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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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a chain of explosions rips through a city in eastern ukraine leaving dozens injured in what police say are terrorist attacks. u.s. congress waves through the new cyber security bill that will let internet firms hand over people's personal damage to the government freedom activists call it the end of online privacy. and friends in germany calls to rid resurrect old borders threats just on the e.u. back in time with one's own bureaucrats turning on brussels to no bid to escape voter fury. running battles in montreal see eighty five more students arrested in the and creasing li violent face off over a rise in tuition. oh
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you're watching live from moscow words four pm it's three pm in kiev and we have breaking news this hour a series of blasts hit the city of new proposed in eastern ukraine on friday morning injuring twenty seven people the latest reports put the number of explosions out for the first blast occurred around noon noon at a tram stop five people were reportedly injured as a result there the device is said to have been planted in a trash can forty minutes later a second explosion struck near a movie theater hurting some seven people next to more blasts went off in quick succession also in the city center a criminal investigation how the launch what use are casting a terror attack one of the latest live from our correspondent in ukraine a look see yourselves coming up shortly here on our team.
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in other news soon americans may find that every private e-mail they write could be opened copied and inspected by government snoopers the latest attempt to push through a cybersecurity bill called cispa has passed a major hurdle having been approved by the house of representatives to canon washington explains why internet users and civil liberties groups are furious. cisco would make it legal for service providers like google microsoft facebook to funnel private communications and other user related information to u.s. authorities it would provide the government with unhindered access to private correspondence of every american and mind you it's not just the americans using their services we're talking about your net users from all over the world so that would be done in the name of cyber security they called it cyber intelligence sharing and protection act critics argue who does protect is those providers the likes of microsoft google and others and there is strongly lobbying for the law because analysts say it's not like the companies are not sharing information with
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u.s. authorities already and your correspondence cannot be monitored it can't but under existing laws the companies can still be liable for sharing private information of their customers so experts say the companies want legal protection for what they're already doing that's what the proposed law is about sopa was a different story for them service providers heavily lobbied against it because it would hit their businesses it would easily allow to shut down you tube for example they hold tons of copyrighted material anyway so paul was killed in congress largely because of the huge awareness campaign launched by service providers but from consumer's point of view whether it's sold pot or cispa it's seen as a blatant encroachments on privacy and freedoms so who would have given unprecedented tools to shut down websites cisco would allow to effectively legalize the big brother on the web again it's not as if private correspondence is not being monitored already but would cispa americans would be stripped of their last legal
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means to protect their privacy on the web. well the most alarming aspect about says but is the fact that it potentially has the power to eclipse existing laws that protect people's privacy that's according to declan mccullagh a correspondent from c. net news the most controversial section of the system is the language that said notwithstanding any other portion of law companies can share in for what they want as long as it's for what they call a cybersecurity purpose now we have laws on the books that like a prime privacy laws federal education records laws medical records laws laws protecting the privacy of gun owners perhaps all these laws exist for a reason and so it's kind of weird to say we're just going to ignore each one of this becomes kind of this law that trumps the other ones a super law and let's it let's at least have more debate about that damage to the house leadership than even while amendments you know moments were proposed to get
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rid of that language that by itself is the most worrisome section. well we're always keen to get your take on our stories today are to go on come out how far do you think the legislation will actually get. to look at what you've said so far most voters nearly forty percent think this bill will eventually spread its influence beyond the u.s. with other states adopting similar laws just under a third say washington will adopt the bill only after the presidential election and the rest are equally divided between thinking that obama will sponsor the senate vote or about a toned down version we'll take a fact let us know what you think long on to our t. dot com and cast your vote. on the way for you here on our t.v. it's hallmark sweet home after a trip to the heaven. that's right the belly of the space man have returned to earth on john thomas at russian mission control in corals and coming up we have all
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the details. and stealing the revolution from those who needed it most egypt's secular groups boycott the latest cairo protest saying they're being hijacked by power hungry islamists. but the euro zone's fourth largest economy has now been stripped of its prestigious a credit rating the mark of a top a condom me it comes as spain's unemployment rate soars to almost twenty five percent a figure dreaded by economists the rating agency behind the move standard and poor's warned that according to its figures things look set to get even worse for a sturdy bout in madrid the e.u. itself is calling for a new approach to resolving the euro crisis and the president of the european parliament even said the collapse of the union is for the first time ever a realistic scenario tests are sillier reports now on the cracks snaking sneaking
