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russia will grant lytle extra help in the afghan war by allowing more supplies to be moved through its territory as the alliance struggles to tackle the wave. and this comes against the backdrop of a series of scandals involving nato and us fighters of including the road the mercenaries in iraq and the americans posing with. a desperate. measures become too much to take one european museum turns to desperate measures to make the government.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at. nato is getting more help from russia in the afghan war at a ministerial meeting in brussels the size discussed expanding the vital transit of military cargo to afghanistan via russian territory and afghanistan is as bad as ever and as the alliance prepares to withdraw troops it finds itself in the midst of a string of scandals. in brussels to bring us up to date just how important do you think is russia's role in assisting nato troops in afghanistan. well if you were to put a number on it currently russia actually helps to a ship about half of nonlethal supplies to forces in afghanistan so this is a very crucial the partnership between russia and nato everybody in no disagreement over its importance and now russia will be providing more territory indeed for
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these supplies to come to the north of the country in afghanistan however as all of this is talk of cooperation is going on there are diplomatic tensions that have to be ironed out at the meeting here in brussels of foreign minister of russian foreign minister sergei lavrov pointed out that if russia is indeed a very very important in this of the future of the role in the war in afghanistan and then how come it's not invited regularly to meetings with ambassadors and other leaders with regard to the future of the country now a nato has invited russia to join in an extended of afghanistan meeting in a chicago russia still has to give an answer to that or whatever that's a good number of would like more a regular presence out this in order to determine the future of the country so again reiterating that importance of that water distribution network russian territory will play a more important role in the bringing in supplies to the country especially now that there are strong relationships with the pakistan and in nato where pakistan
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has shut off that supply route to the south of afghanistan. the nato forces are also in a difficult position in afghanistan due to a number of recent scandals involving u.s. troops but the problem was addressed in brussels today what exactly has been said. is indeed a lot of condemnation with regard to scandals related to soldiers or forces u.s. forces cities committed against afghan people u.s. secretary of defense leon panetta had condemned those actions but then he said that this is a young soldiers committing this acting in the heat of the moment however this is not the first start or is it an isolated case now the l a times pictures. of the soldiers posing by the side corpses we've had in the past a koran burning incident as well as absolutely zero in aiding on afghan corpses this does not go down well with the countries involved the afghan people or the american people as well and again afghanistan is in the spotlight right now but this is not the first time the u.s.
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has been involved in such stories iraq for example a recent video has emerged of soldiers also committing atrocities this is just the tip of the iceberg though what it comes to obstacles they have to deal with it in a can is done this is a p.r. image disaster for this war but they also have to deal with early withdrawal of participating countries in this nato effort as well as funding in determining the future of afghanistan a lot more work to be done where this is concerned that are sort of live in brussels thanks very much. this is artsy fartsy is the latest victim of the e.u.'s debt crisis a director of an italian museum is burning work from around the world in protest of the government's harsh austerity measures with the permission of the artists he's promised to destroy three pieces a week until the government listens for more on the e.u.'s financial woes are joined by patrick young executive director of investment firm v.v.
