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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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voices of concern over civil violence scream out in bahrain as loud as a formula one cars to race around a strap but they're still left on heard by those quick to butt into the affairs of libya and syria. yard after moves to quarantine a flammable euro zone from the global economy is easy you politicians on popular anti-union sentiment plots. these train trucks are one of the few successful parts of a project to try to bring transport to the russian far north but further down the line the project failed having cost sounds of lives. for more discoveries in russia closer coming. in the business the us and there are also markets open up in the red to brownfield three month lows yesterday so i made about twenty minutes on
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happy official figures boiling. in the russian capital you're watching our t.v. now the roar of formula one engines will be heard in bahrain this weekend despite the gulf state still shaking under civil unrest and a regime activists have pledged to boycott the event and step up their protest while two members of the force india team have already fled the city after they were caught up in clashes on their way back from the track as their teams renegotiated now reports unlikely b.s. and syria this uprising surprisingly off the radar. it took a car fire ahead of a major sporting event for the world to notice the flames of discord engulfing a small island nation in the persian gulf behind a suffocating in the smoke of an ongoing struggle between protesters and police
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their own citizens have been happening in a hurry for more than a year now protesters say this is the longest lasting revolt in the arab spring but so far the only result from them has been an increase in violence on all sides. scenes from the capitol be a more than a passing similarity to the pictures out of the embattled syrian city of homs but it's a citizen joy to a very different level of attention. politicians and the media stayed surprisingly silent considering their stance on other middle eastern revolutions they were all but silent when the bahraini revolution was crushed last year they are all but silent about the human rights abuses in bahrain itself and the formula one race has just focused attention on that society and when the media does turn to her they seem to do more harm than good foreign media coverage but also as a big do they always use the framework of birth here of course as
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a good support and they don't understand that this actually helps the government the city was it was their whole phrase experience such as the opposition says hundreds have been wounded in standoff with police and many sacked from their jobs or arrested for taking part in mass protests but unlike in syria and libya no one has called for foreign intervention. problems put before the international human rights council europeanization american countries were enthusiastic about exploring this issue but the us prefer to leave it to the independent commission created here by the government it did bring back several new people bahraini human rights defenders who are in exile real one speeds out of town much of the media and the world's attention is likely to follow in bahrain in a go school. nato intervention in syria may be on cards turkey is planning to appeal for the alliance to support its clashes between us its army and the rebels
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recently spilled over into its territory that's according to u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton speaking at a ministerial gathering of the friends of syria group in paris a chill so-called on a global arms embargo and tougher financial sanctions against a mask if it fails to abide by a cease fire the pentagon has also said it's ready to carry out military action in serious need it while the u.n. aside a motion with the governments on the terms of the international bodies monitoring group under the agreement the observers have the freedom to go anywhere in the country they were based researcher sarah mara so says the importance of their mission cannot be underlined enough. this is incredibly significant especially when we consider a lot of the other regional neighbors of syria behaving very poorly and provoking violent conflict in syria and suggesting that they want to arm the rebels and continue and actually increase the level of violence that's happening in syria so
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we have this region that's actually instigating violence and we have the so-called friends of syria of western powers really who will no influence over syria and have very little to say or do because they they don't have any relationships they don't have any information that will provide any help to the people of syria to solve this crisis so with those two efforts happening you know between the arab league and the friends of syria it's actually very refreshing to have a u.n. observer mission because it's talking to everybody people are taking it seriously and so this is very promising indeed to see these developments and it's not a solution that's going to solve everything in one day for example and it will take many different compromises and steps but with patience i think that this is certainly the best and most promising development that we've seen in a long time and still to come for you in the program here in our team all hatred
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dies hard sudan in front of him in south sudan step back to the brink of war as the search for oil and violent border disputes the right to fully fledged fighting. and we are china's arctic ambitions as a country keeps knocking on the doors of nations who already have access to the energy rich region. protecting the world from you or that's the latest task set for itself by the i.m.f. with plans to erect a four hundred billion dollar a financial wall around the block it's intended to prevent euro crisis from spreading further serious threat to the global economic recovery but in europe those financial woes are reshaping the political landscape and we report on france work today's our last day of campaigning before presidential elections on sunday. it hasn't been the perfect marriage but they agreed where it mattered most of the time. a tandem seen as key in the e.u.
