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back here with our team here is a reminder of the top stories voices of concern over civil violence when i'm out in the rain as loud as the formula one cars do to race around the track but there are still left on heard by those with to bite into the affairs of libya and syria. the i.m.f. moves to quarantine a flower of all euro zone from the global economy as e.u. politicians jump on the anti-union sentiments reading the blog. and un secretary-general ban ki moon slams a new independent south sudan for its military for a reason to stay as and choose strange states edge towards outdrive war.
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next moscow team continues its relentless hand for a fund to be had in the russian capital. hello kunitz you are. taking a look at japanese culture here in the russian capital although it's seven a half thousand kilometers away really muscovites are fascinated by such subjects as are gali asian cuisine and japanese animation so joey watson i can take a look at various shops classes sports and press the balls starting off here of japan. although thousands of kilometers from moscow some people forget that russia is just the far eastern area the country the creels and the island. the two countries have strong commercial relations the russians have been
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fascinated by japanese traditions and culture for centuries. opened in one thousand nine hundred eight to japan foundation here is a welcome addition for everyone in moscow from japanese ex-pats to the thousands of russian students japanese. as you can see the lively stocks thousands of books videos d.v.d.'s and c.d.'s. and all are available to rent for study ownership purposes. from origami to language classes the cultural department is a focal point of education and creativity as various workshops amongst the classes are held here. here you can see class in action the art form of japanese calligraphy and then being studied for over three thousand years a knowledge of calligraphy is an important step in the understanding of japanese culture because here practicing with water is my first time and it's not as easy as i thought it would be skill patients and imagination is needed.
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brushstrokes cannot. be corrected and the lack of confidence will show up in the work characters must be written only once and there's no altering touching cart or adding to them afterwards. there are several other workshops people of all ages and nationalities can participate in. this is a class showcasing the art of peacefully arranging flowers and leaves in vases and other constrain is the choice of what flowers to a range of studies designed to create are many between the flower and contain a fine flower was a blend in well with its surroundings the key consideration is to use a few stems and as possible and you compose elegant console's to highlight the flowers p.t. . to our next location and shopping like any other major capital city moscow has its own foreign communities many of these have set up the
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schools in moscow publish their own newspapers magazines and open stores selling their own crafts and local produce clones make it to tokyo never mind you can still visit the japanese supermarkets to stock up a delicious sushi in japanese saki. the store here off is an authentic japanese culture experience based around the fundamental principles. of freshness of ingredients. great. for my friend now this store stocks pretty much anything you need for a taste of japan that said it's not just about food stuffs like see we. can buy a whole range of products such as. sets. which you can see here yes surprise surprise it's not cheap but what to do if you are authentic japanese experience here in russian capital. and as a showcase to the diverse and of a developing cultural scene and lifestyle of the russian capital the city's
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restaurants and ethically chops are opening at an amazing rate. we had our first store open in one thousand. ninety three and prostate neurons are ideal back then was to sell japanese food for the japanese community in moscow our main customers were ex-pats until ninety ninety eight and then japanese food became very popular in fashionable among russians to. the invasion of japanese cuisine to the russian market of the past decade is only too apparent there are hundreds of japanese eateries in moscow including both high end restaurants and student cafes from the swanky famous restaurant local television far spookier six you can get your sushi twenty four hours a day. the festival of contemporary japanese culture called j fest has become a large annual event in the recent capital. featuring all aspects of pop culture including fashion cuisine computer games and chicken animation manga it attracts thousands of generally young this is. the last festival
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was held in november trench eleven and highlighted four aspects russian music animation and architecture. to the japanese embassy now and its team here to be promotes that country's culture in russia and to find out more about the promotion of japanese culture in moscow let's meet this week's guests great to me today thank you very much for your time now tell me about your job here at the japanese embassy as. i talk a lot about japanese politics stephany's economy or what's going on in japan including culture so that more and more russian people understand and feel clothes which speaking of how close they are it's i find it fascinating that moscow is in fact. a long way away but i believe russia is the closest. yes russia is the largest country in the world and the eastern part is very close to actually
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the distance between japan and russia is only thirty or forty three kilometers and that's when the eye is suffering yes. but they're both very culturally they're both very very different yes very different and i think every year the interest in japan you know gets larger and larger every year no matter what kind of japanese festivals like there are in the music. and our traditional cultures of paintings people come just calmer and our last year we had our japanese contemporary culture festival in the vendor and during the two day period we had over twelve thousand people coming to visit so. there is no doubt that japanese culture in japan itself out there very very popular and becoming more and more popular among the russian people here final question what do you miss about the culture about the whiniest the hot springs and of course you know own market we
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are in my hometown now but thanks very much especially over you know your work here you know there's a couple thank you very much like yourself. the japanese are also growing miniature trees in a part bonsai has found many followers in russia to the original bonsai practice focuses on long term cultivation and the shaping of very small trees which are not easy to grow and demand for a cat to shop here at of a certain old russian exhibition center as their response like trees you can buy the young tree for around thirty dollars and try great yourself you can get an already shaped exclusive tree this might cost eighty eight thousand dollars. because cultural and entertainment calendar is packed with various events celebrating the land of the rising sun all year round the muslim museum of modern art is now hosting an exhibition of contemporary art called double perspectives it
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showcases work by the thirty artists from japan. dubai to dismiss the project we try to. oh this of various styles ages and from different parts of japan terrorism the whole diversity of the country's contemporary art is the topic of. the thirty five millimeter cinema organizes annual physicals on anime. while the foreman says a japanese strum is always sold out advance of moscow's various musicals. if you want to express yourself through song then why not try outs karaoke coming from the japanese words meaning empty orchestra from underground and grungy v.i.p. and swanky there are hundreds of karaoke holes in the russian capital many venues have thousands of songs to choose from including russian and english and it's a popular form of payment for people of all ages plans nationalities.
