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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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a surge of anti islam sentiment in the u.k. inspired by norway's mass killer on there is putting a big leads to fears a similar attacks could take place in britain. fresh crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in bahrain and a lack of condemnation from western governments prompts questions over their selective approach to the arab spring revolves. around coffee anon warns of violence in syria continuing despite the spread ceasefire stressing an urgent need for the expansion of the human observer mission of their. own thanks for joining r t where we broadcast to you live twenty four hours seven days a week while the trial of self-confessed mass killer on their sobriety continues so
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there are fears last year's massacre in norway might one day be repeated in other european countries and u.k. anti-fascist group has warned his anti islam rhetoric could be inspiring extremist followers worldwide and more must be done to stop it and in britain where a number of towns consider to be hotbeds of the far right the trend is especially worrisome arches over bennett reports. this is considered the breeding ground of far right to extremism in the u.k. so into a large muslim community but also to the english defense league who are now considered one of the most dangerous groups of the global county jihad movement it started as a gang of football hooligans and then just three years its ranks have swelled to more than seventy thousand all united against what they call the threat to his land the same ideology. he inspired norwegian mass murderer anders behring breivik and
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now it's on the rise according to a report by a u.k. anti fascism group a worldwide counter jihad network has surged since predicts attacks with over one hundred far right groups in europe alone it names e.t.l. leader tommy robinson a key figure given that they just some far left organization again hate say things that when we express how we feel we're called far right extremists so you say you're not far right wonderful right now i'm not for any right none of my views for follow islam is for islam they speak or it's not is responsible for a thousand nine hundred terrorist attacks of september eleventh there were about one in one man breivik praised the deal in his manifesto calling them a blessing campaigners fear these views could inspire a similar attack in britain if the government doesn't crack down soon matthew collins is a former far right fascist who's now switched sides we've being our government for
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two years as for separately on the so you must. you must view the deal as we do the radical islamic groups the problem is that they inspire people they organize people they fill people's head with numbers and there are people in the deal who actually do think they are some kind of religious crusaders often extremist groups can be the trigger for somebody to do something something quite unpleasant quite nasty britain is considered a hotbed of far right extremism with sixteen anti islamic groups operating here the report classes the british freedom party is one of them is chairman paul western it was another cited by brick highlighting a blog that claimed the west is fighting a european civil war against islam but i'm not saying go out and commit violence and the most astonishing thing about this for me is it is the whole breivik thing has been picked up picked up on by the media with no documentary evidence of any
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so-called right wing movements say go out there and shoot. when the islam is clear that you'll blog posts as an inspiration to him amongst other several of these are these are simply that they may well be an inspiration to but we cannot do you know we cannot say nothing simply because that might be some psychopath somewhere in europe groups like the british freedom party and the e.t.l. still aren't considered far right all extremists by the or thora sees the two recently joined forces and planned to run in the next round of local elections the worry for anti fascist campaigners is that they could attract support on the bennetts r.t. luton. and from the rise of far right ideology in europe to left wing views there and in the us that and much more in the second edition have join us in center of the show here on r.t.e. you can watch the program that's caused
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a media storm on both sides of the atlantic on our our website. if you're just joining r.t. it's five minutes past the hour and by her and security forces are showing no signs of letting up on pro-democracy protesters firing tear gas and water cannon at hundreds of marching in the capital they are long uprising intensified during a last weekend's formula one grand prix with anti regime activists using it to attract global attention but as if you know girlish go reports on once the race finished foreign scrutiny also hit the brakes. for centuries it has been known as the pearl of the persian gulf but recent months have seen behind
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a lose its luster. violence between the country's shia muslim majority population and the sunni minority in government threatens not just to do real behind but send shock waves through other nations that are heavily invested in the islands of stability such as the united states the dilemma of the u.s. faces and bahrain is a tough one on the one hand washington feels at least obliged to say something about the continuing standoff between the protesters and the police on the other hand behind his home to the u.s. fifth fleet the largest american base in the oil rich gulf region just a stone's throw away from iran and to lose an ally as valuable as bahrain would be disastrous for washington. politicians wasted no time in jumping on the arab spring bandwagon with fiery condemnations of the regimes in countries like egypt
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libya and syria. suspiciously flies below. the bahraini regime is playing a very dangerous game now of course it's a majority against its own government and seeing a very sort of the end of days many people are expecting now of course there are huge arms deals with american british dealers that the bahraini government will be able to use against the protesters the american government lost no time to criticize russia's interest in syria but field to explain why it is fifty three million dollars arms sales contract with the green even a year after bloody crackdown on protesters on the island one cannot deny the fact that this is a very important for the interests of the united states that the king remains in power and that there is. by the king and his people to crush any.
