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free. free volunteer video for your media project a free video don carty dot com. the launch of joining the search is very own interview show here on r.t.e. causes controversy with the first episode nor did and below the talking to a guest largely frozen out of the mainstream media. photos of u.s. soldiers posing with body parts of dead against suicide bombers in the latest in a series of scandals involving american troops and their behavior in a war zone live reaction to that story shortly from the county. and one hundred days before the start of the summer olympics in the going to accusations of sponsors are using the games as a p.r. campaign to improve their own tarnished reputation the top stories this hour.
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on screen and around the world this is r.t. life in moscow julian assange his debut as a t.v. interview in r.t. was bound to face criticism and praise from around the globe and it's done just that the world's most famous whistleblower attracted controversy mainly due to his choice of guests and the channel chosen to broadcast the show he's got a gun cage is the response for most american media julian assange is guilty without charge reckless traitor and a threat to our national security interests sleazeball named julian assange show who is bent on damaging america how did this guy just land his own t.v. show the implication is a sergeant is a russian agent whose anti-american mission is now out in the open for all to see and the accusations kept flying as the whistleblowers very. show premiered on
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tuesday but i saw it coming as to have. a legal battle. getting into the. kremlin. and interviewing. terrible radicals. but i think that's a sort of it's a preview of current recovery. if they actually look at how the center was made we reckon we have complete control of the guest of his first child was the head of hezbollah designated by the us as a terrorist organization it was not starlost first interview with international channel in six years the reason why him could be found in the interview itself the united states is blocking power from broadcasting into u.s. . as well not only want to be able to tell people that one of us is terrorism or is that small organization yes. it is but the one that people listen to us hi from
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ohio for example if it wasn't just a trial and you have a very nice defendant should have an opportunity to defend themselves some say in the court of public opinion as presented by the us mainstream media there is a tendency to simplify issues often at the expense of the full picture somebody agrees or doesn't agree with has what was ideas all of their ideas ideology or their theology american people hear the voice of hezbollah rather than simply have them demonized targeted as a quote terrorist by the purpose of demonizing somebody like nasr our or nelson mandela who is considered a terrorist until nine hundred eighty eight is not really to stop terrorist ideas from infiltrating but for the american people to only hear one side of a debate only hear one side of an argument julian assange is now under house arrest in the u.k. fighting extradition to sweden where he may well be extradited to the united states u.s. prosecutors reportedly have
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a secret indictment ready for our son who's made public thousands of leaked documents with embarrassing details relating to the worsening iraq and afghanistan as well as other issues in the u.s. has been under fire from capitol hill the white house and the media and we want to apprehend mr assigns the founder of wiki leaks and bring him to justice as a close up violator of the espionage act because if we don't this will keep happening the dead man can't leaks that this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law the united states the guy ought to be and i'm not for the death penalty so i'm not for the death penalty want to do it illegally shoot what about freedom of information cherish this is a core principle of democracy almost like leading and letting genie out of the bottle mr a song has the the internet. and the governments and everyone else at their own game because he's gone to a place where others have not been before and he's introduced
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a touch of information the range of information that previously were not available if one of the use the media as the court of public opinion then julian assange is someone who presents to the jury that is the viewers argument by britain's always says which they almost never hear on mainstream media and it's up to the viewers to form an opinion but what many find ironic is that all salt is under attack by the us government and the media for practicing to full extent the freedom of information that america preaches around the globe i'm going to start our reporting from washington r.p. . the american journalist and antiwar activist don de bar says there's nothing surprising in the wave of criticism against the science show in the us given how whistle blowers are treated there. but is the twin heads here on the one hand the information management paradigm that is basically the communications industry in the united states has the problem of whistleblowers to deal with that forced their
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way out into the conversation you have bradley manning for example famously declared guilty by the president of the united states before you had a trial and you have also of course julian of sancerre and wiki leaks and so there's that aspect the other side is that in the united states since the one nine hundred fifty s. and it famously in april of one nine hundred sixty one when john f. kennedy called on the media to consider their stories against the issue of national security you have a very very narrow band of opinion it gets broadcast discussed and a very narrow set of facts that are presented and with the information age show you know technology this change the internet and all of that you have or t.v. and other international outlets that are now presented to american audiences and that are not bound by the american you know censorship basically so you have people like julian a surge being brought each of these is offensive to the paradigm here and so the
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fact that they're beating up on a songe on the one hand and on ora t.v. on the other isn't surprising. when if you miss the show itself you can watch the full version on a special section of our website at savage dot. com that they will set a lot of pre-show twenty minute interview with the we can expand the way he explains the choice of guests channel and of course we get to know what you think of the first episode so leave your comments and find out how either of us from across the globe react to all that and much more at. r.t. dot com. new photos of american soldiers posing with afghan collapses and emerged in the u.s. the images obtained by an american newspaper appear to be another example in a series of extreme breaches of discipline by u.s. troops which have dangerously undermined their position with the afghan people so what is really important. a very sensitive moment and these images are quite grim
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so grim that the u.s. department of defense did specifically asked the l.a. times not to publish these photos but the paper said that it was for sponsible to a report object of lee on the u.s. mission in afghanistan and decided to move forward publishing these photos now in these photos that were taken in two thousand and ten you could see u.s. paratroopers grinning either holding body parts of afghan corpses or squatting beside afghan corpses and they were smiling or making a different gestures to the camera at the u.s. paratroopers it's not the first instance of you know back in january there was an incident of marines u.s. marines urinating on the dead corpses of afghans and in february that was the incident of he was soldiers burning of korans in march we had the shooting rampage a seventeen afghan civilians were killed over portably at the hands of a u.s. army staff. so clearly this shows that this long u.s.