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through the once formidable. they say it's better to travel than to arrive but for european unity the ride has been bumpy to say the least and where could it be headed and know what the eurozone will implode a considerable number of economists admit as well the french of four and that the eurozone is already dead it will collapse. so says the candidate who surprised france by securing almost a fifth of the votes in round one of their presidential race all the other candidates without exception regard the european union as part of the solution or is the main solution she has identified and her campaign the fact that it's actually the cause of the problems much of the french press catullus are completely wedded to the euro project they cannot conceive of a foreign policy or domestic policy which is deeply. rooted
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in the whole european project one that finds itself in ever more shaky ground the second agreement one of european integration sacred cows allowing border free travel across the e.u. is under fire. germany and france want member states to have the option to bring back those internal borders for thirty day period if there's a threat to security and public order there's a danger and more and more people are also going to start attacking all the good aspects of europe and divisions within the union don't and there amnesty international's recent report documents examples of prejudice of the block against muslims in education and employment ideas that were once very much on the fringe of the through the political spectrum and on the whole being really mainstream in the right so to me it was sort of sort and so when the left would come and see the people more racist certainly not but there has been some sort of. a wider or
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fortunate you know for people to express their hate and to also indulge in to violent behavior so where does that leave europe even the people who are against this kind of europe another against the euro in an idea that say they want a different kind of europe the e.u. may be trying to say in the past that set to achieve its vision and version of fear of the obstacles are getting bigger from voters rallying behind anti brussels candidates to oppose also putting back border controls to some e.u. leaders some dismiss them as populist threats but the question is are they merely still threats or is this growing resistance already the tip of an iceberg tell us are still here r t brussels. still to come this hour on our t.v. the toxic truth. he wrote. and the rest. the father of russia's former security officer alexander litvinenko says he you
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know who poisoned and killed his son it's not scotland yard's main fall back in the murder. back to our breaking news this hour terrorists have struck ukraine with a string of bombings that have left at least twenty seven people wounded they happen in the eastern city of. where four successive blast in public areas occurred in the ukrainian capital now alexei has more details for us on this developing story alexei take us through what happened. we haven't confirmed officially that four explosions happened in the ukraine's third largest city of the east of the country twenty seven people have received injuries no people died so far as we understand twenty five of them have been hospitalized nine of them are children and some of them are in very severe condition with very severe wounds now. still trying
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to determine what exactly happened but we do know that four self-made explosion devices explosive devices went off with about twenty minute difference each all put in. a tramway story interesting that all those all those. on the very same way line in the central part of now is gripping the city with people are staying in their offices too afraid to go home hearing that more blasts could happen the public transport has been suspended in the central part of the city and mobile phones. are afraid of more blasts and that's why they are jamming all the cell phone connection also the internet is just literally flooded with panic driven messages that as many as ten explosions seven fact happened in the city but this has not yet been confirmed by the authorities we know only four
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explosions in the city of new people but we are certainly waiting for any more developments from the eastern ukrainian city but now we know that authorities have classified this as a terror attack but what are investigators saying about who may be behind the attacks. certainly the authorities have already launched an investigation on terrorist attacks but nobody has yet claimed any responsibility for these actions and such things are in fact untypical for ukraine's these things could be called irregularity because ukraine is not known for its terrorist attacks on its soil but investigators are saying that this is most likely a terrorist attack because as i've said all of the four explosive devices were self-made and the fact that they went off with a particular time difference certainly adds to the to the theory that this was an orchestrated terrorist attack on third largest city now certainly while we're
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waiting for more information that on explanation on who is behind this attack it's already this attack has some serious implications especially given that in just about forty days ukraine will have your. starting here and certainly such string of explosions in its third largest city with a population over one million people. serious concerns about the security during the football tournament and could in fact jeopardize the whole football championship we have to wait and see what the authorities have to say and whether they would be able to find those responsible for this attack. from here following these explosions what has been classified as a terror attack in eastern ukraine thanks for that. now aside. two russian cosmonauts and a nasa astronaut has landed successfully in kazakhstan the crew returned back to earth after spending six months onboard the international space station and thomas
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has been following the landing from mission control and joins us live with more details sean have the crew been picked up yet. well actually they have in fact their families and friends here at russian mission control have been watching it on the screen immediately behind me it's such a great thing to see there's no such thing as a routine space flight there's always an element of danger involved but i can say now that the soyuz t.m.a. twenty two crew is safely back on earth in fact that group consists of russia astronaut russia. cosmonauts and turn it off on a totally evil mission and of course u.s. astronaut dan burbank now they landed at exactly three forty five on friday as planned that's moscow time and a little bit about this mission the launch happened in november two thousand and eleven mid november they spent about five and a half months in space as part of so use that team a twenty two but also as part of the thirtieth international space station expedition after five and a half months in space they have now returned and now there were some problems with
