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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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don't come. the line from moscow our top stories a blow for nicolas sarkozy losing out to socialist candidate francoise yvonne's in the first round of the french presidential election and now going to a second ballot in a fortnight. israel war and its peace deal with egypt is in jeopardy after cairo scrapped a downside export deal with its neighbor. and syrian rebels refused downstroke foreign turn insisting military intervention is no solution three hundred unarmed un observers are being signed up oversee the cease fire. was a french braid and sacked the first round of sunday's presidential election we
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talked to a member of the socialist party but not been won one gives his view on the second stage runoff and talks about the huge challenges the country faces. today we're joined by a good one he's been a member of the french socialist party since one nine hundred eighty seven he's also been a member of the european parliament from two thousand and four to two thousand and nine and today he's the spokes person of the socialist party that of french presidential candidate francois hollande thank you very much and someone for joining us today first question would be of course in the future of france there are two top candidates now the socialist francois alone and incumbent classic we'll see what kind of france are we going to see with the presidency. probably a front thirds much fairer a much more egalitarian than it is today a france win here today is significantly poorer than it was five years ago she's
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probably lost her influence in the world with for example the failure of the union for the mediterranean she's lost much of her influence in europe and the best example of this is hell angela merkel and nicolas sarkozy have agreed on a draft european treaty which is very favorable to german interests and very unfavorable to the interests of the rest of europe. france is mostly very divided with heritage today the task for france well and will be to somehow repair rebuild and assemble the french to avoid opposition to one another this is why his political project is intended primarily to address inequality is. the question so you're talking about redefining or reestablishing france's a role of influence in europe and you bring up the treaty of does want to renegotiate the fiscal pact agreed upon by e.u. leaders but how much leverage does he we have he's going to go up against german
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chancellor angela merkel and let's be frank what she wants you for the important role in decision making but from within his message is clear if the treaty is not really go see it it from us will not ratify it and therefore it cannot come into force if merkel wants to impose fiscal discipline in the euro zone area we will require a growth measure in the treaty where now there is no we want to make progress on euro bonds we want to expand the role of the european central bank there's no question for us that we would not accept a treaty that would result in austerity measures in france and europe at the same time most of our growth is related to trade with you if the french cannot by companies cannot invest because of a series of policies they are neighbors could not abide or invest either because they too practice austerity you we believe that merkel is prepared to hear it we're simply saying that the treaty cannot proceed only a little terms of germany's economy in fact this treaty does not benefit the
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italian economy nor the spanish nor the french economy a great regret is that nicolas sarkozy has not defended the interests of the french economy or the economies of european countries sarkozy agreed to sign the treaty to appear a protector of europe and of the euro zone for simple public relations purposes he signed a treaty that weakens. because it focuses only on austerity chris you know who they were. talking about a steady are you against all types of belt tightening nationals do you not see any merit to where i'm speaking about growth measures after all hakim's bringing it up that doesn't really mean. we want a real industrial policy based on a new instrument in public finance a public investment. we will develop tools that allow us to compete with other european countries but also with countries outside the european union or new york that well let's talk about immigration and other presidential candidates such as
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the national front. and even the glass keeping up the problem of immigration by using this as a campaign plight what is your view on immigration in france in general and in particular illegal immigration. because of the when you go quite honestly immigration being an economic and social problem is primarily a political problem in many european countries the issue is systematically used to say that immigration is a threat to their country. when they talk about immigration they usually mean arab african and muslim this is the way people approach the immigration question in a political debate in france and europe in front what the president of the public setting up with nothing but caricature. it will reach the point where a great number of anglo-saxon newspapers can no longer see the difference between what marine le pen and nicolas sarkozy sorry about islam and immigration. this is
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a major setback for france to see that the president today finds inspiration in the program of france's far right. this is a very great step back of what we're saying is that we need to discuss the conditions of economic migration and the needs of different sectors of the french economy if we must add rules an economic integration and we will do so we don't want to make immigration issue used to divide and frighten the french this is a serious matter that must be treated as such and must be subject to political economic and social responses we should not be a subject used by nicolas sarkozy of all opinion to win votes and raise racism in france for five years the french reality is the rights of intolerance and violence is perhaps more racist now than it was five years ago yes there is discrimination in hiring yes there's discrimination in access to housing and yes there's discrimination in access to leisure it depends on whether you have a white face like moment when a white woman in a position like mine in