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led war in afghanistan it's taking quite a toll on the u.s. soldiers it is a challenging uncompromising the relations speak between the united states and afghanistan and all of this news is coming as nato ministers are meeting right now in brussels to discuss discuss the future of afghanistan after the international coalition pulls out so clearly a very delicate and sensitive situation being even more compromised with these new grim photos being published a report that will for more on the story let's not talk to jim he's from will join me here in london what do you think is behind this sort of behavior. i think it's impossible situation in the united states minutes. enough. because. on the one hand there are highly trained they supposed to spend
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ten and a half years learning the lessons of operating in afghanistan. they are taught in on one level that they are there to as they are told defend and. the afghan people that they are there for the afghan people and on the other hand they find that in no way that the afghan people treat them as their friend and this impossible contradiction means that despite ten and a half years of cultural training that is supposed to be intense cultural training they think nothing of burning korans urinating one prisoner on the board is insecure and it's just a reflection of the reality of things and in that sense i think there's nothing that the united states military can do about it say reflection of reality of things is this just a tragic fact that the immense pressures of combat zones caused these things to
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happen. no i think it's more than that it's not just because it's a war if they found that there was any truth in this line that they are given that they are there to defend the people from the enemy which is usually called the taliban if they found that to be true if that was true in their experience then they could differentiate but they can't differentiate they don't know they have no idea who the who in practical terms the enemy is it's a classic guerrilla war and it produces exactly that and fundamentally the reason is they shouldn't i think is that they shouldn't be they have no justified basis for the u.s. military to talk about the implications of these photos being published u.s. military officials of the l.a. times not to print those pictures make them public do you think it was the right decision to release them many are saying it's going incite further violence.
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i think it probably was the right the right and the right thing to do i mean there's been a whole stream of these things. and it is telling for example the american people the side of things that they're simply not given i think the best example but your. introduction didn't mention was this the united states army colonel who traveled all over afghanistan last year he was in a special position he interviewed two hundred fifty united states military personnel from the rank of private out of the rank of general and being in the position of colonel he was pretty precise in the position to do that kind of thing and then he published his report and then his report was in large part leaked problem months ago and basically he said everything we are told is not true nothing we are told is true you cannot believe anything you are told so it's in that
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context of systematic this information that i think the publication of these photographs actually tells people something that they are systematically just looted from hearing just very briefly you said this this whole issue of the developments in the past to question the presence of u.s. military personnel there and indeed other international forces will afghanistan then be a better place once those combat troops leave body in the twenty fourteen just briefly your thoughts for the future no but i think it's a necessary precondition but no there's no there's no guarantee that it won't do deteriorate or continue with the civil war which is effectively what it is but it's a necessary precondition hopefully they can leave in better order than simply scuttling away but it is a necessary precondition for an afghan settlement or an afghan problem jim brann from the stop the war college in fact your thoughts there live in london.
