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it's good of you to join us here on our teachers the. clashes between protesters and police and finally get the attention of the international community this demonstration of days of rage to coincide with the formula one race. started least a year ago would be on the media's radar it was a. wall in egypt once again filled with voices of discontent people disillusioned with the outcome of the revolution. cairo thousands are protesting against the rule of one of the biggest rallies since hosni
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mubarak. growing towards the arctic as the country's prime minister seeking a support from. the council trying to end the fight for the region energy resources as a law of nations bordering. hello konichiwa well listings probably take a look at japanese culture here in the russian capital although it's several hundred thousand kilometers away but the moscow vice are fascinated by such subjects as our gali asian cuisine and japanese animation so join us as we take
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a look at various shops classes sports and that's the malls starting off here in japan. although thousands of kilometers from moscow some people forget that russia and the far eastern areas the country creels and the island sound. the two countries have strong commercial relations the russians have been fascinated by japanese traditions and culture for centuries. opened in one thousand nine hundred eight japan foundation here is a welcome addition for everyone in moscow from japanese ex-pats to the thousands of russian students to the japanese. as you can see the live restocks thousands of books videos d.v.d.'s and c.d.'s. and all are available to rent the study of purposes. from our gobby salon which crosses the cultures of promise is a focal point of education and creativity as various workshops amounts across is
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held here. here you can see class in action the art form of japanese calligraphy and in being studied for over three thousand years a knowledge of calligraphy is an important step in the understanding of japanese culture because here practicing with water it's my first time and it's not as easy as i thought it would be skill patience and imagination is needed. brushstrokes. must be corrected and the lack of confidence will show up in the work characters must be written only once and there's no altering touching up things for them afterwards. there are several other workshops people of all ages and the nationalities can participate in. this is a class showcasing keep the art of peacefully arranging flowers and leaves in losses and other constrain is the choice of what flowers to arrange is guided by the desire to create only between the flower and contain
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a plant flowers that blend in well with its surroundings the key consideration is to use as few stems and least as possible and you can pose elegant consuls to highlight the flowers b.c. . to our next location and shopping like any other major capital city costco has its own foreign communities many of these have set up the schools in moscow publish their own newspapers magazines and open stores selling their own crafts and local produce can't make it to tokyo never mind you can still visit this japanese supermarket to stock up on delicious sushi in japanese saki. the store here off is an authentic japanese coloring experience based around the fundamental principles cozy and freshness of gradients. great. for my friend now this store starts pretty much everything you need for a taste of japan that said it's not just about food stuffs like seaweed or plum
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white either you can buy a whole range of products such as tea sets. and shampoo which you can see here yes surprise surprise it's not cheap but what to do if you're after a lot of japanese experience here in the russian capital. and as a showcase to the diverse and of a developing cultural scene and lifestyle of the russian capital this is restaurants and pixie chops are opening at an amazing great. we had our first store open in one thousand. ninety three on prostrate neurons are ideal back then was to sell japanese food for the japanese community in moscow our main customers were ex-pats until ninety nine and then japanese food became very popular and fashionable among russians to. the invasion of japanese cuisine to the russian market over the past decade is only to apparent there are hundreds of japanese eateries in moscow including high end restaurants and student cafes from a swanky famous restaurant no big television fast food kiosks you can get your sushi twenty four hours
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a day. the festival of contemporary japanese culture called j fest has become a large annual event in the russian capital. featuring all aspects of pop culture including fashion cuisine computer games and japanese animation manga it attracts thousands of generally young visitors. the last i saw was held in november eleventh and highlighted for aspects fashion music animation architecture. to the japanese embassy now and it's seen here simply promotes that country's culture in russia and to find out more about the promotion of japanese culture in moscow let's meet this week's guest great to me today thank you very much for your time now tell me about your job here at the japanese embassy is. there a lot about japanese quality music or what's going on in japan including culture so that more and more russian people understand and feel close to
