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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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a ravenous appetite for security the world's biggest supply base enjoys a marathon of protests over fears it could contribute to a new arms race unseen since the cold war. india rockets its way into the big guns club after a test firing its first intercontinental ballistic missile and upping the ante in a region see thing with mutual distrust and hostility. cease fire cross fire un one of those in syria reportedly come on there are a pair order of bullets the opposition and the regime trading the blame all of this while the influential rebel back was prepared to lower the new sanctions on the head.
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it is good to have you with us here on r.t. today i'm live in moscow. as the largest spy in the world menwith hill in britain certainly carries and unassuming but for almost three decades now the complex run jointly by the u.k. and the u.s. has been targeted and even siege to pry protesters in the latest demonstration just a couple of days ago activists again demanded pace's closure the crime what they see as an insatiable and illogical hunger for security with us reporters artie's lawyers. it's a little piece of america in the middle of the yorkshire dales it might look like some kind of theme park but it's actually a spy base and part of the early warning system for the ever expanding u.s.
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missile defense shield it's a part of this huge kind of organism which gripping the world on its surface as you get from places like memory field which is connected together is the american military base speedo based in menwith hill since the nine hundred sixty s. growing all the time until the site now comprises thirty three of those goals like structures inside each one a satellite dish which collects information from us that's light but also intercepts the communications of other countries that information is then fed back to the u.s. i've used it what they call intelligence led warfare which includes special operations and drone attacks. to keep up with new forms of warfare billions of dollars have been invested in man with hell over the last ten years it's enabled the base to remain a vital component to the global u.s. surveillance network men with watch i talked to steve schofield reckons the inner
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workings of around a hundred countries are closely monitored here something he dubs an unprecedented level of intervention the u.k.'s providing a facility here it's involved in drone attacks that we know from independent assessment by killing and injuring thousands of civilians these are acts of war and normally when we have a box of people parliament should normally inform people that were involved in those who were not being informed were kept in the dark about this isn't news to locals they've been coming up here to protest weekly for decades but now their cause has drawn the attention of a global movement occupy helen alexander is from occupy leeds and sees a common cause in menwith hill because. it's implications on our individual civil liberties the fact that they can listen to all of our phone calls they can intercept our emails you know this whistleblower evidence is testimonials that will
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back up their claims that that what goes on there is not only political espionage but commercial espionage it's a far cry from the land of the free rhetoric the u.s. is famous for and critics see menwith hill as a symbol of that hypocrisy and of europe kowtow into u.s. power seeing is americans developing a new form of imperialism this is about protection of democracy if you look at the pattern of. the united states over the past twenty years it's all about ensuring they have access to oil and other guy from the nonrenewable resources in africa in the persian gulf and we've got to challenge that we really have to start challenging. because the next is probably. coming around. with the us is expansion plans for the ballistic missile defense shield up to twenty twenty five and with menwith hill already part of the early warning system this poking of america's nose into other people's backyards is still king fears it
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could be the trigger to a new arms race nora smith r.t. men with hill yorkshire. on the program here are intellectual property versus civil . service providers. and police force. we hear from the m.e.p. sounded the alarm over actor saying the trade agreements may make it the bane of privacy worldwide also. in russia's frozen north if you need to get around it's a difficult job but it is an emergency you need to fly there joining us to look at the efforts of russia's far north flying medics or just a few minutes on r.t. . india has joined the exclusive club of nations armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles after successfully test firing its own it's
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a call the agni five translated from me hindi as fire and the rocket can carry a nuclear payload as far as europol china butterscotch in the reasons behind india's a lurch for an i.c.b.m. doctors through charlier of the gin down school of international affairs believes that it's an attempt to stand up to both china and america. i see here nearly five thousand cards a mis read. and the he and his inner circle. are going to tell him because we trust long friends who can we really are keeping the whole of we here we can really and in turn we are going to reduce more the relationship especially in the economic sphere when there are good insurance and there are lingering mistrust that go back to all fifty years the loss of this new little risk going on simultaneously be in the midst of the largest so i think you know feels like it isn't only we're who we are it can't be any what is
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encouraging for gannon teach and therefore it needs to help itself to all these tests to think more of the maximum strategic growth the reason the words are now are holding their own leisure in asia pacific i think you know we also need to. we need to look at the larger global factors here you next it's considered itself i received and. in the asia pacific and that creates its own tensions and normally is fires in three into the indian train our relationship in a different language the chinese think that he hears me used to. and india wants more signatures are somewhat independent more china and the united states but in china is growing and it's doing it much faster because many years when you're allowed to be you know much more calibrated ruled and just so you can yourself as a swing student between china and the us. live from moscow this is our the un it has admitted that syria has seen escalation of sporadic outbreaks of violence