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russia is accusing the armed opposition in syria of provoking violence to breach the internationally brokered cease fire foreign minister sergei lavrov cited reports of the free syrian army is using refugee camps in turkey as safe havens to play in assaults on regime troops have also said there are many who want to bury special envoy kofi annan is in favor of using force some western and arab states of agree to tighten sanctions against the syrian president who they accuse of breaching the truce will for more or less from hollow a phony he's founder of the c p p i should say foundation and that is a brussels based think tank and he has written extensively on the middle east that russia has said today the un has evidence that syrian rebels are committing human rights violations and yet the u.s. and its allies are continuing it seems to ignore the role of militants in the violence and pledge more to help them why are they so persistent in their support of this armed opposition. well the
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the situation in syria is quite confused actually because you have a government which is the assad government which is under attack internationally accusations sanctions and so on on the other hand you have an internal political opposition which is mostly i'm able to express way out from the white nigerian which the country is full full since of several months and would like to open negotiations to sincerely probably with governments with the international community then you have armed groups of different sorts. some some of the foreign countries namely france for instance once them to be all represented within the syrian national council but it is not the case there are several groups which are responding to other inputs so actually it is. sort of a civil war going on in there among armed rebels responding to different interests
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. and pushing them. the international community so far has been coming out with a classic which is that of appeals for peace for talks eventually for observers i wonder what the first the unarmed observers of so many could observe in such a situation but there is no other way out which should be a political way out from from from from this mess that has been created all those. western and arab states putting further pressure on the syrian regime despite this rather shaky cease fire at the moment is that extra pressure really going to help this peace process or by the sounds of things what you're saying they don't really want peace one or. not everybody really wants peace because if we take the interests of certain arab states from the gulf evidently much more interesting to
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use the syrian case against the possibility of maybe agreements between iran and the united states so they will try to take syria against this and sort of everybody's trying to get something out of syria but nobody's really caring for the syrians themselves and what is going on inside for the population so if there is a lot of rhetoric about it. many many big interests which go well far beyond the. country itself there is a settlement to be reached which involves the entire to the east from the barrage of guns that you were just mentioning in the news about the possible withdrawal of international forces from afghanistan but this is this is connected somehow to what happens then to iran what happens to syria and what happens even though i say to egypt and lebanon it's not. have to recall for instance that the. movement asks very strongly that the syrian opposition
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keeps negotiating and not. igniting a larger war but this we can see that words are going full in the void just briefly the situation in syria how is it being affected by politics in the u.s. and france where of course we're seeing presidential elections you mentioned france a little bit. yes well france has been very active in the near middle east as we know from the libyan affair then the french foreign minister has been very active on turkey trying to open the humanitarian corridors as we remember. they would have probably pushed for additional military intervention and this was not very much the opinion of the obama administration that maybe in the united states some parts of the establishment existed in favor of some sectors of the republican. party for sure they are the same in israel if we take in israel because
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israel is on one side pushing for punishing iran for the for the nuclear issues. on the other hand the obama administration is slowing them down and is opening negotiations with iran and iran is a critical tool the situation because what we are assisting in syria is a split of interests at least for the other side of the muslim side let's say between the sunni and one hundred be on one side and the shia of the other side so this is a matter that involves all the other girls from iraq down through and this is this is something that has to be dealt with as an overall. we'll leave it there thank you very much indeed for your thoughts polyphonic founder of the cheating foundation a process based think tank joining us live there in brussels thanks for your time.
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and exactly one hundred days before the olympics start in london however authorities lloris with explained some sponsors already making millions using questionable marketing tricks all in the name of the games. this supposed to be the greenest most sustainable games ever but a quick look at the list of partners and sponsors for london twenty twelve tells a very different story the way sponsors are chasing are the ones with the. least conscience's first stop dow chemical which never accepted blame for one of the world's worst industrial disasters the toxic leak in bhopal india that kill thousands it sponsoring eleven million dollar racked around the stadium after a ferrari dows logo now won't appear on the wrap as but again is official
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electricity supplier that's easy yes. green britain day. one of the u.k.'s big six energy providers self-proclaimed green pioneer and owner of all the u.k. sneak clear power stations and their hackers previous been convicted in france of spying and greenpeace accent or e-mail accounts the sort of thing that people look to aspire to the sort of ideal not sort of grubby backing and espionage which is what e.d.s. sadly is well known for then there's b.p. a major backer and so-called sustainability partner despite being according to some one of the world's least sustainable companies has been the deepwater horizon oil spill of it off and mexico they've continued their investment and really their lobbying around the tar sands in alberta continuing to devastate indigenous communities there and then they also completely scrapped since b.p.
