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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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i know what's really happening to the global economy is because reports on r.t. . clashes between the regime protesters and of course to rear square once again filled up the voices of discontent as thousands disillusioned with the outcome of the revolution protest against the current groups. and further violence between anti regime protesters and police in bahrain finally get the attention of the international community as demonstrators threaten days of rage to coincide with a formula one grand prix. french candidates embrace skepticism to win the hearts and minds this just ahead of a presidential poll which could reshape the e.u.'s political landscape. and china turns its growing might towards the arctic as beijing's bid for the vast untapped resources alarm's nations bordering the region.
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it's good to have you with us here on r.t. today i'm sushi life in moscow in egypt up to a hundred thousand demonstrators have again rose to roost square to protest at the ruling military council the rally involves supporters from opposite ends of the political spectrum with secular activists rubbing shoulders with islamists old joined in a common cause james corbett a political analyst with a special interest in the arab uprisings told me just a bit earlier it's the lack of democratic prospects that's driving many people to the streets. at the moment it seems to be teetering between either the continuation of the ruling military junta and they're obviously trying to assert their authority with a recent decision to. any of the presidential candidates including the muslim brotherhood
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preferred candidate from the from the elections or brotherhood of course also quite popular because a lot of discontent with the way that they've been handling things i think in either event it seems to be a more autocratic outcome which is why there is only a very small sliver i think of of opportunity a window of opportunity for the egyptian people to insert themselves into this and to to make sure that it doesn't go in one of those autocrats autocratic directions . meantime a political analyst a doctor some a fallacy says that a lot of egyptians are just disappointed with the military rulers who came to power after mubarak's regime fell last february but he also says many are angry with the muslim brotherhood dominating both houses of parliament after the recent elections . people fed up actually was was the brotherhood because the during the election but limited elections it promised people to do a lot of things but now as you found the are acting as
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a dis on the national democratic party during mubarak era as you were there to do believe that we think they would like to limit is the influence of other political forces see woodlake actually to inherent the theme. in the structure of made during mubarak era as you allege the prisms of services that over women the majority leadership feel safe using the same tactics using the same mr outages used by mubarak that is a power struggle between civility of the muslim brotherhood who lifted you to square with them as their virtual evolutionary powerful cup the relationship was of the secular and political forces and now they are claiming that evolutionary agenda in the coming back to the previous career took them copulate it here after their presence in the street has been obviously shaken. now from egypt now to bahrain where the roar of formula one engines or this weekend will be mixed with
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the angry voices of anti regime activists there promising days of rain shaft your year of arab spring protests the police have fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse demonstrators in clashes just ahead of sunday's grand prix but it's artes or we're not going to school reports unlike libya and syria this uprising has been well off the radar. it took a car fire ahead of a major sporting event for the world to notice the flames of discord engulfing a small island nation in the persian gulf but green is suffocating in the smoke of an ongoing struggle between protesters and police there are three since have been happening in bahrain for more than a year now protesters say this is the longest lasting revolt in the arab spring but so far the only result from them has been an increase in violence on all sides since from the capital there more than a passing similarity to the pictures out of the embattled syrian city of homs but the city's enjoyed
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a very different level of attention. only media stayed surprisingly silent considering their stance on other middle eastern revolutions they were all but silent when the bahraini revolution was crushed last year there are all but silent about the human rights abuses in bahrain itself and the formula one race is just focused attention on that society and when the media does turn to her they seem to do more harm than good foreign media has been covering the also you can always use the framework. for that suggests. that they don't understand that this actually helps the governments to see was it was. serious that's what the opposition says hundreds have been wounded and standoffs with police and many sacked from their jobs or arrested for taking part in mass protests but i might consider ian lee bia no one has called for foreign intervention. a. problem is put before the
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international human rights council european and south american countries were enthusiastic about exploring this issue but the us prefer to leave it to the commission created here where the government it did bring back several medical bahraini human rights defenders who were in exile when the real one speeds out of town much of the media and the world's attention is likely to follow in bahrain and in goes. i know we always enjoy it when you get involved with the stories with us here at our on our website all t. dot com we're currently asking you this your opinion on why protests in bahrain are not seen by the mainstream media as part of the arab spring let's bring up the numbers for this hour from our web site r.t. dot com and here is how they look so far most of you think that regime change in bahrain is just not in the interests of the west just about a tenth now say it's due to a lack of media coverage just down to five percent thinking classes in the country