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speaking of how close they are it's i find it fascinating that moscow is in fact. a long way away but i believe that russia is the closest neighbor to japan and yes russia is the largest country in the world and the eastern part is very close to actually the distance between japan and russia is only three of forty three kilometers and that's subtle in the eyes suffering yes. well they're both very culturally very very different yes very different and i think every year the interest in japan you know gets larger and larger every year no matter what kind of japanese festivals like our in the music. and traditional cultures paintings people just come last year we had. a japanese contemporary culture festival in the vendor. during the two day period
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of well we have over twelve thousand people well coming for a visit so. there is no doubt that the japanese culture in japan itself they try very very popular and become more and more popular among the russian people here from a question what do you miss about about japan or the one nearest hot springs. of course people own my god my hometown now brooke thanks very much for all your welcome your work here in the she couple thank you very much if you receive. the japanese also brain miniature trees in boston bonsai has found many followers in research into the original bonsai practice focuses on long term cultivation the shaping of very small trees it's not easy to grow and demand the work at the shop he advocates said in the russian exhibition center as various bonsai trees you can buy the young tree for around thirty dollars and try to break the self you can get
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an already shaped takes you see tree which might cost it's eight thousand dollars. cultural and entertainment calendar is packed with various events celebrating the land of the rising sun all year round to moscow museum of modern art is now hosting an exhibition of contemporary art calls double perspectives and showcase work by over thirty artists from japan. dubai to descend on the project three choices. choose just to paris styles ages and from different parts of japan circus and the whole diversity of the country's contemporary art is not up to. the first five millimeter cinema organizes annual festival is our enemy. while the film which is a japanese strum is always sold out of bands at moscow's dairy speech because. she wants to express yourself through song the my not tryouts karaoke coming from
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the japanese words meaning empty orchestra from underground and grungy to v.i.p.'s and swanky there are hundreds of karaoke holes in the russian capital many venues have thousands of songs to choose from including russian and english and it's a popular form of its name it's the people of all ages and stache analyses. and traveling half an hour outside the city since we've arrived here twelve final location and if you thought the japanese culture was all about peace from one side trees graceful comodo dress and meditation you thought wrong so well away well the statue next to me and i could be some ideas to let me. just take a look at the medals here the men and women at the center have been winning awards pairs combat sports competitions says the nineteen sixties all the other martial arts are enjoyed here japanese sumo wrestling is one of the most popular. order when our school opened thirty years ago it was the first school in russia which held sume
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a practice so then sumo was generally unknown and an unusual activity for russians but now it's become very common or. really gross mostly just as a competitive full context sports where wrestler attempts to force another restaurant out of the secular range it's a great way to keep fit for many it's an ideal way to distress and a great outlet for expression men and women included just take a look at. first up it's on with the belts otherwise known as the washy japan these can be traditionally over night mrs long i do admit it does feel quite strange but they provide a great nieces. i do know city of lights and the ring with the recent champion a leg but horse tension is not the word to come face to face with a joint award winning version sumo wrestling is simply terrifying. and here
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comes. from the feet of folding fascinating hobby of origami to the recent sushi mania that's taken as a moscow japanese culture has exploded in the russian capital luckily for many they don't have to be thrown his resume over sling rings witnessed muscovites ties to cultural grace. and although i can see battle to prove how amazing the city of moscow is this is home fans i'm sure i went with. well at least i tried them for say that's all the time we have left on the space program on japanese culture in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week about i receive a. helmet. some
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faith lies beneath. thousands of meters of ice country rock. the love of. god is a lure for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it as a distance. headlines
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on our t.v. clashes between anti regime protesters and police involved brain finally get the attention of the international community as demonstrators threaten days of rage to coincide with the formula one race some dollop of the unrest the start of at least a year ago would be on the media's radar if it wasn't for the glamour of sporting events in egypt syria square once again filled with voices of discontent people disillusioned with the outcome of the revolution descend on central cairo. and chinatowns it's growing might towards the arctic as the country's prime minister of europe seeking support for beijing's membership on the arctic council. are to come skate with all the action from the world of sports.
