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culture the austerity and italian museum director starts to put on a work in protest of the state of the country thanks to europe's ongoing debt crisis. in syria rules are agreed for an international cease fire mission but with violence carrying on regardless an artsy crew finds itself under fire in the city of daraa. russia will give nato extra help in the afghan war more supplies through its territory as the alliance sees its troops caught up in a wave of violence and scandal in the war zone.
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you're watching worldwide news on r.t. . live in moscow. is the latest victim of the e. used that crisis director of an italian museum is burning work from around the world in protest of the government's harsh austerity measures now with the permission of the artists he's promised to destroy three pieces a week until think ultimately listens that's course lives silly are standing by in brussels for more on this so what is the age of this protest in italy. well the museum director we started burning artwork he's calling this basically it's a symbolic protest against the way the economic crisis the european debt crisis is being handled until this point and he also says that over a thousand artworks are already doomed to be destroyed anyway because of the government's indifference to their situation subsidies have been cut to the
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cultural institutions and again this just brings about the message that no one and nothing is spared from these harsh cuts being imposed by governments in europe because of the debt crisis and it's the same story you have here art and cultural heritage of italy being prized assets and it's going down the drain the same goes with its work force its assets their human assets bearing the brunt of all these cots and this is a symbolic protest follows what we've seen recently already suicides and suicide attempts in greece and italy as well over a pension cuts or loss of benefits or loss of jobs and this is the type of the symbolic protest may be changing but it goes back to underlying the point that people are saying that they are in desperate need of their desperation at the dire situation that they're in especially in countries like italy and spain which are still hanging in the balance european leaders and markets still idea of whether it will be the next to receive bailouts and we all know what bailouts needed from international creditors it means even more
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a sterile and even more desperation from the eyes of the people who. live in brussels thank you. patrick young the executive director of investment for advisers although we. could be treated as a drug for the problems that highlights the very serious indeed. the truth of the matter is that i think it's difficult to keep seriously the idea of simply seeking attention through destroying our works when actually wouldn't be a great deal of a better idea to have these artists and indeed these artworks being sold so they could actually go somewhere to try to help some of the pensioners i mean it strikes me that it is a rather ludicrous protest rather say to do all draw attention to. the fundamental underpinnings of many europeans see it and that means that the us to much of the money that he would spend on the social status whether it be in art whether it be
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in pensions whatever it is is coming to an end europe and the euro zone cannot of ford it's socialism. this is artsy a twenty two million dollar fine the punishment for perhaps america's most controversial financial giant penalty came after revelations that goldman sachs gave inside information to preferred clients allowing them an unfair advantage and as always the kaiser report has the lowdown for show is a coming away of fifteen thirty g.m.t. . it makes sense that the commission was able to negotiate a penalty on over four times the two thousand and three penalty settlement so yes goldman sachs already paid a penalty in two thousand and three for this exact same tactical violation but they have more leverage now because of the financial collapse to plead with goldman sachs and pay a little bit more money this time around. a little more money for you law breaking in your criminal behavior. of those who. want to if you could.
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you know this is outrageous that the f.c.c. is begging goldman to to write up the fine if they're comfortable with yeah instead of actually you know saying you know what you guys are shameless lawbreaking thawed banks are scum and how about we bring it out of sparks and wacky you know i love these chinese banks who give you know they take the breakers out back to late to kill oh that's a deterrent death is a deterrent. because reporters a bit later today for now syria and the u.n. have agreed on rules governing an advance team of international monitors the u.n. chief wants a team of three hundred people it's clashes between regime forces on the rebels continue despite a ceasefire civilians are being forced to a safe place both inside and outside syria's borders and also use orks on
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a boy to follow those displaced by the war. whether it's battle for freedom or against terrorism for those caught in between it's produced only losses cans of thousands of syrians are proven from their homes left at the mercy of strangers for their basic needs and so far it seems those who feed them also define their story we're a few g.'s in the tents here in turkey we're here to protest against this because the conflicts and the massacres didn't end the massacre in syria only continue. while the turkish syrian border is seen as the epicenter of serious refugee crisis only a minority of syrians sought shelter across the border most internally displaced and most flat through the siege here up another brick for the past three months its population of six if thousand has almost doubled. refugees are going to problem now we have forty five thousand people from the north we try to provide everyone with
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whom and shelter but it's hard this compound was billed as a luxury resort it now houses more than one hundred families from homs which is only an hour drive away this mother from baba amr sas her house and entire livelihood is now in ruins and what kind of freedom is that i have for kids who are living off other people's charity who can't get proper health care this fight for freedom left me with nothing. what was once a pool is now living quarters for three families once a week each family receives their ration paid for by local charities the man who invested everything in this resort says the refugees will stay here as long as they need everyone has sins in my life i've also done things i'm not proud of and it's my way to get others forgiveness. here there is no one in mass if you told those who flock to turkey they say when running for your life destination for refuge is
