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so now it's on r t israel warms its peace treaty with egypt is in danger now after cairo says it terminated the gas export deal over payments and prices latest on that just ahead. also the u.s. and afghanistan agree on a deal that could see washington providing military and economic help to kabul for another decade after the twenty fourth. the commitment is a reminder that while u.s. forces are drawing down in afghanistan over the next two years the mere military will remain active in the country long after that war and that in just a few minutes. because he slips the french president fails to convince enough voters not only losing to his socialist arch rival the current now go head to head in a second round live coming up but coming up to. hello
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and welcome this is kevin owen it's nine now you're a moscow when our top story middle east peace is taking another battering tonight this time as egypt terminates its twenty year gas export deal with israel both countries insists it's just business disputes but observers in israel warn it's putting their peace treaty on the line sara first in cairo for us. well the head egypt stating gas company has said that this is a trade not a political issue and that the coalition deal with some form of payment is another source of forty coming from egypt but it seems some people in israel have interpreted that as
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a possible violation of the can't they did peace treaty that was signed between the two countries in the one israeli opposition figures come out and one of the quietest in relations between egypt and israel and called on the u.s. who is the sponsor of the gas deal between the neighboring countries to intervene and i was going to be said that there's a very controversial here in egypt a very unpopular amongst the egyptian people who view it as a deal which denied egypt a fair market price on gas provided to israel and also very much seen as representative of the much warmer relations between israel and egypt that were formed under the former president hosni mubarak so not a popular little it's certainly been a target for is that recently for the first time egyptians have been debating egypt's relations with israel quite publicly now the current dollars and the islamists in parliament has vowed that they're going to uphold international
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relations there's been a feeling here in cairo a lot of people that you could buy a house in the run up to the elections be about to see a rocky a period in relations between the two countries now this three front currently for that presidential spot has place that they're going to respect the peace deal of the navy every single one of them has said that they're going to be looking very closely at the fairness and appropriateness of this very unpopular guest. brought us a correspondent reporting there from carlos. returns is joining us on the line from london. both his role on. this row is purely commercial do you believe that. i don't believe it because of the statements that we've made in quick succession over the past twenty four hours some of your international viewers might be wondering why wait covering such an arcane subject like a gas deal that was signed seventy years ago this is very serious indeed and we could be witnessing if things go one way or another the beginnings of what could
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well be a war in the middle east against zionism of the like we haven't seen for decades let me just get this straight you are saying this is serious and it's could turn into a big problem yeah. definitely i mean the if you last night the finance minister of israel you've all started it's a dangerous precedent that overshadows the peace agreements an atmosphere of peace between israel and egypt that kind of language not really the essence the camp david accords or before we know that the israelis rely on gas for forty percent of their electricity this is this is quite something although of course there are differences in the egyptian regime sort of back story here it's not been popular with the egyptian people they've been strongly opposed to this castiel for years so really should be that surprise that congress decided to scrap it. well of course we're not really hearing the name washington in all these stories they must be
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desperately trying to persuade the supremes council or whatever it calls itself in cairo as it struggles to maintain some kind of unity personal barak because two sides of the gyptian regime seem to be saying different things one so i was saying yes this is an act of solidarity and suddenly we're now hearing it's all a commercial dispute but one thing's for certain arabs right around the arab world will be cheering this on and washington is it behind the scenes tries to keep the gas deal open it just shows how. completely disabled the u.s. state department is the obama administration is the one foreign failure foreign failure in terms of foreign policy one failure after another in terms of the so-called arab spring this is this is very important on the face of it this is going to hit israel hard as you said there forty percent of its natural gas is imported at this lower than market rate price no power so you could resume sales again if israel agrees to pay the higher market rate prices is that likely to
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happen any time soon. it's difficult to see what american pressure is being i mean one must remember israel of course is a good client proxy militia states a lot of the middle east and washington will be desperately trying to persuade cairo to allow the deal that as you say. lower the market value rates for the gas to go through the population would stand for that they're already a tax in sinai i noticed the israeli foreign ministry issued a statement or one element of the israeli government which seems in equal amount of chaos said that all israeli citizens have to leave sinai no i don't think it will be open really to the cairo regime to allow the deal to go ahead israel desperately trying to get into the eastern mediterranean which they call a second north sea i don't think turkey lebanon and syria very keen on that but all this of course presidential votes on egypt doorstep coming up very soon now