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are considered religiously motivated the tiny minority for this hour saying it's because the protests are comparatively blunt. the leadership of the rebel free syrian army is calling for a foreign military intervention in their country even without u.n. backing and that's as the u.s. pentagon says it's reviewing and planning additional measures that may be necessary to protect its people and secretary of state hillary clinton claim that it may seek nato support in dealing with damascus after gunfire and fighting spilled across the border last week. boyko went to the syrian city of tehran where the rescue schools have started to ask the people there if they have any regrets. credo of the syrian revolution when a group of school kids was arrested and got a last spring for painting and they're feeding protesters took to the streets for
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days on end. the syrian military responded by rolling in its tanks even a year later the chief security officer in daraa is unapologetic all those demonstrators were backed by a gunman who was shooting at civilians and the army troops and of course their intention was to put the blame on the government and those kids the rebels give them a few food and made them regular things. but even among assad supporters it's not a view shared by everyone to protest in daraa and in seeing crackdown by the military through the turning point for syria and in hindsight some syrian officials now wish they handled it differently. we made a mistake when back in the days we didn't give a chance to syria based peaceful opposition to express itself more freely some of them truly care about the nation now we have to deal with the armed rebels the council in this stand ball and then you have religious sects like the selfies or the muslim brothers. which rallies no longer banned and the forty three year and
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merchants a lot lifted the syrian authorities are now trying to give the media on their side they've allowed more foreign journalists into the country i stipulated by the annan plan and i eager to shoulder wall to what they call the real picture. but the goal of tell the realities on the ground put own spin on any p.r. effort. as the news of u.n. monitors and foreign journalists rather around that are several sentences five attacks on the army units forcing syrian officials to abandon this sweet talk her journal is back onto the bus as the government's we're implementing the cease fire the terrorist groups using any occasion. any of these it beats international monitors or borders to force the army to respond to the. well this government in the village each of find the right balance between freedom and
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security may have allowed this conflict to take off many analysts believe that there are any how to do it is also crucial for its resolution president assad has long spoken about reforms he's been a popular president for most syrians for a long time because of his so-called reform i think this protest in syria actually helped us because you know there are people within the syrian regime who don't really want to bear the hardliners so so this actually helped sort of you know the reform minded members of the regime in government implement their reforms a lot more quickly a year into the uprising still one of the most charged really in cities in syria despite checkpoints all around the cease fire is reached on an almost daily basis and here people are just as the great to talk is their fate. protest in daraa how
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being called the spark that ignited the syrian flame it's over the past year or scourged a sizable part of this country and while some syrian officials may now have regrets over the way flashpoint was handled that's not nearly enough to extinguish the fire somewhat car seat that are syria. it's a pleasure to have you with us here on r.t. today still ahead for you here in the program. rounding off the week on a high we expect strong company results to push world markets into the black off the difference is this news in ten minutes. france heads to the polls on sunday and investors are hanging on the result desperate to know how the outcome will affect the debt ridden. from challenging its budget discipline to leaving the e.u. altogether criticising the union has been a trump card for all the candidates as artist has for australia now reports. it hasn't been the perfect marriage but they agreed where it mattered most of the time
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. a tandem seen as key in decision making. but france's relationships with berlin and brussels have hit a rough patch the french election if you look at the campaign in france i think because on the right side there is mrs le pen this is the plan once to reintroduce her for the french franc the french currency force mr along once during negotiations to the of the treaty on the fiscal compact incumbent nicolas sarkozy is no exception pledging to freeze france's e.u. funding and bringing back border controls over in the left corner. rally rejects europe's budget belt tightening pact people are uneasy with the fact that they or contributing to the failed policies in other parts of the then people don't really understand why is it that there's more and more legislation coming from the european level in member states have to adjust it for
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the mostly pro europe french public it's about jobs and social security just as brussels and birth women want tough cutbacks. and that doesn't rest easy with voters who gave a resounding no to giving the e.u. machine even more power seven years ago even though it's been a perfect tool to offload questionable policies. criticizing europe can be a convenient scapegoat because it appeals to people who do not like the functioning of europe and it can divert responsibility if something goes wrong it's not the fate of the government or nicolas sarkozy it's the fault of europe it's easy to lay into this place where e.u. plans are half a billion spent finding a fault that's really gotten under the skin of french voters as part of another what's more these promises of all good word before regardless of who gets everything well everything really changed between paris and brussels. europe for one for whom it's
