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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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poor thirty m. in moscow easier r.t. headlines from internet users as the u.s. house of representatives passes a new web data gathering act and hocked of his call for massive protests against companies backing the controversial bill president obama ready to veto the bill if it passes of the senate citing civil liberties concerns. in spain public anger over severe austerity measures grows along with a number of complaints of police brutality as critics say dissent is being violently suppressed the country struggling with nearly twenty five percent unemployment and an increased cost for bartering after it lost its eighteen rating earlier this week. the trial of ukraine's former prime minister for tax evasion put off until late may after yulia timoshenko claims of abuse by prison guards left her
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too frail to attend she's already serving a seven year sentence for abuse of power. up next the latest edition of in moscow. hello and welcome to the program on this week's show be taking a look at the subject of retro because from stylish american catalogs to groovy servia tried to have a real estate such classic cars from the past so joey much about bruce as we take a look at an impressive collection of historic automobiles here in the russian capital starting off at all first location museum of retro cars. a retro revolution why do we love all things vintage many collectors believe that
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back in the day cars were cars not appliances. and there may be some truth in that he knew that human hands made them not robots as you can see here from the striking designs so many houses suppression and flash about them technically new cars today are better they drive faster are safer more reliable use less fuel and it's common knowledge that they perform better the something from the nine hundred sixty s. but there's a lot to be said about the style of classic models and beautiful body lives and modern day muscovites love anything and everything that heads just take a look at the cars on show here. many say the love of retro causes nothing to do with comfort or safety it's all about the love of the styling that many people consider a work of art also most loved very old cosmo for the look but also as an example of engineering manufacturing and design innovations that we take for granted now. very
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very high school the museum has two hundred ten cars in its collection the early staying. in the space is pretty. it says in a full industrial truck that a bus an impressive five thousand square misses. half the cars here are owned by private people and one hundred forty of them are in full working. sound i don't have a driving license fails three times. at the museum you'll understand how the ideas behind many designs with a soviet all foreign were born how techniques of old and how technical solutions were transformed into classic automobiles. we have a separate display dedicated to soviet cars which once took part in various rallies this is not common knowledge that the u.s.s.r. participated in many international competitions in one hundred sixty nine the soviet mosque which conferred in the london to sydney rally in the brand also
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received many prizes at several european races is not the museum also has a great collection of old a bunch of calls from between the one nine hundred twenty s. and one nine hundred fifty s. and if these vehicles are extremely rare and prices for such historical automobiles today were in six figures you have to spend some serious cash if you want a vintage car. like moving to a ton machine this museum allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the past and those times when a car was unprecedented innovation luxury and pride here you can see many famous cars from the soviet era the entire life of muscovites from the rarest k i n ten a mosque which four hundred four hundred twenty one to the latest models of the plant one thing is for sure as you can see here old classics really half character. thanks and here we've got the good old cheika translates to the siegel in english and it was a very popular car in the one nine hundred sixty s.
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in the soviet union this vehicle hill was owned by kalashnikov himself and it takes about a year to repair each vehicle and costs around four and a half million rubles that's approximately one hundred fifty thousand dollars. moving to an expectation it's time to get. most of the cars here are rebuilt from scratch given each a full restoration and mechanical upgrade all problems are evaluated scruffy bodywork pull running with brakes tired suspension and dead called. after a general assessment the mechanics make a plan of what needs to be done and cost cutting isn't on the cards here as the carriage plies themselves in first class restorations. surprisingly money such vehicles are in relative terms not expensive to borrow and look after it in moscow it costs the same to boiling to premium accounts cars which is
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a porsche cayenne or a mercedes six hundred. a bit of tender loving care these cars can look better than ever before the results speak for themselves a full body repair has been completed with a restraint and you hydraulic power steering a new brake system added sometimes words on not enough the buzz people get of repairing such cars is simply fascinating you can almost feel the excitement in this workshop there are several specialized cost service centers in moscow parts called be replaced or even created here in russia that they have to be brought in from abroad and that's when the cost of renovation really does suit up but now this baby here is a chevrolet car they from the year nine hundred sixty and what's a beauty as you can see the main body is almost complete it just needs more work on the engine and some car seats and windows might help her all in.