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scrapping the car still with egypt is like you know have an impact on public opinion about how you look at it is seeking to benefit. absolutely i think people around cairo the bloggers and twitterers which alas is all the information western wire agencies usually use to gauge the arab street they were some very very critical of scouts were saying look this is actually quite good car believe it or actually doing something good what pressure must be being brought to bear by the american administration they really are losing the most populous arab country on earth and we already know that israel has been bombing gaza daily weekly stepping up the attacks in the west bank this is beginning to show some kind of theme that populations right across the arab world can unite about because the gas deal that's pretty important for israel what could be keeping
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a close knit afshin rattansi journalist north of the line from london thanks for your thoughts. there's a. tight fight for france's top job with president sarkozy narrowly losing in the first round his socialist rival francois now you know got two weeks to win over voters before the runoff poll test result for our teams across this election for us in paris. right now if you look at the numbers it is certainly neck and neck of the difference between at the top two candidates is very small on the right now it's a one point difference is so the question that people be asking is which way will the voters who had voted for the other candidates how will they vote in the second round will be will it be all and will it be cycles enough particular cycles the he will have to try to get the voters of money le pen who is on the far right from the national front she had managed to get seventy point nine percent of the votes according to the exit polls about half of her voters may go to nicolas sarkozy but again these are just estimates and as far as how long this could start he will have to get off of the left front his voters who have been there very very creating
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a lot of noise towards the end of this campaign while ninety percent of voters from that side say they will vote on a lot but still there are a lot of factors that could affect of swaying the votes and in the second round and not least of all the pessimism and the lack of enthusiasm of the french people they may have come out to vote for the for in the first round at eighty percent but that doesn't necessarily mean bill do the same in the second round another factor to be considered a lot of sarkozy will have a one two one and this could also sway the voters the pentagon how they do want that debate to be looking forward certainly to the second round of the presidential race. for the remaining two count it is turn up the heat let's see how with gear on california he's the editor of the french news web site corporal poor dog on the line live from brussels thank you bring up the international or i don't know this tight margin of the first rounds got the kick out of the scuffling for the fringe votes is that we are witnessing. the far left by the looks of where will the pens
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far right voters going to go to be swayed to thank you. that's a very key question and your guess is frankly as good as mine i think the reason one of the reasons why then had such a high school yesterday which is the highest of our party ever is partly because of rejection of nicolas sarkozy's or this rejection those people who voted for that reason that would have to be overcome in the coming two weeks if you want to sway them well he says he's now heard what the far right voters have to say he says i've heard you all draw all the all the consequences does that mean he's going to lean even further to the right what can he do it convince voters in the next two weeks to the left in available to him. it's. probably all that he will carry on as he has in the last few weeks trying to send messages more strongly on the issues
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of. security and immigration very in mind and swaying the foreigners here not a vote would not be sufficient and he also has to get some of the of voters who are more centrist and not like these kind of talks or it's. tricky game to play for sarkozy to be able to get his speech just right to sway the people he needs oh individual the votes here twenty eight point six percent and twenty seven point one percent it's a tight race who do you think is going to come out on top of the end of the day. well i still think you. should win it. all comes down to the first question you ask me how will the vote from four mind open carry over after sarkozy it looks like it's going to be tight it was already much tighter in the first round than most of what we were hearing or do in the end of the last few
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weeks we had some opinion polls showing sarkozy ahead. certainly it's going to be tight. looking at it from a practical point of view or becomes president facing a failing economy record unemployment a divisive immigration culture who is better placed to tackle these problems well that's the heart of the matter you know kevin the issue is that the programs especially on economic matters. very close there was very little to tell them apart so from what we've heard and read about from these candidates it's very hard to tell which one could make a difference frankly speaking. programs look very dangerous and looks like increasing the risk of serious economic problems for france thank you for your thoughts. the french news website contre point out all have a very good evening thanks for being on r.t. thank you very much thank you could write in a few minutes looking ahead a look at the show there's got everyone talking as the second episode of
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whistleblower julie this is a hard hitting interview show is on this very channel on tuesday also. the international space station could be in danger as a strong reason microsoft board because a quick note failure join us for the information surely. the us could keep a military presence in afghanistan for at least a decade after its planned withdrawal in twenty forty it's part of a new strategy that was agreed on sunday how can officially say america will only be able to act with carpools approval in what the agreement document describes as a plan to defend afghanistan a washington correspondent got it if you can report. the u.s. and afghanistan have agreed on the terms of this new strategic pact which the presidents of both countries still have to sign the document is needed to provide