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well i wasn't in the sport so is. touching distance r. and b. did i married over time in moscow to me in one victory of me in the current cup the best time plus talk here has lewis hamilton set the pace in first practice and little rolls is fastest in the second that the control has in his car and gone crazy. mutha stroke plus birdie comes from a second down to be thirty down the mary and catcher place in the last fought multi-colored. it will start with ice hockey and haven't gone and are just one win away from being crowned champions for the first time the hawks pulled out an overtime victory and then on a last go to the adoring cup final series three one robert latham young reports. this is the price they could carry is on display now so for and so close to the
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finalists you know moscow and one guard both aiming to put their names on the trophy although their chances now differ a lot there is this game sold in a moscow gain enough to fast and furious stars the hosts had been to one down the final serious open five minutes in fact i'm sure no netting here one nil. the blood was scared the visitors on the pressure and had many chances to extend their early. with i wonder as the only guy around more producing one seed after another. and his efforts paid off in the middle of the second period the hoax poured back in style alexandre pato feeling comfortable in front of the home side's goal too low matters one zero.
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one girth lifted in spirits the hawks smell victory and he paused twice or three periods of her drum bowl where none of the still school worse taking the game into overtime which so the visitor is one of the chloe now the wind. alexandre peugeot again scored his fourth goal in the forno to give his team a three one lead in the serious winning i wonder now just a single way in a way for making history. the two teams are almost equally strong weekly very well defensively this will do the numbers so there are not many great cool schooling opportunities in each game but we're probably a bit more persistent and focused it's not over yet we still have to take a final step to win the cup right because right after this. it's not over it's not over for us we're going to go there we're going to try to win every game was even if it was just one more game and i think we have chance to win. we won one game so
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we're going to battle we're going to go. in gnomes and so they the bell for the good going to go up we decided or get even tougher. robert byrd in their own party must still. formula one now and mclaren's lewis hamilton picked red bull's sebastian vettel to set the pace in first practice while mercedes nico rosberg has just gone quickest in the second at the controversial bahrain grand prix well how wilson is the early championship leader despite not having won any of the past three races and was a third a second quicker than the defending champion in the first session our battle finished ahead of force india while the rest of he had a softer ties on sadie's nico rosberg was full in that run and returns jenson button fifth rise and i go along as i winner in the lazio last month was thirteenth well once a full force india mechanics were caught up in a petrol bomb incident and the team played a limited role in second practice returning to their hotel the. dark as
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a number of protests are expected later. meanwhile in monte-carlo thomas burdick has fought back from a set down to beat third seed andy murray to reach the semifinals of the time his masters mari was looking to get into the semifinals for the third time you've got the years and he took the first set and the tie break but a big hit in czech battled back and dropped by the five more games on the bridge to history set victory and of means i was number one novak djokovic is a set up against the running passer while sevens understanding champion rafael nadal would need to stand up by being later and all of the general great songs or so i'll go up against shields similar. football now and try to go madrid have moved a step closer to their second europa league final in three years after they won four two at home to spanish rivals in the first leg of the semifinals but rather know how hated the twenty's enchant means i thought after eighteen minutes four years levels in first half stoppage time however i think i then scored twice in one
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second half minutes to me around the out and found i did a sensational occurred before the other hospital is back to full to give but i'm still hoping for the return legs while one of the signs fourteen years when netted twice in the last fifteen minutes to come back away to want to take him for a first date a narrow advantage into the second leg in the space. well as well former real madrid and spain start raul has announced he'll be leaving his current club sharper at the end of the season the striker who turns thirty five in june says he will continue his career on side europe after his two year deal with the german side runs out in the summer the three time champions league winner is not competitions as well as rails court and even goalscorer and he's also scored thirty nine goals in ninety four appearances for sharper as well as lifting the german cup last year i. don't know what it is playing futurism to europe now that i have announced my decision i'll discuss everything with my advisers once again and we'll go through the offers we have. and do the next few weeks you see where all. no but it will
