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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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voices of concern over civil violence in grain growing as loud as the formula one cars due to race around its track. the i.m.f. moves to quarantine a flammable euro zone from the global economy busy you politicians. sentiment. and we way out china. the country keeps knocking on the doors of the nations who already have access to the energy rich region. a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at the moscow. the rules of formula
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one engines will be heard in the gulf states still shaking under civil unrest regime activists have pledged to boycott the event and step up their protests to members of the force india team have already fled the state but this after they were caught up in clashes on their way back from the track but if. reports are like libya and syria if this uprising is surprisingly alfredo. it took a car fire ahead of a major sporting event for the world to notice the flames of discord engulfing a small island nation in the persian gulf but green is suffocating in the smoke of an ongoing struggle between protesters and police the military says have been happening in a hurry for more than a year now protester say this is the longest lasting revolt in the arab spring but so far the only result from them has been an increase in violence on all sides since from the capital being more than
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a passing similarity to the pictures out of the embattled syrian city of homs but the two cities enjoyed a very different level of attention. and media stayed surprisingly silent considering their stance on other middle eastern revolutions they were all but silent when the bahraini revolution was crushed last year there are all but silent about the human rights abuses in bahrain itself and the formula one race has just focused attention on that society and when the media does turn to her they seem to do more harm than good foreign media coverage but they also as you say always use the framework. for justice. and they don't understand that this actually helps the governments the city was doing. such as the opposition says hundreds have been wounded in standoff with police and many sacked from their jobs or arrested for
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taking part in mass protests but unlike in syria and libya no one has called for foreign intervention. problems before the international human rights council europeanization american countries were enthusiastic about exploring this issue but the us prefer to leave it to the independent commission created here by the government it did bring back several really human rights defenders who are in exile everyone speeds out of town much of the media and the world's attention is likely to follow in bahrain it even goes. well a nato intervention in syria could be on the horizon and turkey is planning to plead for support from the alliance but the country has seen clashes between assad's army and the rebels recently spilling over the border into its territory. bid was revealed by the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton speaking in paris after a ministerial gathering of the pro opposition countries as you also called for
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a global arms embargo and tougher financial sanctions against a mask if it fails to abide by the cease fire but the pentagon has also said it is ready to carry out military action in syria if needed you know of a u.n. has signed a motion with the government on the terms of the observer mission granting them freedom of movement now this all as the body's chief voiced plans to beef up the team to three hundred monitors although this would require a new security council resolution and beirut based research sarah marusek says the importance of the mission cannot be emphasized enough. this is an incredibly significant especially when we consider a lot of the other regional neighbors of syria behaving very poorly and provoking violent conflict in syria and suggesting that they want to arm the rebels and continue and actually increase the level of violence that's happening in syria so we have this whole region that's actually instigating violence and we have the
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so-called friends of syria of western powers really who will no influence over syria and have very little to say or do because they they don't have any relationships they don't have any information that will provide any help to the people of syria to solve this crisis so with those two efforts happening you know between the arab league and the friends of syria it's actually very refreshing to have a u.n. observer mission because it's talking to everybody people are taking it seriously and so this is a very promising indeed to see these developments and it's not a solution that's going to solve everything in one day parade sample and it will take many different compromises and steps but with patience i think that this is certainly the best and most promising development that we've seen in a long time with r.t. it's good to have your company today are still to come of this program of old hatred that are. freshly in the present itself sudan stepped back to the brink of