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became sustainability partner surveys say three times as many people now believe it's working towards a cleaner greener world pure p.r. gold the countdown. clock ticks past one hundred days until the olympics kickoff but it's not just sports facilities that construction workers the big bursley finishing they're also building no fewer than full look there are no outlets one of which will be the world's biggest in fact this event which stands at the pinnacle of health and fitness mcdonald's will be the only brand it will provide senior mcdonald's executives make no secret of the fact they see a limp expenses ship as an opportunity to position themselves in healthier territory and there's the crux say critics olympic sponsorship masquerading as philanthropy when it's in fact marketing which numbered zelin pick organizers are more than happy to swallow nora smith r.t. . for business news let's check out some other news from around the world this mass
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murder of the slave because he wants the death penalty or acquittal according norway's twenty one year maximum prison term pathetic on day three of his trial he refused to answer questions about the anti muslim militant group he claims to be part of the issue as important as a court decides if he is saying to be sent to jail and he commits to carrying out the form of the shooting massacre that took seventy seven on the way. north korea has broken off an agreement to stop nuclear tests after the u.s. canceled food aid called the move a hostile act and said it would no longer hold up its hold to be broken as a result of north korea's failed rocket launch last week which it said was aimed at putting a satellite in orbit between the two are now inspectors from the international atomic energy agency back into the country has also been scrapped. for this one a scary scene from inside a u.s. supermarket for you know where
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a car crashed through the front door plowing down several people in the baby's prayer i'm happy to report no one was killed although ten were hurt after speeding through the entrance the driver content. past the cashiers and into the store before finally coming to a stop officers in charge a woman behind the wheel with careless driving who she maintains a mechanical failure with a car caused her to lose control. well the time to dive into the world of business at twenty four minutes past the hour daniel any relief on wall street at this stage of the day downgrade not build insulin i.b.m. just reported disappointing results pushing the whole tech sector down both the bell and nasdaq shedding hoffer percent over in new york where yahoo is out of to the search engine topped estimates and its results spain's slump three percent or news the ratio of bad loans for its banks in february reached seventeen year highs italy could delay balancing its budget by a year that pushed all major e.u.
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stock markets south slipping oil prices hurt more school russia's heavily depend on crude of course it paired losses in the last hour but still ended down stream is complete the second line of the world's longest gas point be finished ahead of schedule because of the international link between russia and europe is around twelve percent of the e.u. and you'll use now to give you peace on the fire for its bad environmental record in russia or that resources ministry blames it for seven hundred fifty oil spills a year in the country's biggest field in western siberia ati's you're going off as more. russian authorities including the minister of natural resources and environmental officials have been flying around the area which is one of the richest regions of russia when it comes to natural resources trickling out the situation with the environment there and seeing here is caused meanly officials say
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ninety seven percent of he says mainly by and weeks pipes used by companies and specifically by the end. of. the main sanction in this case could be forcing the company to increase its investment in modernizing its pipelines today b.p. spends around thirty four million dollars on that while it generates one point three billion dollars in profit i big problem here is also with the legislation because it's not the first year that this region is being used by any all industries that first decade in fact some of the pollution first appeared back in the seventy's during the soviet union which doesn't exist anymore so the biggest question is who is responsible now for cleaning all this up with the authorities and the companies pointing the finger at each other we don't agree with the ministries opinion and that we need to prove it we always clean out all our oil
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leaks and don't forget that russia has a history of oil spills we voluntarily to clear of cleaning those oh spills as well and the plant just randall the thirty seven million dollars under his here as the war is still being reviewed hopefully it will bring some positive changes to the situation and finally a stylish responsible for the environment but the bigger stand for themselves officials say that annually around five hundred thousand. gets into the arctic ocean why are rivers and springs because of oil production in general. shares fell on the news gazprom also ended down the u.s. demand for its shares is growing talk investment on american fans says it brought another one hundred seventy million dollars of gazprom stock in the first quarter fertilise a major cross posted record no profit for twenty eleven credit to the north of broad exchange rates and the euro's down on the dollar for the third for spain's
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bond sale tomorrow as euro traders worried of more bad news the ruble will have a fully free float in two years as the bank of russia in other words the government won't regularly intervene to keep the ruble exchange rate in a fixed current or crude is now a dollar down for the day but the i.m.f. says prices will jump ten percent this year on growing demand and supply disruptions from the likes of iran and london said to see just the second since the summer own properties owns offices in moscow and is reportedly looking to raise about home a billion dollars brochure is expected to start in may and you want to build more stories on the web site dot com business thanks very much indeed daniel and by the way just after a recap of our top stories we'll be telling deeper into the world of finance with lauren lyster capital account stay with us for that if you cannot be with some of our main stories shortly stay with us.
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to. be. from a. wealthy british style. that's not on right. now to hike the. markets why not.


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