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tv   [untitled]    April 22, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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global economy with much stronger a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. is a report. from moscow reminder of the top stories of the week ten candidates face off in the french presidential election voting skewed against acknowledged his fortune bruising a scary and aloof brussels lead voters practically split. the u.n. security council you guys in ordering the point of a massive observer mission to syria but russia and the u.s. are divided over the details of the move basco hopes the monitors can oversee a u.n. brokered peace plan while washington london may still take unilateral action against the nastiness of. the pots bahrain is on high alert to safeguard a formula one grand prix which is racing ahead the spiral wave of anti-government protests and
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a brutal crackdown that's left one day tens of thousands of taking to the streets to demand immediate reform. and a big impact on the small screen the world watches as whistleblower julian a song from makes his debut as a t.v. host here on our team stirring up a range of global reaction. now as a friend go to the polls today our first round of choosing a new president artie talks to me to lead the point one of the leading candidates. is up next. today we're joined by nicholas young he's a presidential candidate for the upcoming fresh elections founding his own hardly called the republic something around the platform of sovereignty for france thank you very much mr de wine often calling us today the first question would be when you talk about french sovereignty what exactly do you mean in the context of today's globalized world friends is not free anymore because we whole
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leaders. are a community by. european union which is the not elected by anybody. it's an undemocratic. poor and i want to restore democracy fronts i want the president a new president can be able to decide for french people. to restore sovereignty to restore a fight against unemployment to. decide for control done. i mean like you know all the country world except europe european union countries. if europe is going so wrong and spain greece italy france is this because it's
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a poor or has been shared between menu two regions. is a poor is for security there is no. global policing we lost out capacity ability to change things so the french people is very upset because nothing change i can take an example security we have no any more control or border. you know border. control so our arms are in a free country there is many murder in the south of france because we don't control the whole border since ten years it's not possible in russia you control your borders not in france anymore i want france to control this territory does that mean you what france to be isolate said if you want that kind of
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sovereignty for your country no we can be free to work with the whole france. britain gerrymander. swedish people all know you pull on as no europe indian is no europe and it's open to the world. and i want just friends to restore it. i want french people to decide for himself. in the illusion of our goal but i had many senses and when you decide france decide for yourself based on what you're saying do you want out of the euro and out of europe altogether for me europe can change europe i like europe france is not able to do alone everything i want to cooperate i want this europe but they want i don't want a europe where there is twenty percent and we are not
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been elected like in soviet union before exactly the same mind they know for people. never been elected. they are often corrected. they are under inference of financial interest. they decided rethinking it's not possible anymore and now you're arguing against the evils of the free market so to speak but the world has moved forward in terms of globalization but you think it's a bit too late at this point that it's moved to progress forward a little too much to take that step backwards the world is globally is global there is globalisation but you know coolly. melusine malaysia japan argentina brazil. are open of the world but the difference from said. russia has its own policy and the
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never accepted people will never accept the its interests its own interests can be decided by somebody outside the country will do nothing that france benefit at all from the free market i am not against a free market i am against. the free market with a system which is forbidden to defense ourselves i am not good gets free market but in the free market we need to have a strategy they could mix tradition and something strategic and france has no strategic friends is. in our we cannot do anything because we need to ask brazil but always brazil and nobody. you will never accept the
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people we never accept to be dependent like we are from who said they are also for withdrawal from nature or you don't worry that in the future fasting that will help you you may not be able to rely on your current partner so if you do so i agree. i dance with i want to stay in the islands but they don't want to see how force and the american decision we have zero interest in africa for example i don't want to be in love again mr sarkozy sent it troops in afghanistan it's a failure it's a dramatic failure i want my country decided we're too blue chip architecture thought was a great president and he refused to go in iraq. he refused and he was right. and i want to be free as a people french people to decide where we want to go and i am against the
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sides different system it's a crazy thing and. we are we are all nuclear this regime. and we need to keep it and i am against this american defense in size and i think we have to work with michelle because the the we are very complimentary between russia and france germany and we are to work together to stabilize the european continent i just looking at your background you were a part of the system you're a member of the union for a popular movement or you were in the ruling party so what does that say about your credibility here and how denouncing the system that you were part of it at some point all in all i was elected i was my grocer partly and i always fight this treatment i fight the your system with. the european
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constitution and we won the french referendum in two two in two zero five so i was always in the same so i tried in the system to change the system. i tried to say people french people we should resist we should have to have our all important. i couldn't do it insistence that. way and it was too good for us for france. i cannot accept that. if i left this party and i created my party let's talk about what happened in that. the government had killed seven people there he is of an immigrant background what do you think this incident represents it represents a danger because i was the i left it for ten years. to the french government we
