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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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why it's a good. this is why you should. egypt's tahrir square is once again filled with voices of discontent as disillusioned with the outcome of the revolution protest against the current rulers live reaction on this a little later clashes between the regime protesters and police empowering finally get the attention of the international community has demonstrated threatened days of rage to coincide with the formula one grand prix. french candidates embrace euro skepticism to win the hearts and minds head of a presidential poll which could reshape the use political landscape. and chinatowns is growing like towards the arctic is beijing's bid for the vast untapped resources alarms nations bordering the region the top stories.
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on the screen online around the world this is r.t. life here in moscow in egypt up to one hundred thousand demonstrators are beginning to square to protest against the ruling military council they rally involve supporters from opposite ends of the political spectrum with secular activists rubbing shoulders with islamists joined in a common cause word for what's been happening in the egyptian capital throughout the day and the current news journalist and writer the group so well the crowd show no signs of scattering at the moment how big is today's rally compared to other displays of discontent since mubarak was ousted. today's pretty big i mean i haven't seen this many people in the square since perhaps the anniversary celebrations in january and they were quite divided between people celebrating their one year on from the i was to mubarak and people were calling for the regime
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to the current military regime to fall but really it's quite significant three hundred million a million man march and november following the clashes between the police force i'm now army and protesters but really this is the largest display of this contents in quite a royal do you think this is just another demonstration or could it grow into a new uprising if the military rulers don't fulfill the protesters demands it's hard to say i mean we've had these calls for millionaires we've had these marches we've had a lot of people in the square quite a few times now since the ouster of barack and it hasn't quite coast in a tree out but certainly the failure of the constituent assembly the majority it is a mess in parliament the computer he was not sure nancy to run for the presidential elections and just this continuing problems in the country economically i feel that at some point something's going to break and perhaps he will have a second eighteen days of nasty looking at the slogans of the banners and hearing
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that the bombs they really haven't changed much compared from the revolution that led to mubarak's fall is that a sign that not much has really changed in the country. i think most people would agree that not much has changed i mean i think the only thing that's really changed in the ask each of the people who comes to scratch their mind playwrights which is something that we would never have seen but from america step down however i mean people are still saying yes but yes i hope in austin which means that i'm down there with the military regime which is a very slim chance but we have during the eighteen days against mubarak really people people who haven't seen any social justice they haven't seen changes they're still essentially living under siege people who are being imprisoned could have political beliefs i don't think the majority of people believe it but there is a real democracy at the moment so i think most people would agree that not much has changed and i think that was typified today with the chants and the slogans in iran is in. if we look at the post arab spring situation in egypt now as well as chooser
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in libya where islamists came to power is there any sign of democracy taking hold in these nations in the near future i mean speaking for egypt and it's difficult to say because technically i do believe that the majority did actually very thin the muslim brotherhood certainly when you speak to people on the streets back in the member they did believe the muslim brotherhood was the strongest force to be able to sit still in the country you know out of the troubles however if you look at the actual situation the parliament what power the parliament has and what is the popular living under military dictatorship it's clearly not democratic of truly going to critics thinks we have a long way to go in egypt and obviously in and libya that there are problems with many issues and conflicts here in egypt people really feel that we have you know we have not seen democracy at all even though we've had parliamentary elections even though we've got presidential elections coming in the next few weeks and i really believe that we've got a long way to go between your thoughts the current soft core of those journalist
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and writer bill true learning from me as you from captain thanks very much. well the roar of formula one engines in bahrain this weekend will be mixed with the angry voices of anti regime activists there promising days of rage after a year of arab spring protests and police are particulates and stun grenades to disperse demonstrators in clashes ahead of sunday's grand prix results easily in english to report unlike libya and syria this uprising has been off the radar. it took a car fire ahead of a major sporting event for the world to notice the flames of discord engulfing a small island nation in the persian gulf but breena suffocating in the smoke of an ongoing struggle between protesters and police the most recent have been happening in a hurry for more than a year now protesters say this is the longest lasting revolt in the arab spring but so far the only result from them has been an increase in violence on all sides
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scenes from the capital barely more than a passing similarity to the pictures out of the embattled syrian city of homs but the two cities enjoyed a very different level of attention. both issues and the media stayed surprisingly silent considering their stance on other middle eastern revolutions they were all but silent when the bahraini revolution was crushed last year they are all but silent about the human rights abuses in bahrain itself and the formula one race is just focused attention on that society and when the media does turn to her they seem to do more harm than good foreign media coverage by the way also you can always use the framework of protest against such. as they don't understand that this actually helps the governments to see what they're doing and the whole story is serious because the opposition says hundreds have been wounded and standoffs