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democratic calls for example for the removal of the american bases from this part of the world as any country any sovereign country would wouldn't want them bases on its territory when it's not necessary but want to have a foreign base in its shores for years the countries rulers feared iran which lead claim to the islands several times the last being in one nine hundred seventy one having more than four thousand american military personnel on the ground may be viewed by the bahraini government as insurance. but for some it's out of date and running out of time the irony about the persian gulf dictatorships is they don't really need to be submissive at all they do have energy power and the facts of these persian gulf dictators continue to be so. to washington and even london displays what kind of colonial mentality must surround these dictatorships families
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being left alone to sort out a solution isn't easy but behind. insist they at least acknowledge transgression against their own civilians in the ugly scenes between protesters and police was that a human rights violations and behind us but they were human rights violations in america there were human rights violations and the thing that all of the saying is that allowed no it's not a law. we are working. today and we're here in whichever direction bahrain may be heading the west seems to be the other way in the matter how high the cost for these islands people. go r.t. the crane. still had on the program a revolt against austerity about lead to a dutch just start a report on how going against the euro crisis time calls to government to collapse leaving a caretaker prime minister to do it desperately try to save the country. also
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coming up in sports next hour conquering of the elements we follow a team of young explorers to one of the coldest regions on earth as they ski to the north pole and have plenty of fun along the way. thousands of american and filipino troops are staging military drills on an island near the disputed territory with china it's despite warnings from beijing about the exercise could lead to confrontation the u.s. has been boosting its presence in the asia pacific region a strategy seen as an attempt to challenge china's growing influence in the area asia times roving correspondent pepe escobar is in the studio with me papa thanks for being with us today so a mock assault to retake an island in disputed waters surely the u.s. and the philippines must see how that will irritate china what's going on well it's true and that's the strategy of divide and rule the southeast asian countries
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they have a mechanism called plus three includes china japan and south korea so they can this disputes that trade commerce and even military disputes they can settle in the stable you do need to show we'll put the naval exercise in they try to do both the . diplomacy which is the case so it is a provoke action obviously and last week china warned that the drills will raise the risk of a military confrontation how likely is that you know the norse's last year when even before obama launched the. strategic pivoting from the middle east to. asia which is not a pivoting anymore because the us will never relinquish their bases from the middle east to central asia what the pentagon used to call the arc of instability right hillary clinton published an article in november last year call america's pacific
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century which is not the last one it's actually the twenty first so you know it's a concerted white house state department cia pentagon agenda and the agenda is confrontational and militaristic disapproval includes more troops in australia the ones are those americans are going to australia not to surf but to engage in some slightly more elite all right. probably another base in the philippines in the short term in sightseeing and the more city especially between the philippines and vietnam against china and the leadership in beijing they can see through with they already anticipated in fact ten years ago before nine eleven i think it's important that we backtrack before nine eleven ten years ago during nine eleven a few days afterwards the chinese saw that they had a window of opportunity of twenty years to cross and straight on internal development we doubt any provocation from the west this window is gone in ten years
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so now this people thing means. that. that goal pst that never existed in fact is all completely over so obama put america in a kind of psychoanalytic divide and they say ok your trauma is over now let's go centric in our competitor in our biggest competitor is china the problem is instead of devising a strategy of a non confrontational strategy which is something that you can read even in a book by its big brzezinski for instance his latest book is not confrontational towards china and brazil is a higher up in washington intellectual circles or both of those. the pentagon and he launches what is essentially a military confrontation is small motion so you can only imagine what's ahead specially if we have. good or not so good friend mitt romney as president do you think that the u.s. is going to remain sort of a white knight if confrontation does start if it does begin no that of course
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they're not crazy enough to start a war in the south china sea what they want to do is to keep provoking china because the south china sea not only in terms of being a national strategic interest to china is a very important oil and gas tanker routes so every scene that includes the arabian sea the south china sea and the western pacific which china sees as the immediate area of influence and the area of interest the u.s. navy is going to be there and they will be looking for trouble that's for sure now the strategy in the region is that only about contesting chinese influence this u.s. strategy basically yes because what does the u.s. have to offer. countries for instance at the moment in fact the only thing they are being offered to is me on martel and i'm coming here any invest in us because we
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are in our semi democracy nobody's buying that. she herself she knows that she can buy that because she was allowed once again a small window of exposure it's not that myanmar now is of democracy very far but it's a very ruthless military data ship there was also very wily and very clever if we open a little bit these americans and europeans who come begging to invest in our country . gas minerals strategic reserves you know a population that is relatively well educated so it's great what the us is actually offering these countries. include the vietnam the philippines singapore indonesia nothing so what's the next move in your view what what can now happen to make this all sort of go away look i hate no no crystal balls i think if we stick to the facts on the ground. the possibilities of