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recently or despite a week since fire in a letter to the security council by ki-moon also said monitoring mission working to stabilize the truce should be expanded to at least three hundred members this follows reports that he was caught in crossfire in a suburb of the capital damascus something the observers. this point has not yet confirmed and amid fresh cease fire violations more and more civilians are searching for a safe place both inside and outside the city has. followed those displaced by the war battling the lives of soldiers. whether it's battle for freedom or against terrorism for those caught in between it's produced only losses tens of thousands of syrians are uprooted from their homes left at the mercy of strangers for their basic needs and so far it seems those who feed them also define their story
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we're if you g.'s in the tents here in turkey we're here to protest against this because the conflicts and the massacres didn't end the massacre in syria only continue. while the turkish syrian border is seen as the epicenter of serious refugee crisis only a minority of syrian soldiers shelter across the border most internally displaced and most flat for the c.g.i. of another book over the past three months its population of sixty thousand has almost double. refugees or biggest problem and we already have forty five thousand people from the north we try to provide everyone with food and shelter but it's hard this compound was billed as a luxury resort it now houses more than a hundred families from homs which is only an hour drive away this mother from baba amr sets her house and entire livelihood is now in ruins and what kind of freedom is that i have for kids who are living off other people's charity who can't get proper health care this fight for freedom left me with nothing. what was once
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a pool is now living quarters for three families once a week each family receives a ration paid for by local charities the men who invested everything in this resort sas the refugees will stay here as long as they need everyone has sins in my life i've also done things i'm not proud of and it's my way to get others forgiveness. here there is no one in massachusetts or those who flock to turkey they say when running for their lives the destination for refuge is not a political statement this hearing authorities have promised that all the refugees three garlands are where they're fighting to will be able to return to their homes and will be provided for some sort of compensation to help them rebuild their lives but given the scale of destruction in the north it's still unclear whether that's going to take months years and maybe take its time worker arthur c. syria. foreign ministers from a friends of syria group which includes
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a western and arab states now gathering in paris to bolster pressure on the assad regime the french lode getting a sort of push for more sanctions against the syrian government and other political analysts apolo the phony who's written extensively on the middle east some of those world players or just don't really care about the peace and welfare of people in syria. government which is the assad government which is under attack internationally using sanctions and so on on the other hand you have an internal political opposition is mostly i'm able to express way out from the mire in which the country is full full of several months and would like to open negotiations to sincerely probably with the government with the international community then you have armed groups of different sorts some
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foreign countries namely france for instance wants them to be all represented within the syrian national council but it is not the case there are several groups which are responding to other inputs not everybody really wants peace because if we take the interests of certain arab states from the gulf evidently much more interested to use the syrian case against the possibility of maybe agreements between iran and the united states so they would argue against this and so everybody is trying to get something out of syria but nobody's really caring for the syrians themselves and what is going on inside for the population watching our teeth of them for you at this hour in the program of the wave of violence in syria has gone unnoticed in the nato russia summit being held right now in brussels i will bring you more on the meetings agenda just a little bit later in the program here on. the
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controversial and counterfeiting trade agreement or act has been dealt a heavy blow a vote on it is jew this summer david martin the n.e.p. responsible for monitoring its progress has already said it should be rejected speaking to russia just a bit earlier here on r.t. he said while aiming high it's a loose wording and shady signing process of outweighed any potential benefits. in terms of what i was trying to achieve i'm quite happy with that i think it's important you know it does protect it's a collection of property but had a number of unintended side consequences one was it would have put a duty on internet service providers to effect if we act as the european police force of the internet and i don't think that's right i think that's from the formal judicial authority it's secondly i didn't like the idea that i could possibly have criminalized young people who were quite innocently diving or doing films and music
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and so on in the privacy of their own homes. back to say the should only be for commercial purposes but commercial purposes are very weakly defined the other concern people how about because it was negotiated through a five six year period behind closed doors the rights holder seemed to be involved in that discussion but the civil society did not seem to be to be part of the discussion and most of the member states partly didn't really understand what they were signing up for i mean the british house of commons had a one warning reported on which said that i could have not met a debate on the floor of the house of commons and as an aside i actually demonstrates the importance of the european problem and the european decision making process because without the european problem act it would probably no be a low. now of course you can always find more comment and analysis on this story at our web site or while you're there they're also a couple of other items worth checking out as well for example of russia's position
