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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the u.n. security council voted to send three hundred observers to syria russia balls nations not to undermine the mission after they do or says only pressure on their side regime will work. the presidential election is just hours away in straw and says voters have to make a tough choice at a time of growing social divisions and economic crisis. and energy hungry china wants to secure a slice of the arctic and its untapped mineral resources with the chinese premier of that small ignored. international news life from moscow this is us he was new year's thanks for joining
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us from the u.n. security council has unanimously voted on a resolution to send hundreds of observers to syria moscow says it will help promote the u.n. by a ceasefire agreement with multiple reports of the trees being violated by both sides are in a fortnight has more from new york. once again the united nations security council has unanimously adopted a resolution on syria the most recent one drafted by russia and co-sponsored by eight other countries the resolution calls for and authorizes up to three hundred unarmed u.n. military observers to go to syria and monitor the truce the cease fire that was put in place april twelfth between damascus and the opposition groups this resolution also calls on the syrian government to meet its responsibilities and pledges calls for is the six point peace plan laid out by u.n. joint envoy mr kofi i non russian of course believes that this most recent
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development in syria is a step in the right direction but it is a good resolution isn't fundamentally decent in syria in showings of consensus rebuilding kofi annan six peace the main goal should be to comply with the resolution any deviation in terms of be interpretation of the mandate is an example libyan model she's remain in the. in the meantime u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice left the meeting on saturday not showing as much optimism as. many other countries had susan rice took to her twitter feed to say the deployment of three hundred or three thousand unarmed observers cannot on its own stop assad's quote murderous rampage susan rice said external pressures are additionally needed to solve the problem in syria
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the us ambassador also said that washington and its allies are preparing for action that will be required if assad persists to quote slaughter clearly this is. is undermining in many ways the effort that is in the nie from inside the security council to support the six point peace plan that was laid out by mr kofi i'm not pastor chirk it said that these efforts that are trying to put pressure on an already stressful situation does not help bring peace and security to syria drabble some to me in the statement which was made by ambassador rice on by some colleagues from the west european countries even though they supported this russian draft on the front of this resolution is that they missed an opportunity to send a signal to the opposition they kept criticizing the government saying nothing about what they expect the for another position which is in fact outlined very
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clearly in the security council resolution which they themselves had just voted for and all those provisions of a boom and threats of that is which are being hatched this hour with those things are not productive i think they are distracting from much from the implementation of a coffin on throughout and from the political efforts of the security council and they may give a ground for some extremists to believe that their cause is a still has prospect for for taking over the political process which we are trying to assist that was they can see to so. even though the security council voted unanimously today we know that the some members of the security council some important members of the international community. still considered to think income from patient their own stores a the syrian government and that's richardson says the syrian government will be
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primarily responsible for the safety and security of the u.n. unarmed observers that will be deployed to syria they will be deployed once the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon feels that it's safe enough for the. observers to girl and there has been enough to say shit of violence this resolution the most recent one adopted also i can score is that the syrian government and the opposition group both have to put their weapons out weapons down and begin engaging in dialogue. glades very political analysts from the u.k. told us earlier that peace after syria are being undermined by western players who keep mounting pressure on their side regime to look at what the original strategy was the original plan was to basically roll out the same strategy as was employed in libya on the syrian people and so to that end they fermented a civil war they were successful in that using their proxy forces using libyan
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militants that they shipped in across the turkish border using people trained in lebanon and turkey and successfully managed to foment some kind of insurgency civil war situation there's a battle within western strategic kind of planners at the moment about how which way they're going to play this mission became very difficult for anyone to have any faith that these proxy forces i don't could actually have any hope of taking power and therefore the kind of idea of regime change the most realistic alternative is now seen as is not really feasible if in less outside intervention comes into play so there's still keen to promote this idea that they may conduct some kind of aerial bombardment some kind of mass slaughter to help their proxies on the ground in order to keep this civil war going. people are one growing free will not be disrupted by protests in bahrain that's according to country's officials this count as unrest intensified on saturday after an accident stores killed in overnight
