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from hero to zero the media on both sides of the atlantic lined up to smear julian assange spurred by his new show which airs its second edition here on r t in the next hour. democracy is no longer a swear word the message from dimitri medvedev and his last major kremlin speech as president. has vowed to continue political reforms in the fight against corruption if he's appointed prime minister more details just ahead. in other news fueling the fire n.g.o.s are accused of trying to incite foreign action in syria by publishing unconfirmed reports the likes of which help provoke military intervention in libya.
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but from our studios in central moscow you're watching r t with me and he said now it's good to have you with us two pm here in the russian capital one pm in to mask in syria but we begin with the media that once praised julian assange telling him as a hero for his work as a whistleblower has now drastically changed its tune after the view of his talk show here on our t.v. some say it's due to journalistic jealousy others believe the u. turn its political laura smith reports from london. it was one of the biggest scoops of all time ninety two thousand leaked logs detailing the bloody truths of the afghan war from the ground up shared exclusively with a handful of newspapers and sheeley in a soldier was its hero a nomad with no fixed address and a backpack full of secrets contacted some of the big mainstream players in the
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media markets and they were only too happy of course to piggyback off all of the greatest or perhaps the greatest leak of classified information in history the guardian has benefited hugely by the deal they made with. the leaks contains the material for dozens of stories in the new york times and the guardian in hunting their reputations as protectors of democracy and press freedoms back then the guardian newspaper what about fans of the original media partners called him an important figure a most interesting and unusual like in the year but now in the pages of the very same publication you think you've built it yes from here it says here a. great talent and nothing more than journalistic jealousy a useful idiots in the guardian but not job in the new york times with partners like these who needs enemies it staggers me to absolutely least you know me sort of floored so many journalists who really i think their job should be challenging
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authority their job should be preventing governments working in the dark seem to be so critical of somebody who's probably been with the most major issues in giving journalism a service and challenging power in recent years i saw says one reason he chose r.t. to broadcast his program is that other channels wouldn't let the people he wanted to interview say the things they wanted to say some say the resulting backlash on both sides of the atlantic is a way for publications of questionable integrity to whitewash their. images it really makes american media outlets feel good to be able to point to other media outlets and say oh work over there those are tools and instruments for state propaganda because when we do that they get you forget about an obscure you know their own role in disseminating state propaganda most notoriously in the lead up to the iraq war where for example the new york times did more than almost anybody to convince americans about the need to attack iraq based on
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a lie but even since then the model of the us media is very much to show faithful boyle teaches the us government and so it's really there's really a lot of irony in a park receiving this criticism in a further irony for the guardian its backlash seems to have seriously misjudged its readership comments in response to the article overwhelmingly supportive of our stars and his show and accuse the paper of bearing a childish grudge but best of three in the very worst it is. crucial political viewpoints taken by the mainstream media they don't like what the wiki cables have revealed they don't like what julian side represents because it really does threaten the perspective of mainstream media perhaps this latest and unintended scoop shows how so-called liberal media outlets like the guardian and new york times are anything but demonstrating instead an intolerance of those who
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don't play by their rules norris myth r.t. london. well you can watch the second edition of julian assange just talk show here in our next hour this time he'll be speaking to a philosopher and leftwing commentator slot which is rick and david horowitz a conservative writer and campaigner there's heated debate and a range of issues including wiki leaks liberty hasn't seen in the u.s. and the conflict between israel and the palestinians and don't forget if you've missed the previous program you can log on to a fun star con and watch the full version. now tackling corruption and continuing political reform have been cited as key priorities for russia by jimmy the imagery there is make his last major speech at the kremlin as president he has a range back to the american region in two weeks' time is expected to take over as prime minister was not cross lived archies really good news coverage been listening in to what the president had to say read our broad range of issues covered take us
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through what method of vision for the future of the country it. will basically keep focused on the things that have gone right over the last four years and things that have could have been done better for example such as education and the need to create new workplaces and in the city to bring more of the technologies into people's everyday lives and of course the improvement in spheres of medical services those are all things that always russian president said we still need to work on as well as of course pooling a lot of the still it's a good number of people are still living in the poverty level and of course the fight against corruption here is the need to make good at stake on the issue. of the nation china used to say the biggest problem is despising your enemy because we've declared war on corruption we know who our enemy is and we will not back down the first time in russian history we've created the right and legal tools to fight this well armed enemy and we will carry on this fight. but of course there are
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still some positives and those of course are the of the fact that russia's inflation level is the lowest it has been in four years as a matter of fact it's right where it was right before the economic crisis hit in two thousand and eight and it seems like russia is not dying out any longer as a lot of people have been warning that the level of the population level has not lessened over this year and recently did seem to be very very enthusiastic about this to go through in the ventral four years for the country what is really is the south meant of its own performance as president. that is absolutely right you started off in two thousand and eight when russia went through the course georgia's war with the city and then of course the economic crisis hit but there were obviously there were obvious improvements of it a lot of areas for example russia russia's relations with the united states the