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decision making. but france's relationships with berlin and brussels have hit a rough patch the french election for a look at the campaign in france i think because on the right side there is mrs le pen this is the plan once reintroduce her for the french franc the french currency christmas all on once during a go should the for the of the treaty on the fiscal compact incumbent nicolas sarkozy is no exception pledging to freeze france's e.u. funding and bringing back border controls over in the left corner. who roundly rejects europe's budget belt tightening pact people are an easy with the fact that they or contributing to the failed policies in other parts of the then people don't really understand why is it there's more and more legislation coming from the european level and member states have to adjust it for the mostly pro europe french public it's about jobs and social security just as brussels and
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berlin want tough cutbacks. and that doesn't rest easy with voters who gave a resounding no to giving the e.u. machine even more power seven years ago even though it's been a perfect tool to offload a questionable policies. criticizing europe can be a convenient scapegoat because it appeals to people who do not like the functioning of europe and it can divert responsibility if something goes wrong it's not the fault of the government or nicolas sarkozy it's the fault of europe it's easy to lay into this place where e.u. plans are half a billion spent a final before that's really gotten under the skin of french voters as part of another what's more these promises of all good heard before regardless of who gets . already can really change paris and brussels. the preserve is no europe for one of the europe for whom it's europe for the banker of. your approach.
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your. business is in europe of cities of europe of social rights and the rest of the continents watching too knowing that whoever its next partner is a honeymoon phase is out of the question does or cilia r t brussels the i.m.f. plan to wreck their massive financial buffer around the euro zone has a bill welcome by everybody or was many nations reluctant to commit their cash and carving on the idea investment advisor patrick young doesn't have much faith a move will help save the euro zone and this is absolutely a counter to listen for the euro zone there is no way no matter harlow are just a sea of gods are no matter how high be the bazooka it is that the i.m.f. is currently assembling and nobody can afford to pay for italian government debt it is simply impossible we are pushing nations on the mediterranean fringe of europe into if we expect that they're going to stay in the euro zone it's
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a tragic development for government the option is quite clear and they need to say we cannot pay our debts we cannot survive in the euro zone and we need to leave on in the case of greece they need to establish a new track much because otherwise the euro is not going to continue and frankly western europe is going to just become completely and utterly outmaneuvered in the new dynamics of the global economy. mistery cuts across the euro zone or a fan in the flames of protest quite literally and some cases that are teed off bombs we report on one italian museum that has started burning its collection of masterpieces driven by a critical lack of funds. plus one austrian village is seeking a change of name saying they want something a little less seductive we also want back all their road signs stolen by souvenir hunters.
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these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule today. now answer a general ban ki moon has blasted south sudan for its military incursion and seizure of an oil field from sudan a cold a clearly illegal act and urged both sides to cease hostilities as the two nations edge closer to outright war and the blame for which some say could be put squarely at the feet of those behind the separation of the two states. the issue that everyone sees is oriel and the border demarcation right my understanding there were many years we're following this is that the sub ratio of the two countries was absolutely unnecessary and wrong and the obsessive nature of united states led by the us ambassador susan rice and the british and the europeans to have this separation without settling any of the issues has actually made the situation worse
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now you have south sudan which it believes has been full backing of the united states and they took over it we aggressive action as i was leaving the country last thursday and they invaded a town inside of sudan has put the oil production center and therefore of that precipitated the escalation but they violate the sovereignty to sudan and they would not have done that if they didn't think they had support from the united states and britain and others our teams china is becoming increasingly hungry for a slice of the arctic's an r.g.p. high tour of europe the country's premier wen jiabao is expected to try to strike a deal with iceland to allow beijing to gain a foothold in the icy region well for an expert opinion i'm now joined live by going to a senior research fellow of the skulk awaits you for emerging market studies thanks very much for being with us here in the program sir now last year is
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a new chinese business men try to buy a swathe of land of iceland that sparked debate if it was a bid by beijing to get its hands on the riches of the arctic now the deal was blocked by reykjavik so do you think on this visit china now will be trying its lucky head again. well i'm not. sure about the previous law. for this move that i'm not aware of any pause. between attorneys prime minister i think. about eleven purchase punky my understanding is. it's mainly we have a bilateral trade and relations and a key part of the amount of cooperation in your case and if there were another. you know what i'm probing a bit tricky i should china probably look for another cell or perhaps other ways of getting its hand on the resources of the arctic yeah i mean traditionally china had
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a good relationship with vitamins so that's why i guess the primary when we had that i thought you were you were in with with it. so that for trade has been growing. and the. relation has been growing apart across. iceland it's not the only coming from the prime minister will be there this time. so i guess yeah i mean china is looking for a partner there anybody can be a part of me again yeah well that's the saying maybe not anyone because they're already eight arctic members so it's kind of getting crowded there at the table dontcha think. well yeah i mean for emerging markets big emerging markets like china india russia brazil i think are more. everywhere in the world.
