criminal public interests and nice point to move on to your coming battle or perhaps it's too late with the anti counterfeiting trade agreement actor was recently signed by the e.u. member states it's been watered down a lot since the beginning is it really so dangerous people have woken up these rallies are huge i mean if you look at poland there the rallies that have already been are absolutely astounding and people are frankly demanding their rights back and means censorship of the net and that is not acceptable not of the generation growing up not of the people who understand what the net is about and that it's the
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greatest equalizer that mankind has ever invented and that's not something we are ready to give up frankly we. discovering things just shouldn't be that the euro be european commission went out the other side the other day as. this is no big deal everybody will be free to keep sharing governmentally approved things and that's not what they should be saying they should say that you still have freedom of speech not freedom of speech for what we approve of look into your crystal ball of digital crystal ball for us and look towards the future twenty maybe even fifty years in the future do you see an internet that is free and open and equal or do you see dark clouds ahead i think we're at a crossroads right now this technology can be used to create such a distance topik big brother society that if you'd written
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a book about it in the fifties or even the eighty's it would have been discarded as plain and realistic i mean you have you have police troll jones now that have planted on suspects computers even known suspects computers to see for the police to see what they are doing these trojans have access to the microphones and cameras of the computers so that. we are we are now at this stage this dystopic scene of the one nine hundred fifty s. where there were cameras in people's homes the only thing missing from the scenario was that we bought them ourselves there was the one thing where there wasn't foreseen on the other hand you can also use this technology to create a society where power holders are more accountable than ever to the voting citizenry you have you can create a society where ideas get to battle it out without interference from who said what and what's their background you can create
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a society where culture can florists like never before and ideas can flourish like never before and that battle stands right now and the question is who controls the internet i wanted to be the citizens there are people who wanted to be the previous set of industries and if they won if they win we get a big brother society if the citizens when we get a democracy richer than any before. thank you very much thank you. one. hundred. fifty years. when five forty acres and nineteen ninety three and decided it would
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be a great place to find a hell of a home on the retire. their sheer. we call it our new neighbor neighbor nine o seven. we have seventy acres and i can convince them that they need to drill somewhere sides two hundred feet from. the needs of our growing economy also means expanding our domestic production of oil and natural gas which are vital fuels for transportation electricity and manufacturing for any problems of this before we leave the right people and then change. your flows are not toxic and we did a lot of there's a lot of misunderstanding of what is actually in the flow it's. trying to say you cannot here in laos you come out here and live in my house for
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a week. i have no rights. something law is beneath. thousands of liters of ice. the love of. god is a word for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it to a distance. from
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a find it or a house god takes to the international t.v. stage for the first time in six years and explosive interview show by a persecuted whistleblower julian assange has on the sprawl assurance down the israeli occupation as an arab revolution in syria. provocation by rebels against the syrian army only brings more violence and undermines the truce says the opposition inside the country sending signals it's ready to negotiate. london's twenty twelve olympic sponsors calendar fire as campaigners call into question their credibility saying the games have been turned into a money making mission of advertising the top priority. for some top stories and time now for andrew to vegas on what's happening and i was
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a sports. thanks watching this fall down these are the headlines advantage on god the man from siberia take it to one series lead in the garden cop out and now to be. in the russian capital. when it gives bonaduce one victory over reality in the first leg of their champions league semifinal. the andy murray flies into the third round of the monte carlo masters at the top seeds have a good day on the clay. we start though with ice hockey cigar and cup final to add on guard now have the advantage over dinner for a narrow one there when the victory given the siberian side to one series in the in the best of seven contests with more is constantine that's awful. with seven
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minutes to go in the opening period i want guards from manchurian co-founder alexander there is your game in the right circle with a well timed pass who is sure he's sent on the goal of the campaign do not want to put the visitors and aggression in the second launching attacks one after another not giving the visitors a chance to catch their breath but ryan assume an ins man managed to withstand and responded with a counterattack. this is still game continued in the final frame with chances for both sides while the hosts failed to level matters using any of their eight ball plays and the reason for that was our under its guardian roma who was brilliant between the boy. the blue and whites outplayed the hoax for most of the game but then i was forwards started to lose confidence as it seemed like nothing would go past the twenty five year old never mind or a bad night one of the best individual efforts came from me how you are nice in the
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dying seconds of the game but the finish made another great say in nine thirty one shots for his good players shout out why we were lucky to open the scoring with so we could change our game plan according to the scoreline we had to withstand a lot of dramas and types and rommel made a lot of decency go of what i truly play our game with a minimum of chances and a very few mistakes we made one and we lost with a narrow win a one guard then those in front two one in the going cup finals with game four she had healed for thursday here in moscow and same by that of r.t. . now in football by munich grabbed a dramatic late goal to beat rionda three two one in the first leg of their champions league semifinal now you go mess with the winner in the nineteenth minute by minute travel to madrid next week for the second leg but despite having a slim advantage they know there's still a lot today. as we can be very proud. this game because we deservedly beat real
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madrid this is only the first leg and the result is somewhat dangerous since just neither one will win in the second grade to advance to the finals but this is good because we will see one hundred percent focused we seize their chance tonight and now we're off to madrid. well on wednesday night chelsea host defending champions barcelona in the other semi the blues have hit form central but it emits a educator from andre via spoke with his manager and beat tottenham five one in the f.a. cup semifinals at the weekend however they are the underdogs for this clash with barter although that's it that makes frank lampard. were under no illusions again as i said before about barcelona i quite like the tag of going to go so what is refreshing to have if you believe in yourself and i think we believe in ourselves so i think the last thing we want to do is take too much fear into the sky and we can talk yourself into failure by. barcelona all the time we have to believe in