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i'm traveling half an hour outside the city since we've arrived here twelve pilot location and if you thought that japanese culture was all about before but inside trees graceful kimono dress and meditation you thought wrong so well i'll wait for all the stacks next to me mike if you some ideas for me. just take a look at the medals here the men and women in the sense of being winning awards pairs combat sports competitions says the nineteen sixties although of the martial arts are enjoyed here to check the sumo wrestling is one of the most popular culture warrior when our school opened fifteen years ago it was the first school in russia which held soon a practice so then sumo was generally unknown and an unusual activity for russians but now it's become very common or authority or to liberals must be just as a competitive full contact sport where restaurateurs for some of the wrestling out of the secular range it's a great way to keep fit for many it's an ideal way to distress and a great outlet for expression men and women included just take
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a look at. it's on with the belts otherwise known as the washing in japan these can be traditionally over night meters long as you would make it just feel quite strange but they provide a great need just. i feel losses of like and the ring with the russian champion a leg but ours tension is not the worst to come face to face with a joint award winning version sumo wrestling is simply terrifying. and here comes. from the pages folding fascinating hobby of origami to the recent sushi mania that's taken as a moscow japanese culture has exploded in the russian capital lucky for many they
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don't have to be trained it's resume a wrestling ring to witness muscovites criticize for cultural grace. and although i constantly battle to prove how amazing the city of moscow is this is one phase i'm sure i worked with. a least i'd try them for say that's all that's all we have left on this big program on japanese culture in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week about syria. helmer.
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the close up team has been to the sverdlovsk region. where blacksmithing has developed from a craft into an industry. now archie goes far north. where returns to good roads and rails are a battle against the elements where helicopter is the only transport for medics to reach those in need. and where reindeer country fish are treasures for the people will go into the loan and yes autonomy area russia close up on r.t. for.
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wealthy british soil the sun. has no time to subscribe to the times when. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on r.g.p. . that. is used to. mean the.
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voices of concern over civil violence scream out it's to involve rain as loud as a formal want cars to to race round its traffic but they are still left on heard by those quick to bottom to the fares of libya and syria. and beyond our lives to florentine us flammable euro zone from the global economy is going to politicians jump on the anti-union sentiment sweeping the block. and that secretary-general ban ki moon slams a new line of pan and south sudan for its military for even just as a q a strange state as towards outright war. yes of the top stories and now it's work. and news on the bahrain grand prix which is still to go ahead and that's right maureen despite the problems there you've talked about
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on the problems of the force india team the sport's governing body the f.i.a. says it's still happy with security there i got the details in my. welcome to the sport and these are the headlines one win for the glory of god be the normal moscow in overtime to move within touching distance of a k h l crown. plus tensions rise ahead of the bahrain grand prix as members of the force india team of course in street protests and fly home. plus the guns fire their way into the quarter finals of the monte carlo masters but the top four seeds play. will start with the ice hockey and i one garden are just a single going away from being crowned champions the hawks quarter add an overtime victory of the host an hour moscow to lead the final series three one and watching
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the latest gain down yet. this is the price the guardian cup is on display now so far and so close the finalists in a moscow and i won guards aiming to put their names on the trophy although their chances now dee for a lot there is this game sold in a moscow gain enough to fast and furious stars their hosts have been to one down the final serious open five minutes in part i'm sure no netting here one nil. the blood why skip the visitors under pressure and had many chances to extend their early. with i wonder is the only guy you know more producing one see after another . and his efforts paid off in the middle of the second period the hoax poured back in style alexandre pato feeling comfortable in front of
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the home side's go too low matters one zero. zero one girth lifted in spirits the hawks smell victory and heat the course twice however three periods of hard rumble were now to sell scores taking the game into overtime which so the visitors finally flowing out the window. alexandre pigeon sport his fourth goal in the final to give his team a three one lead in the serious meeting i wonder now just a single win away from making history. the two teams are almost equally strong thankfully very well defensively the sordid enamelled so there are not many great goal scoring opportunities and each game but we are probably a bit more persistent and focused it's not over yet we still have to take a final step to win the cup we said i'd be right after this. it's not over it's not
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over for us we're going to. so there we going to try to win every game was even yours just one goal game and i think we have just ruined. we won one game so we won a battle ground zero. in norm's certainly the battle for the good going to go up may be decided or get even tougher. the brits were in their own party must go. to formula one and force india says it will be competing in this weekend's bahrain grand prix that despite two members flying home after being caught up in violent protests there were more clashes between police and demonstrators on wednesday night and forcing the mechanics were caught up in them as they drove back in the race track to the capital manama none of them were hurt so you have decided to fly back home the growing grand prix was cancelled last year after anti-government protests left nearly fifty dead but this year the school's governing body f.i.f.a.
