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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered. which is very welcome aarti live here in moscow top stories now the launch of june a surge is very own interview show here on r.t. causes controversy with the premiere episode lauded for the choice of guest the first person the wiki leaks founder talked to was as leader hassan nasrallah is first interview with an international channel in six years. of smiling u.s. soldiers posing next to body parts of. bombers emerge in the latest in a series of scandals involving american troops pictures of feeling concerns over the leadership and discipline of u.s. forces in afghanistan. and russia accuses all of the opposition in syria of
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provoking violence and undermining the un brokered cease fire it claims with reports of the free syrian army is using refugee camps in turkey as safe havens to . regime troops. welcome back with more news stories another update in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime as we've been reporting we can global anti piracy agreement known as actor may soon be dead in the water and a pirate parties fighting against the copyright treaty and setting sail for the european parliament elections in twenty fourteen well next artie's tom barton speaks to rick he's the founder of the swedish pirate party. internet freedom is a subject very much in the headlines these days and synonymous with internet freedom increasingly is the word pirate. it started with piracy and the idea
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that information on the internet could be copied and passed along sometimes without copyright but the issues involved with the reaction to this and governments trying to pass legislation to try and restrict access to the internet to do with piracy have caused a lot of controversy and pirate parties have sprung up to try and promote the rights of internet freedom we are lucky enough to have with us the founder of the original pirate party here in sweden. thank you for joining us thank you for having me on the show appreciate it ok just recently we've been conveniently provided with three examples with a significant defeat it seems for the pirate movements a success and a future battle our start with bad news the defeat another a name including pirate pirate bay here in sweden large fines prison sentences how do you feel about that result i think it's absolutely horrible i
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think there was an excellent example of how the establishment. takes its own privileges and the status quo of the incumbent industries ahead of laws government cares for itself first and then for citizens if you look at previous new political movements i mean you had the liberal movement which came under twenty years ago you had the the social democrat the labor movement which came about eighty years ago you had the green movement coming about forty years ago all of them challenged the establishment of the status quo to the point where the activists frankly went to jail and in history we regard those that went to jail as heroes so. it's a shame perhaps being cynical that's the way it goes and these people will be heroes in the history books there is another side there are people who say look
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how much material went through that site and how much of it should have some rights money going to the people who made it and they didn't get to them i think that's an interesting argument no what you're essentially asking years interpretation of the law and i didn't become a lawyer but a politician because i think the law is wrong and i want to change it so. looking at the income for musicians since the advent of napster in the file sharing era we find out the average income for musicians have risen one hundred fourteen percent in the past ten years the average income per musician has risen sixty six percent and twenty eight more percent get some sort of its share war is true is that the parasitic middlemen who are if i'm going to be a bit derogatory here who are in the. last piece of plastic construction industry. have seen their record sales just go through the floor and
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that's excellent for artists since these are a link in the value chain the used to take ninety five percent of the cut and artists have found out how to circumvent them so much more monitors to the artists however this particular link sits on all the lobbying power and most of the legislation power these parasitic middlemen legislate their place in the market which from an entrepreneurial perspective is just a market. and outrageous from from a solidary into perspective it's outrageous because it's corporate corporate activist. repression so. if you're looking at. if you're caring for artists then you certainly should not look at the record industry which have done there at the most since their inception to rob artists of the money i see i see that your target here and i see the way it's an it's of well framed argument
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and i think it has an obviously gained a lot of traction but the person sitting in their computer who downloads a film for example that they know they're not paying for and there's no issue with that whatsoever i mean the issue here is if you're running a business then it's your responsibility to find a business model within the current constraints of society that allows you to make money you don't get to dismantle civil liberty is even if you can't make money or perhaps even especially if you can't make money. a person corporations profitability does not factor into degree of freedom of speach. so yes the pirate might have done something illegal i don't think they did but then again i'm not a lawyer in any case absolutely adamant that what they did was beneficial to