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not a political statement the syrian authorities have promised that old the refugees regardless of where they're fighting to will be able to return to their homes and will be provided with sound sort of compensation to help them rebuild their lives but given the scale of destruction in the north it's still unclear whether that's going to take months years maybe decades i think are syria pilots now or discuss the situation in syria with short of mean that not a one year commentator political analyst or covering the middle east are now joining us live from beirut thanks for coming on our to today syria has agreed to an expansion of the u.n. observer mission in the country to what extent do you think that will actually help to keep the fragile ceasefire. i think we have to. realize that the syrian government believes it has the most to gain from this
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observer mission and cooperated with the previous observer mission that was put together by the arab league and in fact it cooperated more than the other side did and withdrew from cities and areas and. opened its jails and allowed political prisoners out the arab league monitors report actually concluded that it received more than expected from the syrian government in this case you have it at the u.n. this is global now all the players are involved in this it's not just the arab league and the syrian government claims that it has it has the most to gain from this because this is when you have international observers in these areas of conflict who will finally be able to ascertain for us who is initiating the violence which is still a question now you talk about the issue the global players and all involved in this not just the are a police let's talk about what's going on in paris today the so-called meeting of
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the friends of syria group of nations russia meantime has actually condemned the gathering for not working towards peaceful negotiations do you think there are reasons for such claims. i agree with the russian position absolutely you'll notice that the same people who are attending the friends of syria meetings are the people who who try to take apart the arab league monitors mission once it had been approved and was you know and took off and observers entered syria so you have some g.c.c. states and some nato countries and turkey you have you have they are the spoiler is you know in the end you have to wonder why it is these countries and these groups that consistently want to prevent observation the violence and conflict in syria so so yes i do believe that russia has every reason to suspect that there are groups and countries who who would like to throw a spanner in the works of the u.n.
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observer mission that are being initiated what it might seem bizarre to some when you talk about today's group meeting in paris certainly aimed at putting more pressure on the assad regime you know it makes one wonder what is the point of kofi annan six stage peace plan what he's calling on both bodies of put down and yet he we have this so-called group of friends syria is blatantly one sided. it is and i think this is going to be the hard part i mean when you're when you're doing when you're asking two sides to sign onto an agreement and one side is the government it's fairly easy the syrian government signs on behalf of the syrian government on the other side it's a lot more fragmented and so not only fragmented in the opposition internal to syria but fragments in opposition external to syria then beyond that you have regional external players and then you have international external players all who have something to say about the future of this mission so you know we can clearly
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say syria has signed on to this mission and the other side is a question and i'm on has to find a way to get these parties committed to the process at but i think it will be hard because i don't think they really want this process to move forward i mean and no audio commentary of political analysts covering the middle east thank you very much for joining us on the streets today. so i know it's. a few minutes ago we saw a report about ongoing violence and. flee the volumes in the city of daraa but let's cross over now live to also use of saw to get the latest on this good to see you exactly what is it that you've seen it and can you tell is it clear who is now behind the fighting. well burra just a few words have all of this detail very it's a city about a hundred kilometers from damascus with a population of roughly one hundred thousand people it is known here as the so-called cradle of the serious revolution because it was the scene of the first
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mass rallies against the assad government it was also where the first clashes between the army and the rebels took place or as a result this is probably one of the most militarized communities in syria these days you can see army checkpoints in almost every corner there are snipers on the roof of a government building buildings but despite these have a presence of troops. the situation the security situation in derry is highly volatile and clashes take place on an almost daily basis and today wasn't an exception we arrived today or on the invitation of the syrian information ministry which is now eager to show reporters a bad life is slowly again getting back to normal and our initial plan of was to probably visit a hospital to go to a local school to talk to the residents of dare a bad bad wasn't meant to be because when the arrived to the cd clashes intensify
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violence intensifies i could hear the sound of gunfire the sound of machine guns and as a result our visit was cut short we also know of that at the time r t who was embarrassed do you have zero versus also into the c.t.a. and did local officials told. the rebels are using any opportunity of these high profile visits to pro bowl down into military action the local officials the assad government officials are convinced the rebels are trying to arm their mind these fragile cease fire and so far they haven't been very successful even though as i. that big security situation in derry is very polar time and we've been told that since the beginning of the ceasefire kofi annan broker cease fire and we can go three residents of peace. were killed now are just