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u.s. forces with the authority to continuing again and stand after twenty fourteen when the afghan government is scheduled to take full control of security there so the majority of u.s. combat troops are expected to be out of the country by twenty fourteen but some combat forces will continue to go on missions and trainers and advisers and the afghan security forces will also remain the strategic partnership agreement covers the period from two thousand and fourteen to twenty twenty four it is not address specific troop levels or the size or location of u.s. bases and this is something that many afghans are very much worried about and that is that he was once a permanent bases set up there would have actively keep them as an occupying power the withdrawal from iraq was also not complete the u.s. still has two bases there four thousand troops plus thousands of contractors but after the big scaled down iraqi sort of moved out of the media spotlight but the forces are still there the u.s. government is very anxious to tell the american people that they were leaving
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afghanistan especially anxious they become when some horrendous news makes it to the headlines which happens on a regular basis the american people want their troops out and they want them out immediately afghans want the same we constantly see people there expressing outrage over the killing of civilians over night weights and other actions of u.s. troops like the burning of korans or the troops cheerfully posing with dead afghans so both governments are anxious to tell their people that this is over but the image is talking about continuing military assistance the commitment is a reminder in a way that while u.s. forces are drawing down in of an extent over the next two years the american military will remain active in the country long after that. more than a web site r.t. dot com plus these stories too you'll find details of a swedish online piracy religion seeking official recognition in the united states now the computer based rate of the so-called copied lists of already been officially recognized in the scandinavian countries now they want to go worldwide
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on their mission to find out more what their prospects are online from us and great pictures of rare pictures too as this for a killer whale a rare all white or core of russia's pacific coast is the first ever to have been spotted we've got the pictures for you online find out of his fitting in with the rest of the port on our website. when the first episode of july show premiered on this channel r.t. it's only because of media last week it produced strong reactions ranging from praise on one side to hostile criticism across the atlantic on the other with commentators remaining indifferent anyway tuesday tomorrow r.t. is the next episode laura smith has got the details for you. so tomorrow the second episode is airing we did see a lot of backlash from the first episode but this new program features two people as i was talking to two different people one of them's the slovenians level which is it is a philosopher. and see communists dissidents and now turned communist and also
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david horowitz who's a former left wing radical did this in fundraising for the black panthers back in the day and is now a radical right wing zionist so from two completely different sides of the fence and when i went to talk to us on this program was broadcast he said this was one of the most heated episodes that he films during filming he tried to sort of talk about other stuff talk about a range of issues but the two of them kept on coming back to the jewish question they kept on talking about israel and palestine he had to drag it away from that repeatedly and in fact at one point he says had to be physically restrained even though david horovitz wasn't even in the room he was in fact on the telephone so it's a bit an extraordinary piece of television in the final cut though we do understand that they do talk about a range of issues they do talk about the palestinians in the nazis they talk about the black panthers and the israelis and they also talk about the american presidential race part of the conversation also goes into europe and specifically
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what happens in europe after the second world war say the creation of this sort of social welfare state all three of them seem to agree that the welfare state was created in europe is dead now and that in fact it is not all that it's supposed to be european well first. of them if you could meet me the european love more of them i think even united. was maybe the unique period in few month story after world war well for so many people leave. the. free dorm and warm don't move too much fun it will. agree i think it's always was a disastrous spirit europe and europe is a cultural theme park and significant that's what happened that's what your welfare state just took you out of the pla i have had personal experience with
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a socialist paradise or sweden and i can tell you it is nothing like you have apparently when i first talked about his personal experience of sweden of course he's talking about the expected result of his extradition hearing sweden is trying to extradite him on allegations of sexual assault that result is still pending so we still don't know whether i will get further experience of sweet and. un sports or use observer mission to syria as multiple reports continue that the teetering cease fire is being violated by both sides the rebels political leaders still want to un by military intervention but it's not his example we can report snow tonight from damascus the public have no appetite for foreign interference. almost everyone in syria these days is in opposition to something ready to lash out at opponents at any moment and seventy six year old my feet mohammad is an opposition to that he says syrians are so worked up about politics it's become difficult to make people
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smile but he found the way they will manage shared like dancing in the streets and i like their reaction it always is in the new remits where you get even if he can stay away from politics and i ask him about his biggest concern is that syria should not dance to somebody else's tune. i did we don't need any countries meddling in our fans. here. while the prospect of a leave the us dollar intervention seems our last likely the militarized position and their supporters are still asking for arms. one day and over one from an hour and a president of other countries is that they support us and now we the rebels wants to get armed. all the rebels may have caught all the media attention the syrian