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society artistry and so it should not be illegal under any circumstance well i think you're not alone in that opinion because we'll go on now to victory has been a victory for the pirate movement and not just the party movement in america was sober and people have really matter again i think unexpected amount of resistance do you think this is perhaps a slap in the face to media companies that perhaps felt that they could steamroller the process i think it's tremendously important i mean you have two hundred fifty million you opinions sharing culture in violation of this old copyright distribution monopoly to them it's arrogant beyond description a corporate structure takes the right to determine what they can say to other citizens we have a generation that's grown up learning that they can say whatever to whomever on the
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planet and just let the ideas battle it out for themselves we have this perfect enlightenment deals where it's really a battle of ideas doesn't matter who says them all of a sudden corporations want to take that away and. it's not enough to say that the jong younger generation perceive that perceives this as incredibly offensive. so so people i think that was the first case where the general population really woke up to realizing that what we have been saying all along isn't wolf crying we are actually warning for some for a very real danger out there and what we saw was merely and literally of people rising up and demanding their rights and i think there was a beautiful thing and these trade representatives used to working in the shade working in the dark just agreeing in backroom deals kind of freedom of speech which
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we should have just taken they were just taken by surprise and again you have the key element that politicians started to fear for their jobs if that hadn't happened so people would already have problems but politicians sort of sort of thought crumble beneath their feet because they started to realize that same same as here in europe two hundred fifty million europeans sharing culture that's not a problem with a couple of teenagers that's the voting population and if you want to keep your job you can't call them criminal public interests or nice point to move on to your coming battle or perhaps it's too late with the anti counterfeiting trade agreement actor was recently signed by the member states it's been watered down a lot since the beginning is it really so dangerous people have woken up these
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rallies are huge i mean if you look at poland there are these rallies that have already been are absolutely astounding and people are frankly demanding their rights back and means censorship of the net and that is not acceptable not of the generation growing up not of the people who understand what the net is about and that it's. the greatest equalizer of mankind has ever invented and that's not something we are ready to give up frankly we are discovering things that just shouldn't be that the euro be european commission said that this is no big deal everybody will be free to keep the sharing of governmental approved things and that's not what they should be saying they should say that you can you still have freedom of speech not freedom of speech for what we approve of look into your crystal ball of digital crystal ball for us and look towards the future ten twenty maybe even fifty years in the future do you see an internet that is free and open
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and equal or do you see dark clouds ahead i think we're at a crossroads right now. this technology can be used to create such a distance topik big brother society that if you'd written a book about it in the fifty's or even the eighty's it would have been discarded as plain and realistic i mean you have you have police troll jance now that are planted on suspect computers even non-suspect computers to see for the police to see what they are doing these trojans have access to the microphones and cameras on the computers so that we are we are now at this stage this dystopic scene of the one nine hundred fifty s. where there were cameras in people's homes the only thing missing from the scenario was that we bought them ourselves there was the one thing where there was a foreseen on the other hand you can also use this technology to create a society where power holders are more accountable than ever to the voting
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citizenry you have you can create a society where ideas get to battle it out without interference from who said what and what's their background you can create a society where culture can flourish like never before and ideas come from. it's like never before that by the stones right no and the question is who controls the internet. i want to be the citizens there are people who want to be a previous set of industries and if they want if they when we get a big brother society if the citizens when we get a democracy richard have any before. thank you very much thank you.
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your flows are not toxic and we did a lot of there's a lot of mis understanding of what exactly in the flow it's. time to say you cannot hear unless you come out here and live in my house for a week. i have no rights. lose . to the.