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a quick note with what i was really surprised to be it is the reaction of the people on the ground the cd is very sort of calm because you don't see too many people on the streets most of the shops are closed but those people who venture out into the sea when they hear the gunfire they rush to one side of the city or one side of the street or another to find refuge but two minutes afterwards they go around that daily lives so it seems that these allied big constant repetitive gunfire has sort of become a new normal for many residents of the ira all right a lot of us because also use a lot of work and thank you very much indeed. but also ahead for you here in the program on our occupy activists joined the chorus of those protesting against the world's biggest buy based in the u.k. . what we're seeing is the americans developing a new form of girls and we explore what's fueling fears that operations in a british american center could lead to
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a new kind of international power game. plus. america's will be a little. reserves if it finds it with. a need to be changed to feel that we have a new interview with both of america's major business which of course. brought a lot far from the artery wall debate but for now nato is getting more help from russia in the afghan war at a ministerial meeting in brussels that the sides discussed expanding the vital transit of military cargo to afghanistan through russia's territory moscow has provided the alliance with air corridors and railway routes the link is vital as pakistan blocked nato supplies from crossing its territory after an airstrike that killed twenty four pakistani soldiers in our six months ago and as the alliance prepares to withdraw troops from afghanistan it finds itself in the midst of a string of scandals involving extreme breaches of discipline by u.s.
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troops washington says a recently published photographs of soldiers posing with the remains of afghan bombers show an isolated incident of the young people caught up in the moment but former army sergeant and mathis should rue says this is actually part of the trend . this congress in needs to change and it needs to stop revolving around a few bad apples or whatever it needs to start being really getting real about the fact that these aren't isolated incidents and furthermore it's only a matter of time until they all cried out this is symptomatic of. a long history of war and the types of wars that the u.s. tends to write you know in vietnam. we saw a lot more of my physical war trophies being taken my fingers and ears and tongues and things like that. in this war it's photographs instead of
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taking perhaps things with them and they still do i know examples and so does the media but you know more so than taking body parts there taking pictures. and a day after those pictures of american soldiers are posing with afghan and body parts of service and you can watch a video of foreign fighters gone wild at this time in iraq firing at civilians and ramming cars aside indiscriminately those details that r.t. dot com. the controversial and counterfeiting trade agreement or act has been dealt a heavy blow david martin a member of the european parliament and a key figure behind the treaty has already said the bill should be rejected and as he told us a bit earlier here on r.t. the legislation meant to stop piracy has too many side effects. but what i was trying to achieve i'm quite happy with i think it's important to you it does
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protect us at the actual property but had a number of unintended side consequences one was it would have put a duty on internet service providers to think that we act as the european police force of the internet and i don't think i was right i think that's probably a formal judicial authority it's secondly i didn't like the idea that i could possibly have criminalized young people who were quite innocently dying or doing films and music and so on in the for the city of their own homes. back to save this should only be for commercial purposes but commercial purposes are very weakly defying the other concern that people how about because it was negotiated through a five six year period behind closed doors the rights holders seem to be involved in the discussion but the civil society did not seem to be part of our discussion and most of the members speak partly didn't really understand what they were citing up for i mean the british house of commons i don't run whining reports an article which said i could have not met
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a debate on the floor of the house of commons and as an aside i actually demonstrates the importance of european following in the european decision making process because without the european problem i could probably know below and later today here on out see the alyona show explores another controversial piece of and piracy of education being pushed by the us government and you can join us at eighteen hundred g.m.t. to discuss. it's twenty past the hour here in moscow three members of the feminist punk band who were arrested for hooliganism back in february have been brought back before a court right here in the russian capital the judge will consider whether to extend their room on period in custody which are now expires in less than one week at
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least twenty over the group's supporters work to take trying to stage an unsanctioned demonstration outside court. came to light up attention when they rushed the old russian christ the savior to moscow to perform what prosecutors claim was a blasphemous song i could see them in jail for up to seven years by the incident caused a huge public reaction and harsh criticism from the russian orthodox church. all right starting with iraq let's go to the world update now and some other international news and a wave of bomb attacks across the country have killed at least thirty five and left one hundred injured officials say extremists launched both car and roadside bombs in the capital and in the country's north the explosions in baghdad targeted at mainly shia neighborhoods of course it's believed security forces also targeted attacks. violent protests continue in bahrain as the country prepares to host a formula one grand prix security forces that used stun grenades to ward off
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protesters who stormed a culture exhibition organized for the race a petrol bomb delayed a racing team from making its way from the circuit back to its hotel but no one was injured and the team was not the intended target the bahrain g.p. was cancelled last year due to anti government demonstrations. that was being called the largest spice center on earth and menwith hill in britain has been the target of protesters for decades jointly run by the u.k. and the u.s. the complex monitors the communications of dozens of other countries but something is seen as a symbol of security and also head up as a sign of a proper see the saudis or smith. reports. it's a little piece of america in the middle of the yorkshire dales it might look like some kind of theme park but it's actually a spider based and part of the early warning system for the ever expanding u.s.