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war as the thirst for oil than via borders of spirits erupts into a fully fledged fighting also. these trains trucks are one of the successful parts of a project to try to bring transport to the russian far north but further down the line the project failed having cost thousands of lives to stay true to more discoveries of our roster a closeup that's coming your way in just a. protection of the world from europe what's the latest task of such. for itself by the i.m.f. plans to erect a four hundred billion dollars financial wall all around the uk it's intended to prevent the euro crisis from spreading further due to its serious threat to the global economic recovery but in europe those financial woes are reshaping the political landscape we report on fronts where today is the last day of campaigning
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before presidential elections on sunday. it hasn't been the perfect marriage that they agreed where it mattered most of the time. a tandem seen as key in the e.u. decision making. that france's relationships with berlin and brussels have hit a rough patch the french election if you look at the campaign in france i think because on the right side there is mrs lippett which is the plan was to reintroduce her for the french franc the french currency christmas all one story negotiate the of the treaty on the fiscal compact incumbent nicolas sarkozy is no exception pledging to freeze france's e.u. funding and bringing back border controls over in the left corner. who roundly rejects europe's budget goal tightening pact people or an easy with the fact that they or contributing to the failed policies in other parts of the union
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then people don't really understand why is it that there's more and more legislation coming from the european member states have to adjust for the mostly pro europe french public it's about jobs and social security just as brussels and birth women want tough cutbacks. and that doesn't rest easy with voters who gave a resounding no to giving the e.u. machine even more power seven years ago even though it's been a perfect tool to offload questionable policies. criticizing europe can be a convenient scapegoat because it appeals to people who do not like the functioning of europe and it can divert responsibility if something goes wrong it's not a case of the government or nicolas sarkozy it's the fault of europe it's easy to lay into this place where e.u. plans are half a billion spent a final before that's really gotten under the skin of french voters is quite another what's more these promises of all that heard before regardless of who gets . or anything really change between paris and brussels. would be really is no
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europe for europe. is it europe for the banker of. europe for trade with europe for. business or has it a europe of cities a europe of social rights and the rest of the continents watching to knowing that whoever its next partner is a honeymoon phase is out of the question just are still here r t brussels well the i.m.f. eurozone plan however still needs eighty billion dollars more the hope is that the fast growing countries known as the brics group will manage to make up that shortfall russia has already pledged ten billion dollars but along with the rest of the emerging economies wants a greater say in how it's spent meeting today in washington ministers from the group of twenty industrialized nations will focus on that funding personal russia
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china india and south africa are expected to come up with the eighteen billion but ask for a bigger sway over the international bank the i.m.f. president christine lagarde was optimistic that a compromise could be reached but commenting on the plan investment advisor patrick young doesn't have much faith the move will in any way help to save the eurozone. this is absolutely a how to close them for the euro zone there is no way no matter how large the sea of cards are no matter how high big blue suit is that the i.m.f. is currently assembling nobody can afford to pay for italian government debt it is simply impossible we are pushing nations on the mediterranean fringe of europe into anarchy if we expect that they're going to stay in the euro zone it's a tragic time limit for government the option is quite clear and they need to say we cannot pay our debts we cannot survive in the euro zone and they need to leave in the case of greece they need to start mission new product much because otherwise
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the euro was not going to continue and frankly western europe is going to just become completely and utterly eichmann in the new dynamics of the global economy and the austerity cuts across the euro zone a fanning the flames of protest quite literally in some cases at r.t. dot com reports on one italian museum that has started burning its collection of masterpieces just to get the attention of the government. plus one austrian village is seeking a change of name. saying they want something a little less decent they also want back all of their road signs stolen by overenthusiastic souvenir hunters. these are the images. from history of canada after. chunk operations are over
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there. just about oh ten minutes past the hour here in moscow it seems that china is becoming increasingly hungry for a slice of the arctic spend. on a tour of europe the country's premier wen jarboe is expected to try to strike a deal with iceland as one part of china's effort to gain a foothold in the icy reach of the world who are discussing china's are somewhat ambitious there but let's talk to professor joseph trying little analyst from the hong kong city university thank you for coming on our team today our china the latest start is that the arctic is public domain and that should be open to all quote like the moon regardless of territorial claims by arctic nations or would you agree with. well china certainly would like to. be implemented and as you just said because of the global warming effects the.
