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mission to teach creation why you should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dot com. this is our research here are your headlines the u.n. observer mission in syria prepares for massive reinforcement amid reports of troops violations by both the rebels and government troops the security council meantime is to vote on a resolution later on saturday and a last ditch attempt to prevent all out civil. as a media blackout in france just ahead of sunday's presidential poll by ten candidates including being a cozy ought to fight it out for the top job in a country hit by social divisions on the unemployed. and energy hungry
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china works to secure a slice of the arctic riches the chinese premier now on a tour of the nordic states having to win support of beijing in order to tap into the mineral resources to be on the arctic sea. by getting turned into an oriental pretzel. moscow. hello konichiwa on this place probably taking a look at japanese culture here in the russian capital although it's seven and a half thousand kilometers away but he muscovites are fascinated by such subjects as are gali asian cuisine and japanese animation so joey what i miss i can take a look at various shops classes sports and festivals starting off here at the
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foundation. although thousands of kilometers from moscow some people forget that russia and the far eastern areas the country the creels and the islands such. as you countries have strong commercial relations and russians have been fascinated by japanese traditions and culture for centuries. opened in one thousand nine hundred eight to japan foundation here is a welcome addition for everyone in moscow from japanese ex-pats to the thousands of russian students to the japanese. as you can see the live restocks thousands of books videos d.v.d.'s and c.d.'s. and all are available to rent for study all measure purposes. from origami to language classes the cultural department is a focal point of education and creativity as various workshops and mass across is held here. here you can see class in action the art form of japanese calligraphy
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as in being studied for over three thousand years and knowledge of calligraphy is an important step in the understanding of japanese culture because here practicing with water is my first time it's not as easy as i thought it would be skill patients and imagination is needed. brushstrokes cannot. be corrected and the lack of confidence will show up in the work characters must be written on the walls and there's no altering touching copy or adding to them afterwards. there are several other workshops people of all ages and nationalities can participate in. this is a class showcasing the art of peacefully arranging flowers and leaves invoices and other contain is the choice of what flowers to arrange other desire to create are many between the flower and container flowers a blend in well with its surroundings the key consideration is to use as few stems
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and leaves as possible and you compose elegant consuls to highlight the flowers beauty. to our next location and shopping like any other major capital city moscow has its own store and communities many of these are set up schools in moscow publish their own newspapers magazines and open stores selling their own crafts and local plod use cons make it to tokyo never mind you can still visit this japanese seek market to stock up a delicious sushi in japanese ok. the store here off is an authentic japanese korean experience based around the fundamental principles the quality the freshness of the gradients. great. for my friend now this store starts pretty much everything you need for a taste of japan that said it's not just about food stuffs like see we. can buy a whole range of products such as he said. i'm sure you can see here yes
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surprise surprise it's not cheap but what to do if you're off to the perfect japanese experience here in russian capital. and as a showcase to the diverse and of a developing cultural scene and lifestyle of the russian capital this is his restaurants and i think he chops are opening at an amazing rate. we had our first store open in one thousand. three on prospect mira our idea back then was to sell japanese food for the japanese community in moscow our main customers were ex-pats until ninety nine and then japanese food became very popular and fashionable among russians to. the invasion of japanese cuisine to the russian market of the past decade is only to apparent there are hundreds of japanese eateries in moscow including both high end restaurants and student cafes swanky famous restaurant local television fast food kiosks you can get your sushi for twenty four hours a day. the festival of contemporary japanese culture called j.
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fest has become a large annual event in the recent covers all. featuring all aspects of pop culture including fashion cuisine computer games and second these animation manga it attracts thousands of generally young visitors. the last festival was held in november twentieth level and highlights just four aspects passion he's in animation and architecture. to the japanese embassy now and its team here simply promotes that country's culture in russia and to find out more about the promotion of japanese culture in moscow let's meet this week's guests great to me today thank you very much for your time now tell me about your job here at the japanese embassy as. i talk a lot about japanese politics japanese economy or what's going on in japan including culture so that when there were more and more russian people understand and feel clothes which were speaking of how close they are it's i find it
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fascinating that moscow is in fact. a long way away but i believe russia is there. and yes russia is the largest country in the world and the eastern part is very close to actually the distance between japan and russia is only three forty three kilometers away and that's suffering yes. but they're both very culturally very very very different yes very different yeah and i think every year the interest in japan you know gets larger and larger every year no matter what kind of japanese festivals like in the music and some or all traditional cultures paintings people can just come and our last year we had our. japanese contemporary culture festival or in the of them were. during the two day period where we have over twelve thousand people well i mean to visit so. there's no doubt that the
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japanese culture in japan itself. very very popular and getting more and more popular among the russian people here final question what do you miss about japan or the whiniest or hot springs. of course it will own my heart my hometown. of thanks very much especially oh you're welcome your work here in the us a couple thank you very much if you can see. the japanese also growing miniature trees in a thought bonsai has found many followers in russia to do original bonsai practice focuses on long time cultivation in the shaping of very small trees it's not easy to grow and demand for a cat to show up here out of a surgical russian exhibition center has their response by trees you can buy the young tree for around thirty dollars and trying great yourself you can get an already shaped exclusive tree this might cost about eight thousand dollars. because
