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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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do you want to set your own neutral massive observer mission to syria and a last ditch attempt to prevent all out civil war. decision time in france have a final appeal to voters or maybe i can presidential hopefuls on the top job in a country riven by social divisions and records unemployment. plus the chinese economic powerhouse sets its sights on the arctic gets me she weighs in for a slice of the untapped reaches they're. coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshua welcome to the program. the u.n.
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is expected to say and hundreds of observers to syria after the security council votes on a resolution layer on saturday russia wants the monitors to fly out of ones as the violence in syria grinds on this by the un brokered cease fire are just more important i has the latest from new york. there's been a combination of two resolutions to drop resolutions that were submitted to the u.n. security council one was submitted from russia the other submitted by the your european union now od the comedy show of these resolutions polls for. you and observer mission in syria to expand. their money arm of their verbs to a total of three hundred unarmed observers to go to syria and continue monitoring the cease fire that was implementing on a troll twelve between the house guests and the opposition groups this is of course one of the many calls holes that were laid out by mr kofi annan on joint
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on boy four for the syrian president syrian conflict so he laid out a six point peace plan cost and so this observer mission was one of many things he has cost a war to bring about the bases in syria another element of this drop resolution we're told is that it calls of time on syria to commit to its responsibilities and its pledges meaning the syrian government's record in all its obligations according to the kofi annan on its six point peace plan so it seems as though we're going to see another consensus across the board in the security council concerning syria this will be the second saturday in a row where another resolution would be adopted the vote is expected to be held on saturday and it is expected to be voted upon and adopted and this would clearly
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show something that we haven't seen for thirteen months speaker of the security council has been divided for so long on how to approach syria and clearly we're seeing a consensus across the board among the international community. moreno for not reporting there now more than a year of violence in syria is said to have killed around ten thousand people amid concern the country's on the brink of civil war are you the kind of boy who now reports from the city were the uprising began to ask people whether it's been worth it. they call it the cradle of the secret revolution when a group of schoolkids was arrested in downtown last spring for painting and you're feeding a protest to stoop to the street for days on. the syrian military responded by rolling mean it's. given a year later the chief security officer in daraa is unapologetic demonstrators were backed by a gunman shooting at civilians and of course their intention was to put the blame on the government and those kids the rebels give them
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a few good. things. but even among a south supporters it's not a view shared by every right to protest in daraa and being seen them down by the military to turning point to syria and in hindsight some syrian officials now wish they handle a different plane. we made a mistake when back in the days we didn't give a chance to syria based peaceful opposition to express itself more freely some of them truly care about the nation now we have to deal with the armed rebels the council in istanbul and then you have religious sects like the southeast or the muslim brothers. which nellie's no longer bound to speak here and merchants lifted the syrian authorities are now trying to give the media on their side they've allowed to move foreign journalists into the country stipulated by the annan plan and. what they call the real picture.