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missile defense shield it's a part of this huge kind of organism which gripping the world and it sure fishes you from places like everything which is connected together with these the american military base peter base in menwith hill since the nineteenth sixty's growing all the time until the site now comprises thirty three of those goals like structures inside each one a satellite dish which collects information from us satellites but also into sets the communications of other countries that information is then fed back to the u.s. i've used it what they call intelligence led warfare which includes special operations and drone attacks. to keep up with new forms of warfare billions of dollars have been invested in men with hill over the last ten years it's enabled the base to remain a vital component to the global u.s. surveillance network men with watch or talk to steve schofield reckons the inner
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workings of the around one hundred countries are closely monitored here something he dubs an unprecedented level of intervention the u.k. is providing a facility here soon bold in drone attacks that we know from independent assessment by killing and injuring thousands of civilians these are acts of war and normally when we have acts of war you know parliament should normally inform people that were involved in those and we're not being informed entirely in the dark about this isn't news to locals they've been coming up here to protest weekly for decades but now their cause has drawn the attention of a global movement occupy helen alexander is from occupy leeds and sees a common cause in mad with hell because. it's a good patient and on our individual civil liberties the fact that they can listen to all of our own calls they can intercept our emails you know this whistleblower evidence this testimony is back up their claims that what goes on there is not only
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political espionage but commercial espionage it's a far cry from the land of the free rhetoric to us he's famous for and critics see men with hell as a symbol of that hypocrisy and of europe kowtow into u.s. power but we're seeing is americans developing a new form of imperialism this isn't about protection democracy if you look at the patent issues. of the united states over the past twenty years it's all about ensuring they have access to oil and other guy from the. resources in africa and the persian gulf and we've got to challenge that we really have to start challenging close to it because the next is probably. coming around. with the us is expansion plans for the ballistic missile defense shield up to twenty twenty five and with menwith hill already part of the early warning system it's picking of america's nose into other people's backyards is stooping fears it
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could be the trigger to a new arms race nora smith r.t. name withheld yorkshire. let's go to it there's our teaser daniel bush or standing by the business to ask for the money news full steam ahead i understand for europe's giant new gas pipe yes goes from pipeline to europe will hit full capacity in november head of sheer joy has just been announced gazprom is news if you can check the stocks now metals wonder service dollars also among main gainers it's an annual profits of two billion dollars beating expectations is gaining as well the carmakers nordstrom online all the service for its latest models well the altie has jumped over sixteen hundred today first games in four days good news for russia's economy in the first two months. its trade surplus jumped twenty eight percent year on the year. because they. rose that today's all of the so that it's boring course has the biggest major bulls losing one in the whole percent on thursday exchange
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rates and the euro's down on the dollar again america's good policing encouraging pizza recently lowered to the dollar in the last few hours as well prices a steady the us government recently said u.s. supplies grew more than expected last week although the report by the energy information administration says that gasoline from all dropped two percent suggesting motorists are filling up as much as head over the summer driving season business you know think all approaches exxon mobile could reach hundreds of billions of dollars at the moment is just three billion committed for initial surveys but this will ramp up quickly with a name to produce first of all by twenty twenty head of american energy giant rex tillerson says it will be able to own some of the reserves it finds soon we discover. commercially. provide for us to be able to put. away about one third working in russia has a two thirds working uterus so of course once we have paid our taxes paid the fees
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that are due to the government we are operating expenses then we will begin to repay the loans financing that may be required and it will be repaid on the one third two third's working interest basis and europe today was there is in a way. it's always a pleasure to see you next hour. so they come here in the program in just a moment are the headlines with me then they will be back to spotlight this time he put in a india's foreign minister he's in the spotlight as we discover more about one of the world's fastest growing powers.
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