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advisors oh good to see you a pleasure to have you on our team today the music director certainly seems pretty desperate here is it possible he's over we acting to how severe the situation in europe really is where it has to be said i don't think he's necessarily overreacting a lot i'm not quite sure about the quality of his well greg do show i mean it all seems to me that modern art is entirely in twine with the art of the performance and therefore he's clearly got himself a great deal of publicity with his little acts of arson but at the same time i mean his difficulty is he's actually in a dead end the italian government will probably want to listen to him but they can't actually do anything because they're completely and utterly constrained by the street jacket of cuts because of the rumbling disaster that is the euro zone on a broader scale of the severe cuts are taking a toll on people's lives i for example though we had a case of a public suicide in greece of course in protest of the government's measures
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a man shooting himself right outside of the parliament front doors to do do you think countries have an option it be on the austerity measures will they have one option i mean in the case of greece which has been goals by this tragedy of this poor man who committed suicide the option is quite clear and the need to say we cannot pay our debts we cannot survive in the euro zone and they need to leave on the markets of greece they need to establish a new dr mark evy is simply impossible we are pushing nations on a mediterranean. and cringe all of europe into if we expect that they're going to stay in the euro zone it's a tragic i learned more from government but ultimately i think human life comes a long way before contemporary art or indeed and here is to your resumes dark fiscal rules that we're not here to earlier patrick or as we're discussing the issue of the telly and museum director burning works of art three works of art to
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try and get the attention of the government some media outlets have been covering this story and i've been putting it in the arts and entertainment section do you think they regard this as some sort of joke or some sort of form of entertainment. well i think it is that sort of catalyst for want of a better term of art being you know an italian with a contemporary art movement and therefore we do end up getting a degree of braggadocio and something which is rather extreme i mean these are serious economic problems that the whole of europe is facing and particularly countries such as it really but let's not forget what your goals be in greece ireland and many others who truth of the matter is that i think it's difficult to keep seriously the idea of simply seeking attention through destroying art works when actually wouldn't be a great deal of a better idea to have these artists and indeed these artworks being sold so that they can actually go somewhere to try and help some of the pensioners i mean it strikes me that it is a rather ludicrous protest per se but it dollars draw attention to the fact that
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the fundamental underpinning of many european city it's and that means that the vast amount of money that if it was spent on the social stage whether it be in art whether it be in pensions whatever it is is coming to an end europe and the euro zone cannot afford its socialism and what is the key message that going forward they need to be notch more like much much smaller government states that are spending a lot. percent of their income because otherwise your lou is not going to continue and frankly western europe is going to just become completely and utterly in the new dynamics of the global economy executive director of investment firm d.v. advisors patrick young thank you for coming on r.t. thank you. a twenty two million dollars fine the punishment perhaps perhaps america's most controversial financial giant and the penalty came
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after revelations that goldman sachs gave inside information to preferred clients allowing them an unfair advantage and as always the kaiser report has the lowdown before show coming your way right now that will be fifteen thirty g.m.t. . it makes sense that the commission was able to negotiate a penalty solomon over four times the two thousand and three panoply settlement so yes goldman sachs already paid a penalty in two thousand and three for this exact same tactical violation but they have more leverage now because of the financial collapse to plead with goldman sachs to pay a little bit more money this background. little board money for your lawbreaking and your group it'll be. one of those who just want a few. poor bureaucrats. but you know this is outrageous that yes you see is begging goldman to to write up the fine at their coffee table with yeah
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it's sort of actually you know saying you know what you guys are shameless lawbreaking dogs banks are scum and how about we bring it out of sparks and back yet you know i love these chinese banks who give you know they take the bankers out back and they kill them that's a deterrent death is a deterrent. now because reportedly later today here on r.t. from now india has successfully testified its first long range intercontinental ballistic missile which can carry a nuclear payload as far as europe and china the country has recently been ramping up its defense budget amid a wide of military buildup in asia pacific and increased tensions and temperature but let's get more on the global implications of it all are now joined by deepak coffey a journalist and expert on asia oh good to see you today i missed all the test ramping up the defense budget is india just trying to compete with the big global
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players or does it actually see a real threat in the region. india got truly. strategic aims first of all to stay close to china historically it's a diversity of the two countries for a brief but intense border war in the ninety's sixty two since then although all the relations have improved but india and china have a regional. china on the part of becoming it is superpower india doesn't want to be left behind. in economic terms in terms of population it is not far behind the other of india is to. understand it's right but with a country with which it has thought a number of us and teams to have it turns relationship so in short game.
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by just but as close behind china it's possible so i doubt as you say you bring in the relationship certainly the turbulent part of pakistan in relation to india also that of china but do you think this missile test in any way will actually change the balance of power in asia pacific. well it keeps india ahead of pakistan and the gap between india and pakistan increases in terms of military capability. in terms of. comparison with china. india is just far behind and continues to challenge. the military dominance of china which is much. but india sees itself. china also always india is
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a part for the emerging economy and as its economic interests. to other parts of the world it feels it needs. to protect those interests why so one day the hope is that there will be another version of mordor violence version of this messiah and india will stay in the game the other game of india is to be taken more seriously haps are with. nuclear powers permanent members of the united nations security so i understand so you need talk about not just regional implications global implications and also i want to or by as you say commanding all respect i meet other nuclear powers in the world but if i may this is one question that i really want to ask you and that is that last week we saw a storm of reaction to north korea's failed rocket launch which it said was aimed at putting a satellite into orbit why doesn't it india's missile test trigger the same
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response. that's a good question and it has to do weird the. politic of of the world close to the united states certainly india is close to the west in general india and could use to be an adversity of china and i just started so the noises you heard in the west. the firing of the rocket by not korea you do not hear about india the other thing is. india is useful to the west. to counter china and therefore. it mines there the west. if it doesn't know more it doesn't produce
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that i must say that's very very interesting how you bring in the china perspective here that india being an ally of the west can in some way exert some sort of force or influence towards the ever growing economic night of china path i wish we had more time for this we don't have a journalist an expert on asia thanks for coming on our team today. well i still have you on the program here on r.t. the e.u. policy maker behind controversial and piracy legislation tells us here what side effects are now making it totally unacceptable. to see these americans developing a new form we explored what's fueling fears. in the british american center the world's biggest supply base could lead to a new kind of international power game. and so quarter past the hour here in moscow syria and the u.n. have agreed on rules governing an advance team of international monitors the u.n.