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infamous reset button which seems to have been working just fine lately russia's ascension to w t o and also which really underlines that democracy is that is continuing to be one of the most important issues in russia's politics you call for people to be more active to participate in the civil society because fighting corruption is impossible from just from it just the top of the government is asking for everybody to take part in it this is what he had to say. direct democracy is no longer a swear word its prestige has been recovered and its prospects for our country have been restored to democracy it is no longer a swear word it has been recovered and its prospects for our country would have been restored as we speak i believe the political diversity and direction public involvement in politics will only help democracy develop and improve we will become stronger and more effective. of course that you have to remember that after the
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parliamentary elections there were protests in russia a lot of people have. say that political observers who may bring chaos recently did have said it is not so that and as a matter of fact education and active participation in the country's economy is something that will bring stability and as marcus to. search is a really good luzhkov reporting live from central moscow. as the conflict in syria rages on foreign agencies such as n.g.o.s have been quick to provide their own versions of what's happening these reports are often unconfirmed as the n.g.o.s themselves aren't held accountable for what they say but that doesn't stop nato from being swayed before and weighing in with deadly force. now. it was billed as a necessary humanitarian intervention requiring nato warplanes to rain bombs on libya before the u.s. led attack imo market alfie's forces. came
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unconfirmed allegations from western funded non-governmental organizations here who normally use them be on the rise in fact today we got information that made the gadhafi forces have been massing maisonette. these were stories seem to have particular. village and kill civilians a distinction according to a new report by the center for the study of interventionism many western n.g.o.s exaggerated the circumstances in libya to expedite the campaign led by america britain and france some admitted mistakes after the damage was done it would revert to the way we have just ignored it we have no way out of there because of employed mercenary forces a record of unfortunately we have seen. a very close relationship building up between certain big powerful and some thinking of human rights watch a mystery international supposed to an objective quality which monitored standards
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equally and of course doesn't excite these organizations as i see entering into an excessively cozy relationship with for example the united states government but also with other powerful question others over libya and over other issues. currently the most pressing issue in syria after more than a year of violence critics say western funded n.g.o.s appear to be following the same pattern the equivalent to like in libya only for human rights which is called the center for human rights has played exactly the same role they've made statements to the human rights council they alleged crime. and she creates tremendous heat a safe. country and they are. trying to secure a military intervention against syria along the lines of. or at least approved last
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year in order for connie to be arrested this year this infamous connie twenty twelve movie came from california based ngo invisible children it said the film aim to end the use of child soldiers and promote peace in the ugandan civil war but according to u.s. embassy cables posted by week in leaks invisible children provided uganda's authorities with intelligence in two thousand and nine that led to the arrest of several regime opponents i'm willing to. believe. that was not the one time that invisible children provided information. what else do we know in terms of their relations with the government. we know that. for the. prominent politicians they knew were supportive of their position in terms of supporting the bill to approach to come
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here and help promote. the bill was passed it was signed by the president and it paved the way for the introduction of u.s. troops into uganda n.g.o.s are not currently held accountable for the information they publish no matter how much collateral damage or scraps may cause left on regulated critics believe some non-governmental organisations will think you mean being away for conflict rather than i think it's possible it's very important parts of new york. china's prime minister is continuing his european tour which is now something in sweden in beijing is looking for backing from the nordic states for its big. to gain a foothold in the arctic region and its fastener g. resources let's get some analysis on this from francis long managing director of mycenaean holdings an investment company in can't thank you for joining us now after visiting iceland mining energy accords with the country there will the
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chinese premier be looking to strike similar deals in sweden on this visit. of course. you would give anything so i think. the size similar deal but i think in the key question the nordic sixty explosion i think speed with china. in fighting for resources. to. china never you find. because the arctic powers like. you. norway. we were not one. people would. be expression a strong. chinese now so china will have some tough people magically. china doesn't have any sovereign rights over our resources why is
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it getting a chance to play a role in the region's future at least trying to encourage it be overstretching itself. most definitely china's navy is not really not big enough to petro the arctic ocean as of now but. that will stop china's premier in trying to exercise some diplomatic reach even to the arctic ocean because china great now is the second largest economy and he has a stake in just about every economic issue and out explosion is basically in charge. and explore we need be i think countries able to extract give me new a well from it and of course the power was. just try to start everybody including china into getting a foothold in there but. china international way of passage of
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the northwest. has asia so. you can have a shorter route. to china to europe and also of the americas but but. but but the problem see i guess it's their bush who are trying to hold their own interest so it is a tough sell china also wants a spot on the arctic council but since its members can agree on how actually to divide the arctic between themselves how is china fit into that. well. i don't think the arctic council will allow china self yet but the other thing is. countries then they're really not in the. ocean really member is china's application for arctic membership was to be scuttled by canada.