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but the goal of tell the realities on the ground put their own spin on any p.r. effort and. i think use of u.n. monitors and foreign journalists rather around that are rebels intensified attacks on the army units forcing syrian officials to abandon this we talked to her journalist back onto the bus is the government's implementing the ceasefire with terrorist groups. any of these it beats international monitors or borders to force the army to respond to the. wild west of government inability to find the right balance between freedom and security may have allowed this conflict to take off many analysts believe that learning how to do it is also crucial for its resolution president assad has long spoken about reforms he's been a popular president for most syrians for a long time because of his so-called reform i think this protest in syria actually
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helped us because you know there are people within the syrian regime who don't really want to reform their the hardliners so so this actually helps sort of you know the reform minded members of the regime in government. you know their reform a lot more quickly if you're into the uprising is still one of the most turbulent cities in syria despite checkpoints all around the ceasefire is reached on an almost daily basis and here people are just there's a great to talk as their fate. protest in daraa have been called the spark that ignited the syrian flame it's over the past here is cursed a sizable part of this country and while some syrian officials may now have regrets what their way flashpoint was handled it's not nearly enough to extinguish the fire it's not going to artsy syria. more
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a news analysis of the situation in syria i can log on to our website actually dot com and here is what i can find there right now. the american plan before one find out the full details of what it is as tomahawk missiles are reportedly poured into place also in line. a major highway in bahrain is in flames a stand of thousands of empty regime protesters rallied to demand the cancellation of this weekend's formula one grand prix watched video on our website our team dot com. our france goes to the polls on sunday to elect a new president and this will be the first round of elections a second route will see a runoff between the top two contenders next month ten candidates are vying for the
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job and they make up a colorful mix of policies and promises r.t. says are still yet break them down for us. one day to go before the french to the polls but one in four voters still haven't made up their minds yet top of the french people what service are shops and money in their pockets especially at a time when unemployment is around ten percent hitting an all time high that's about three million people out of the way so who can take the top job and solve the french people's problems according to the latest polls socialist party candidate i saw a lot is to believe about twenty five percent out of touch of those now on the want to target the top this is because a lot also wants me to go shake the e.u. fiscal discipline to not just include hysteria but also how the world measures which is criticised that is why you see the lack of experience the trillions non-fossil on the loss of. the impact. of these and told to declare it the most unpopular president in history of this presidency is the mark one costs up
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another. piece to the. top of. that number down or top top top one of the security that was out of the stuff has also taken on a more confrontational policy of. closing france sees its budget contribution to the budget apparently a third place according to the polls is that of the national party and she doesn't stick it to the immigration law or the way to cut down the number of illegal immigrants ten thousand here and south about one hundred eighty thousand at the moment and she has also said that she wants france to adopt the euro and go back to the french her save the french track what's being called the big surprise this french presidential candidate is the middle shot of the left right now his numbers and doubles as genuine was a seven percent so now about fourteen percent is mincing no words to stop the sit insurrection revolution that now says of actual scepter and he also was shot as the
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e.u. is the fact that have been so. i was draw for bts take not a very strong hard line approach these are the top four contenders why for the top job in france not based on the rhetoric the biggies either can take france's neighbors as well as our partners understand that the better takes on the presidency it will be disruptions to what the former contiguity b.b.b. expect is just a matter of to what extent these changes will impact the relationships as far as french people are concerned more hours left to make up stories and test her silly there now for more on the presidential election in france this weekend let's stop there were guests rescued a journalist and author michel call on who joins us live from brussels thanks very much for being with us now whoever wins the election has a challenging to do list unemployment's is a record high and the country's economy struggling so much of the candidates in
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your opinion is best suited to steer the country out of its financial difficulties . i'm not sure i have perfectly the question because of that connection i think you have only three candidates and if you conceive such a cosy. show. and i think the first problem is to understand why there's so many french rejects. can sound usual that the president is not relaxed it's. really changed because he promised to break with the guns the promise to protect. comes of the ordinary people to make life better to defend pensions and saw him and he made exactly the country he made to live through very difficult people he gave a lot of gifts to its era rich friends. it's. got all the. really the leaders of the freshman to nationals having
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a very rich slide. and also making walls everywhere. and. people knew what. he was and so on. this is why his popularity is so low down because of the things that you just told me no because he's certainly one of the candidates and is this the reason why. yes i'm not ciarán to stand perfectly in the beginning of your question but yes sarkozy's seen as a liar and a crook and also there was the first thing he made when he was elected he's too good to the most famous and selects a restaurant in paris. make their celebration with all the richest people of france and in the last week of the gun being he was going to the chrome and first he took