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need to control our borders so you're saying it's a problem of immigration no it's a problem of security because you have many french people who are coming from and in country were very. patchy yard so many soldiers in the beginning strong died and they were from the immigration so there is no problem of immigration if we have a state controlled things but they don't accept that. in the immigration system to some people who don't respect the french law and this people been. exposed. to french in their control but the government did nothing in ten years and now they discover the problem so we need to integrate people with friends and we need to say. we don't respect the globe and when we talk to people from the french
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suburbs many of them feel that they are rejected by the system many of them are from immigrant backgrounds and all feel part of france how do you propose to address this problem of course because because unemployment in school which is not enough. for them stretched an improvement but school and you have the results. we need to gather friends. we don't need two separate people and we need to control our borders to restrict immigration of course but just to clarify when you're talking about integration you're saying that it boils down to dealing with unemployment and education of course not not that we can accept immigration when you have a job in your country you can accept me if you as a if you have a good school you said young people you are french and you are going to learn french but if the school is not good is there is no job it's crazy to
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accept more and more people it's not a question of people it's a question of what you do in your country it's a question of balance i need balance and it's not about the french elections do you think that voters now in france are gearing towards the more extreme on the political spectrum perhaps getting tired or disillusioned by centrist ideas and therefore are looking to the far left or to the far right of course of course because if fairly the government during the thirty years socialist will come right partly always of policing the european bureaucratic police so french people say we're going to the rest extreme extreme right. roofer is in the system but i am saying to french people we can create a patriotic. political force which is not the extremist we can
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reject we can reject the system but we can do it with. the grit put into google do the good it's possible you don't need to go to extremes to change france we can change for it to be better it's nuke the reasonable thanks very much for the point after your time thank you. wealthy british style. sometimes. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with meit's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause report on our. morning news today violence is once again fled the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today
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. ten candidates face off in the french presidential election for both radical left and right sets make strong gains voting stoop to get a little over an hour saddam's fortune the bruising is dirty and stale promises to leave voters like. the u.n. security council you know it's an ordering the deployment of a massive observer mission to syria but russia and the u.s. are divided over the details of the move from moscow hopes the monitors can all receive remember a peace plan while washington warns of may still take unilateral action against damascus. plus bahrain is on high alert to safeguard the formula one grand prix you were just racing ahead despite a wave of anti-government protests and a brutal crackdown that's left one dead tens of thousands of taking to the streets to demand immediate radical for. having impact on the small screen the world
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watches a whistleblower join us on the stock show makes its debut here on our team giving voice to those ostracized by the mainstream media show is already stirring up everyone's of global reaction. to the top stories sports next. hello welcome to the sports and other top stories. on bowls champions and each will have to wait till it's their second straight russian pretty early trophy after coming back to salvage a late two to draw. while staying alive do not go moscow clinch a must win streak to victory against god in siberia in the darren cup final. score etc because that's all you got beat an advantage to bring russia level in
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their fed cup semi final clash the saudia. and red goes flying before we go on champion sebastian vettel grabs his first goal physician of the year ahead of mclaren's lewis hamilton at the controversial train robbery. but first a football and sony's soon petersburg's aims to all but retain their russian premier league title on saturday have been slaughtered after they had to come from behind it's not a late two two draw at all joint ivorian strike on the scene a try or it was wearing the captain's armband for the first time and his second half brace to the home side to take it to nellie first unleashed is attacking prowess of the hour before boarding is enough to bond second from the set piece thirteen minutes later but their defense crumbled after that and they are shutting . down for a loan shark off quickly struck within three minutes to save the draw trying to spread out his man and i'm thirteen points ahead of sponsor acts who are trying to come back got back to ten on sunday and they host sunday after this weekend's
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matches there'll be four games left for a potential twelve points. although it was informed both the army field is down with some of each message the winner and did not know moscow's one nil dobby victory at home to rivals to stuff to go through on seventeen. miss you sign my life through zack said in a one horse league's top scorer say to have a good chance to level matters right after the restart his head say by dinner and don't shoot him in opposite number ego i can face also produced some spectacular that state however a third win from the last four games was enough for the blue and white student but spotlight into second in the last champions expires at least until sunday or injury to sky who want to chase defeat for top spot that we mystery extended to spies much less. walk in the early to go uncovered he threw misery on bottom side spot that melted off a war nelson victory in a game a few chances to come side capitalize on
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a defensive blitz ten minutes before. you could have a huge have created the free kick but he fell for quickly and speaking only on sunday the ship was facing a strange one until now chick have now lost seven of their last eight games since the winter break and come further away from the relegation zone. and elsewhere have heard a penalty any traffic beat my one time to abstain from much in inaugural gear laid up and the first spot that i decide to win it's. and that i got back that stepped up to the time keeper shot the rush feeling and then in the dying minutes a foul culture about being on algeria they all got the chance to rack up a win but it took some time as tempers flared and bogus it's a pleasure and it was sucked in the face twice in a bust up with a couple of time players oh and it is an oath and the letter came off was sent off