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definitely be a league that isn't a strong as the big leagues in europe and the book this league. meantime go darian founders of turned out in their numbers in the capital city of sophia to show their support for the country's most players do both of thousands spared a thought for the aston villa captain here is undergoing treatment for acute leukemia thirty two year old midfielder was diagnosed with wheels last month but rather made a hundred six appearances for bulgaria and an international career spanning thought years. are southern most thousands of lined the streets of bergen vote for the funeral of italian football or mario want to see me the twenty five year old died while playing in the city and very much brought livorno skara it was thought he suffered a cardiac arrest that's the result of the post-mortem were inconclusive they want to have announced their retirement on the twenty five shirt in want to see his memory. now with less than one hundred days to go before the long the olympics
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russia are targeting at least the place in the overall medals table the country's top athletes coaches and sports officials gathered together in moscow to discuss their preparations for the games the national olympic committee has yet to announce their overall medal targets those sports federations are aiming high and hoping to produce a combined total of thirty two golds however possible champions all worry at any untimely injuries that would spoil their plans. where previously got their way but it is our basketball team here's what some would say key players through injury is some of the hardest part in our preparation system try to find new leaders probably the young grandson stepped up for the field at the group this picks for such an important tournament and you have to be one hundred percent ready and i like individual sports volatile is a team sport so every single player and culture is of value so first of all we must try to avoid injuries because there were too many of those at the recent world cup even though we've got it in the meantime for more places having secured by russian swimmers at the national championships. these include medal hope of the women's one
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hundred meters breaststroke about it they are also booked her place at the london games with second place and in the men's event that he let the top one two hundred metres freestyle the qualifying along with you get a lot going on so. you know they want to go i am pleased i wanted to go as a result but i failed to a little bit anyway i have been after time before the olympics to work hard the main goal was to qualify for the olympics so i'm pleased because it's on life now and sometimes going to see my mom in giant and then i'll go back to the usa to the olympics. on the gulf now and there's an honor for me again at the top of the texts open leaderboard after the first day of san antonio. every made nine birdies and i thought this record round of sixty three for a three straight lead i was on the horse well. a career best on a notoriously tough course but they've been just two years ago will not notice and
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is one of my players who were sixty eight degrees when this verdict on the sixteenth oh man who shot the torrance top ranked player at number fifteen and two weeks after finishing joint third at last is toast with a seventy asked though fair better posing with an eagle on the eighteenth sixty six but every whose best finish in six years on the tour is burton is talk of the leaderboard at an event for the first time since january we coasted into the lead with a course record eighty three sixty three. quite elsewhere while number three leave westwood remains on course to defend his title at the indonesian masters the englishman finished on eleven on the halfway stage after carding three birdies on the front nine and one out of the turn. three shots behind that completed only twelve holes before play was suspended but westwood using confident mood. i was pleased we were playing i was making a bogey as i made
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a couple nice prostration i needed to. hear living on the farm delighted to. see what else where china's quite long has failed to be can the youngest player to make the cut as a year into revert the thirteen year old prodigy is the youngest ever competitor would finish on twelve over par in order are trying right now england's gary boyd and he's going they have france share the lead shot sixty seven in the second round . on the last people and the phoenix suns are back into the n.b.a. playoff race after a dramatic like win over the l.a. clippers on home course it was a back and forth match in a result out with a lead changing hands twenty four times and lays a crisp well top spot on the night with nineteen points but it was steve marshall who stole the show for the suns and once again the guard tied the squad at eighty eight all with just over minutes ago who then pulled the campers level. part nash
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and channing from lights on a couple of feet throws then great like griffin could have sent the matching driver time for a light switch he missed a buzzer beater three pointer to the point to score a good ninety three ninety two the suns will go eighth notes. and that's all the sport i can. go. science technology innovation all the latest developments around russia we've got the future.
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