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with police and many sacked from their jobs or arrested for taking part in mass protests but unlike in syria and libya no one has called for foreign intervention. bereans problems put before the international human rights council european and south american countries were enthusiastic about exploring this issue but the us prefer to be the commission treated here by the government it did bring back several rainy human rights defenders who are in exile when formula one speeds out of town much of the media and the world's attention is likely to follow in bahrain in a ghost town. on a website article called for your opinion on why the protests in bahrain aren't seen by the mainstream media as part of the arab spring and here's how the votes are looking at the moment on screen we can see that. most think that regime change in bahrain is not seen in western interests about a tenth say it's to cheer
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a lack of media coverage we can see four percent think that clashes in the country is considered religiously motivated and the title of your minority says it's because the protests are comparatively bloodless good to hear from you if you haven't already done so log on to watty dot com. the leadership of the rebel free syrian army is calling for a foreign military intervention in their country even without u.n. backing that says the u.s. said it's reviewing and planning commission measures that may be necessary to protect the syrian people second is to hillary clinton claim turkey may seek nato support in dealing with the massacres after gunfire and fighting spilled across the border last week. i went to the syrian city of daraa restaurants are starting to ask people that if they have any regrets. they call it the cradle of the syrian revolution when
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a group of schoolkids was arrested in daraa last spring for painting and yourself they're feeding protesters took to the streets for days on and. the syrian military responded by rolling in its tanks even a year later the chief security officer in daraa is unapologetic those demonstrators were backed by gunmen who shooting at civilians in the army troops and of course their intention was to put the blame on the government and those kids the rebels give them fuel food and made them write those things up. but even among assad supporters it's not a view shared by everyone to protest in daraa and being seen crackdown by the military to the turning point for syria and in hindsight some syrian officials now wish they handled it differently. we made a mistake when back in the days we didn't give a chance to syria based peaceful opposition to express itself more freely some of them truly care about the nation now we have to deal with the armed rebels the
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council in its stamboul and then you have religious sects like the selfies or the muslim brothers. which rallies no longer banned and it has been here and mergence a lot lifted the syrian authorities are now trying to give the media on their side they've allowed more foreign journalists into the country. stipulated by the annan plan and. what they call the real picture. but the bowler tell the realities on the ground put their own spin on any p.r. effort. and then use of un monitors and foreign journalists rather around that are rebels intensified attacks on the army units forcing syrian officials to abandon this sweet talk and her journal is back on to the us is the government. sees the terrorist groups using. any of these it beats international monitors or it borders to force the army to respond. but their subs
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government in the village to find the right balance between freedom and security may have allowed this conflict to take off many analysts believe that learning how to do it is also crucial for its resolution president assad has long spoken about reforms he's been a popular president for most syrians for a long time because of his you know so-called reform i think this protest in syria actually. happens because you know there are people within the syrian regime who don't really want reform there the hardliners so so this actually helped sort of you know the reform minded members of the regime in government. you know their reforms a lot more quickly if you're into their pricing is still one of the most charitable and cities in syria despite checkpoints all around the store is breached on an almost daily basis and here people are just as afraid to talk as their freight.
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protest in daraa had been called the spark that ignited the syrian flame it's over the past year or scourged a sizable part of this country and while some syrian officials may now have regrets what their way flashpoint was handled. it's not nearly enough to extinguish the fire and work of art that syria. we live here in moscow within twenty four hours a day still ahead in the program this hour. these train tracks are one of the few successful parts of a project to try to bring transport to the russian far north but further down the line the project having cost thousands of lives we explore the grid in parts of the past and one of the four that's rich the reaches of russia that's in the close up series coming up shortly also. rounding off the week on a hall we expect strong company result push world markets into the black after an indifference towards business news in ten minutes. well that's still to come but
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first france heads to the polls on sunday and investors are hanging on the result desperate to know how the outcome will affect the e.u. from challenging its budget discipline to leaving the all together criticizing the union has been the trump card for all the candidates parties to senior. it hasn't been the perfect marriage that they agreed where it mattered most of the time. tandem seen as key in e.u. decision making. but france's relationships with berlin and brussels have hit a rough patch the french election if you look at the campaign in france i think because on the right side there is mrs le pen this is the plan once to reintroduce her for the french franc the french currency force mr hollande wants to renegotiate the the the treaty on the fiscal compact incumbent nicolas sarkozy is no exception pledging to freeze france's e.u.