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explore them and utilize the word resources for years so when you're home or like china. you have the commitment and. it's. so. wrong with being ambitious. but now hypothetically speaking if china gets access to a vital arctic reaches how much does it stand to gain in your opinion is there anything more than just financial incentives to this i would be financial and economic incentives are the primary goal of china and we're here. so. very much concerned about i would. say to a nation where europe. and the carriage and and and and and need we will everywhere so. i would be the primary doorway to. get access
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to resources and trade it in china and we. would be i think. we've just pointed out earlier there are some that while there is competition for this resources and he also reports that some countries like norway for example with the will do their best to ruin china's arctic ambitions so what can their reasoning before that in your opinion. you know you're right that. countries will respond obviously. when the new karma comes to the party it is understandable that you can use in members will actually be concerned. i think what i need to do here is to keep their league thing what it's kind of here and being so big that santa will play. by the international rules ok it's chinese premier wen jiabao security how are the other our nations likely to react.
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i would say. again i don't. need better communication with i think china needs to expand its if you think goals that are clearly. the natural response will be if they can offend again but this kind of use to communicate with other countries will make it clear that the channel is looking for a partner there and then when asked if the most chinese intention to harm anybody. and there's no. right does about you thanks very much indeed for answering our questions here on r.t. that was the senior research. merging markets. to be here thank you. for watching r.t. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world. thousands of fisherman in chile have gathered to protest against new fishing law reforms the government passed
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a bill in march to help sustain the country salmon stocks were fishing a lot has been criticized and it claims it will have a negative effect on efforts to bring jobs back to the sector. more than a year after its last mission the space shuttle discovery has arrived at its final resting place this dying air and space museum just outside washington in nearly thirty years of service the u.s. has most travel shuttles spent a total of three hundred sixty five days in orbit circling the earth nearly six thousand times the decision to retire discovery was made in two thousand and four as a vastly concentrate on building new spaceships which is still said to be several years away. norwegian mass murderer anders breivik has said he planned to be have the country's former prime minister and post the food online during his trial use give it a fascist salute in court and shed tears at his own propaganda video admits to carrying out the bomb and shooting massacre that killed seventy seven people in norway last
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year on cross-talk this hour of el looks at the underlying message behind the attacks we take on those extremist so yes we accept. minority of all i'm saying is that there is a minority of people who want to show you the minority there's a minority of people who exist within the muslim community who are extremists who don't believe in the democratic values we don't believe in cleaves full of coexistence and colons and what we must not do is tanisha whole faith system whole communities based on the. small number of minority extremes that exist in order to not really want to go to rachel here is what i'm going to go for a time where time arriba you rachel go ahead. isn't that exactly what we're trying to do with breivik right now is to paint all the right wing people who have moderate points of view about immigration and and cultural integration with the same brush saying that this kind of rhetoric is responsible for his actions.