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figure. he makes it into a time magazine's top one hundred of the world's most influential people apparently becoming powerful enough to squeeze from the list all of his countryman including that of president elect. plus some black security flaws and one of the world's best football stadiums in germany find out how one superstar striker cristiana one aldo bootless this just minutes before reality crucial showdown with. let's return now to the subject of syria and russia as foreign minister said that the only way the latest peace plan can be a success is that all the international powers who have influence on either side of the conflict must want it to be peaceful resolve circular for off was speaking after a meeting with his counterparts from nato and of course artists are still here giving across developments joining us live to so good to see you what else did he have to
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say when it came to the whole syrian crisis. what was interesting is aside from meeting with his counterparts from nato we also had a bilateral meeting with the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and syria was definitely the main topic of that discussion. that everybody should basically just back up the coffee and out of peace plan and stick to it and he also told those who are already judging this plan as a failure to stop doing so because he said that there are people who are so focused on foreign intervention or creating humanitarian corridors that they simply dismiss this plan so again he says he did acknowledge that russia may not have as much influence on the opposition groups although russia will meet with all those are position groups so he called on other un s.c. members to again back up this plan he also said that the pulling out the arab league monitors was a mistake and that monitors should be brought back into the country as soon as possible so again just reiterate reiterating the everybody should work towards this
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plan is already put forward as a certainly of syria not the only issue being discussed of a summit ongoing of brussels disputed resolved in europe and a joint effort in afghanistan also being thrashed out any more statements on the. yes it got a son was certainly a big topic on the first day of the summit yesterday and even today with russia but nato acknowledging the role that the corporation it has with with russia is very crucial russia has been providing corridors for military or transfers to the one from against its partnership here is crucial especially since the war is being seen as a feeling at this moment there are a lot of countries pulling out their troops earlier than planned australia being the latest and also their pledges for funding for garrison the funding for the future of the country is a big point of other countries were still involved in it the u.s. saying that they will contribute about three billion dollars a year and asking for other nato partners to contribute about
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a billion dollars but this is proving to prove difficult especially for european countries who are facing a lot of a lot of a sturdy measures at this point to contribute to a war that is increasingly unpopular again election year in countries like france it's not going to be popular with its voters there and also we've seen a string of. events in countries like ghana stand and iraq in the past of the soldiers committing atrocities against the public and so this will certainly lose popularity with those who are supporting the efforts in those countries and russia had said that before it it's a little fives or identifies the role it will play in the future in afghanistan it wants to see the detail plan that will be presented at the summit in a may in a chicago but also of course on the just the last point yeah last point on the missile defense shield that's a sticking point between russia and the u.s. and nato is still ongoing no breakthrough at this point however russia reiterating its position that it won't get it wants guarantees and the u.s.
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and nato saying again it's not directed at russia. russia is saying you want to guarantee. nato u.s. missile defense shield is not a russia or live in brussels thank you. activists a gathering near a moscow court today in support of a feminist punk band whose members were arrested on hooliganism charges back in february or the court will consider whether to extend custody which expires and now in less than one week the group rushed to the altar of russia's christ the savior cathedral in moscow and performed what prosecutors claim was a blasphemous song of the five women who took part three were arrested and charged in our face up to seven years in prison performances drawing huge public response and a wave of criticism from russia's orthodox church. a twenty two million dollar fine that's the latest punishment dished out to america's perhaps most
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controversial financial giant goldman sachs and the penalty came after revelations the bank gave inside information to us preferred clients allowing them an unfair advantage over other investors and as always our very own kaiser report coming up next hour here on r.t. has the lowdown on that. it makes sense that the commission was able to negotiate a penalty settlement over four times the two thousand and three pound offaly settlement so yes goldman sachs already paid a penalty in two thousand and three for this exact same tactical violation but they have more leverage now because of the financial collapse to plead with goldman sachs to pay a little bit more money. please put a little more money for you look great doing in your group little bit we don't need those who do school good we just want a few good. you know this is outrageous that the f.c.c. is begging goldman that the right up to find it they're called the ball well yeah