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a cure for the banker of. europe for trade with europe for. business is it europe of cities of europe of social rights and the rest of the continents watching to knowing that whoever its next partner is a honeymoon phase is out of the question to answer celia r t brussels. and with the e.u. future shrouded in uncertainty the i.m.f. chief has now set a goal to protect the world from europe christine legarde wants to erect a four hundred billion dollar financial wall all around the block the plan however is short only about eighty billion dollars now with hopes of the fast growing countries known as the brics group will be able to plug the hole brazil russia china india and south africa are ready to lend a helping hand but only for a bigger say over the international bank meeting today in washington ministers from
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the group of twenty industrialized nations will focus on that funding. it was a bit deeper with christoph waltz the old political analyst and german government consultant joining us now live here. it's good to see you today one question certainly worth raising is how threatening is the eurozone crisis for the brics nations. right now already the brics nations are quite well off but of course nobody knows what happens in the future what we have done in europe in the last three months is no one trillion euros out rolled nearly bankrupt banks most of us were not. and that means. hell of a lot of money gone along with and this money is right now are finished so if there is no success at the i.m.f. system then i think europe is in big trouble that we are that we understand that or the i.m.f. wants basically
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a handout from the brics nations hoping to fill the scaping hole of eighty billion dollars but or so help from the fastest growing nations that could ultimately at the end of the day come at a price what exactly might the brics want in return. well for example the. that is that is something. i see now a lot but one thing is very clear without a bigger c. in this institution very clearly there is no incentive for the brics nations to you know give their money and kick it out the window as europe has done in the past and the european system is mirrored and i can see how other lesions far away from the urals on should be money for its system is not will need well indeed you know the i.m.f. was saying today that the eurozone crisis could plunge the entire world that just down even further for the rich and the poor even the indian easy and finance
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minister minister saying it would be dangerous to contribute to the i.m.f. if all the money is allocated to europe brazil one of the brics members having massive reservations about contributing money to the i.m.f. does the i.m.f. have have some other choice at this stage then to agree to any demands before by brazil and no it hasn't in fact not not very much in any case especially since the us are not really to some money so that is a very bad situation right now where the i.m.f. it's not only a negotiation position and it's a number one chance in fact the brics so as you mentioned just a moment ago the u.s. is refusing to do the same as possibly the brics may do to help the i.m.f. in turn help the eurozone if the u.s. is refusing to do it although its economy compared to the global economy is doing better than most what does that say about the state of global power of balance at the moment. it's quite clear we are here in geale politics there's
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a trend up of change and parameters to try to mental changes are at hand that is very clear and that means and the euro dollar zone is going down other countries other systems like bricks are going up and brits wasn't going well it's wise to start building their own system to be independent of these countries who in fact. can obviously not easily come back to serious policies to a solid and a sustainable work government critical of their life in luxembourg a pleasure to have you on our to today thanks very much. now china's geo political ambitions are seeing it entered a fight for the vast energy resources of the arctic and on a visit to europe the country's prime minister is expected to look for backing from nordic states for beijing's bid to gain a foothold in the icy region as
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a first step the world's biggest energy consumer is seeking permanent observer status on the arctic council currently it consists of eight countries with stakes in the arctic the shrinking though of the polar ice cap which makes the region's vast mineral resources more accessible have certain stood up to debate and got to research fellow with the east asian institute says that beijing has a real chance of getting a slice simply by using its economic might. turn a surprise he writes a very prickly politically and economically source some of the western countries actually sure they're cautious stairs and it's their eyes yeah actually hesitant to give china this status in the uk because i'd be interested china will use always diplomatic skills to try to gain more support from from the not a congress which are more friendly towards china in this region another problem
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another user china we're also us is. each game that supports currently the west is you know prices specially for example i search idea china will use more of its oil wells. into supporting the region right now at r.t. dot com all the stories are there in case you missed anything of course plenty more waiting for you there at the same time. landing a plane or texting on your mobile apparently an australian pilot thought the latter was far more urgent to find out if his destruction turned into a disaster at r.t. dot com. by any other name. this austrian village is tired of its unfortunate title so it's looking to change it to something a little less obscene not to mention is also tired of the amount of road signs always being stolen by overenthusiastic tourists those details also online that