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says it is happy with security arrangements and practice sections of sunday's race who gave him a few minutes time. now in football you're a police in football police are letting him intrude have moved a step closer to their second final in three days they won the first leg of their semifinal against spanish rivals for lent see a forty two goal from that now giving athletic a the edge there in the other tie sporting lisbon got to see one home when i was the athletic bilbao the winning goal was scored by diego capital after an assist from russian that feel that that is my lot. now on a sadder note thousands of football fans have lined the streets of the for the funeral of italian footballer pm matty what a scene in the twenty five year old died while playing during a city match livorno against the scar he was cool with it suffered a heart attack the result of the post-mortem were inconclusive livorno have announced they will retire the number twenty five shirt in murder scenes memory.
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the big names are through to the quarter finals of the monte carlo masters with no joke a bitch rafael nadal and the mary and joe were free to song go all reaching the last state but now has lifted the trophy here for the last seven years and had every confidence when i because it stands me six one six one the score without conceding just six points only and he will face down the slippery. five. or number one over djokovic also progress but had to work a little harder the serve was out of sorts in the first set losing at sixteen to twenty alexander will pull off but stormed back to win the next two six one six four djokovic playing just hours later and his grandfather died. on thursday january how did his name to be called a fine line up his opponent julian beneteau retired at sixty games to five down in the first set after falling badly twisted in one call and frighted an elbow makes up the mary is sixty thomas burdick's the big serving checked it take
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a scissors he came from a set down to be japan's a different color while four three joe were free to tsonga held off and now that the task. now is less than a hundred days to go before the london olympics russia are targeting at least third place in the overall medals table the country's top athletes coaches and all should fisher sports officials gathered together in moscow to discuss their preparations for the games the national limpid committee has yet to announce their overall medals target those all federations are aiming high and hoping to produce a combined total of thirteen goals however possible champions are wary of any untimely injuries that could spoil their plans. but it is our basketball team has what some would keep players stranger is some behind a spartan no preparation system try to find new leaders and probably the young grandson to step up for the good with this. and you have to be one hundred percent
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for any individual. sports is a team sport so every player in court is of value so first of all we must try to avoid injuries because there were too many of those two since world cup even though it's well for more olympic sports have been grabbed by russians one is the national championships and they include olympic medal from over one the women's hundred meters brushstroke the idea of or also put her place in the london games the second place here and in the men's events is a top of one the two hundred metres freestyle qualify along with eugene logan of the silver. the other want to go i am pleased i wanted to better result but i failed a little bit anyway i have enough time before the olympics to work hard the main goal was to qualify for the olympics so i'm pleased because it's bottom of the wife now i have some time to going to see my mom and dad and then i'll go back to usa to
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pass the olympics. i'm all athletics she's have lavished praise on moscow's preparations for next year's world championships the luzhniki spoke complex will host the event after also staging the athletics nine hundred eighty summer olympics but it needs to be refurbished the future events. at the stadium the renovations will be starting i think very very shortly and this is really good for laying down the new track having everything the state of the art. transportation plan. is being looked to ensure that. in moscow where some part of the traffic can be on the high end everything will be seamless for the athletes and i think very soon the public will be discovering the prices for tickets the ticket program. and finally go think history has been created in china as a local kid has become the youngest ever player to tee off in the vent on the
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european tour wang chang lang is just thirteen years old and the hundred seventy three days he started playing the sport when he was four i was crowned world champion for his age group last year is only around you know china open was a little less spectacular as the teenager could only manage a five over par seventy seven but he still didn't have a bad effort there matthew baldwin leads the way by one stroke and seven under the twenty six year old has also won his rookie year on the tour by the biggest name hansen is six shots off the pace caught a cold shower for the swede he finished at the masters a full article. on the p.g.a. tour every lead in the text open after the first day not a name you see every day on top of the leaderboard his best finish in six years on the top is third but he is in full now hitting nine birdies to take a three stroke lead over. can get
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the parts so that's all for now i'm back with more into. issue is that so much pressure on a drug that you know. there's the taliban bad guy inside this right wing fanatic this is one of course most determined in the wake of last year's massacre of seventy seven if you. are going. well. science technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future.
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