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clashes with security forces its reporters that's up to much freighters were also beaten by riot police ahead of a controversial bahrain motor race i was a weekend tens of thousands took part in anti rushing protests to coincide with the grand prix patrick having some journalists and some of the twenty first century why explains why it things there's been no condemnation from the west. bahrain is one of the. monarchies in the middle east they've had a change of change of leadership recently as you can see it hasn't changed we've seen reports of violence coming out of bahrain after the other for the last year or two years the it's not uncommon the police will drive by shootings of people in bahrain you can watch these videos on you tube if you want it's the worst police states a region. i don't think so if we were going to see reform in bahrain it would have come after the recent change of leadership. under the umbrella of the western
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nations in terms of influence in the region the rain is a satellite of the kingdom of saudi arabia and also into this satellite state of the region of washington and london we have incredible vested interest there in terms of petroleum contracts etc and also it's just it's a strategic defense position as well. the moment of truth is looming for french presidential hopefuls as the election is due to start in just hours meanwhile citizens afraid of the seas territories have already cast their ballots along with those voting in embassies abroad ten candidates are competing in may so we can see the first round with opinion polls showing socialist francois hollande putting slightly ahead of the company's conservative president sneakily. if none of the houses when there's more than fifty percent a second divide it will take place a week later and a runoff between the top two senior has known the current. one in four voters
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still haven't made up their talk of the french people jobs and money in their pockets especially at a time when unemployment is around ten percent hitting an all time high that's about three million people unemployed so who can take the top job and sold the french people's problems to the latest poll socialist party. believe with about twenty nine percent of the total votes almost want to target the top income earners of the country but he is criticised for this widely perceived lack of experience i truly want to foster a lot is income that you can see he's a deeply unpopular president and one recent poll you would declare with him the most unpopular president of fresh history and his presidency is that marred with one economic crisis after another in the last weeks of campaigning he's turned to more radical rhetoric of just clamping down on immigration putting got some birds out or talking tough when it comes to security matters especially after the incident has also taken on
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a more confrontational tone towards the european union proposing that france freeze its budget contribution to the e.u. budget currently a third place according to the polls is most of the national front party she has been sticking to it and to immigration platform vowing to cut down the number of legal immigrants to ten thousand a year that's down from about one hundred eighty thousand at the moment and she has also said that she wants for the euro and go back to the french currency the french frank what's being called the big surprise of this french presidential campaign is the middle of the left now his numbers have doubled since january from about sixty seven percent to fourteen percent now he is mincing no words in this talking about a civic insurrection a revolution he did now also as the financial sector and he also was sharp as the e.u. . this cool part. he wants to withdraw from nato he's taking on a very strong hard line approach will these are the top four contenders while you for the top job based on the rhetoric they've been using of their campaign france's
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european neighbors as well as other partners understand that no matter who takes on the presidency there would be disruptions to what a form of continually baby expect it's just a matter of to what extent these changes will impact the relationships as far as french people are concerned we have a few more hours left to make that choice so we'll see french because he's fighting for his political life as france's presidential election begins in a few hours time was opinion polls saying he could be toppled by his socialist rival francois hollande a defeat for sarkozy has been a close ally to washington will massively change france's foreign policy so as michel chossudovsky from the research center on globalization in montreal. succors cd is coal sa cool. he is the american that he is supportive especially of american interests rather than the
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interests of oppression public very much they keep us policy it puts us foreign policy i suspect that if if some foresee go was let's say egypt else walk alone becomes president of the republic we may see. a mild shift in in the. french foreign policy but i should also mention the other. aspects of this question which is the role of wall street probably european economic landscape cozy was to all an instrument of washington and perhaps your presidents a socialist president will give us a little bit more of its republican you know traditions of the pendants voice of the world scale as well as within the european union.