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marry and routes will soon become increasingly significant and sea need is treating nation and it's an increasingly important shipping nation china certainly in the first place to secure right to the rules for all the transport of. cargo or so as as you say as you say it is a very good point when it when many of discussing the issue of global warming but if the warming does continue if indeed that's what it is it will clear up maritime route for what is ultimately one of the biggest most massive merchant marine fleet in the world that of china's exports but is it more about narrative time strategies or is it more about energy wealth we all know about the oil and gas deposits in the arctic. well the roots are probably the first. jam here then of course the exploration of energy sources in the arctic circle would be
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a significant tip if you know eyes of china most of the known reserves are already in the hands of the western natives so any and discovered or sold and it's you sources do be imported in. cowardice under our of china and certainly china is looking to was so on benches with the arctic countries concerned as you tear up just mentioned iceland is an example sweden used also in our the example in fact sweden has already endorsed china's membership of the r.k. tongues or what you say the sweden has already endorsed china's membership of the arctic council but how does trying to go about getting support for this if that's possibly a position of having a carrot in front of a nation and offering money to buy its way in why would our claimants be willing to give china a chunk of the arctic. well the china option is attractive in
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a number of ways in the first place time has been money and you all know the exploration of and it's the resources can be the risky venture. providing the financial resources is always helpful and secondly china normally doesn't one exactly a trade going in and share it is quite willing to be a junior partner in the benchers and in fact it's china still still does not have p eight want its for asian can't knowledge it's also more reassuring to us to the arctic countries and to be out of this because then china certainly cannot be dominant in the east joint venture while you bring
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up the issue of china that not really having any major deep water exploration abilities certainly the reality is reality china is nowhere near the arctic geographically it has one ice breaker vessel as you were alluding to moments ago it's brought that from ukraine i thought little experience in navigating the region is they do you think ready to tackle such a frontier. he never did decent root's certainly. not their kids and given the fact that you just mentioned it straight. shipping china sort of can be passed a lot to be a. be as far as. this concern and. not be too difficult you know it is state of course and it's the exploration is a different matter if you think that could be i briefly i do apologize for running very low on time they could that be some sort of competition though between russia
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and china we know their friends on the world stage but you know what must have been for a very large share of the arctic china's would be seen as a conflict thing in any way. i guess russia will be you know very business like manner you will see the next in my benefits and we will treat china and you called the east is even competition with. so interested and we have seen china has already chosen an american to explore the arctic and its resources exactly because the american knowledge so i think russia will continue to be in the business right now no. anything. and it is seen and we do not discriminate against certainly is a fascinating subject for discussion here on r t a professor of political analyst at the hong kong city university thank you for joining us and through. that as i
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get to some of international news for your own group the r.t. world updater right now being kicked off by protests in cairo as to rear square thousands there once again a rallying against the ruling military and presidential candidates who serve under out of leader hosni mubarak liberal groups call for the rally before mubarak's vice president omar some a man was barred from standing along with two leading is the worst candidates comes ahead of may's upcoming election was after which the military's promise to hand over power to a civilian president. thousands of fishermen in chile have gathered to protest against new fishing law reforms the government passed the bill in march to help sustain the country's salmon stocks and prevent overfishing the law though has been criticized and it claims it will have a negative effect on efforts to bring jobs back to the sector. the region of mass
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murder a brave because told the court on its fifth day of trial that he considered his car bomb attack to have been a failure eight people died in the explosion in the country's capital for brevity. says he had hoped more would be killed he said if one is failure was the reason he didn't travel to the toya sixty nine people were shot dead on cross talk in the next hour here on r.t. people of l. looks at the underlying message behind the attacks. u.n. secretary general of blank he moon has blasted south sudan for its military incursion and seizure of an oil field from northern sudan and sudan he called it a clearly illegal acts and urged both sides to cease hostilities as the two nations edged closer to outright war or the blame for which some say could be put squarely at the feet of those behind the separation of the two states. the issue that everyone sees is and the border demarcation my understanding there were many years
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were following this is that the separation of the two countries was absolutely unnecessary and wrong and the obsessive nature of the united states led by the us ambassador susan rice in the british with the europeans to have this separation without settling any of the issues has actually made the situation worse now you have south sudan which you believe is the full backing of the united states and they took over we aggressive action as i was leaving the country last thursday and they invaded a town inside sudan has a five year old production center and they're full of that precipitated the escalation but they violate the sovereignty you sit down and they would not have done that if they didn't think they had support from the united states and britain and others. before you get a currency with the business there are three let's sit back for just a moment to check out what the r.t. closeout team has in store for us this time around.