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delaying that launch because they were supposed to launch as early as september but as you may remember there was the problem with the progress rocket which delayed this rocket as well but then there are also some problems in that delaying their landing as well they had some problems with the pressurization of the command module so that actually delayed their landing but now everything is fine that they are back on earth now some firsts of this kind in fact this was the first soyuz capsule to launch after the shuttle program has retired it is also the last t.m.a. soyuz module which will be replaced by the soyuz and the series which is much more modern and it's also a capsule made out of a different material which will make that capsule lighter as well i should also note that on hand there were four airplanes fourteen helicopters twenty two land vehicles and over two hundred personnel ready to make sure that these three spacemen these valiant heroes got to earth safely and that is that is exactly what
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happened so right now we can say everything's nominal and we look forward to the next launch of the soyuz capsule which. is the only way to ferry people back and forth from the international space station at this moment in time that next launch will be coming up in may. where we're looking forward to your energy john thomas reporting live from mission control. thank you are political powers in egypt have refused to take part in friday's scheduled demonstration against the military rulers called by the country's most parties the religious groups are accused of using the protests as a p.r. tool and monopolizing power as sarah firth reports the ongoing political wrangling is pushing democracy in egypt to the sidelines. protests nation after the revolution toppled president mubarak egyptians have continued to use people power as a way to force change the sights the sounds of protestors on cairo's tahrir square
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have become a familiar one more than a gift since president without state from power with presidential elections just around the corner and the activities here have once again taken center stage but if the last years taught us anything is that revolution alone does not a democracy make is why the upcoming elections appraising so important. as a discussion group focused on a paced arab spring egypt we met a former members mubarak's regime now a prominent speaker here in egypt says the revolution was a must and it's a great action but unfortunately after we had a lot of problems and the challenges we have to discuss and we have to reach a vision for that not everyone will say positive one man asked the panel how they'd feel about the outcome if they'd been one of the young revolutionaries there's no quid pools but he's not given
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a clear answer. on forces and the. administration . after. they get. in their lives in february. we order. food revolution we will we will give the people what you want we'll give you. freedom we'll give you a democracy he told us of the frustration of many people who turned out to tahrir but now feel they've been left represented with a new struggle for power creating many of the regime's old guard what is a democracy is the. promise of course is a common complaint with an equally common answer. but the revolutionary mood which homes can last indefinitely i can see a second wave but we will expect to know waves of. people go to state
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against certain actions they should go in a different way more realistic to understand that there is this region it's from a polish slogans or shoutings it's the economy the culture and the political overestimating authority and underestimating people seeing regimes across the arab world full of the announcement of the list of candidates attention turns to the policies they see might become the next president they'll need to be careful not to allow power to drown out the voices of face who are determined that this time they'll be heard surface r.t. . one hundred and sixty protests within just two months and counting the student uprising continues unabated the new clashes on thursday night the standoff over to russian fee hikes is turning creasing lee weiland centering on the country's second
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largest city of montreal clashes resumed after talks for a laugh or three and three leaders and authorities riot officers charged mace and detained dozens of protesters while the police chief publicly complained that his forces were born out the students are in science over a two wishing for. government says is necessary but journalists. as heavy handed policing will only provoke to suggest that. there were really only minor incidents windows broken and some very close by the allies but the police is using that as a pretext to conduct massive repression and usually the ones who will break a window or another once again because the police they run faster than the police they wonder because they are peaceful protesters and people are becoming infuriated by the behavior of the police peaceful protests are always fueling the fire definitely as well known. this has profound the ramifications and people are very
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unhappy about the way their political elites are behaving and the feel that the government is not serving the people at all it's only serving big financial interests this is all those are all very repressive methods and it's only going to fuel more and more and more people are going to join the eventually. there's always more on our website for you all latest stories videos and analysis here's what's online for you at the moment at our dot com from a leader in the country to leading the party russia's outgoing president dmitry medvedev accepts the reins of the ruling united russia party replacing putin in the post. and a teenage cancer suffered is forced to pay for her illness she survived chemotherapy and having the labor move but one airline demand actual money to allow her to fly claiming she could die during the flight that and more at are to you.
