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tv   [untitled]    April 22, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome back this is our cheesy weekly that line. sarkozy all around the time phrase for the top job in france goes into a second round with official results now showing nuclear cyclizine just one cent behind his main rival the new leader will face a tough job to put right a forward for the train economy and a record unemployment. so the yard security council has agreed on a resolution two thousand three hundred observers to syria to monitor the fragile truce in the country but as i think unanimous vote some remain skeptical of the week old cease fire with europe threatening to adopt fresh sanctions against the markets. bahrain pose the controversial formula one grand prix motion rate
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sparking a new wave of public projects against the regime clashes between demonstrators our security forces continues through the week with a brutal ground down by these leading one to the stats. on thirteen minutes that groups global attention and julianne are signage premier he's own interview show on archie these week giving voice to those ostracized by the mainstream media the show has sparked a range or reaction from praise to history and. our head of the french presidential guard and she spoke to one of the hosts false in the race and equal out to paul on young explained why it's things needs to be done to find high unemployment and immigration problems in his country. thank you very much mr weiner for joining us the first question would be when you talk about french sovereignty what exactly do you mean in the context of today's
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globalized world france is not free anymore because we are leaders. are on the limited by. european union which is the not elected by anybody. it's none they were pretty. poor and i want to restore democracy in france i want the president a new president can be to decide for french people to restore sovereignty to restore a fight against unemployment to. decide for to control done with i mean like you know all over the country world except you group european countries. if europe is going so wrong in the space race meeting in
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france is this because it's a poor or has been shared between many authorities. the poor is the. cigarette and there is no. global police and we lost our. ability to change things so the french people is very upset because nothing change i can take an example security we have no any more control or borders. you know border. control so arms are in a free country there is many murder in the south of france because we don't control how border since ten years it's not possible in russia you control your borders not in france anymore i want friends to control its territory does
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that mean you live france to be isolated if you work that kind of sovereignty for your country no we can be free to work with the whole friends. there man a swedish people all of us know you long as no europe indian is no europe and it's open as a word. i want just friends to restore it's a suffering thing i want french people to decide for themselves. i had many senses when you decide friends decide for yourself so based on what you're saying do you want out of the year or do you want out of europe altogether from europe to change europe i like europe france is not able to do alone everything i want to cooperate i want this europe but they want i don't
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want a europe where there is twenty percent. who are not be nearly like in soviet union before exactly the same mind they know for people. they never been elected. they are often corrected. as they are under the influence of for financial interest is a decidedly thing it's not possible anymore and now you're arguing against the evils of the free market so to speak but the world has moved forward in terms of globalization but you think it's a bit too late at this point that it's moved progress forward a little too much to take that step backwards the world is globally is look there is good. but you know coolly. well is you are jap and argentina brazil. are open and the world but the defense
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and self. russia has its own policy and the never accept the russian people will never accept that its interests its own interest can be decided by somebody outside the country well do not think that france benefited at all from the free market i am not against a free market i am against. the free market with a system which is forbidden to defense ourselves i am not a gets free market but. in the free market we need to have a strategy it could make strategy is something strategy in france has no strategic friends is. in our we cannot do anything because we need to ask
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ourselves but. nobody. you will never accept the russian people we never accept to be dependent like we are from greece or you're also for withdrawal from nato or love worry that in the interest of france need any help you may not be able to rely on your current partner simply do so i agree to be in iraq since you will want to stay in the ions but they don't want to see our force under american decision we have an interest in africa for example i don't want to be enough against him because he sent it troops in afghanistan it's a failure it's a dramatic failure. i want my country decided where to chill out the truck she thought was a great president and he refused to go in iraq. he refused and he was right.