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top stories this hour and see the launch of juno surges very go interview show hero causes controversy with the premiere episode and loads for the choice of guests the first person you can expand the filter was has blogged leader hassan nasrallah his first interview with an international channel in six years. photos of smiling u.s. soldiers posing next to body parts of dead afghan suicide mission the latest in a series of scandals involving american troops which is a fueling concerns over the leadership and discipline of u.s. forces in afghanistan. when russia refuses all of the opposition in syria provoking involved in some undermining the un brokered cease fire will come to corner points of the free syrian army is using refugee camps in turkey for
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a safe havens to plan assaults on regime troops. all the news in full force in just fifteen minutes from now that'll be off to the latest falls with kate. thank you for joining me today partridge for this one it's a small round up here in the headlines. lou it's a repeat of two thousand and nine it's time to bridge as chelsea prepares the household as possible around the first leg effect champions league last for encounter. while missing munich mario gomez net loss goals were not caused by unwilling to want to thank you well madrid in the first the semifinal. against change of sufis resolvable on the clock to make his play court season off to a three string start and they are set in straight sets in monte carlo. but first of
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all and chelsea will be out for revenge as they host defending champions barcelona in the first leg of the champions league semifinal this runs a nice the match is a repeat of the two thousand and nine seventy final which barcelona won with a stoppage time strike from days in the us there after what the blues considered some controversial refereeing decisions well meanwhile chelsea have one nine and drawn out of the last twelve months just since there wasn't even teo to charge following the departure of on d.v.d.'s books including sunday's five on a pike up semifinal win over tottenham and all five champions league games this season however midfielder frank lampard is the p five plus underdogs against barcelona. were under no illusions again this is the before the barcelona i quote it's hard to be an underdog so why is refreshing so if you believe in yourself and i think we believe in ourselves our i think the last thing we want to do is take too much fear into this guy and be yourself into fear by going to barcelona will get on and we have to believe in ourselves and we have to respect their positions
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but we have to go and play our game and if we do that i personally believe we have a very good chance he will make our. presence we have to be our best because you know it's like one of the best well they also are looking to reach. the final for the fourth time in seven seasons and sun was between the much sun the bridge on the return leg in sunday's el classico at home to league and israel madrid which could decide the spanish domestic title possibly for the second fabregas thinks this week is the most important in the club's. game i came here to. the good but there is a player as a person and also to experience weeks like what we are going to start tomorrow and then just chill see us any final of the champions league there goes round matric but if we win we are right. playing for the title and then against chelsea again you know it's the most important week of the season and that's where it came to experience weeks like that going to like. well meanwhile tuesday mario gomez last
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gasp when they gave ryan a two one victory as a round madrid in munich the home side led after seventy mystery frankly break promises defending early in the second half and have missed if there is also level however after a string of chances against grab a late winner as the four time champions look to return to their own stadium for a dream final however with rail manager goes a marine you're aiming to become the first post to me three different teams the european glory i am five i have it all to do in return that. we can be very proud of this game because we deserve to be real madrid this is only the first leg and the result is somewhat dangerous since we are just neither one to win in the second grade to advance to the finals but this is good because we will see one hundred percent focused we seize their chance tonight and now we're off to madrid. staying with football and here in russia for next season all premier league clubs will be required to have a second venue in addition to their main home ground which must have a capacity of at least three thousand as well as i synthetic pitch this is because
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of the change in the football calendar which will overlap with bad winter weather conditions while a new rule change will also see clubs able to sign goalkeepers outside the transfer window. after a series of recent high profile injuries tennis now and world number one novak djokovic has breezed through his opening match of the monte carlo masters the top ranked serbian getting into the clay court groove with ease the twenty four year old didn't drop in on route two eight six one six or victory over it's nice and they are sunday and next that is alexander the apollo the ukraine's ambassador strained teenager when our time make some time defending champion rough on the dollar is also true of the second seeded spaniard got the better of him as york i mean even in straight sets. i thought if i was really focus first said the really good. head it's awful boring obviously quality of ball and it was good. for the first official match since roy gross last year was reserves for. pascagoula and the