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off his watch. this watch. fifty five thousand euros something where we've reached a family could live for years. to watch and he showed. that actually so what about other candidates how do they compare. well the problem is. they will also have to say. be elected because he is not presented as a brake the problem is. the left has promised to make almost the same economic and social policy that's cosy or loaned as medical or asians in great britain that foreign investors should not be afraid because they would have more so the same policy because the uptake on the mic or social point of view he's not an alternative actually. ok now sarkozy has
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a close relationship with german chancellor angela merkel and both are matter mining attempts to say we euro so should france's leader change how likely is it effective paris berlin relationship and its euro policy no i don't think so the policy does not depend of this man president all this one policy and of the. wishes of the multinationals. french and german multinationals have concluded an alliance truly. to resist actually through the pressure of the united states and to be stronger against sars country against african countries so the policy will love change ok and one more question before we were yossarian out immigration is a hot topic in france and it's been a trump card for america candidates including those on the left so how likely in your opinion are changes to immigration policy in
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a country. well the problem is. there were french media presenting the immigrants as a set as a danger because the issue. of course not to have the same values they are supposed to be linked with terrorism and so on and it's just a propaganda come being mainly coming from sarkozy's friend who made people afraid and then voted for the straw man the reality is the problem is not the immigrants the problem is the fact that the french have more and more difficult. if you are tired of you and this is because of the policy of the government so the problem is not immigration the problem is defended people as only one candidate is doing it actually. may have criticism but he's the candidate of
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a real break and he's something a bit a little bit like the south american leaders. korea and so on he's actually divorce of the resistance. well meaning european is there a force in the country now that is likely to steer the country out of the crisis and the social problems that is dealing with. actually all european countries having the same financial economy and social. there is no difference because diesel gold list of tomorrow is the same neoliberal economy policy and they agree on the essential they have different electorate so they have different speeches but the agree with all these so-called solutions and the problem is the solutions are so you because if you make people polled whom are you going to sow so that is the problem that needs to break but. that any government in europe
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is really ready to make it through right now was the law and investigative journalist and author talking to us from brussels having elections in france thanks very much indeed for that sir thank you. for watching r.t. live from moscow still to come this hour a harsh lesson for canadian students they are rallying against a steep hike in tuition fees but came in for some rough treatment from the right police the full story just ahead. just weeks ahead of the post mubarak presidential vote in egypt towns of thousands have once again fill cairo's central square in protest demonstrators want an immediate end to military rule which they lived under a war then a year the military approved the disqualification of nearly half the president candidates this week sparking public fewer the leading political forces accuse the generals of trying to cling on to power to spy their pledge to stand down by july
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protesters also want to form bark officials out of politics and on trial u.s. based analysts berger thinks that you gyptian revolution has been hijacked. obviously things are moving toward a collusion here the military doesn't want to give up its privileged position in society the protesters one of genuine democratic system where this thing is headed to impossible to know you've got this complex force taking place there you've got a military dictatorship funded by the us doesn't want to relinquish power you've got a whole range of protesters out there with diverse centers that you know i mean say we want a genuine democracy in this country the question is who is ultimately going to control there the rate there were rain of power here and the military is making it very clear that this isn't just a temporary transition to civilian rule they've made it very clear we are here to stay we're the ultimate power we will permit elections to be to be had but under
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our ultimate control we maintain the ultimate power in this society how is that a genuine democracy protesters are realizing it's not. and china's political ambitions are seeing it and her the five for the vast energy resources of the arctic and of his if you were the country's prime minister is expected to look for backing from nordic states they to gain a foothold in their region as a first step the world's biggest energy consumer seeking permanent observer status on the arctic council currently it consists of eight countries with stakes in the arctic the shrinking out of the polar ice cap which makes beacons of vast mineral resources more accessible stirred up territorial disputes international relations lecture of mark as beijing cooperation with iceland benefit both sides. i think many argue countries are interested in further developing their ties with china and china is very interested and resources including potentially seafood in