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i neuer is europe because of the seal so the application be put. aside so it would take a long time for china to become a member but china has interests in maintaining the internet internationalization of the arctic ocean and also right of passage for for for chinese ships. because of global warming and i think the northwest passage is possible. china has not won one to pay canada or the us for the use of two right so i guess we're trying to. be fair game for every ad by the and if you don't have it it doesn't harm to fly for indeed china is a growing economic superpower doing deals there obviously very lucrative but some european worried about losing more influence to china. well.
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the. four go include conclusion we are for europe recession and china growing least eight percent a year. china oh pace europe economically soon or later maybe sooner. global community. except. for china's economic superpower and. with china rugged and opposed to china right francis long managing director of investment firm mycenaean holdings live with us on the line from hong kong thanks for your analysis. south sudan's president says that sudan has declared war on his state this comes as the un and e.u. have condemned a sudanese air strike on a border area and calls for an immediate end to hostilities the two states have been on the brink of all out war as soon as warplanes bombed
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a town in the south on monday killing a boy and injuring ten people and there's also been fierce fighting for weeks as the two countries struggle to resolve their border dispute since south sudan gained independence from the north less than a year ago the split followed two decades of civil war that claimed an estimated one and a half million lives but the separation led to disputes over oil there now has most of the reserves of the pipelines run through the north south sudan's president is currently visiting beijing in hopes of winning chinese investment on a new pipeline political analyst. says it's a development that offers hope for peace between two sides. it typically there is a conflict like these you know it's usually washington are european capitals getting in but here is a golden chance florina asian powers emerging economies to meet her in an important diplomatic intervention there to be shouldered you know the world order is changing
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otherwise if you leave it again started to go back to the security council where you know again france and britain and yourselves want to farms i'm going to resume action against one of the other side what exactly finance or writing somebody it's back to square one and whether it's china india or malaysia will become not what engine even jointly do something to end this conflict which is not benefiting anybody the west has no state because the worst mining companies are going out of the game altogether it's watching a bystander because of u.s. sanctions on sudan since the gulf war and we got the genocide charges and the western emphasis on the lot of crimes committed by president bashir there has been total lack of access for best in corporations so it's interesting that even south sudan we just created. western support any intervention at the international level is increasingly turning to china and your money here to resolve the problem you're not going to ask you know washington are the europeans for it so i think china i
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would say historically more will come. from countries which have been sudan as nothing would rather you know a piece of land with a lot of oil underneath the site. israeli officials say they're serious way to attack iran over fears the islamic state might be developing nuclear weapons despite having an undeclared nuclear capability itself israel is trying to persuade the international community to apply more pressure on iran which insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only as our correspondent paula say reports is here israel has felt provide enough protection from its own citizens if a regional war does break out. the move any family lives in the full range of gaza for years. they complained to the government they had no shelter to protect them from her some rockets fired by her masts but this poor immigrant town wasn't a top priority for tel aviv far from it ponting yakov to eventually build a shelter himself to protect his family we went through some very tough years we
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used to worry all the time every time we left the house we were in danger when we went to the store to school or to work it took a direct hit on your courthouse five years ago before the government finally woke up and bought him a shelter opposite the one he really built himself now across israel's closest city to gaza there are bomb shelters in the street on sports fields and insurance playgrounds with a cleverly disguised like this one but that won't reassure the rest of the country in the event of a conflict with a much bigger threat of iran it could have spoiled the role of government. war. difficult poor girl in the civilian population. for a showoff war critic of war crimes. probably a corporate action we've got one point seven million people that have been good insurance. we've got three and a half million people it's even good guess miska israelis themselves are skeptic