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instead of actually you know saying you know what you guys are shameless lawbreaking banks are scum and how about we bring it out of sparks and back yeah you know i love these chinese banks who give you know they take the bakers out back and they kill oh that's a deterrent that there's a deterrent. right now starting with iraq let's get to the world cup in here at all to some of the international news in brief we understand that a series of moments actually cross the country have killed at least thirty and left around a hundred others injured officials say extremists launched a ten attacks in the capital as well as in the country's north a car bomb and two roadside explosions which went off in baghdad targeted mainly shiite neighborhoods. sudan's president has threatened to oust the government of south sudan saying people should be liberated from it as comes forward
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a plus years after the south seized the heglig oilfield claiming it was in its territory the new government has been moving south sudan since last july when the country again. oh i told you stay with us here and i'll tell you time now to explore one of russia's most remote regions in artie's closeups. there is that where we have to an area that is very hard to get the word so hard to get to in fact but medical help has to take to the skies in order to arrive at. this time we are in russia's arctic in the far far north where residents rely on a team of helicopter medics to provide sometimes life saving care but hours from the nearest village or hospital for years medical problems were treated in local tents but now help is at hand. reports on what's become an emergency lifeline for
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many villagers. flying north with me in this old soviet work course of a helicopter is drops of blood a mere brodsky and his team from the region's medical aviation service we head across ever more barren two hundred higher and higher into russia's arctic far north until eventually we see our landing spot with arrive at this tiny village after crossing hundreds of kilometers of snowy world with us as a boy here suffering fever and the doctors are going to see what they can do. inside a small building not warm but two babies and their parents are waiting for us the doctors inspect them but can't make a diagnosis and decide to bring them to a regional hospital for better can spread lana doesn't like taking her baby away from home but she's been before and degrees to go. that's the usual practice for those who live in atlanta they keep mothers with their newborns in hospital for
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a month. on the way back another stop to check on the health of the native new nets reindeer herders out in the tundra it can take many hours to reach the nearest village so our medical problems simply fixed here in the tent. they used to be but now we can go to civilized places so we call for emergency help. back at hospital of the patients helped by the air on the limbs are being treated for service costs fourteen million dollars a year to run and there's been controversy with some locals exaggerate or make up health problems and use the helicopters as a free taxi service accusations vladimir firmly dismisses your brother it's not true in all the years i've worked here they've been very few full schools usually because a perfectly justified sometimes we approach locals waiting too long before calling out he's been working as a doctor now for forty three years vladimir is confident that even after he retires
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his helicopter doctors will remain a lifeline to the peoples of the russian far north. tom watson partly. right on our list who are heading straight over to the r.t. business task a time to check out the ups and downs of the global markets hello to you katie the latest from your end what do you know absolutely well one go to is i'm going to get started with europe because that's where the action is happening today and it's all about the options saying france's bond auctions happening a reasonably successful and us despite the eurozone just says ahead of the first round of voting at the weekend for the french presidential elections of course on sunday now spain modest just so a fraction more than the two point five billion dollar target ten year and two year bonds will have a look at this in the times when i'm just going away now yields on the benchmark ten year bonds they were five point seven percent from five point four percent in january that was very much i expect it's as you can see the first day on the
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investors very much demonstrating that optimism that confidence so it wasn't it wasn't so let's come closer to home and check out the markets in a moscow now that opens up in the black and that is indeed a maverick like the grain colors that jim on the screen. one and a half percent of the my sex as well is going towards that direction so it's good stuff and see who still has a huge really benefiting financials have been doing overall the well today because over a percentage point up energy major gas from rabbit hole for percent on post gold is still suffering they all documents present the dow let's see if we can take a look at the rubles a performance to tell the kind of rushed it was time that they're going to take the reins off of the russian currency and let it sort of trade freely in other words no intervention for the next two years or so it was certainly see what happens right
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now it's going to mix performance because of all scale currencies because the euro to a lot of i'm not certain most surprised considering we've got some positive figures coming out from the region today if we get into oil with the revised still performing a role the world today is extending the guys a bit of brant. sent very into wards one hundred nineteen dollars powell at this hour. and in other news for the first time ever a russian old firm is getting a book. in north america and one of my talking about i'm talking about the till between rosneft and mobile that we saw this week is the three billion dollar deal at the moment and the head of american energy giant right to listen explains his last roll in this. in the early days russians have really wants to learn more about these types of resources. on shore about looks that they'll be
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participating in. in canada is a type of oil play in canada they want to see how we're developing those new technologies we're usually interested in the west texas several it's a no title place they would like to see the approach we're taking to develop those there is a lot of pipe all shale oil potential what siberia. already your update is and all things that business. always a pleasure so you know i still to come here and we'll be following the first steps of a new born nation out of south a seven year. old stuff. the .
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