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a socialist party or your name is good year of arab or north african origin or omar from well you put that you are saying that if they give a. talk about nato and francis participation in campaigns in various countries launder wants to withdraw more troops in afghanistan earlier than planned however he doesn't want to row with drop all our friends completely from nato. but. for regarding nato we want to evaluate the decisions made by nicolas sarkozy to rejoin the integrated military commander of nato we're not sure that our reintegration into the military command has had the expected results above all what we regret is that there has been no strong initiative of france in favor of a genuine european defense system for five years we do not believe today that european defense and protection of the broader strategic interests of europe and the european union can be supported only by nato we consider it necessary to
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develop autonomous structures that's why we insist on developing a european defense we will evaluate the benefits and drawbacks involved with a return to the integrated military command of nato and as you said in connection with our allies so as not to destabilize nato in afghanistan we will withdraw our troops from afghanistan before the end of twenty twelve. ok you want to reassess their francis and fast or large ones cooperation of the european air defense system however pulling out troops in afghanistan earlier than planned wouldn't that solve our relationships with britain or germany for example who are investing a lot in that effort. now in our analysis is that our military intervention is not able to add a value that allows a peaceful solution to the crisis of the conflict in afghanistan why are military intervention there we lost the ability to act on political and diplomatic levels we
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want to regain freedom in our room to maneuver politically and diplomatically in order to find a solution together with major regional players in a conflict that requires to first withdraw our troops from afghanistan would we believe that a military solution is doomed to deadlock or. we do not believe that the solution to the conflict in afghanistan who requires a military only approach otherwise we would have solved the conflict already synchronized attacks by the taliban in many parts of afghanistan so there is no longer any area in afghanistan today that is truly protected surely must find ways to influence the immediate neighbors of afghanistan the larger regional players in order to find a political solution to the afghan conflict a military operation must one day come to an end and we think it is now the time for that. with. talking about political solutions does that apply
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as well in syria for example. you know throwing syria is on the edge of civil war or a proof is that despite the annan plan there are still dozens and dozens of deaths hundreds of deaths i want to come to talk about the role of russia in this matter by its place in the security council and through its role in complaining the syrian regime russia was in a key positions of unlocked and syrian situation and to avoid a bloodbath and civil war both at levels of bilateral franco russian relations and on the level of the e.u. russia relationship we want to repeal intense association with russia we also want to roll on the international scene to contribute to stability. we can understand the historical relations of the russian state with the syrian state but today with russia is a destabilizing factor in his country but also the whole region we must respond in a concerted and coordinated way between russia the european union france and
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permanent members of the security council can a military intervention go through nato in syria at this point it seems premature and this is why the plan by kofi annan opened the possibility of a political solution with the involvement of observers in fact considering the number of observers who will go there and the difficulty in verifying whether or not atrocities are committed against civilians should be a strong force in place to ensure that observers really do observe what happens with. france very big. intervention. in libya we played two different worlds at one point nicolas sarkozy wanted to sell nuclear powerplants to gadhafi then he bombed gadhafi when you're a friend of nicolas sarkozy always be wary. it shows the completely incoherent nature of nicolas sarkozy's foreign policy i think the intervention in libya was
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a necessary because gadhafi used his own forces and bombs against his own people but that doesn't mean that the situation is now stabilized we observe the movement of weapons into so held region is linked to the consequences of the conflict in libya this helps to arm groups like. that's al qaeda in islamic magreb or some of the events in mali related to what happened in libya therefore we need stabilization policies growth and development here to france's intervene to help end the gadhafi regime but the french development aid to developing countries fell from point seven percent to north point four percent of our g.d.p. so we give weapons but we don't help the development growth and job creation and as we know if there are weapons or no jobs there will be no more instability. ambition is to focus on stabilizing the margaret and north africa region because it's a hotbed of potential unrest in europe and beyond including much of the african