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about the country's ability to defend itself many still remember iraqi scud missiles landing in the center of israel some twenty years ago and this caving government report issued months ago suggests the home front is woefully unprepared and the government. doesn't want to call or peacemakers want to put the public into panic but i think the public observes. does not believe when the strike is even in other words people would've have gone crazy the experts say any israeli military strike is very likely to draw any rain in retaliation the target of which is no secret this is the city that iran has threatened to pummel with miss. souls in response to any israeli attack but many of the public bomb shelters here are dusty and neglected and whereas in previous times of tension tel aviv distributed gas masks many of those mosques remain in storage we don't know why they are talking
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about it so much that's why i think there won't be a war because we are talking about it i don't think there will be a world because i think government is. going to doing nothing prepares citizens for the situation if someone will bore me i don't know or i need one. which has many wondering what exactly tel aviv has planned up its sleeve if a government will merely. kurds to be a war. they would do things differently or at least prepared a public policy r t tel aviv. but look now at some more world news and grief egypt has denied permission to eight u.s. based nonprofit groups to operate in the country the social affairs ministry says it's denied licensed licenses i should say to american organizations because it's believed the group's activities violated state sovereignty and could cause further damage to car was relations with washington last year gyptian authorities raided
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the offices of several american pro-democracy groups and other n.g.o.s charged sixteen american activists with working for organizations that received illegal foreign funding. china's president has strong ties with north korea despite an international outcry over the north's recent felt rocket launch whose been found made that show of friendship in a meeting with the workers parties delegation headed by a top north korean envoy on monday meanwhile the u.s. says it has raised allegations with china that a missile launcher seen in crying in military show last week was of chinese origin south korea also says there are signs that north korea may be planning a third nuclear test. that's prime minister mark group a house handed in his resignation after the collapse of government talks over austerity measures he stepped down along with his cabinet after a debate on state pension cuts ended in crisis the talks were aimed at slashing the
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country's budget by sixteen billion euros in an attempt to meet e.u. rules ratings agency fitch has warned the netherlands may lose its aaa status over the debt crisis one of the few remaining eurozone states to hold that top three. time now to find out what's happening in the world of money then you'll bushell joins us and how has that crisis hit the markets today the only reason the story really exploded yesterday sending more gets into freefall it's now a question of recovering from monday when frankfurt over three percent in paris was also recovered the full so so the. off the negative reaction to the socialist candidates good results in the presidential election so all is mixed after seeing losses because all that bad news coming out of global growth russia's top oil is reportedly in talks with italy's amy to drill in the black sea rules and it's looking for an expertise to tap your hold to access deposits comes out of the firm
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agreed to explore all the old any and america's. the euro is once again losing to the dollar not surprising considering that use following earlier games and the russian ruble gaining against the main currencies markets here in moscow are mixed of the same positive corporate quarterly results let's check may move six has announced higher than expected production for one. to drilling and it's called the oil fields in iraq and. its first quarter revenues almost doubled gear on the year all companies will be reviewed and if necessary quickly dropped in the president's words it will form part of his promise to leave business alone including minimizing the number of reports and licenses to be filled in a speech just an hour ago when he said they the simply gathered dust on the shelves of the takes office and the corporate news russia's new richest man ownership played three billion dollars for control of the country's second biggest mobile
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operator megaphone firm also agreed to pay dividends for the first time head of an expected initial public offering on the footsie this drop today in the some more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business all right looking forward to that thanks for that update danielle. going to take a short break here on r.g.p. and i'll be back with headlights stay with us. when you force spring over seas it's my great story birds will come home to roost. when they're massive and hungry. sympathy which is way to call the motions. towards those who live on the current economic.
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movement. the be lubed. from the big. bang. the books. come up. good are sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then a glimpse something else you should hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't come i'm sorry welcome to the big picture .


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