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a spark turn into something much more complicated. you have the myriad areas you have the yellow sea you have those troops still in south korea you have the american troops still in japan you have more troops in the philippines you have american troops in australia maybe one day we could have a small confrontation in the strait of malaka for instance so it's part of the move towards a multiple the world that's being contested by washington almost in a blind fury because the they don't have the intellectual equipment to try to reorganize themselves to being one power among many other regional powers in asia and in eurasia that includes of course that includes the basic is russia and china from a pentagon point of view no it's don't forget that the official doctrine in washington the pentagon doctors call full spectrum dominance many people think that we made
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that up no it's in the two thousand and two national security strategy actually it includes full domain of let's go all over again air land sea cyber space in outer space all right well asia times roving correspond then that's purpose of our thank you very much for being the. international peace envoy kofi anon has warned there is still an unacceptable level of violence in syria despite the agreed ceasefire he also called for a speedier deployment of an advance team of u.n. monitors that would verify reports of bloodshed by both the government and armed rebels and as artie's gun education reports the observers mission as a crucial part of any peace process. kofi annan has expressed particular alarm at reports that government troops entered the syrian city of hama firing automatic weapons and said if confirmed the firing is unacceptable earlier the spokesman for the envoy said the syrian government is not fully complying with the plan which was
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generally supported by the international community in which the syrian government claims it remains committed to the plan stressed the need to withdraw army tanks from populated areas and according to the un envoy they have satellite images which show that the tanks are still on the ground and that is seen as a violation of the six point plan but in order to get a full picture of what's going on satellite images are not enough and kofi annan stressed the need to increase the number of international observers on the ground to one hundred by the end of the month earlier the u.n. security council approved the deployment of three hundred un observers the fore front group if you want observers is already in syria and everyone agrees that the u.n. needs more eyes on the ground to make sure that all sides of the conflict are doing their part because the plan addresses government forces as well as opposition forces and you do have people there who don't like the plan the opposition has not come up with a common response or whether they're going to engage in a dialogue with the government to work out
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a political solution to the crisis and that dialogue is also part of the plan as far as the u.s. washington says it supports the plan but at the same time they kind of expect it's failure here is what secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. is preparing for the potential failure of kofi annan plan to end the violence in syria and will take additional steps against the syrian government if it does russia on the other hand sees kofi annan plan as the only way to bring about peace in syria and the you want observer mission as crucial to verify whether everyone is committed to it just this tuesday the rebels blew up an army truck in damascus there have been several attacks around damascus in the same day all targeted at the security forces several people were killed so you still have well armed militia there who are of course no match to the syrian army but according to the plan they to have to abide by they to have to stop killing. artie's so vision of a nazi spoke to my discourse the president of the european center for geo political
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analysis who believes media manipulation played a large part and escalating the syrian conflict the full interview is coming your way in the next hour but here's a quick look. when it comes to syria you have to take into account the most important factor which are the media i mean the media manipulation of the conflict the t.v. channels well i don't want to. make them an advertisement here but like al-jazeera or. i which are definitely working for the cause of the rebuilds there and which are making fake science or even i have some real books that i would use for creating artificial sense hold for fighting itself there are pressures from the government to force. we know perfectly know about. this part of the opposition which is let's say devoted to the goals of peaceful
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transformation of this is the end of economical transformation of the change of the social policing is not using guns and rifles. if you're just joining our team it is a three twenty year in moscow media hypes growing around comments made by russia's chief of general staff over iran's nuclear capability make our mikado of what was being interviewed for our g.'s spot light program when news outlets seized on his remarks about whether posed a threat tom barton explains what was really set. the general was interviewed and asked about the possible threat from a number of countries regarding specifically nuclear threats nuclear missiles including north korea and iran and general mccurry of the head of the armed forces general staff said that yes that threat was indeed always present and that without
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specifying directly iran a number of countries could possibly present that threat we have been closely monitoring the nuclear capabilities of many countries and they could do and we are aware that many countries they were admitted having a nuclear arsenal they actually had one if there was no doubt of nuclear weapons fall into the hands of extremists what will seriously compromise international security but we conducted a joint assessment with our u.s. counterparts which prove that the threat is a realistic one that iran involved at the moment with heated an ongoing diplomatic exchanges regarding its nuclear ambitions and it is that threat that is central in the u.s. reasoning behind its missile defense plans in eastern europe the general was keen to state that it has long been russia's position that the pursuit of a missile defense shield against these possible threats should be pursued together with russia u.s.