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ourselves and we have to respect give lucian but we have to go and play our game and if we do that i personally believe we have a very good chance of winning the game. but as i said we have to be our best because we are on the best well bartha are looking to reach the final for the fourth time in seven seasons and sandwiched between this and the return leg is el classico with reality at the weekend which could decide the league title passing with the oldest says rodriguez's describe it as the most important week of the season. they came they came here to learn to get better as a player as a person and also to experience weeks like what we are going to start tomorrow and on. the final of the champions league play against real madrid the day when we are right. playing for the for the title and then against chelsea again you know it's the most important week of the season and that's where we came to experience weeks like that games like that. meanwhile the world's highest paid footballer could be
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on his way out of the russian primarily cameroonian striker samuel eto you say he would like to leave ranji and return to into milan according to italian media the thirty one year old having a change of heart some three months after he said he'd like to wrap up his illustrious career at angie cameroonian striker is said to be unhappy with life russia and explained his recent struggles on the quality of pictures in the country to move from into angy last all this free transfer fee of twenty one million euros and became the biggest earning prior in the world signing a three year deal for twenty million euros per year while into the present morass he said he would be glad to see betty back. from next season all russian premier league clubs will be required to have a second venue in addition to their main home ground it must have a capacity of at least three thousand and this and that it page and this is because of the plaid winter weather conditions while a new rule change will see clubs able to sign goalkeepers even outside the transfer
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window recent high profile injuries have led to the change you know the news one of russia's hopes recycling medal at the olympic games has confessed to doping brush in belize khaleesi an olive tested positive for the performance enhancing drug e.p.o. at the end of last month and there's now a wave of his right for a police sample saying he's prepared to face the appropriate punishment and twenty five year old says he acted alone and his two shooting were not involved illegally are not worth a big hopefully linked road race in london but now faces a potential two year ban from the sport. while there are exactly one hundred days to go before the lympics opening ceremony but despite the short space of time many athletes are still trying to secure a place on their national team russia's swimmers are among them and are competing at the national championships in moscow this week with more is thrown on costa. six finals on the opening day of the russian championship in moscow
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a local swimmer get in a so-called low about was on arrival in the four hundred meter freestyle claiming that side so in four minutes and twelve points wins in nine seconds. for the men in the same discipline it was an other muscovites displaying the best results you gore dictionary all didn't experience any major opposition as he clocked in at three minutes and forty eight point nine four seconds on to the women's final in the four hundred meter individual medley where ya know martin of all from russia's republic will top our style and beat her closest rival by a huge margin of seven seconds just that ring to the russian crown in four minutes and thirty eight point six nine seconds. the men's fifty meter breaststroke final belongs to a siberian swimming better and romanced would know that but it's a year old almost an eight seed was just a second short of setting a new russian record but the result was still enough for the multiple world and
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european champion as well as a bronze medalist of the two thousand sydney games so when the event. asked for the most exciting discipline off any swimming tournaments the relay races two were held on the opening day the women competed in the world wide two hundred meter individual freestyle relay with the most go out swimming their closest rivals from the u. rolls by three seconds though their result is still very far from the worlds or even the national record so the russian women could be in trouble at that event during their lympics. the men competed in the four by one hundred meter freestyle relay on tuesday with swimmers from st petersburg finishing a full four seconds and head of runners up bulger grad to clinch the russian side zero in three minutes and eighteen point five to six seconds. for them and so we very beat exam four during the months and we didn't have any significant
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competition everywhere for so this is the first and probably the most simple the. history first they did in two thousand and twelve. the russian swimming nationals conclude on sunday. by then we will hopefully have a clear understanding of who to root for in london this summer but for now the haunts for the russian side it's all the coveted olympic sport is just beginning mom cos reports the moscow and finally the tennis clay court season has got into full swing with the start of the monte carlo masters and one of the favorites andy murray has made it into the third round with an easy win over viktor troicki it couldn't have been a better start for the third secret he took the first step to love and only dropped three games to the in the second set to sail into the next stage in all it was a good day for the big names for so you're all free to tsonga also through after beating physical schreiber of germany in straight sets and next up the french
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minister an end of it. but asco had survived an earlier first round against a live euro course and again needed three sets the big corporation even after losing six three but if you come back to country when the next two for the match. and another match is going on would have been hard in the second round after beating finally monaco monaco retiring there with an ankle injury pain issues corey won his first round match against al bad and last time rushes mico usually is out after a straight sets the feat to qualify but if we go here. so that's all we've got time for the moment i'm back again in just under two hours time back so that's the way. well with. science technology innovation and all the least developed mints from
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around russia we've got the future covered. the close up team has been to the sverdlovsk legion. where blacksmithing has developed from a craft into an industry. if. now our team goes far north. where returns to good roads and rail are a battle against the elements where the culture is the only transporter medics to reach those in need. and where reindeer and fish are treasures for the people will come to the. autonomy area. close up on our t.v. wealthy british style seinfeld's sometimes. target. markets finance scandals. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy in these kinds of reports on our key. home.
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