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the case of iceland geothermal energy and various other goods and services in the region certainly what is happening over the past few days has been very significant for the trade in both countries not only is china very interested in developing its partnership with iceland as an energy partner but also. for the arctic in order to transfer also fuels from various markets and using what is turning out to be a very promising new group in china and iceland have been negotiating a free trader in and since two thousand and six. thousand and eight then he became possible that. he was interested in joining the european union which would of course negate any potential free trade agreement with china. has led to you negotiations are now in doubt and china is very interested in pressure i mean free trade talks as one major what it's saying though is that china
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has really begun to identify iceland as a very important potential arctic harder iceland is not only a very. potentially important partner economically but it's also. really significant because of its location in the arctic. so how does our arty travels to one of russia's remote parts. of the rivers and drove russia's north provide two things that's of vital for the people who live here brings it to come and see how life here evolves around just a few minutes. in canada riot police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of students protesting outside a government building in central laundry are at least two demonstrators and two officers were injured and of violence and seventeen people were arrested students are angry in a planned seventy five percent rise in tuition fees and they have been demonstrating almost daily since to clearing a boycott of classes over two months ago well the government is refusing to back
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down citizen journalist bernard as and yet says that the situation name more violence and the police reaction to work for testers is too brutal. what is going on is that the students and not only to students but many citizens are mad. i don't you know the government doesn't want to discuss it all of the rays of student fees we. actually were according to the prime minister here ago and they don't want to accept this because they feel that it will prevent a lot of deserving students to attend university and to eventually get a degree and find out good job and the prime minister he said. with a laugh he scored two students he said. he wants to give them a job as far north as possible so that to ensure you do a lot of people and there were out. clashes between police and protesters in the
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streets and also yesterday and the day before yesterday vast to arras there are hundreds of people were arrested given huge fines four hundred dollars fines were just walking in the streets it's very very repressive the climate is very is degrading you know by the are right now. stories from around the world a twenty explosion has rocked northern baghdad killing at least three people and injuring a dozen it comes two days after al qaeda linked militants carried out a series of assaults across the capital those attacks left at least thirty people dead and nearly one hundred wounded. by suspected militants found with ten tons of explosives have been arrested in kabul security officials in afghanistan say that the man who were plotting to assassinate the country's president that is comes less than a week after taliban gunmen carried out an eighteen hour assault on the capital's diplomatic district thirty six militants were killed and the battle. is in
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east africa where south sudan's troops continue to occupy the sudanese oil town of pegleg a cause that had been expected to ban on friday when the governments of south sudan and now its troops would withdraw from the disputed territory within three days south sudan broke away from the north last year following a long running civil war that claimed the lives of more than one and a half million people. well it's time now for the latest edition of our russia close up series and today we're heading off to the country's remote north. northern russia is known for its vast chandrayaan harsh wind it a tiny population that lives in this area is completely cut off from the rest of the country artist on board explorers but this distant land offers its residents.
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an icon of the north the new nets and other native northern peoples follow grazing reindeer wherever they go their routines revolving around the animals the life of the reindeer herder is usually hard in isolated but occasionally they gather to share their world and compete in a skills they honed in on the tundra and i'm about to join the celebrations. last seen throwing. stick wrestling. and hurdle jumping all cause for competition but the main event is rapidly approaching. reindeer races bring teams from far and wide and the competition is tough i feel a bit nervous my rivals get better every year even though i won last year this year the younger ones may compete on a par with me. and perhaps he's right to be a bit jittery it seems getting started is the trickiest moment.
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sometimes for a cameraman to. knock you off. just after the festivities and sit down to eat some reindeer of course but also that other russian arctic speciality fish in this nearby fact treat are preparing fountains off them none of these is sea fish all having been caught quota from local rivers and i'm told demand is booming thanks ago that there isn't enough of our product even to cover the domestic market europeans find our products delicious anika logical if you were but so far with it we haven't enough of them to see where all this comes from we caught up with andre he's been fishing since he was a child on the hope today the river shark pike like his catch. andres a true russia northerner somewhere with
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a new nuclear can say for fishing in the south it may have as advantages as for me i love to fish right here in the north when it's frosty weather from the air it's fresh and the sun is bright it's great it's liberal ten point later andres off to prepare his dinner and we have a small insights into the central importance of these animals to the lives of normal while those without the fish and without the deer. and the lives of those who live here would be very empty indeed tom watson. a mascot and a sports with and here are just ahead but next i'll be back with their line statements.
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something lies beneath. thousands of natures of ice control. the love. that is alluring for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it as a distance. on
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. the move. to the a. just . to if. you will for the few minutes to.


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