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continent the of all thank you. for your time at the central. did i kill innocents here or was it a call this of course and that's never and say. mom a song from the school still with me i think of it every day. i feel the flashback from the memories. i assume i saw it a long time i'm just here trying to tell. i was in shape. i was ashamed that i even knew. i was ashamed that i had been
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a hero why i got my legs. in the my. car like the vietnam i was a fortunate. that i'll believe what i was going on once or i think. that i was a good feel. for namo soldier on the other side and i think i'm just in good. wealthy british style. sometimes the. market. can. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in
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to cause a report on r.g.p. . party's top stories of the love for nicolas sarkozy losing out socialist candidate francois hollande in the first round of the french president. and i'll go into recession ballot in a fortnight. israel warns its peace deal with egypt is in jeopardy after cairo scrapped the council export deal with its neighbor. and syrian rebels refused to dance to a foreign true and insisting military intervention is no solution three hundred armed un observers are being sent to oversee the cease fire. look at the latest now in sport union joins us and i understand the russian football season winds down i of course have not been following it but it is a familiar name at the top of the standings it is indeed. are the champions there runaway leaders this year it looks as if the cup is going to be staying up north
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and he said this year more like coming up in just a sec. thanks for making this edition of sports a plenty had few over the next ten minutes including the stories and great. dreams dented start making the champions league for the first time in half a dozen years suffers a non gene sigh set by. the first of the season formula one the world champion sebastian vettel finally gets the climb to the top of the podium this year winning in bahrain to also take control of the drivers' championship standings. and hope through hockey a star studded select of celebs politicians on the fleet to line up on the moscow ice to help promote a children's charity for. football were author of
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a recent run of form sports like moscow help being brought back down to earth in the russian premier league the red lights losing on home turf three g. on sunday a strange one this is simply dominating possession but it was good savings charges amid their limited opportunities kind some of the right so the moment getting the scoring going six minutes before half time substitute shemale a lucky yellow would double the visitors lead shortly after the break but really it was a gift after questionable call keeping from sport types are chan would have brought into sports for europa league qualification next season with further strengthen sixty nine minutes in an own goal from at this point topping off a dismal day for muscovites who remain third in arts of the champions league spots . just one other game in the championship group on the day and it's salt. being kids on sure the spoils in the capital a win for the real the man would have seen the move above cross-town rivals to scan the fourth but they stay fit for no routine are forced into seventh by on she will
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the final score in this one four game. mean this season with the title essentially already so why not buy holders in each city. the opposite storyboarding that mean well where it now looks as if the title running could well go down to its last all eyes now on manchester united seeing early cut to three points on sunday the champions are bold in a four four thriller at home to everton second place man city meanwhile took full advantage of a draw to no win over nor relegated wolves means they could go level with united when the two sides meet and i'm not surprised next monday at eastlands former striker peter odemwingie scored the winger. compounded liverpool's fools with their first win at anfield since one nine hundred sixty seven. while it will be nobler trophy list year for arsenal supporters because police salute star man robin van persie has been in the professional footballers association's player of the year
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the dutch international leads the charge with thirty four goals in all competitions on this month international coal walker has been recognised as the cream of the crop amongst the legion of rising stars the twenty one year old child and defender needed a young player off to. this year's fed cup finale will feature the czech republic and first timers serbia the serbs electic and curve russia in women tennis is premier team offense scores were tied at one river apiece heading into sunday's final day of action and things look to be going the hosts way went on a sea of hope the chink over took the first set against evanovich but the former world number one rallied to win ten consecutive games to take the match three six six six three men still needed to win against a young but the russian got to win here one going to and comprehensively in straight sets six one six games that. will leave the
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final. historical moments for us. remember those days when we were playing in the lower groups you know i have achieved. you know playing for your country is also something very special. the men's game rough feel like ours won the monte carlo masters for the if consecutive year the spine you're seeing of novak djokovic in straight sets in the final six three six one to reassert his dominance on clay which grandfather died on thursday but clearly contributing to the search never really getting close to his usual imperious self it was the first victory over the world number one in eight attempts. a few more mistakes. were stolen from the baseline with only. a few guys playing in the worse almost. he was a. let's talk formula one where reeling world champion sebastian vettel