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cultural and entertainment calendar is very safe and celebrates in the land of the rising sun all year round the muslim museum of modern art is now hosting an exhibition of concerned pretty art called double perspectives that showcase work by over thirty artists from japan. dubai to this high on the project three choices. oh the superior styles ages and from different parts of japan to present the whole diversity of the country's contemporary art there's no copy of. the thirty five millimeter cinema book it was his annual physicals on me. while foreman says a japanese trial is always sold out advance of moscow's various musicals. if you want to express yourself through song then why not try outs karaoke coming from the japanese words meaning empty orchestra from underground and grungy to vi
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pm swanky there are hundreds of karaoke holes in the russian capital many venues have thousands of songs to choose from including russian and english and it's a popular form of name with the people of all ages plans nationalities. i'm traveling half an hour outside the city since we arrived here twelve pilot location and if you thought the japanese culture was all about before one side trees graceful kimono dress and meditation you thought wrong so well i'll wait while the statue next to me mikey some ideas let me. just take a look at the medals here the men and women at the center have been winning awards pairs combat sports competitions says the knights in sixty's all the other martial arts are enjoyed here to be sumo wrestling is one of the most popular. order when a school opened fifteen years ago it was the first school in russia which held soon a practice so then sumo was generally unknown and an unusual activity for russians
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but now it's become very common or. it's really girls must be just as a competitive full contact sport where restaurateurs for some of the wrestling out of the secular range it's a great way to keep fit for many it's an ideal way to distress and a great outlet for expression men and women included just take a look at. first up it's on with the belt otherwise known as the washy japan these can be traditionally overnight meat as long as you would make it just feel quite strange but they provide the great need just. i feel losses of like and the ring with a russian champion a leg or horse tension is not the worst to come face to face with a joint award winning version sumo wrestling is simply terrifying. and here because.
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from the paper folding fascinating hobby of origami to the recent sushi mania that's taken as a must our japanese culture has exploded in the recent council luckily for many they don't have to be trained it was sumo wrestling ring to witness muscovites ties to cultural grace. and although i constantly battle to prove how amazing the city of moscow is this is most fights i'm sure i went with. well at least i'd try them for say that so that's how we have left on the space program on japanese culture in the russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week about syria.
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cofer. wealthy british scientists on. the tireless. market why not come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with my stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report on our keep. the.
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lines in motion would be soon which brightened if you knew about song from phones to the originals some. news from the stones on t.v. don't come.
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cheap. the headlines on t.v. if you went to the mission in syria prepares for massive reinforcements amid reports of troops violations by both the rebels and government troops the security council is to vote meantime on a resolution later on saturday in a last ditch attempt to prevent an all out civil war. as a media blackout in france just ahead of sunday's presidential polls ten candidates including the incumbent nicolas sarkozy pointed out for the top job in a country hit by social divisions on unemployment. and energy hungry china to secure a slice of the riches the chinese premier now want to tour of the nordic states hoping to win support for beijing for the top into the mineral resources hidden
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beyond the arctic so. now it's kate and the sports. i don't know miles to put on his action packed saturday headlines blades of glory demand out on god to stay alive in the garden cup finals. while title song gets a neat head to cause no doubt a sunday knowing of victory with all that see the word stay in the russian premier league crown. the first to ice hockey and in the cage held another moscow have to fight hostile siberian fun crowds to beat up on goals three two on the road and stay alive in the garden cup final as well just a win away lifting their maiden k.-h. old trophy and how their home advantage in this one run low some of those medals found themselves three goals down early in the second period the playoffs start
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school of thought and he seemed less than four minutes into post his fourteen all this time season with the bank had doubled their lead midway through the first period and something without a cause added their close of the night until the arnold pulled on that problem both half way through the second they struggled to find more goals on the place a goaltender with an extra out to play with almost three minutes to go the plan paid off duty as a last gasp goal but it was too little too late to stay true to the number will trying to level the best of seven series are three at least the last spot on the a . draw meanwhile it's also a crunch day in court all this not a very as russian champions in some big has been a game to look at secure back to back titles as they travel sas to face give on all the channels but as these men are twelve points clear of spots i think the talk with five games to go says it's like me and sponsor failed to win at home to angie on sunday. and some pieces well that day is the late he calls me walled as a moscow davi as they still are not welcomed with both sides looking to meet dogs
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but that means is that in the race to turn things they placed. this was more of that i've also second bottom taunting along one pitch thanks to a couple of penalties in each half. in the early kickoff i'm caught here to more newsroom bottom side spot now take off for a slim one go home victory side capitalize on a defensive blitz ten minutes before halftime nearby village of the. clock. to grab the i'm not going to feel five home from close range one will not have now lost seven of their last eight games as the great i'm caught moved further away from the relegation zone. brawl everything on the bottles for the champions league places and it's all for the drop off his place newcastle or great stoke struggling aston villa taking sunderland seven bottom one. third bottom of all to face one week and were given the go to full and fourth place to go to q.p.r.