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and the asia currency crisis talks. tragic integration tell us. who will be left standing with the people speech. the french election on parties. here we see and still to come a chance to live to suffer as an egypt would go home with a new law to allow western lifesaving medicine has been made locally and cheaper helping fastens who otherwise couldn't afford treatment plants will be going to extremes. the rivers in the twin drove rush is far more provide true things that are vital for the people who live. and fish come and see how life here revolves around just a few minutes ago not. after two thousand people have joined the nineteen nato riling central russia to protest against the plan to transit hub for their lines in the city a billion that's the protesters chanted slogans including urging nato on russian
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soil some of their allies as transit routes to afghanistan go through russia and a new deal with the nation are using spare ports to move no military cargo the opposition planes that would threaten russia's security despite the government's assurances that no nato personnel would be stationed there while prominent opposition activists to the leader of the left front movement certainly is now under investigation after claims he attacks have journal is cheering. the vast energy resources of the arctic have so far been fought for by the countries bordering the region but not china the world's biggest energy consumer is joining in the country's premier is touring europe first stopping in islands where in iceland to other way signed a cause an energy corporation beijing also wants permanent observer status on the arctic council and some experts believe china has a real chance a rich recruiting rescue rather itself a slice. chinese rising rising very quickly but it's a politically and economically some of the western countries are actually true
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their cultures their school was trying to survive the actually hesitant to give china this time of status in the uk because of the interest of china will us always give it a magic skills to try to gain more support from from the not it countries which are more friendly towards china in this region and other uses are china were also us is economic pearl our each game to support our own city the west is in a crisis pressure for example i certainly think china will use more of its oil wells to gain their support you know region. at least seventy people have been arrested on saturday on montreal canada after a second day of anti-government protests that are strangers are posters eighty billion dollars plan to extract natural resources in the region that's the severely criticised by environmentalist more protests in montreal came after hundreds of
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students took to the streets on friday protesting against seventy five percent to usually hikes and least six people were injured as officers using tear gas pushed hundreds of young people away from the parliament building students have been demonstration and boycotting classes in montreal for more than two months with the government refusing to back down. its now take a look at some other world news making headlines around the world this hour police say that more than one hundred people have been injured in a head on braille prussian amsterdam on saturday evening at high speed it's approaching the city collided with a local train heading in the opposite direction after twenty all the injured remain in serious condition rail traffic to the country's capital on its main international airport have been severely disrupted. the interim president nominated after a military coup earlier this month has resigned expressed concerns over the legality of his nomination in a full army officers captured the prime minister along with the president of the
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stylish the national transitional council with its own leader the security council threatens to impose sanctions on the trunk if civilian who was interested. not the proper counterpart or can know just outside the capital of mexico has been erupting with clouds of ash and spew and it was super heated rocks as high as one kilometer or can alert is in place with local authorities ready to start about gauging the return of the volcanoes last major eruption was in december of two thousand causing thousands of local residents to flee the area. in india more than a million. people are diagnosed with cancer every year and although some of the conditions are monitored all the drugs needed to treat them have to be imported and they don't come cheap now a new norm or change the situation for massively history british reader has not.