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has secured his first victory of the season the win in bahrain propelling the red bull man to top of the drivers' championship standings after finishing three seconds ahead of lucas as can be right and vettel reprising last season's pattern of driving paul and then establishing a healthy advantage from the off pulling away from second seeded lewis hamilton and almost a second a lap hamilton would finish if recommenced team it remains was third the first time lotus have been on the podium this season for rory's from the alonso he finished with back in seventh and teammate felipe massa nine on a day when both car struggle for pace a problem those plagued the team all season long. it's been the ultimate weekend for ben curtis over in the gulf greens with the american winning the texas open for his first trophy in six years the thirty four year old's future looking a lot more secure and putting over a million dollars along with a two year tour qualifying exemption to criticise going from holding the british
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open in two thousand and three to only being able to enter four peachey events this year he would rule in one of his three birdies here in the seven months every state in contention by sinking three birdies and room self with the final effort coming in the sixth john hall the finish tied for second with every curtis held his nerve to carter thirty. when perseverance the sping dividends for curtis in the two stroke. on the hardwood the rockets hopes of launching themselves into postseason n.b.a. contention have been dashed by miami bron james coming up big in the absence of injured teammates to unweight and chris posh making sure houston missed the playoffs for the third straight year the rockets up by seven at the end of the first before sheehan but he cut the lead to five with a buzzer beating shot two in the quarter king james though made sure to put on a lector find one man showcase once again he finished the night with thirty two
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points eight rebounds and five assists the heat will versus finish the year with twenty eight wins five losses at home to such percentage in their franchise history ninety seven eighty eight the final score on the. i. i. there could be a new name on a continental hockey league trophy later today off and guard currently three and the best of seven final series against the school as the scores from her for game six in the capital the hawks will they have a commanding three one series lead before dion of brought themselves back from the brink and a controversial lead in game five in south l.a. . beloff he said. much of partly due to injury but according to the country's deputy sports minister the twenty five year old had earlier tested positive for form and drugs the russian anti doping committee also temporarily suspended the aspiring russian international pending further investigation. and finally often the
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big money and even bigger hype world of sport things can get forgotten or really shouldn't be not so last weekend's with an exhibition international i saw a game played in aid of a children's charity here in moscow robert downey and reports. russia taking on slovakia always supposed to be a top ice hockey clash but this time around there would be only winners and no losers. the game played in the russian capital one survey is just a small part of a big charity project aiming to help kids with severe diseases who stars of the sport bullets and orit's joining together first time the sold in five business is top of the chart games and since that time we collected a lot of one you killed more than one thousand kids. will the files. be expunged or a huge cheer the international level. the various kinds of games football i saw of
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him was. firstly our founding to help kids suffering city diseases as they health care costs vast sums of money their families just count and that's where a charity is can really help constantin is one of those parents were supported in their desperate for it for their kid's life. we were only given four hundred fifty thousand roubles to buy all the necessary medical equipment for one of our two daughters we needed a machine to help agree we were very grateful to the fun for that county is now staying at home with us and making great progress. it was not only russians and slovaks who played by the canadian legend of the sport to a close old of the hosts line up revealing the hockey hall of famer and six times in a cup winner anderson get used to because i'm over here quite
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a bit and we're playing quite a few games with what the russian team. one of the celebrations of the sexy sixty five year anniversary so we did a game up in st petersburg and we did a game here in moscow and canada basically that's what we do almost nine months of the year so we play a lot of charity games and there's a tour that we do right across canada that happens every year play ball thirty games a year the teams also include some young very young hockey hopefuls with some skills to show off their big games and trophies might be for a head but they have already claimed their biggest victory. helping to save a life. of record in your own party. christophe a great story and that is all your sport and that's it for me for the day paul scott will be here in just under two hours time with more about whether she's next .
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question is that so much of a given to each musician the power behind the mark when we bought the best meaning sanction of israel movement where does it stand on the question of a two state solution of the palestine israel conflict. with the. science technology and innovation called the means developments from around russia we've gone to the future coverage. get off sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life please give thanks to understand it and then he lives something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture.
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