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this evening for the second round of the galaxy but in the meantime chelsea just two points behind. in the first capital guarding the loser in high spirits are the wednesday's champions league victory over the i know they're in for a tough fights to qualify for next season's twenty. fourth and will be in the champions league for this club but it's proof the difficulties in for this club this season in the premier league and we are trying our best to make up for the points that we have with the teams in front of us and and we have made some points up in the short time but the there isn't much time and we just have to try our best and try and get as many points as we can he's a massive game for us oh of course and i don't need to look good mccabe. presently breeze my using my head but. we have been remarkably consistent in the last two months and. i'm confident that we have
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a very strong response from all. it's hot out there as there's still no all over in spain barcelona are looking to bounce back from that champion's league defeat search els by winning saturday night's second versus first else last ago at the nou camp victory over real madrid would cut the gap to them just a single point aside from that five times already this season and boss alone have yet to be beaten so it's no surprise like. playing great i've done all season. try to find some details to. take more control the game. in that way you. will be better you have more chances to create true just too too a score to score goals. but i think we know each other very well. and two more we're going to try to play the same philosophy now is not going to
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change many many things. over to ten asylum for taiwan is russia taking on serbia in the first match of the first but sometimes hearing also. covered trunk but is the setting down against the world's number one gaming yankovic's the first single . step and it's over and over the top gun fire under evanovich is back in the second whilst last holders the czech republic help educate head and gets life against italy he sees the charge about beating former french open champion francesca schiavone and straight sets drawing on the three hundred lyttleton champion. taking on sarek irani. while immense and that's not seed not stuff it is trading against big hits in the czech kamarck verdict in the semifinals of the monte carlo masters for some time defending champion ruff on his own terms of trying to use them all in their last four much. now waiting on the forward i want to read goal sebastian vettel has clinched his first poll position of the year at the controls as he hit bahrain grand prix ahead of one thousand is not also what
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mistake is made for rosberg the winner in china last weekend that's all the time she said on friday and says your bet is this past is the first qualifying for commerce and it's booked in the second but despite almost going out of both qualifying sessions double world champion vettel got a flying lap sure he'll start first on the grid meanwhile despite ongoing civil unrest in a constant to sunday's race to go right. now russian swimmers are putting in a few fast times two with a limp showing they're on track for the london games at the national championships here in moscow and they're going to turn out swann his business to take first place in the men's fifty metres freestyle and you can see his ticket to london easy. for the models off into second place while the men's children reason backstroke was won by a little bit on this medalist china. i was worried for my team but you
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didn't look at all that some you finally are still you and i really got worried in the final what in the end you want to hunch needed as desirable and that's the main thing will be for now we're just going to focus on preparing for the little bit. well already olympic bound here who won the women's one hundred meters west on thursday with each of the seeds music out of three key outmuscle spello in kinda over a second to clinch the second gold medal. for behavior that cemented her position in russia's national team by winning the world and we just that's why. we have a good team at the moment especially recently unlike four years ago where it was a little fraction of our training has gone to good job preparing us for the team a state friend so we'll go to the impacts and high spirits and we'll be supporting each other what everyone is in great shape and what they all want to go to the olympics fortunately the national championships probably only a grand jury can qualify and there's
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a sportsman who does have to go before me under par right now but this is part and competition is really tough out of. out of the water there's also good news for russia and stuff into the pool not world champion has recovered from the ligament damage and a comeback in the summer olympics and. it's. the soviet union used to be the world's best in women's gymnastics producing a player throughout the top gymnasts who brought home thirty three olympic golds eleven more than or a tribal romania the global competition in the sport has increased dramatically over the course we did he. put in the guinness good students completely from delhi there are forty two medals at stake overall at the olympics and the last world championships these medals went to twenty one countries but slowly in the women's events just forty six teams will battle for gold in our priority is the team competition because it's the most prestigious the all around adventure come second
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we have euro we're mustaf you know one of the first medal in twenty years for russia in the all around event the world championship that i think you know we are counting on her new national russia's brightest stars. twenty to an all around world champion. suffered a serious knee injury at last year's european championships and was ruled out for more than six months however the seventy year old is back and preparing for early for her most important event so far built on the olympics. for sure i've almost recovered from my injury i competed at the domestic championship and was happy with my performance i doubt i'm the biggest star on the team however i feel the responsibility of the olympics will be even higher than at the world championships when you get to. before her injury me stuff and i had the most difficult program in the world we're trying not to rush a comeback the recovery is going well and she's regaining her form step by step
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she's already training at full strength and will be ready for london in. just two gymnast who have suffered such a knee injury a year before the olympics have made successful returns but none of them won the girl. however some ponding say that the stuff it was injury might be a blessing for her the last reigning world champion to win olympic gold was ukraine silly. back in the one nine hundred ninety six. so perhaps by missing last year's world championships the brit games focus is off russia's best medal hopes and could ensure she finishes where she belongs on top of the podium and say mother both parties. and before we go it's just time to update you about the moscow football daughter that's taking place right now and it is down. one else this time some of the certainty that you know the one they're trying to miss by one ounce of.
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this poison i think. the it.
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