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r.t.e. dot com. are starting with pakistan are let's kick off the r.t. world update for you here a airline flight that crashed just before touched down near islamabad at the boeing seven three seven which left from korat she was carrying one hundred twenty seven people all of which are believed to be dead rescue crews are currently at the crash site it's believed high winds and limited visibility or may have caused this accident. sudanese forces claim to have recaptured the oil field on its border with south sudan this according to the defense minister of this comes shortly after south sudan announced it was pulling out of the town u.n. secretary general ban ki moon recently criticized south sudan for seizing the town in a military raid he called it a clearly illegal act and urged both sides to cease hostilities the escalating tension between the two sides over the last week could lead to fears of the breakout of an all out war. authorities have decided to keep materials relating
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to the trial of norwegian mass murderer anders breivik private for sixty years or until two thousand and seventy three the judges believe the documents ordeal and video hearings could be harmful to the public has admitted killing seventy seven people in a bomb and gun attack last year and in about ten minutes time here a lot of people of l's going to be looking at the rhetoric surrounding very big skilling's spree. take on those extremists so yes we accept. minority of all i'm saying is that there is a minority if you want to see the minority there is a minority of people who exist within the muslim community who. extremists who don't believe in the democratic values who don't believe in cleaves full coexistence and cauldrons and what we must not do is tanisha whole faith system all the communities based on the actions over a small number of minority extremes that exist in all countries which are here i'm
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reading what is there rachel here is let her go off air time air time ari by the rachael go ahead. isn't that exactly what we're trying to do with breivik right now is to paint all the right wing people who have moderate points of view about immigration and and cultural integration with the same brush saying that this kind of rhetoric is responsible for his actions. across talking just a few minutes here on r.t. but i'll cross over to the article to ask you if you don't know for sure the hourly update i understand you've got more details and i want to russia actually becoming a safer investment than that of france you're in france is now of course over two percent that's more than for russia traders like the frontrunner for sunday's election francois. there he is he's pledged to seventy five percent top rate of tax in russia it's just thirteen percent but whoever wins the presidency faces a poisoned chalice experts with france's vast course record unemployment. is
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by far the worst performing out of the big three bosses with frankfurt and london this year but the whole the use how the. people in the options in italy spain and france good bluechip results of boosting the bigger pool general electric profit before calls put its u.s. sales for a bigger bottom line. and pledge to cut boring has pushed to close the week over fifteen hundred there we go but it's been a testing week here in moscow. all price because rising. rising because there are only signs the u.s. economy is recovering crude pulled over one hundred for a barrel. oil privatization may go ahead this year as planned coal joins us selling a four hundred million dollars bond at seven point seven five percent as appalled call gains on higher crude the misted. may become the first firm to list on the moscow exchange after the mice exchange to school to allow about equity markets in
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russia have seen low trading volumes of recent weeks but reversals asset managers say will change as we move into the spring. if come out of the holiday season to some extent we've had some bad data we've had so encouraging lee in the last ten days right a good indication from the first round of first quarter earnings so i'm quite hopeful that post some of the spanish action could be well french action as well we will see a rebound the market feels like it wants to go up and investors are still largely or have a large cash holding so the need for investment keeps pressing on now believe that coupled with a good earnings season coupled with a. not very good data from china easing off the will probably bring us short as well as movie in term a lot more activity again in the equity markets of the second biggest mobile
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operator megaphone could lose stops of twenty five percent of its shares in london as early as this july according to media reports the company plans to raise up to four billion dollars that would make it the biggest listing on the london stock exchange in a year and finally the single currency is clawing back some of this week's losses on useful euro zone in particular spain italy of course but it's now recovered to close the week slightly higher i drop to the stories on our web site business thanks for the information we'll see you next hour diana. still to come here are two the headlines that will be backed up by crosstalk and peter lavelle to stay with us. it's.
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culture is that so much pride on a child that you go into nothingness there's the taliban bad guy insane or a murderous right wing fanatic this is what a norwegian court must determine in the wake of last year's massacre of seventy seven people. one. hundred of them living here. we have died in forty acres and nineteen ninety three and decided it would be a great place to find the bell the home and retire. there is here. we call it our new neighbor neighbor nine
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o seven. we have seventy acres here and i can't convince them that they need to drill somewhere besides two hundred feet from. the needs of our growing economy also means expanding our domestic production of oil and natural gas which are vital fuel for transportation electricity and manufacturing this is before any problems of it will fall to the right people and then as a chain. you are flows are not toxic and we did a lot of there's a lot of mis understood. ending up whatever in the flow it's. time to visit you come out here in laos you come out here and live my house for a week. i have no rights. come.
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the move. to. get off sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .


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