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she were the bees one of the two point five million people in india dying from cancer while she spent three thousand dollars of her money and traveled for three hundred fifty miles from her home to get proper treatment she believes there is no hope for her address back at the majesty of the stores are expensive we have come from so far so there are times we don't have money to buy it. but now there might be a chance in a revolutionary move india's patent office has decided big bear a german pharmaceutical powerhouse would lose its use of rights to manufacture a lifesaving cancer paled the for use was a sort of apparently hard it is manufactured from abroad and soon here it was an affordable to the indian population. now a compulsory license would be given to a local indian pharmaceutical manufacturer that could make the exact same drug but cheaper all of a sudden dollars worth the number of war vets medicine and would have got you know
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the good the business news but i'm here for the price it's all possible because of the revised trade and international property rights agreement passed by the world trade organization known as trips to trips agreement spoke it's to provide medication to all for people in developing countries that means that global pharmaceutical companies are required to sell a life altering medication at a reasonably affordable to people in those contrary if they don't do that patent offices in those countries can ask these global pharmaceutical companies to provide . compulsory licenses so that a local manufacturer can burn up and make those drugs the idea is that the global pharmaceutical companies would then be stripped of their monopoly on drugs in developing countries. fear has died in statements that it is quote disappointed in
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the rule in and is looking for ways to challenge it this is a solid of what i'm doing to the bank and holders who. you know but i've seen all the other planes you know really give them a little a chance to live in and to chance for india to stand up against domination from the west preassure either archie new delhi india. but don't forget they've got much more in store for you on our website and your home lives are under way in the u.s. to fund israel's iron dome that is the cost stretched to form a line for the details and. get out of this world explorer and multiple academy award winner james cameron is planning to contribute to the world's g.d.p. by backing a project to harvest natural resources from space produce heels on them bushes project on iraq. and right now let's get
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a little of russia close up an hour later is adventurous or far flung parts of the nation. and today we're exploring russia's extreme north the your mother and then its region is bigger than france around half of its territory lies beyond the arctic circle the winter the last eight months a year which means only a few species can survive in the harsh conditions reindeer and fish mean everything for the indigenous people populating this and welcoming lions bottom discover it. an icon of the north and yet some of the native northern peoples follow grazing reindeer wherever they go their routines revolving around the animals the life of the reindeer herder is usually hot in isolated but occasionally they gather to share their world and compete in
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a skills they hoed on the tundra and i'm about to join the celebrations. last seen throwing. stick wrestling. and hurdle jumping cause for competition but the main event is rapidly approaching. a range of races bringing teams from foreign oil and the competition is tough i feel a bit nervous my rivals get better every year even though i won last year this year the younger ones may compete on a par with me. and perhaps he's right to be a bit jittery it seems getting started is the trickiest moment. sometimes for a cameraman to. look at your feet. after the festivities to sit down to eat some reindeer of course but also that other russian
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arctic speciality fish in this nearby factory they're preparing fountains of none of these are sea fish all having been caught quota from local rivers and i'm told demand is booming i think it's a notion that there isn't enough of our product even to cover the domestic market europeans find our products delicious and a collage equal if you were but so far with simply haven't enough of that. to see where all this comes from we caught up with andre he's been fishing since he was a child on the hill today the river shark pike like his catch and dream. as a true russian northerner. can't say for sure in the south it may have his advantages as for me i love to fish right here in the north when it's frosty the air is fresh and the sun is bright it's great that it's liberal ten point later and resolve to prepare his dinner and we have
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a small insight into the central importance of these animals to the lives of norm the ones without the fish and the deer. and the lives of those who live here on the very empty invade some box and. a motel riley has been held in support of russia's orthodox church about seven hundred drivers a biogas tide balloons and flyers for their vehicles to take after the procession participants say be burned just to support the orthodox church which has come under public criticism with several parts have been cleared in a punk rock group taking over the part of moscow's main cathedral several press serves as a supporter of the fray and many of its holy sites are planted on sunday. are back with the headlines in just a few moments and that rise out of that scale and i'll see people worried they'll be forced to hose huge gas rigs and they're owned by garden state that's about.
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russia would be so much brighter if you knew about sun move from phones to version
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is. good for instance on t.v. dot com. when you force spring overseas for my grocery birds will come home to roost. when their massive and hungry. empathy choose way to call the motions. towards those who live on the current. on the. street all these years. when five in forty acres and nineteen ninety three and decided it would be a great place to find themselves a home and retire. there she is. we call it. that. we have
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seventy acres here and i can convince them that they need to drill somewhere besides two hundred feet from. the needs of our growing economy also means expanding our domestic production of oil and natural gas which are vital fuel for transportation electricity and manufacturing. or any problems with it before we do the right people and then change. your flows are not toxic and we get a lot of there's a lot of mis understanding of what i was actually in the floats. trying to say you cannot hear unless you come out here and live in my house for a week. i have no rights.
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the a. move. just seems. absurd. to come up. wealthy british scientists. sometimes surprise. markets financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy
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for a no holds barred look at the global financial headline is going to cause a report. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing.


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