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the machinery museum. is an unusual garage the several kilometers outside moscow are started as a hobby for the collection of various vehicles which may speed up the hearts of any call of this group through museum with over five hundred exhibits. from all around the world one display. being history. putting some of them to have them i mean this is one of the most interesting exhibits in our museum it's an homage causey's one one five b. there were only thirty two such cause this one was number eight as he made a nine hundred forty eight starter for five years this car was driving around josef stalin one in nine hundred forty two the production of these vehicles started six onward calls were purchased in america and then disassembled to create doesn't even say for walk out of the car must have sustained fifteen minutes of gunfire which was tested in the windshield is seven point five centimeters thick and just one door weighs more than three hundred kilogram. cars which more scary tops of these
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states are the highlights of the russian part of the museum's collection there are also many international car industry i catch is featuring old. b.m.w. . while some of the vehicles are of interest in themselves others of valuable time so that. final occasion now and let's finally see those cars not just as museum exhibits but outside in full working condition chevrolets dodge's ford's cadillac's rolls royce very nice indeed we here at the spring rhetoric operate at. victory park just outside the center of moscow a posse of around fifty collectible calls from around the world taking part in the one day rally and such events entertaining but for those who drive the show off. coals and so on the kids get the chance to see desley machines on the streets of
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moscow new pleasure to be frank. and learning a little bit about the the story of the surf contest. they stretch or call rallies often old guys in the russian capital with classic chevrolets mercedes i'm told is sitting alongside the busy highway. for a full members of the public of all ages and nationalities event is just one of many shows how much of the summer in russia. the confidence of collectors here it's apparent that many see this as a social statement as a whole existence which affects their lifestyle fashion relationships and holidays it's a whole new way of life it's called restoring the coast i try to preserve its original mechanics and look close here and not use each of these would produce the same year as the car show. and then it's like this all the perfect place what color of his old backgrounds commutes and compare notes various parts below buy and sell such
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cars and chit chatting about the local retro call community in russia. but why retro cause so fashionable now and what exactly is the race that's taking place today. these questions and more let's meet this week's guest thank you very much for your time love to meet you thank you for having me now tell me about this event here today well this event this place gradually gets a place in crazy. old cars as you can see so the cars yesterday and now it's a cigar and it's it's nineteen sixty's who'll tell me how did you get involved in retro because. my parents it was about five years ago when my parents by asking words always about the salaries and they just took me with bounds and they're just one raise. i felt like i was quite good at it so.
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this. means. your folly a call of those yes but one thing. because it's not something that you know. it's. a car from your friends or from you. so. it doesn't come across a lot. you know. maybe today maybe it's probably. many believe the. trait and for many connecting big cars is more than just a hobby yes. but once you get noticed. pulling
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in front of the new black b.m.w. or arriving in a sparkling fifty seven chevy. after decades of strict rules. no one to. have love affairs with you we have friends who are new. in the past sixty. has progressed incredibly. and just like fashion it's comes round full suckles for many that's happening in car culture to. see you again at the same time next week for me and the rest of the crew from here for now let's go.
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well for the. tulsa one mean cleaning machine from university labs to the outer edges of the stratosphere the russians want to find eco friendly solutions to big city travel take a spin with us and enjoy life on the green side. knowledgably here on a large chunk of the future coverage it. is believed.
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to. see. when you force spring overseas my grocery birds will come home to roost. when their massive tongue great. empathy chips way to other commotions. towards those who live on the current.