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indiana pacers are indeed setting the pace in the n.b.a. after wrapping up a six win in a row with a one hundred two points to ninety seven victory over the seventy six ers in philadelphia well danny granger was the man for the pacers finishing with twenty four points and he started scoring some distance right from the off and then in the second period this effort and a forty five forty advantage however in the service in philadelphia had found their way as jane caller they don't on the fast break putting them fifty five fifty one up in the closing quarter granger got the bases over the line as indiana secure phone advantage in the first round of the playoffs. moving on to i psaki and siberians side are on guard have taken a two one lead over and i was in the best of seven regarding cup final series after a one the victory here in the russian capital consumers are reports. with seven
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minutes to go in the opening period i want guards around manchurian co-founder alexander there is organ in the right circle with a well timed bass who is shot his scent on the goal of the campaign you know i put the visitors and aggression in the second launching attacks one after another not giving the visitors a chance to catch their breath but rhyme assume an ins nan managed to withstand and responded with a counterattacks. this seesaw game continued in the final frame with chances for both sides while the hosts failed to level matters using any of their eight ball plays and the reason for that was i wonder if scotty rama who was brilliant did when the boids the balloon whites outplayed the hoax for most of the game but then i was forwards started to lose confidence as it seemed like nothing would go past the twenty five year old netminder a bad night one of the best individual efforts came from me hi you are nice in the dying seconds of the game but the finish made in the great say nine thirty one
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shots for his third player shot out or. we were lucky to open the scoring so we could change our game plan according to the scoreline we had to withstand a lot of deny was attacks and rommel made a lot of decency actually play our game with a minimum of chances and a very few mistakes we made one and we lost with a narrow win armed guard then those in front two one in the going up for animals with a game for sheer deal for thursday here in moscow and same but out of r t. now there are exactly one hundred days to go before this summer's london olympics but russia has been dealt a blow as one of their slightly hopefuls has confessed to doping they seldom journalists tested positive for the performance enhancing drug e.p.o. the end of last month he has now raised his right for be sampled saying his prepared to face the appropriate punishment is ready five year old i think he acted
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alone and his gut who should see him were not involved well as an up with a big one really big road race in london now faces a potential two year ban from the sport. well london is abuzz with anticipation and head of the city's third olympics with one hundred days to go john wright flowering so being planted to mark a milestone you must london. heathrow causeway to greet those flying in and the last leg of the games is also unveiled which reads inspire a generation and organizers want those words to come true the summer. beat the very d.n.a. so it was. also a rallying cry for the. cause of. their english. by the rules they should not say to you he she brushed across the. well so the london olympics are just three months away but the office already planning for the next comes the rio sport will be making an island comeback in trying to sixteen and
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russia place to be among i was telling off in brazil and. russia's biggest golf and start my review of china that is currently taking a break from the sports morgan talent is coming through one promise and prospect is russian national runner up but in are possible he's just sixteen and would turn twenty one a career lympics the games will see the return of gold after just two appearances early in the twentieth century to make an olympic dream come true players need to dig deep to properly through words and i want to go to the olympics but to give myself a chance and to be high up in the world rankings of so have to turn pro soon and start wrecking our breaking points and improve my game for the season the youngsters city sights on the european amateur team championships in portugal in september and then probably the world event the russian national side a fresh from
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a training camp in america and see local trainers praise their progress as a unit but for sports officials i have to strong performances not just words of approval to build a bubble to go to the rio olympics gold as we need to rockets up the world rankings those rankings are compiled in accordance with their results at professional events so arts are used to prepare our leading golfers for these tournament's and off season camps will be an integral part of these preparations because their schedule is extremely busy week in week out. russia may be anything but a goal from strongholds and years of hard work ally heads but with new courses like past an insulator just outside moscow popping up the road to rio could become a little bit smoother and who gets off. on us a little this wednesday i think. question
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is that so much of an oldish musician can find in the market can the u.s. and its allies put a stop to the downward diplomatic spiral with iran and seek ways out of the current deadlock more talks or since.
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all. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are all day. mission. couldn't take three months for charges free commitment free. three stooges.


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