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funding and bringing back border controls over in the left corner. the rejects europe's budget belt tightening pact people or an easy with the fact that they or contributing to the failed policies in other parts of the union then people don't really understand why is it that there's more and more legislation coming in from the european level and member states have to adjust it for the mostly pro euro french public it's about jobs and social security just as brussels and birth women want tough cutbacks. and that doesn't rest easy with voters who gave a resounding no to giving the e.u. machine even more power seven years ago even though it's been a perfect tool to offload questionable policies. criticizing europe can be a convenient scapegoat because it appeals to people who do not like the functioning of europe and it can divert responsibility if something goes wrong it's not the
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government or nicolas sarkozy it's the fault of europe it's easy to lay in this place where you are half a billion spent a final report that's really got on the state of french voters as part of another what's more these promises of all get heard before regardless of who gets. what everything really changed between paris and brussels. europe for. for. europe for the bankers. europe for trade of europe for. business oh is it a europe of citizens of europe of social rights and the rest of the continents watching too knowing that whoever its next partner is the honeymoon phase is out of the question to answer celia archie brussels and stay with r.t. on sunday for our extensive coverage of the french vote without votes from paris and expert opinion.
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and the currency crisis. cuts. tragically integration. who will be left standing with the people speech. the french election on r.t. . with the future shrouded in uncertainty the i.m.f. chief has set a goal to protect the world from europe christina guard wants to erect a four hundred billion dollar financial wall around the block the plan however is short of eighty billion dollars with hopes that the fast growing countries known as the brics group will plug the hole and brazil russia china india and south africa are ready to lend a helping hand but only for a bigger say over the international bank meeting now in washington ministers from the group of twenty industrialized nations will focus on that funding political analysts christoph hostile says the i.m.f. won't be able to help europe without the brics which shows global power is shifting
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. because us are not really took the money so there is a very bad situation rate that will put the i.m.f. it's not only look at negotiation politically and it's a number one chance in fact the brics one thing is very clear without it biggest see in this institution very clearly there is no incentive for the brits nations to you know give their good money and kick it out the window as europe has done and we're here in geale politics there's a trend up change and parameters try to mental changes and it's very clear and it needs in fact the euro dollar zone is going down and other countries other systems like bricks are going up and bricks doesn't go well it is to start building their own system to be independent of these countries were in fact obviously not easily come back to serious policies to a solid and
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a sustainable worked. just to remind you right now on r.t. dot com all are stories of that in case you missed anything on screen and there's plenty more there to including landing a plane or texting on your mobile apparently an australian part of the matter was far more urgent than out of his distraction turned into disaster at r.t. dot com. you also have books around the clock like sweeps of russia libraries and bookstores staying open all night long check out the events planned for bookworms and r.t. dot com. china's geo political ambitions are seeing in terms of the fight for the vast energy resources of the arctic on a visit to europe the country's prime minister is expected to look for backing from nordic states for beijing's bid to gain a foothold in the i.c. region as a first step the world's biggest energy consumer is seeking permanent observer
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status on the arctic council currently consists of eight countries with stakes in the arctic the shrinking of the polar ice cap which makes the region's vast when the resources more accessible have stirred up the territorial disputes and dr gary cherone research fellow at the east asian institute says beijing has a real chance of getting a slice by using its economic might. chinese are rising rising very quickly also politically and economically their source some of the western countries actually true their cultures their stores trying to survive the actually hesitant to give china this time of setters in the uk because i mean first of china will use all these diplomatic skills to try to gain more support from from the not it countries which are more friendly cause china in this region are not a problem now that you see these are china we're also u.s. is economic pearl our reach to gain the support currently the west has you know
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prices specially for example i certain of china will use more oil wells to. gain their support in the region. twenty minutes past the hour here in the russian capital let's have a look at some other news from around the world this hour making headlines a closure of flight has crashed just before touchdown islamabad in pakistan the boeing seven three seven traveling from corrupt she was carrying one hundred twenty seven people all of whom are believed to be dead rescue crews are currently at the crash site where witnesses say the aircraft caught fire in midair poor weather conditions have been blamed for the crash with one exposure believing the plane was struck by lightning. authorities have decided to keep materials relating to the trial of norwegian mass murderer anders breivik private for sixty years until twenty seventy two judges that's what you would video hearings could be harmful to the public because admitted killing seventy seven people in a bomb and last year when
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a little later this hour peter lavelle will be looking at the rhetoric surrounding believe it's killing spree. take on those extremists so yes we accept the. minority of all i'm saying is that there is a minority if you want to show you the minority there is a minority of people who exist within the muslim community who are extremists who don't believe in the democratic values we don't believe in previous full coexistence i'm tolerant we must not do is tanisha whole faith system all the communities based on your actions over a small number of minority extremists that exist in all of the region here i'm reading what is it rachel here is like you know fran i am character i agree by the rachel go ahead. and i'm is not exactly what we're trying to do with breivik right now is to paint all the right wing people who have moderate points of view about immigration and and cultural integration with the same brush saying that this kind of rhetoric is responsible for his actions.