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after the incident and we belong to the second second one sometime in may you eight points from safety. while i read the possible states third and chelsea sixth with a goal in store at the emirates that's not good why is forty chargers newcastle leapfrog tottenham into forces. they three no when i was stoked for stuttering spurs last one they let ten running q.p.r. screw up at all time around so a regular twelve minutes left aston villa and sunderland finish no mill those last one grab a rival to no victory against norwich both since you second goal somehow three one one draw with swans each other but the next six goal in eight feet of variances in the philips under ross the late strike a full on a two one win over the wicket. moving on to i saw and in the k h l then i was so defied the hostile siberian crowd to beat up on godfrey to stay alive in the garden cup finals well i won god we're one win away from anything they're making hay a challenge i think and had high regards each. simmons men went three goals down
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early in the second period they all stocks were nice and opened in less than four minutes to record sporting gold this postseason. then double stood out as lead midway through the first period. i'm thinking you know because i did the best third . and on the other no point going back to stand the local fans interaction start the second half of the struggle to find more goals with almost three minutes to go replace the goaltender with an outfield player the plant paid off duty at sound off net in a last gasp goal of the long range it was too little too late it's a c.t.t. down never the best of seven series three at least in the last one hundred. tennis now and it's all square in the fed cup semifinal here in moscow after four time winners russia calls the tie against serbia back two one one one world number one ranking which put serbia in front with
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a straight sets win from the necessity of probably changed about in the first singles rubber but in the second battle of stefan because not so got hold of a second set fight back from another former top ranked player from a evanovich to win it in three and looked like. the. sports online is so it's only befriend you know the normal crew. of the call was fast and quite slippery it was music to play on such a chord person who had to i was able to win the first one for my country. but i always find advantages chart opponents however and i found the craze nearest suitable for me and i mean most of it rotating the ball keeping the play on the line and attacked breaking hurry from the second they will be absolutely unpredictable i think i can play the doubles only the score is level after four matches. or else it was the czech republic are two now locked in their seventy
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final against italy received so far about beach former french open champion francesca schiavone in straight sets before world number three and pulled in champion critter after all saw it on youthful second straight sets however there was bad news for the czech republic's top ranked man thomas burdick's as the six seed fell victim to world number one know that drop of edge and semifinals in the monte carlo masters the serbian battled back from a set down to our last verdict in two hours and forty two minutes while the seven time finding champion rafael nadal had an easier time against france and you'll see more winning that last four match in straight sets. now on to formula one and world champion sebastian vettel has taken his ams red balls first position of the year ahead of lewis hamilton at the controls as he hit bahrain grand prix while the german hasn't been comfortable in his new car and had a quad bike higher than fifty four bahrain but on saturday he was just under a tenth of a second quicker than his mclaren rival darky make mark webber was third the second
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mccarrick the jenson button was fourth ahead of last weekend's when it was the sadie's ferraris and underlines i didn't set a time and his ninth after saving a set of tires for the race marking the start seventy despite ongoing civil unrest in the country everyone's cheats. sunday's race to go ahead but all this stuff. is very good with the current poll and you know as i said i think we both of us we owe the result today to the team and this is a good car felt much better all weekend i was quite happy i didn't have the smoothest qualifying i was nearly i think you won early i think you proved. you know when i get the luck. and we should be in a better place and it's great obviously to see that we've just people who is for for pole and finally. for russia's top ten us. travel house recovered from ligament damage and come back on their way to.
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the soviet union used to be the world's best in women's gymnastics producing a plethora of top gymnast who brought home thirty three olympic gold eleven more than romania the global competition in the sport has increased dramatically over the past three decades. but in the you know school students complete that there are forty two medals at stake overall at the olympics last roll championships these medals went to twenty one countries but solely in the women's events just forty six teams will battle for all our priority is the team competition because it's the most prestigious the all around events come second after a leader mustaf you know won the first medal in twenty years for russia in the all around event at the world championships and we are counting on her the national but russia's brightest star of the twenty to an all round world champion. suffered a serious knee injury at last year's european championships and was ruled out for
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more than six months however the seventy year old is back in preparing for a lead but her most important event so what build on the olympics. is. a shock. i've almost recovered from my injury i competed at the domestic championship i was happy with my performance i down on the biggest star on the team however i feel the responsibility of the olympics will be even higher than at the world championships and it probably will. be for her ensuring stuff and i had the most difficult program in the world we're trying not to rush a comeback the recovery is going well and she's regaining her form step by step she's already training at full strength and will be ready for. this to gymnast who have suffered such a need to a year before the olympics have made successful returns none of them won the girl. however some point them say that was not it was injury may be
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a blessing for her the last reigning world champion to win olympic gold was ukraine silly back in the one nine hundred ninety six. so perhaps by missing last year's world championships the brit game's focus is off russia's best medal hopes and could ensure she finishes where she belongs on top of the podium this time but are both parties. and that's all the sports news i think.
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