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chief wants a team of three hundred people to go it's clashes between regime forces and rebels continue despite a cease fire civilians are being forced to search for a safe place both inside and outside syria's borders and artists followed those displaced by the war. what there is battle for freedom or against terrorism for those caught in between it's produced only losses tens of thousands of syrians are prudent from their homes left at the mercy of strangers for their basic needs and so far it seems those who feed them also define their story we're refugees in the tents here in turkey we're here to protest against this because the conflicts and the massacres didn't end the massacre in syria only continue. while the turkish syrian border is seen as the epicenter of serious refugee crisis only a minority of syrians sought shelter across the border most internally displaced
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and most flat through the c.g.i. up are not big over the past three months its population of sixty thousand has almost doubled. refugees are biggest problem we already have forty five thousand people from the north try to provide everyone with food and shelter but it's hard this compound was billed as a luxury resort it now houses more than one hundred families from homs which is only an hour drive away this mother from baba amr sas her house and entire livelihood is now in ruins and of what kind of freedom is that i have for kids who are living off other people's charity who can't get proper health care this fight for freedom left me with nothing. what was once a pool is now living quarters for three families once a week each family receives a ration paid for by local charities the man who invested everything in this resort
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says the refugees will stay here as long as they need everyone has sins in my life i've also done things i'm not proud of and it's my way to get out as forgiveness from. here there is no one in macedonia toward those who fly to turkey they say when running for your life the destination for refuge is not a political statement is there enough forces have promise that. all of the refugees three garlands where they're fighting to will be able to return to their homes and will be provided some sort of compensation to help them rebuild their lives but given the scale of destruction in the north it's still unclear whether that's going to take months years maybe decades or some great car thieves syria. travelling across syria bringing us all the latest via twitter feed harvey says that her team had to leave the area in the southwest of the country as shooting there intensified she also says it's difficult to say who was behind the violence
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before updates by visiting her page on twitter. the controversial anti counterfeiting trade agreement or act has been dealt a heavy blow david martin a member of the european parliament and a key figure behind the treaty has already said the bill should be rejected as you told us earlier the legislation meant to stop piracy as too many side effects. in terms of what i was trying to achieve i'm quite happy with i think it's important to europe does protect it's a collection of property put out a number of unintended side consequences one was that it would have put a duty on internet service providers to effect if we act as the european police force of the internet and i don't think that's right i think that's for the formal judicial authorities secondly i didn't like the idea that baxter could possibly have criminalized young people who were quite innocently dying looting films and music and so on in the privacy of their own homes. act this as
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a should only be for commercial purposes but commercial purposes are very weakly defined the other concern that people have about i know that it was negotiated through a five six year period behind closed doors the rights holders seem to be involved in that discussion but the civil society did not seem to be part of that discussion and most of the member states partly didn't really understand what they were signing up for i mean the british house of commons had a one lane reported on which said that i could have not met a debate on the floor of the house of commons and as an aside i actually demonstrates the importance of the european problem and the european decision making process because without the european powers act they would probably know below. and later today here on our show explores another controversial use of anti piracy legislation being pushed by the u.s. government do join us scene one hundred g.m.t. to discover. it's being called the largest spy center on earth
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menwith hill in britain has been the target of protesters for decades jointly run by the u.k. and the u.s. the complex monitors the communications of dozens of other countries but something seen as a symbol of security is also head up as a sign of hypocrisy as artist laura smith explains. it's a little piece of america in the middle of the yorkshire dales it might look like some kind of theme park but it's actually a spy based and part of the early warning system for the ever expanding u.s. missile defense shield part of this huge kind of. gripping the world and its surfaces you get from places like that which is connected to these the american military base speedo base in menwith hill since the nineteenth sixty's growing all the time until this site now comprises thirty three of those goals like structures
