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tv   [untitled]    April 24, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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developments from around russia we've got the future. hello live from r.t. h.q. in central moscow let me bring up today the headlines tonight is kevin know it here this hour mainstream media lashing out at their former favorite whistleblower julian assange resorting to personal insults after his if you show debuted here on our team you've got a second program showing again later on today. also in the news president elect with even a putin picks outgoing leader to me trip to replace him as head of russia's ruling party has also given the final kremlin speech abused. and explained that n.g.o.s are trying to incite foreign intervention in syria the organizations are accused of publishing unconfirmed reports similar to those which helped provoke international
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military action in libya. next more informed comment the israeli deputy foreign minister talks to us and tells us just how far his country might go when it comes to iran. with me i have danny i know and the deputy israeli foreign minister thank you very much for joining us here on our pleasure to be here is israel preparing for war with iran. israel is not preparing for war in iran because we believe you run can be stopped through diplomatic and economic means iran use a very vulnerable and weak country economically politically socially but it all depends on a united front by the entire international community and if the indeed there will be enforced biting sanctions we will not need to resort to any other means
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so why all of the war rhetoric coming from government well. mostly it is media reports so we are not responsible for that however we do emphasize that iran he's a threat. not only to israel but to begin tire of the international community you've spoken for harsher sanctions on iran what sanctions just making radio national's close rank and support a government more fervently you know and this is a challenge that we have to address and we have been addressing you because we have nothing against the great iranian people the persian people in fact when you talk about the israeli. jewish persian relations or actually extending over thousands four thousand years to reach cultures with histories and relations what we see here today with these timestream is an aberration and certainly they
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can be stopped but for that we need everybody on board and if we do this if we have anybody everybody on board they will yield because there's during. as fanatic there's the ayatollah regime in tehran is they are not totally irrational when it comes to be around political survival but if you're not successful in getting everyone on board will israel go to war and. again it's very important to emphasize that you're running the threat to all of us in the international community we are part of it and i would heed very much and pay attention to what president obama said after his meeting with prime minister netanyahu last month in washington and that is iran he's a threat to the national security of the united states and that iran will not become a nuclear and no option is off the table and bombs of ministration looks reluctant
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to make a decision about a strike on iran do you think a republican government will be more decisive we know distinguish between democrats or republicans we see only america whoever is in the white house and the administration have first. american interests and american security would you like to see the u.s. support a strike on iran this is something that we do not to discuss publicly of course and again i would say. our interests is. to have avoided any confrontation and i believe we can do it through a coordinated concerted effort by the international community he said as israel's ambassador to the united states until two thousand and six at a time when bush was in power do you think it was easier for israel to deal with the united states back then not necessarily israel or the united states or the best
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friends and allies based on a long history of shared values and common interests maybe some bumps on the road but this. is between the best between the you know in the best families you have some arguments which is very very natural and if you don't have arguments something is wrong that means maybe you're not honest with one another so i do not see any daylight between us and washington is the israeli lobby in the united states we could now maybe a case could be no i don't think that i took in matters of law being quite honestly and being in the united states for many years you don't need much much less be a visit to forty one out of the fifty states and you see out of washington the great support for israel but israel acted without the united states when deciding
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what to do with the band is really a sovereign country we take our own decisions and we certainly have our capabilities to defend ourselves in the us it would not support a strike on iran but if it's all had to go that route what would that mean for the race israeli relations this is very hypothetical but. i will not answer this question except to say that in the past when it came to matters of national security. everybody understood that we are. responsible for our own future and just a year and in fact being in washington. the americans do not expect us to share technical or operational details this is something which each country's sovereignty its own and in fact we have done it in the past whether it was.