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and very reports from the area where the crushing cold has for decades total authorities that building a permanent transport infrastructure there is mission impossible but the temptation of the enormous all in gas reserves this article and has to offer means no one's allowed to give a. making tracks through the tundra part of this region's name the a mile means in the local language the end of the earth and for centuries it's to fight all attempts at permanent access. in central parts of russia and she want to go somewhere you just get in a car and go but here it's impossible you have to wait for the river to fog or take a plane it's very difficult when you are separated from the rest of the country the
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surface is a clustered by blizzards in winter and melts into swamps in summer supports for bridges have to be driven dozens of meters deep and the roads foundations packed down repeatedly to stop it collapsing back into the trondra this giant before jets is an attempt to bring the trans war to the land at the end of the earth but it's not the first time and previous attempts of left a shadow over the whole region started in one nine hundred forty nine tens of thousands of prisoners toiled in summer heat and cold and stalin's dream of a trans polar railway line conditions were brutal and thousands were worked and starved to death or shot by their captors that. they keep people away for refusing to work doing evil a couple of words about stalin they gave us our prisoners and sent us here to watch over them building this well way we refused he would have shot us as well in nine
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hundred fifty three the project was abandoned built without any proper heavy equipment the unfinished track and embankments quickly subsided back into the all that's left now are a few bridges rotting barrack buildings and the long shadow of this corner like empire this bridge is part of stalin's infamous road of death but since this project and so many others have failed to put permanent roads here in the russian arctic some of the only people to see. historical monuments are teams of off road drivers he gave me and his companions trying to penetrate some of the fear of history change this vast landscape they've seen abandoned villages in the mountain peaks and even a sentiment that had never been reached by wheeled vehicles before in the good news but once you arrive in this area you begin to see the world in a very different way these places are. enormous gas and oil reserves discovered in
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the far north the commitment has been made to put money and resources towards building this time but there's a lot of work ahead before russia yields any it's a vast isolation. action. or a sort of like a few very you are the author of business just good to see you today you might see that many are experiencing that our so-called friday feeling how are the markets reflecting of us here with the friday feeling actually it's very much a quiet one in the russian markets is typically thin on the trading from us a lot to the fact that it is friday afternoon people going off their weekend but it's also because it is tend to close up their positions of i don't want to open position over the weekend so let's see how the figures are located now they have been in the road all day today but i must say the loss isn't quite as large as. it's looking like going to finish the week on the back. around
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a third of the sound and the my space just so negative it already this hour let's have a look at the individual. and i'm afraid it isn't didas the red of the blue chips we've got. around a quarter of a cent down that's the biggest runs out here in iraq getting up to. seven point six percent of the as a multi billion dollar deal that this year apparently gave out for we've also got loopholes. senses down the surprise considering crude prices are. this hour we haven't seen k.b. pay is that of a few percent down the line just as earlier on yes yes i've five percent and that's because the company is being sued over scourges in the west siberia. probably i'm just now for you as far as the russian markets are concerned we've seen volume not cheap it's all in recent weeks. from an eight songs asset
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management says this will soon change as soon as that's is a wakeup from that just. come out of the holiday season to some extent we've had some data we've had so encouraging only in the last ten days quite a good indication from the first round of first quarter earnings so i'm quite hopeful that post some of the spanish auction proving to be french auction as well we will see a rebound the market feels like it wants to go up and investors are still largely or have a large cash holding so the need for investment keeps pressing on i believe that coupled with a good earnings season coupled with the. not very good data from china about an easing of the new moves will probably bring as short as well as medium term a lot more activity in the markets while talking about here it's alive and
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kicking for you is russia's second biggest mobile operator. now they plan to list of course of their shares in london as early as july according to media of course the company plans to raise up to four billion dollars it would be the highest the biggest listing on the london stock exchange and here. let's have a look at how the very place getting on at this hour for those of you off on holiday any time soon we'll see how it's. we have go it's a mix. of cars this is gaining against the u.s. dollar and it's losing it traction against the euro figure it's all of that now of course that in the last hour really gary you did see one thirty one eighty eight and sun say you have to focus on the guys now up until about thirty seconds goes about to tell you that right puts you in the dots in the red but i do believe they are indeed gaining if we have a look at what is in the dow so you'll be able to see the figures will indeed speak
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for themselves of the dax the seven tenth's of the sun up. investors or one showing any appreciation for the fact the german business confidence on expectedly increase it seems that they are now as you can see i said earlier on today as far as analysts will consume ever expecting it to dip right down to a six month lies to say ok moving on to the oil prices and it's at this hour i mentioned earlier the us markets are up and indy's oil is out which always helps out the russian forces here we've got a light sweet that nearly one hundred three dollars per barrel of reds nearly one hundred nineteen dollars tensions in the middle east still playing their role as supplies are increasing in the us as well that's one to watch as well as not we've almost got the full. manipulation of parity that's put us president barack obama. in the best of climate as of the twenty first of april it's going to be you who
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comes. to see how the prices react well right but is the office about fifteen minutes. about friday happy hour we'll see you again thank you many thanks indeed. if you stay with us you can all see the headlines of. his heels in moscow. the first.


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