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opposition speaks with many voices it's often faulted for being disorganized and fragmented but there is a surprising unity when it comes to the issue of military intervention. is the position activists asked he was detained and mistreated by the security services and while he is calling on bashar assad to leave serious political scene this hour the armed groups should do the same. if i can abdul aziz is not afraid to go public and he just returned back from moscow where the opposition delegation trying to persuade the russian authorities to put more pressure on their side regime he says not all mediating the syrian crisis are really helping you know all the things that we are supporting. well we know for sure that san juan streets are not supporting that and son
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are trying to blow things that were crushed. if that happens. and will not succeed or it will be in every book. people will suffer too much or make nicholas their country but obviously the war no one knows what. with levy and iraq just across the border in what you democracies are not held in high regard here even among the opposition wealthier and three mean highly polarized across political lines north of them agree that the current crisis should be worked out within the country for the opposition will be no feel better. now neighboring countries. are the democrats syria now
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explicitly worrying news from space the international space station could be in danger for microbes according to the russian academy of sciences it says the organisms found on the ice as could only equipment on board is going to speed this story tonight jacob greaves knows all about it either jacob is it is it a case of microbes microbes or is there real cause to be concerned how big is this danger we're hearing about stress at the moment there are no reported problems on board the exceptional space station and reported any failures when it comes to equipment either but some of the concerns are about the future potential failings of equipment because of these microbes and fungus that we're talking about a moment of tenchi corrosive element to them so it could prove problematic when it comes to nestle on board or even to electronic or equipment take it for instance a wire and i'll actually be protected by an alpha lead these could corrode away
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that protective layer that will cause some problems but as you mentioned this information coming from the vice president of the russian academy of sciences so his words carry some weight he also warned the accounts of a similar problem on the mir orbiting station so what could be done to tackle the problem is it just a case of spring cleaning or what can they do well you know if some of the more scientific jargon here essentially what they're planning is to have a much more intense and of a disinfects it's a very strong disinfectant. this is something they say has actually been modified during the last five hundred space program and if it that doesn't work they do actually have a back up to vote in the nine hundred ninety s. as this is a problem they've encountered before and that will be available potentially called to space experts to go up on the next shuttle to the international space station just really briefly. probably the first place that well actually this post we earthbound micros of come up on transit with these modules either with accompanied
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by the national some cosmonauts or even with some of that fuel and food supplies that come out of the international space station and in fact there are similar micros that noise corrosive but are used during scientific experiments on board from these crews and some of these microbes can survive some of the very harsh conditions of space. thanks very much for explaining to us it's twenty five minutes past nine and i've got a good time as catch up with katie next she got the business update after this quick break.
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soumitra brighten if you knew me. from silence to action the same. don't. welcome to the business program global markets have been suffering today it all kicks off in china when production contract if a month then we have the european markets demonstrating their uncertainty over the political jitters in both france and the netherlands cars europe is concerned francois is hollow victory in the first round of the presidential elections is why investors because he's thought to be less likely to support will start to measure
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a thought by most to be the all sorts of the debt crisis is an i pad so. you've seen a lot of political change as a result of the crisis and if you were to become president probably the biggest change seen so far so far the germans in particular the french the germans in particular have been pushing all. of the world already some very difficult. years i think it is. president it will be more of a shift towards. a more spending as a way to get out of the european crisis rhode island let's have a look at the european markets finishing up nearly two percent down and that was edging towards harper says downs and big losses i can tell you the cac france is around three percent down all day long let's move on to the other markets we've got you've got u.s. markets to show you they too were feeling the pressure from europe there in the
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first part of their trading day they've also got to mess to concerns kellogg's is down five percent they've had some bad figures come out today also whom are schools and while they're being investigated into bribery case more on that look at the russian markets with the day to finish up in the red state they want help why boiled prices we look at the stocks called and got on to well because of those low prices the biggest spender us care that she was down nearly two and a half percent magnate was bucking the trend they've done rather well in nearly performance says and getting on to those oil prices around all shipments to china for a month and a twenty two months in la and that's how the markets look for this hour i'll be back in about fifteen minutes to.
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well. sundance technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future coverage.


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