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the. operation on the illegal nuclear reactor of saddam hussein in eighty one. and many other self-defense operations or would this is not going to be an issue. between are something that instance the united states is really hated in many parts of the muslim population do you think that by having such a close relationship with israel it is jeopardizing its international standing even further. not at all. there are many who say that. israel is so much attacked politically and so much incitement against israel in the arab and muslim world. because we were present western the mall chrissy's and western civilization so it's kind of the other way around and indeed unfortunately in the muslim in the arab world there have been some brainwashing for
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generations by islamist elements by. palestinians and they do not see the facts there is only one narrative. which is kind of a block for them for real opening their minds and hearts to somebody which is different to someone who somebody which really wants their. benefits. in that respect i believe all of us are in the same basket whether it's the united states whether it's europe whether it's russia or whether it's israel israel is still to have seven hundred nuclear weapons and it is the one who threatens to strike iran so who is the real danger in the region usually is the only country in the world that has been threatened by other forces. to be exterminated we on the other hand have never threatened anyone else israel has
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a very very clear position that we will not be the first to introduce a nuclear weapon if you are in the middle east we keep these. policy and. you may say i'm a big. position for decades and this is also a matter of their highest national interest. policy for ambiguity is one of the cornerstone of our policy so to compare the situation or to compare israel with any other country is just wrong cannot compare apples to oranges what about this country's ever increasing self isolation which is considered a major failure of israel's foreign policy well this is something that i'd like to take issue with i'm not at all feeling that we are isolated and you cannot really measure isolation only by your rhetoric from some opposing countries or not even
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by resolutions in the united nations in the united nations and other. international organizations the arabs and the muslims unfortunately have these sort of magical jordi so no matter what the past would be against us but in real terms when it comes to trade science cooperation investments. by electronic visits we are not isolated quite the contrary you've lost egypt and turkey as close allies well this is something that has to be looked through the internal situations. turkey i'm not sure it's a matter of turkey's really it's a matter of turkey. and the international community where it is in the future because it's going to move towards. west or east how are you going to cope with the islamization of wealth africa and the middle east where this is something that has
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to be done not by us but more and mostly by the societies which are going to serve . and the other international community members. do you feel that western nations involvement in the revolutions in egypt and libya have created problems for israel well it's created problems for the entire order in the middle east and beyond and. actually we have to remember that the root cause was the dysfunctionality in the arab world and what we see a military invasion in syria. there i'm not sure that there is much wherewithal in the international community to do anything in terms of intervention however i believe that if i can draw back the attention to iraq putting more pressure on iran also will help the people in syria is it good for israel if assad forces. i think
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first and foremost it's good for the people of syria secondly i believe it will be good for all the sunni governments in the region there is a sad day is the stude wealthy iran so certainly certainly any other. responsible governing power in syria would be better but are you not concerned with having another islamised and made regime as a neighbor absolutely absolutely this is of course so for concern but at the moment the greatest problem that we have these can run so i believe that we can in. the grip of a few run over syria that would be the interest of all the people in the middle east the people of syria and of the international community any i have on the
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deputy israeli foreign minister thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. thank you. but there are actually innocent. allies across the face of christ and that's never a. mom a song from the skull still with me i think of it every day. i steal a flashlight from the memory. of so much so that a long time ago i'm just here trying to tell you. i was. i was ashamed that i didn't. i was ashamed that i had to make sure. i got my arm i got my legs i'm alive. in the mind. what i would
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like to be out of knowledge of. what i was going on once or i think. that i was a good soldier. but now i'm a soldier on the other side and i think i'm just in the good.
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story side mainstream media lash out of their former. favorite whistleblower julian assange is resorting to personal insults after his interview show debuted here on r.t. . also headlining president elect but in the potentates outgoing leader dimitri medvedev threw a place in the head of russia's ruling party but it's also given the final kremlin speech of his. own it's claimed that n.g.o.s are trying to incite foreign intervention in syria the organizations are accused of publishing unconfirmed reports similar to those which helped provoke international military action in libya this is r.t. now world sport.
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thank you very much kevin welcome to the world of sports and here is what we look coming up the spanish inquisition chelsea take a slender one nil lead to the newcomer as they take on paul's alone or for a place in the champions league final. final showdown dinallo moscow thrash album god clive to the level of the dollar in cup finals at three a pace the seven time deciding much now takes place in alums on wednesday. and goals will or will recap game week forty in the russian for emulate as their needs and pitches close in on a second successive title. but starting with football and boss alone and chelsea have just kicked off in the champions league semifinal second leg the london club lead one nil going into this march for the new camp the game is only a matter of minutes old it's currently goalless chelsea are looking to reach only their second ever champions league final the goal scoring hero from last week to be a drop starts after missing the draw at arsenal on saturday chelsea have lost to the catalan side in the last six meetings while another game just kicking off is in
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the english premier league where aston villa are looking to avoid being dragged into the relegation battle second bottom points and other visitors to villa park in control of the gap to the hosts to three points with a win but it also goalless in the early stages. now the draw has been made for this summer's olympic football tournament in london host great britain and taking part for the first time since one thousand nine hundred seventy two troopers his men will begin with a tie against senegal at old trafford on july the twenty sixth before taking on the united arab emirates at wembley a europe wide in cardiff in the other groups mexico will play schiavone switzerland and south korea you always dangerous brazil are up against egypt valorise and new zealand while world champions spain a group that just. honduras and morocco. has a very hard situation in egypt even a political situation would have to give you a good picture for all and you have to fight for our language to get all the world
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that was still alive we have some young guys that really love this country and this is a. big motivation to play in in london in front of the world anymore for president sepp blatter says the preparations for the world cup in brazil in two thousand and fourteen are on course despite the fact that some host cities are doing and i quote exactly what they promised it not for secretary jerome valcke a said that will need a kick up the backside and made allegations that stadium development and infrastructure improvements are falling behind schedule the country's deputy minister of sport remains confident that all the work will be completed by the time the tournament kicks off and blatter admits the logistics of hosting the competition in such a large country are making life difficult in the different cities and they have not followed exactly what they have promised to do so no.