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that range from internet users is the u.s. house of representatives passes a new web data gathering and how could this call for a mass protest against companies backing the controversial bill president obama for and to veto the bill if it passes the senate citing civil liberties concerns. in spain public anger over severe austerity measures that grows along with the number of complaints of police brutality as critics say dissent is being violently crushed the country is struggling with nearly twenty five percent unemployment and an increased cost of borrowing after a loss of its aid earlier this week. and the trial of ukraine's former prime minister for tax evasion postponed until late may after yulia timoshenko claims abuse by prison guards has left her welcome with ten she's already serving a seven year sentence for abuse of. more news in less than fifteen minutes but
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first sports. hello welcome to this board and here are the headlines. the champions ten runs in the feet down by moscow to want instant petersburg to retain their russian premier league crowd. while highs and lows also come back to draw one wanted stoke we can stun you counsel for nail and luis suarez it's a stunning how tricky the nature of luck to day in england. and fights maria sharapova powers part that's a bit of a construct going to set up another final against world number one tory as our anchor. but first football and russian champions and it's in petersburg have retained their domestic title with three games to go following a dramatic two one victory at home to dinner alone moscow well on lone striker but
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i shall been provided the cost to set up the man should offer to open up the hof an hour. and then five minutes later this drop a penalty for the home side. top sports leagues and there's a call for make no mistake from the start but alexander who headed home from a corner to pull one back for the now most still in the first half. of the yarnell picked up a second yellow card and looked off ten minutes after the restart it was a tough close as it needs but they hung on to their lead to one was how it stayed enough to china's policies meant to capture their third title in five seasons. quality at this got leapfrog spots i can discern after beating their arch rivals two one in the last i don't envy spacek saori was guilty of an awkward goal midway through the first half brazilian failing to clear a free kick myself on push each but the red white made amends right after the interval. making it one zero offer
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a nifty move the defender. to spot want early in the second half birthday boy thought should have been a spectacular free kick for the army man. and ten minutes to go life was made even harder for a spot back you need to come bottom percent off the second book over the fence and they never found the coveted equalizer the bragging rights went it's a scam. well as well some let's say you bagged a late brace to help the european football next season with a three one victory it had to knock you out of moscow the visitors made a wonderful start off that passed lack through his own net after twenty five minutes inspiring untold joy for the local crowd who visited the pitch in celebration but that the lasted just seven minutes then these swiftly pulled locker level after we would feel that clinically finished off the month of the chain close plus but it's so turns the tables on my single hand the after the break and we
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strike out first made the most of a defensive howler midway through the second half and then settled matters with an injury time go showing off some meat work in the process we got to the second race of the season and he go fist into the you greatly places they just outside of a five game win the streak. for me won't reveal his hopes of finishing in the europa league places to be dennis out of a hat to come from behind to draw one more on a time to combine marcus bizarrely finally broke the deadlock for the business in the seventieth minute shooting from outside the box but he did ask natural there to be a penalty with six minutes to go to snatch and point to two time for the champions it was seventh's. while in the english top flight off the edge closer to confirming third place off the coming back to draw one more that started but newcastle is champions league games which dented the wigan who stand in my prize for nails to boost their own survival hopes there is suarez scored
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a super patrick as liverpool won three. that knowledge ever since trashed from foreign oil that's already relegated little support back from three goals down to draw full force in a trailer at swanzy bolton salvaged a point today to all draw at sunderland and aston villa edged away from the drop zone entre told us middle and darby out west problems. and on sunday chelsea host struggling to keep y'all slighting rivals top of the face relegation haunted gone by and that's on monday all eyes are on manchester as the second place city house leaders are united in what could prove to be a title deciding delegates. but. they're seeing. more chance than i was because that. should be mine enough to play against newcastle it would be a. good game and after it would be instead united would play against chauncey is
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that i'm doing that for them would be too easy going. now on to ice hockey and russia have bounced back from their opening defeat to finland by beating sweden four two in the latest leg of the euro hockey tour after a goal as a first period russian struck three times within four minutes to forge ahead while sweden pushed themselves back into contention with a couple of goals. second of the match maybe four two to russia with just over a minute to go while earlier while champions finland fought back from two goals down to beat hosts the czech republic three two you know the time. tennis now and second seeded maria sharapova will face another final against world number one of the tortillas are into following a hard fought victory over patrick bit of stock guard a single break of serve in the opening set was enough to cheer up a bit to take it six four but kept the russian on her toes throughout and saved a much point in the second to force a tie break but sure apple found something extra to wrap it up seven three and