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and i want to be free as a people french people to decide where we want to go and i am against the sides distance system it's a crazy thing and i agree with you sure. we are we are all nuclear decision. and we need to keep it and i am against this american defense in tennis size and i think we have to work with. because the. we are very complimentary between russia france germany and we are to work together to stabilize the european continent i just looking at your background you were a part of the system service member of the union for a popular movement or you were paid the ruling party so what does that say about your credibility you're now denouncing the system that you were part of it at some point oh no i was elected i was my brother the party and i always fight
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this treaty i fight your system when. i fight the european constitution and we won the french referendum in two two in two or five so i was always in the same so i tried in the system to change the system. i tried to say people french people we should resist we should have to all police and i couldn't do it in system so. wayne it was students for france i certain for example i cannot accept that. if i left this party and i created my party let's talk about what happened in that. a gunman had killed seven people there he is an immigrant empacher our what do you think this incident represents it's represents a danger that i was the i left it for ten years. so the french government we need
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to control our borders so you're saying it's a problem of immigration no it's a problem of security because you have many french people were coming from ms and in country were very crime. actually yard so many soldiers enough against all who died and they were from the immigration so there is no problem of immigration if we have a state controlled things but they don't accept that. in the immigration system there is some people who don't respect the french law and these people have been. exposed. conferencing their control but the government did nothing when ten years and now is the discovery of the program so we need to integrate people respect friends and we need to say. we don't respect and go back and i talk
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to people from the army or the french suburbs many of them feel that they are rejected by the system many of them are from immigrant backgrounds and all feel part of france how do you propose to address this problem of course because because unemployment at a school which is not enough. room stretched an improvement but school and you have the results. we need to go the french before we don't need to separate people and we need to control our border to restrict immigration of course and just to clarify we're talking about integration you're saying that it boils down to dealing with unemployment and education of course not not that we can accept immigration when you have a job in your country you can accept me question if you as a if you have a good school with young people you are french and you are going to learn french
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bread. if the school is not good is there is no drug it's crazy to accept more and more people it's not a question of people it's a question of what you do with your control it's a question of balance i need a balance let's talk about the french elections do you think that voters now in france are gearing towards the more extreme of the political spectrum perhaps getting tired or disillusioned by some first ideas and therefore are looking to the far left or to the far right of course of course because if they go over thirty years socialist problem right party always the same policy the european bill quickly. so french people say we're going to the left extreme a fixture and right in me. through freezing. the system but i'm saying. we can create a patriotic. political force which is not extreme we can
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reject we can reject the system but we can do it a. brit put. it it's possible you don't need to go to extremes to change france we can change for. a reasonable thanks very much for your time thank you. for sure is that so much that you should be sitting on the mark when we got this sanction of israel movement where does it stand on the question of the two state solution of the palestine israel conflict. you know sometimes you see the story and the six so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here so
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you saw the part. i realized everything is ok. i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture please . liz. it's. lists lists lists
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. adult stories and i'll see some cozy all around the town phrase for the top job and sons goes into first second round would have special results now showing need without sarkozy just one percent behind his main rival the new leader will face a tough job to put the price of a faltering economy and a radical that employed. the u.n. security council has agreed on a resolution to spend three hundred observers just syria to monitor the truce in the country but despite the unanimous vote some remain skeptical of the cold the smile with europe threatening to adopt fresh sanctions against hamas could. also bahrain's own draw show from you know one prong despite widespread protests against the regime and the brutal crimes by police that's left want to have instead tens of thousands have been out in singles demanding immediate democratic reforms. the
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first minute that the global attention truly on our son is from here and he's our interview shy on all genius week giving voice to those trying to buy the mainstream media the show has prompted a range of the reaction from praise to the studio. policy can extort the support. hello welcome along to the world of sports here is what we've got coming up european dreams the spartak moscow go down three nails run jay as they suffer a huge dent in the heights a champions league football next season. clay kool king rafael nadal secured his eighth straight multi-column masters title with a comprehensive straight sets win over under paul novak djokovic. played merchant
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rattles world champion sebastian vettel secured his first win of the new formula one season in bahrain and moves top of the drivers' championship. but first the russian premier league and the nominee of the only team that stand which means any simply it is but on their second successive russian premier league title that's off the spot that moscow lost three nearly home to ranji to end their slim title hopes and she was seven at the start of the day i'm looking for a europa league spot at least next season and the big spender stop this summer i say broke the deadlock six minutes before half time. after the break show me a lucky yellow double the visit is made after some questionable goalkeeping from the highs are jammed with our brother who sings man had only won twice in the previous seven matches but ten minutes later they sealed the points although they had a helping hand along the way nicklaus players struck touch the friend in the pool into resigned net three nil i'm sure how it finished reading the muscovite.