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crosstalk a little later here on our team though to head off to one of russia's remotest corners in the arctic. efforts it continued for decades to introduce an efficient transport system in the harsh conditions and crushing cold the thought is don't borrow trouble to areas where those attempts left behind the shadow of death and destruction. making trips through the tundra part of this region's name means in the local language the end of the earth. in central parts of russia and she want to go somewhere you just get in a car and go here it's impossible you have to wait for the river to gore or take a plane supports for bridges have to be driven dozens of meters deep and the roads
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foundations packed down repeatedly to stop it collapsing back into the trondra this giant project is an attempt to bring transport to the lands but the ends of the earth but it's not the first time and previous attempts of left a shadow over the whole region started in one nine hundred forty nine tens of thousands of glad prisoners toiled in summer heat and arctic cold and stalin's dream of a trans polar railway line conditions were brutal and thousands were worked and starved to death or shot by their captors but. they did people away for refusing to work refusing even a couple of words about stalin they give us our prisoners and sent us here to watch over them building this railway had we refused he would have shot us as well a nine hundred fifty three the project was abandoned built without any proper heavy equipment the unfinished track and embankments quickly subsided back into the
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tundra all that's left now are a few bridges rotting barrack buildings and the long shadow of this corner of the gulag and this bridge is part of stalin's in for most road of death but since this project and so many others have failed to put permanent roads here in the russian arctic some of the only people to see these side historical monuments are scenes of road drivers give gary and his companions try to penetrate some of the furthest reaches of this vast two hundred landscape they've seen abandoned villages pola mountain peaks and even. settlement that had never been reached by wheeled vehicles before and there did a good few ride in this area you begin to see the world in a very different way these places are there. with enormous gas and oil reserves discovered in the far north the commitment has been made to put huge money and resources towards road and rail building this time but there's a lot of work ahead for russia's arctic eels any of its vast isolation from boston
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. twenty five minutes past the hour exactly here in the russian capital let's get our last business up thank you. so daniel will wall street end the week up or down probably mixed bill it's been a tough week with better than expected microsoft results that credit strong windows sales but top u.s. law firm person portably filing for bankruptcy shares in russia's top search engine yandex fairly new york as it feels the pain from google competition is one of the few countries where google's not number one pushed to my six to close the week over fifteen hundred points now oil jumped because germany's business confidence index unexpectedly rose crude topped one zero three because of his biggest. to the best close in a month russia's top lenders it was boyd by signs it will be sold off this year called joint rust but because reportedly selling
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a four hundred million dollar bond at seven and three quarter percent russia is now a safer investment than france whose it now costs over two percent to ensure russia's under two percent trade as the front runner for sunday's election francois our lawns. pledge the seventy five percent top rate of tax whoever wins the presidency faces a poisoned chalice say experts with france's balls the boring costs in france is just par for the worst this year of the big three indices with that some footsie there but the whole use had a wobbly week over choppy pond auctions in italy spain and france the euro's poor embarks on this week's losses of the mixed messages on the single currency and drop today more stories on our website of the local but. i don't like so much for that i think we can see an x. week here in a few minutes here on r.t. the latest cross-talk program discusses mass murder and as brady as his trial continues in norway for that i'll be back with a reminder of our top stories stay with us live here in moscow.
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question is that so much pride on a job that you go into nothing much as the taliban bad guy insane or a murderous right wing fanatic this is what a no region court must determine in the wake of last year's massacre of seventy seven feet. something the
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law is beneath. thousands of meters of ice under rocks. the love. that is a loser for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it at a distance. more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has seen from the streets of canada. today.
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look. down the official. show on the phone called touch from the top story. one child see life on the go. video on demand all season long road comes an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the. wealthy british. market. find out what's really.


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