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battled into her fourth final of the season. while top ranked b. toria as aren't going claimed her twenty ninth win of the year following a six one six three victory over the national guard and poland. converted five out of seven break points to greece in to have one of the season and the belorussian has beaten sharapova twice in finals this year in straight you know the indian world. while men's world number two rafael nadal swept aside fellow spaniard fernando verdasco to coast into the final of the boss alone or open the six time champion one six six four in less than an hour and a half in the dark has now beaten verdasco in all thirteen of their meetings. and next up is another spotted david ferrer the number three seed withstood fifteen aces not so much the fast rising how to be married there to finals but his powerful
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serve was not enough against farah who won both sets on a tie break to guide the pair. if the play is to our tussle. motor sport now and jorge lorenzo will be looking to make it two ins from two in this motor g.p. season after the yamaha man train pole for his home spanish compre the two thousand and ten champion waited until late to put in the fastest lap during qualifying in paris and it looks like he'll be rivaled once again this season bike of pakistani drives a home that the two were the only ones to crack under one minute and forty seconds while nicky hayden will complete the front row on his day can see at the start of sunday's race crutchlow of yamaha crashed late in the session stilled enough to finish fourth headed reigning champion casey stoner but never ends i would be hard to catch so i decided to be patient the way that it would be to increase my base. by the end we made a. very interesting fight for the position me with danny so has been interested in
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and we are very big but about to start the morning first position finally boxing and japanese challenge noble hero ishida says he plans to knock out middleweight champion the middle when the two square off against each other in moscow on choose day during the russian public holiday as she held an open training session here in the capital and admitted he was aware that a points decision could swing in favor of the local holder so a knock out would put the result beyond doubt but thirty one year old good old has a record of nineteen wins including fifteen no cats no losses but i'm young as. one of the brightest books and jones russia has still four and probably the most gifted. middleweight jump in. first game to global prominence in twentieth when he entered the mandalay bay because in the ring las vegas as an underdog and stunned the crowd by knocking out american daniel jacobs capturing the gentiles
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belt in the process. i knew the only way to win was to knock him out but it's a very hard way to fight especially for me so i just decided to box as well as i could and enjoy it feeling that atmosphere of a packed out to reno for the first time also spurred me on he says then bureau has the fan that he's crowned twice his overall professional record is perfect nineteen wins in nineteen belts but it's not he startles and flawless stats which through its tearing apart is his style. when i was young i was pretty small and light my boxing technique was all about speed and throwing a lot of punches but i weighed just forty eight kilos then but suddenly i started growing toward very fast that changed me a lot i suddenly couldn't act the same way in the ring i was only seventeen when i had to adjust to the changes i started taking on board some new things but kept all
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that i learned before that made me a very well rounded boxer at the same time i was seeking my own unique style i watched tons of fight all of my friends provided me with different videos i couldn't get enough of what i wanted to improve my left hook when i watched the whole year's all trinidad's fights and studied the way they did it all concentrated on mayweather is defense to fine tune mine that's how my style is developed the rock star he's career was jess but aged just eight. goals for pointers twenty three years later it's safe to label him as one of the smartest wires blank history today though he makes sure to salute he's producers. in the eighty's the middleweight division was brilliant with four magnificent fighters at the top of it sugar ray leonard hearns duran and hagler then it was my favorite among those legends a very intelligent fighter or maybe it's because my first coach used to say boys
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your boxing must be smart. it shouldn't be a brawl it should be spectacular and artful what with yes but my current coach is the i just love never good in and victor pettitte told me a lot about the art of defense but so-called old school boxing. is getting less sophisticated now and there are just a few fighters who can do it but it's not just about great footwork and peekaboo defense but a protection that naturally prepares you to attack immediately that's what i'm trying to improve on to earth with just enough of you. broke has already become the special one among russian boxing enthusiastic now it's time to take it to the next level either me or lower america. and that's all the sport.
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