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and right now i sit back and check out what the r.t. closer team has in store for us this time around. it's daytime dark reports from the area where the crushing cold has for decades taught authorities that building a permanent transport infrastructure here is mission impossible but the temptation of enormous oil and gas reserves this arctic land has to offer means no one's allowed to give up. making tracks through the two hundred part of this region's name means in the local language the end of the earth and for centuries it's to fight all attempts at permanent access. in central parts of russia if you want to go somewhere you just get in
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a car and go but here it's impossible you have to wait for the river or. it's very difficult when you are separated from the rest of the country the surface is blasted by blizzards in winter and melts into swamps and summer supports for bridges have to be driven dozens of meters deep on the roofs foundations down repeatedly to stop it collapsing back into the two hundred this joint project is an attempt to bring transport to the lands but the ends of the earth but it's not the first time the previous attempts of left a shadow over the whole region started in one nine hundred forty nine tens of thousands of prisoners toiled in summer heat and. cold on stalin's dream of a trans polar railway line conditions were brutal and thousands were worked and starved to death or shot by their captors that. they keep people away to refuse
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huge work or to sing even a couple of words about stalin they gave us our prisoners in centers here to watch over them building this railway had we refused it would have shut us as well in one nine hundred fifty three the project was abandoned built without any proper heavy equipment the unfinished track and embankments quickly subsided back into the tundra all that's left are a few bridges rotting barrack buildings and the long shadow of this corner. this bridge is part of stalin's infamous road of death but since this project so many others have failed to put permanent roads here in the russian arctic some of the only people to see these historical monuments are teams of drivers who have gary and his companions trying to penetrate some of the furthest reaches of this vast tundra landscape they've seen abandoned villages pull mountain peaks and even a settlement that had never been reached by wheeled vehicles before in their get to
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go to commune once you arrive in this area you begin to see the world in a very different way these places are there. with enormous gas and oil reserves discovered in the far north the commitment has been made to put huge money and resources towards road and rail building this time but there's a lot of work ahead before russia's arctic yields any of its vast isolation. wral work here katie now has got all the latest from the world of business al european markets just open so what's the picture there. he makes the noun or a not enough. for a the spanish government managed to sell more than that targeted amount of bronze us the biggest news coming out of the region of the. check out los vegas now there's been rumors of a possible downgrade from silos that's certainly weighing on investors' sentiment as well separately another warning found so is the fact that the italian authorities as well in other countries would not be able to balance is as it
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promised to do so in twenty eight thirteen of them all saying they're going to need two more years to do that it's a lot of talking about europe it's going to the euro dollar see how the common currency is performing at this hour i could go wrong because he won the fifty one for the tide is a favorite pair with the french presidential election coming up. as one example now looking at the rubles performance it's now gaining against us and the euro obama talk about russia missing how the mice in the us has just reforming their seconds our trade is that the losses are for the russian markets that are bouncing off the three month lows it was for yesterday let's check out the stocks and see how they are indeed performing how we got read today we got spared right down around a quarter of a percent that we've also got a new call that recourses a reset not benefiting from those strong but crude appliances taking pay as well around three quarters down over there extending previous losses after plunging
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almost five percent. that was all news that the government is doing the company four hundred of those siberia i was taught as the russian economy is concerned it's still lacking a behind its fellow bric economies in terms of investment investment attractiveness . management believes that confidence will be restored back into the russian economy wants a new government is formed. if we look at the current location or how the bric allocation works for many investors it's predominantly china with thirty percent and then the rest is divided into brazil which has almost thirty percent of our case and whilst india and russia make up fourteen however this fourteen percent of the russian allocation is by no means allocated to the portfolio of an emerging market before yet as investors have been holding in view of the elections in view of hoping to learn more of the following reform program so there's much catching up
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to do as we've learned from from the investors and we believe that we will see the reform program of which we're very confident of post gratian we will see the return of many of the long term investors also to the russian market. like a stick you with russia let's talk. russia's second biggest mobile operator that's megafauna could list up to a courtroom in london as early as july now according to media reports the company plans to raise up to four billion dollars it would be the biggest listing on the london stock exchange and again. i see how they're getting on now that we're in towards the end of their trading day and it's down to the nikkei and the. other side they're looking to close out this week on a down on how much of their sentiments were coming from the european a region that we had twenty nations warning that the european debt crisis is really
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is a concern and it remains at the forefront of investors' minds it was technology stocks that were really taken ahead and they were taking a hit from the u.s. markets closed down yesterday let's take out those all important oil prices i mentioned earlier they are gaining and all of us in markets again we had comments from president barack obama saying manipulation in the market is fine dresses need to be addressed he's going to enforce new laws coming in. try on the twenty eight crawl that is indeed the markets that is alchemy the algorithms are not the thing that is all right indeed a mixed picture there of it thanks very much indeed for this katie and looking forward to getting any update next hour afterwards there's plenty more coming your way here on r.t.s. promised the latest edition of crossed off but before that o.l. bringing to headline stay with us.
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for sure is that so much pride on the job that you don't ever once there's the taliban bad guy insane or worse right wing fanatic this is what i know region for most determined in the wake of last year's massacre of seventy seven people.
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