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a lot of time to recuperate this is the one site it's not only just seen here it's also the hotels and the routes the roches airport. but they are doing well now it's been a long hard kontinental hockey league season and it's just got a little bit longer because don imus go have tied the guarin cup finals with armed guards at three three it means a decisive seventh game as robert daniel reports. from the the rink on the brink of survival lionel's being just one step away from making the greatest comeback in the during his three that's what's been keeping on the job there see it this week. the boon whites were trailing one guard three one in the final best of seven series but holding their second it we were in on sc came out on home ice on monday steely
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eyed just seconds into the game that holds first line lead their fury out yeah new camaro netting here one nil whatever the visit there is some showed they were up for the boy mark in school or tipping in the cool eyes or. just. to lose the biggest game of their lives in their own city was something the blue and whites didn't even want to contemplate these muscle of the men who'd england ahead you won. the fans also doing their part especially netminder they sounded a good omen we discarded the hoax with stunning saves throughout and then just a minute from the first intermission believe not far from the blue line to make it three one the second period saw things get even worse for the visitors with their goal we got
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a drama being far from his best for one thing stood by the beginning of the third. never the less on guard refused to lie down. on notch in his brace to give the hawks in the reckoning four to eight me is from time now but their hopes were dashed once and for all when demanded when the sticks around more was who were a sixth man on the rink a decision which didn't pay off mike you like pouring into you know open net to lead a final score wife keep pleasure power stores and you know as well as we just managed to take advantage of their mistakes just like they did in the beginning of the series every game now is the story that we've both on edge we never have to concentrate on the seventh game which is going to be tough. for the third time in its four year history the dairy cup finals will need a seventh game with
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a stain the all will do not become the first team from the west to lift the trophy will get the answer on wednesday and the house nast enormous progress morning on r.t. moscow. now russia's olympic silver medalist long jumper has been banned from competing for two years by the russian athletics federation it's always a failed drug test taken earlier this year and that's not won silver in athens in two thousand and four was completing under her maiden name of every surviving up to a last major achievement came in two thousand and eight when she finished at the world indoor championships in spain the substance the twenty nine year old turkey is classified under the world anti-doping agency list which covers of all experiments. basketball and to the n.b.a. where the bucs gave it everything to reach the playoffs but came up short while walking beating toronto on the night but were unable to get that final spot in the eastern conference which instead went to philadelphia the raptors sharing their
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bite early with davis putting the visitors up by eight at the end of the first ones ellis kept the whole thing in it by hitting seventeen points despite an injury to his shooting hand he's only three points out of the day cutting the lead to all points in the second ellis is back or teammate brandon jennings pouring twenty five points the twenty two year old handing the boks an eight hundred seventy nine lame duck to converting a three point play on any a soldier also a huge contributor for the box with nineteen points and fifteen rebounds ninety two eighty six milwaukee the final school for the bucs to miss out on the postseason party. now to baseball row one of the legends of the game has called time on his career twenty one years after making his debut for the texas rangers fourteen time all-star catcher even rodriguez has announced his retirement although he says he will remain in the sport in some capacity. which is going to be very.
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very you have. been doing and saying we are going to. be hard. while. your very very much don't worry be you. now let's return to football and after game week forty in the russian a premier league's innings impeaches all good champions once more despite a two two draw are can one cross in the dark now if you missed any of the goals we're not because it's time for goals cool. live. let. live . live.
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live. live. live. live. live live . live
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. well that is always full of an album is plenty more like they were not saved. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture.
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wealthy british style. is not on the title. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on our. minds in washington would be soon which bryson if you knew about song from finest impressions.


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