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inside each one a satellite dish which collects information from us that's light but also interesting the communications of all the countries that information is then fed back to the u.s. and used in what they call intelligence led warfare which includes special operations and drone attacks. to keep up with new forms of warfare billions of dollars have been invested in man with hill over the last ten years it's enabled the base to remain a vital component to the global u.s. surveillance network men with watch or talk to steve schofield reckons the inner workings of around a hundred countries how closely monitored here something he dubs an unprecedented level of intervention the u.k.'s providing of this. see here is involved in drone attacks that we know from independent assessment by killing and injuring thousands of civilians these are acts of war and normally when we have acts of. parliament
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should normally inform people that were involved in those who were not being kept in the dark about this isn't news to locals they've been coming up here to protest weekly for decades but now their cause has drawn the attention of a global movement occupy helen alexander is from occupy leeds and sees a common cause in mad with hell consider its implications on our on our individual civil liberties the fact that they can listen to all about phone calls they can intercept their emails you know this whistleblower evidence is testimonials that will back up their claims that that what goes on there is not only political espionage but commercial espionage it's a far cry from the land of the free rhetoric the u.s. is famous for and critics see menwith hill as a symbol of that hypocrisy and of europe kowtow into u.s. power but we're seeing is americans developing a new form of imperialism this is about protection of democracy if you look at the
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pattern of this investment by the united states over the past twenty years it's all about ensuring they have access to oil and other vital not the resources in africa in the persian gulf and we've got to challenge that we really have to start challenging force to it because the next stage is probably the attack on iran. with the us it expansion plans for the ballistic missile defense shield up to twenty twenty five and with menwith hill already part of the early warning system is picking of america's nose into other people's backyards is still king fears it could be the trigger to a new arms race smith men with hill yorkshire. and. three members of a feminist punk band who were arrested for hooliganism back in february but being brought before a court here in moscow the judge will consider whether to extend their remind period in custody which now expires in less than one week at least twenty of the
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group supporters were detained trying to stage an unsanctioned demonstration outside the cool about it came to a wide public attention when they rushed to the altar of russia's christ to save people in moscow and performed well prosecutors claim was a blasphemous song you could see them put in jail for up to seven years the incident caused a huge public reaction and harsh criticism from russia's orthodox church. by starting with iraq let's go to the r.t. was out there now some other global news for you in brief and a wave of bomb attacks across the country have killed at least thirty five and left one hundred injured officials say extremists launched both car and roadside bombs in the capital and the country's north explosions in baghdad targeted mainly shia neighborhoods authorities believe security forces were also the targets. of protests continue in bahrain as the country prepares to host a formula one grand prix security forces used to stun grenades to ward off
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protesters who stormed a culture exhibition organized for the race petrol bomb delayed a racing team from making its way back from the circuit but no one was injured in the chain was not the intended target. g.p. was cancelled last year due to anti government demonstrations. don't you bushel in the business section good to see you time to take a trip without money lame excuse me there you are how will wall street open today well future u.s. blue chips are expected to announce profits shortly let's see europe first because . today's auction. course madrid. losing one and a half percent load on russia because most goes. over sixteen hundred so the first game in four days. of russia's economy in the first trade surplus
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jumped twenty eight percent year on year change rates in the euro's. gain america's been releasing some encouraging economic data recently and the ruble go lower to the dollar in the last hour as well now investment in the call operation. mobile could reach into the hundreds of billions of dollars at the moment three billion committed for initial surveys ahead of america's energy heavyweights all of they will brought that up. well gather additional seismic it will take us some time to process the study the results but we would hope to be growing the force well in the see if there are two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen to give you some sense of it and the shock on the shock on one project which we rushed to been working together over fifteen years and i hope. those agreements were concluded in nineteen ninety six the force of oil production was in two thousand and five so it took us about mine years to get to four showup that's
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a fairly typical timeline for large complex developments in remote locations and europe so they were always on our website. all right i always a pleasure so you next hour or so i got here the program headlines followed by a special interview stay with us.
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would be soo much bryanston.


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