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meanwhile the team's champions league hopes were dented as they drew little mail at home to rubina a win could have moved them two points behind second place dynamic but they drew a blank in front of their own fans the point thanks them faith and in the final europa league squads remain remain two points shy of a european place. on sunday. relegation drink telegraphed me tensioning damaging the plate as they went down one hundred personnel so if you go coming from nikolai markoff midway through the first half the defeat to the group leaders leaves tara just one point about the relegation play off places. wally masur may fix the previous sucks off thanks to the last off side started this is just. perfect off a five. struck back within fifteen minutes one of them off school supplies for the host didn't let the three points the way it's going to executed the last minute
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penalty to secure the win through on. its due process for. now to the english top frights where the rights for the title is less clear cut after sunday's action manchester united now have a three point lead at the top after being held for four by every ten and a thrilling encounter at old trafford the visitors will make it in the city together which probably for united to storm track into a forty two second half played with all from steven pienaar and a lot of delegates try to complete is an unlikely comeback manchester city then took full advantage and close the gap tucked separate to the two know when it was unstoppable once and the defeat means we're also going to get to the championship more points out of bringing sport with as west brom compounded liverpool's recent worries with their first victory unfiltered nine hundred sixty seven. now to tennis where russia has been knocked out in the semifinals of the fed cup serbia securing a three two win in moscow to reach the final for the first time in their history i don't want to pace the sunday's final day of action things look to be going in the
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house way when anastasia publishing clover took the first set against arabic however the balance of win ten consecutive games taking the large three six six out of six three comments replicas that serve only she needed to win against former world number one you're a young correct fourth down comprehensively in straight sets six one six balls. i'm really. excited and feel. believe that the final it's a historical moment for us. remember those days when we were playing in those lower groups and you know i have achieved you know playing for your country is also something very special. in a very very happy to to win against russia but meanwhile in the men's game rafael nadal has won the monte carlo masters for the eighth consecutive year novak
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djokovic in straight sets in the final six three six one three so his dominance on clay the serbian lost his grandfather on thursday to be his usual imperious self it was the spine his first victory over the world number one in eight tenth's. history overall he had a few more mistakes than usual and there were solid from the baseline with no mistake. a few times playing in scheme he was almost perfect and today he wasn't. i think the better. now to formula one where the reigning world champion sebastian vettel is celebrating his first victory of the season the win in bahrain taking him top of the drivers' championship the rebels rivaling start to finish and carried her first three seconds ahead of notices came right into the printing may roman grows on finished for the seven seconds behind the second and third place for later sort of thing finish on the podium for the first time this season the man who took the overall standings
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heading into the weekend with paris lewis hamilton was eight with his teammate cancel button eighteenth hole ferrari's fernando alonso finished seventh for his teammate pulling a massive life away when both car struggled for pace a problem that has plagued the team all season which let's say was down to the drivers' championship when his move fragile top was hamilton had slipped down to second of his group points behind the german battles red bull to make mark webber it is early days like with the season of just four races our. now thirty six thousand runners have been pounding the streets of england's capital in the thirty first annual london marathon it's the final running of the race before the olympics descend on the city later this year and the run is the most raising money for charity lined up to completely twenty six molecules in men's elite race was one of bike ten years wilson kipsang coasted to victory more than two minutes ahead of compact remarkable out the winner posting of an unofficial time of two hours four minutes and forty four seconds well was second i mean it's a great day of
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a day meanwhile it was a kenyan one two three in the women's race with merrick italy finishing ahead of world champion advocate gets on his car just. now finally to a charity hockey match which took place in moscow this weekend russia against slovakia the classic hockey rivalry so legends of the sport alongside politicians i'm seeing is taking to the ice as regards daniel explains. russian taking on slovakia. always supposed to be a tough ice hockey clash but this time around there would be only winners and no losers. the game played in the russian capital one survey is just a small for a big charity project aiming to help kids with severe diseases the stars of the sport bullocks and arts joining together first time this will be five years before we started the child games and since that time we collected
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a lot of mine you killed more than one thousand kids to improve their health and be on guard the international level. the various kinds of games from football go ice hockey and basketball. firstly our founding to how kids are playing city diseases as they health care costs vast sums of money for their families just counts of food and that's where a charity is really how you. can stand dean is one of those currents were supported in their desperate fight for their kids' life. we learned given four hundred fifty thousand rubles to boil the necessary medical equipment one of the two different tools was needed to machine to help the free one we are very grateful for the confidence that she is now staying home with us making great progress and it's just . it was not only russians and slovaks who played by the canadian legends of the
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sport to a closer look at the hosts line up revealing the hockey hall of famer and six times in a cup winner anderson get used to because i'm over here quite a bit and we're playing quite a few games but what the russian team. one of the celebrations will succeed sixty five year anniversary so we did a game up in st petersburg and we did a game here in austria and canada basically that's what we do almost nine months of the year so we play a lot of charity games and there's a tour that we do right across canada that happens every year play above thirty games a year the teams also include some young very young folk a hopefuls some skills to show off their big games and trophies might be four ahead but they have already claimed their biggest victory. helping to save the life. of reporting your own party must go. to school for now but there's plenty light
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ahead on twenty four hour day. when you force spring over seas by grade three birds will come home to roost. when their massive tongue great. empathy gives way to both of the motions. towards those who live on the current. there hasn't been anything yet to be. used to get the maximum political impact possible. before source material is for helps keep journalism honest we.
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we wanted to visit. some feel. fit. for. duty.
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