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nato plans to put that missile shield in eastern europe without russian involvement would result in responses both diplomatic and military because of the undermining of russia's nuclear capability that full interview will be played tomorrow on r.t. and you can watch it here throughout the day. and we're also bringing you full coverage of the eurozone financial crisis on line r.t. dot com and there's plenty more there too including tumbler or terrorist find out why u.s. security staff suspected it might be the latter detaining a young girl for questioning. also online this risky maneuver known as the sandwich is said to be performed for the queen by the prestigious of kremlin at classroom school see more of the stunts and read about the special occasion out partying dot com.
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the caretaker dutch prime minister is still test spirit to push through budget cuts and has called on lawmakers to help the government collapse on monday when mark rather resigned as a fail to agree on painful measures demanded by brussels the political crisis has already been described as a revolt against enforced you are sterile the u.k. based journalist and blogger neil clark says there's every chance now that the netherlands will abandon the euro which he believes would be disastrous for the single currency. the big divide of course europe and not just good in the south but in the north as well is between the people and the elite the people have had enough of austerity and they're now being told that because of this absolutely insane if you school act which was agreed at the end of last year that they've got to be fifteen billion in cuts but fifteen billion cuts in government spending and
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basically will destroy the whole and you will destroy the economy it will destroy the good life that the dutch people have been used to over the years and unsurprisingly the dutch are saying it's enough all and will to leave the euro and that's not such of a far fetched idea you know that it might have appeared if you. years ago but it really is game over because holland has been a strong ally of germany in the kind of drive towards the euro. basically the dutch people are going to be the important players here because they are being offered to keep this euro going to make enormous sacrifices and why should they this is what people are saying and so i think it's easy and. it's business time with marina hello there marina just two weeks after getting together with exxon mobil it looks like we're also now is about to bring in another international partner yes that's right carol in fact russia's a biggest oil for him is that support more muscle behind its plans to develop
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offshore deposits now we're talking about rosneft of course and it's behind in suit in fact sign in the green went later in the day that's what we're expecting with its release and me now the two companies and sent to work together in the oil fields of the arctic and the black sea and it's not the terms of the agreement will be similar to those with exxon mobil the italian company is expected to get a minority stake that's over thirty percent in the exploration ventures and in return it will bring technical know how and shoulders some of the up front investment costs. right on track with currencies as you can see there the euro is still gaining against the dollar and when it comes to the ruble it's also getting that gets of both major currencies now if we move on and cycle of what's happened in europe markets there are all breeds we can see there that would go both the footsie and the facts on the back with the with the dax in fact i've been over on
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the percent this hour and investors haven't really been shaken up by the fact that we heard that the british economy has strong for the second consecutive quarter and its g.d.p. was lowered by zero point two percent normally that's something that would really shake up investors but it had no a factor was so ever now if we move on to russia. picture here as well all the numbers are positive they're basically tracking overseas against we see that the arts yes is added point the six percent this hour similarly with the y. six and so this is all we have time for this hour kitty pilgrim will have the next update for you carrie all right thanks for having arena our interview is only a few minutes away after a wrap up of our top stories with me. culture
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is that so much of the taxpayers' money i mean hundreds of years never a real mystery if not more to deny something more than is happening in french politics with president bush not oppose the fighting for his political life what is the future. wealthy british scientists i'm told some time to practice. in. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on
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. the most influential serious technology innovations all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. just see. this. coming. up.


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