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the other russians executed officer poisoned in london six years ago claims he knows who killed his son. said the u.k.'s prime suspect russian deputy and they will go void has nothing to do with the murder that belief has also been backed by the results of a british led polygraph test our team together has more on the revelations polonium can poison a man and relations between two countries in two thousand and six former russian spy and fierce kremlin critic aleksandr litvinenko was poisoned with polonium in a top london hotel britain accuses russian state duma deputy andrei lugovoy of being behind the moda and wants him extradited six years after his son was killed seventy three year old vide the litvinenko says it's time to speak out your boy should be used as a witness. he wrote important information on the tissue as he died because
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he might do you understand what you might gesture the room was bugged he didn't want anybody to hear and what was on the t shoot when the people he wrote to the murder was and the rest. there are reveal it only in court as up with a plan that will do you k. like the truth. it will leave the cotton subject to. that and russia. even more. the only accusation up to now from alexander litvinenko was that putin ordered the poisoning when you will and you could this statement revealed after he died never existed until the very last moment i was there and sasha believed he would recover also he hardly spoke any english and the letter was written in impeccable poetic english someone did it for him before now vulture wasn't lined with the victims close circle all point the
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finger at former f.s.b. officer. saying he poured polonium in the victim's t. . didn't kill my son to kill with polonium you need two to three grains it fits in a thimble but large quantities were scattered everywhere it was done on purpose and lugovoy was used as a food guy but there are you ready to say this to look of are directly if we call him right now. i will happily go. to the force of the. bad things that i said about you i hope you can forgive me you realize of course what sort of people we're dealing with here can you explain told viewers what exactly you are apologizing for. the slaughter under is not guilty these guys have nothing to do with this they were in danger too because the polonium was scattered on them as well. and your lawyer must mean
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that you understand in person. thank you for that i'm ready to bring walter to court new hearings in london stanton several months important secret documents will have to be revealed by m i six and m i five marina outram the court with her revelations and walter is doing the same they have no choice soon they'll be no more secrets left vita promises to reveal more secrets in court and makes it clear his son's once close circle of friends won't like many of them. but you re why didn't you disclose the information to them because if i had to do you really. need to talk to you you could sit in the great sure archie monkey matter channel. well thirty three and also explain to our two why he thinks his lungs was a result of a ground game you can watch the full interview by logging on to our two dot com.
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doesn't take you know where the cavy of the business where you've got some good news and some bad news for us so. yeah i'm going to start with the good news actually and it's about russia's gas export monopoly gas problem managed to beat expectations for its full year results they managed to forty five billion dollars in the twenty eleven financial year with a gain of thirty five percent thanks to high prices and growing production company increased its market share in europe its key market increased to twenty seven percent from twenty four percent a year before but other less they are averse and it's about government plans to raise taxes on gas problem paul says also a prospect of greater competition as the us becomes the world top gas producer due to gas. and now it's time for the bad news i'm afraid it's about after.
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it's been a disappointing first quarter for russia's biggest car maker now it was all due to the cells of the larger coals i felt for teen percent and that was on the domestic markets now this is led to a nine fold decrease in profits and there was a bit of a silver lining so to speak exports grew by fifty percent now the head of after vasta said that they're now going to tap into the demand coming from the c.i.s. countries. we forecast through the girl self so you'll see in kazakhstan we've. joining the customs union we. still eat seals and then make a special programs to promote our cause in this market we see huge potential wealth because we forecast the seals almost seventy thousand cars things may increase. twenty twenty five percent. as day and we brush over see how
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the bosses are performing in the afternoon trading session we go the r.t.s. point six percent on the my stays around one and a quarter of a percent in positive territory as for the russian ruble with the how about performing at this hour and it is indeed losing against a us dollar and the guy looking at the euro dollar that is gaining just a fraction one thirty two thirty for the traders favorite has a sentiment coming out the region today the biggest news all the headlines was they had their credit raising downgraded by s. and pay to triple the loss but now traders are rather optimistic and that's because they're looking ahead to the u.s. so they're going to be posting their g.d.p. figures today and allies are anticipating the biggest economy in the world to grow so investors are really looking to that the u.s. markets will open in about three hours time. for
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a cave you will see you back here same place same time next hour. very well we'll bring you our guided tour all you can see and do in the russian capital moscow this coming your way after a wrap up of our top stories and this very short break stay with us.


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