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outrage from internet users as the u.s. house of representatives passes a new web data gathering act an octave is called for mass protests against companies backing the controversial bill. in spain public anger over severe austerity measures it grows along with a number of complaints of police brutality as critics say dissent is being violently suppressed in. the trial of ukraine's former prime minister for tax evasion put off till late may after yulia timoshenko claims abuse by prison guards left her to flail to step. seven am in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story the hacker group anonymous responded to the new u.s.
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cyber security act cispa encouraging internet users to take to the streets the group's launch what it's calling operation defense phase two. we are calling upon the citizens of the united states to physically protest. over the coming couple of months a number of protests will be held against companies supporting cispa the bill passed the u.s. house of representatives and is now headed for the senate but president obama has threatened to veto the act citing civil liberty concerns if passed this bill would permit u.s. based internet companies to illegal to illegally share private user information with the government journalist david seaman explains what he thinks are the dangers behind. they're going after people before they've even committed anything that's illegal. in the case that they added to that amendment or they added that now they can do this to protect children to protect minors this could be something is vague as you know somebody who is seventeen years old if you have a cousin and he or she is seventeen. that's enough for the government to read
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through all of your e-mails potentially all of your facebook messages every website you visit and do all of these things a without telling you and b. without obtaining a warrant or getting any kind of court involvement full before hand or they can just go on this fishing expedition and see everything you've ever done online and then take it from there it's just profoundly scary i don't have a problem with spying on bad guys i have a problem on spying on people who done nothing wrong and doing it in the name of protecting children and protecting us from cyber security threats that i'm not convinced are even real there are already a lot of mechanisms for the government to see what you know bad actors are up to online this is just a gross invasion of the everyday person's privacy and for why i don't understand what the tradeoff is here i don't understand what we gain as individuals in exchange for giving the government this free pass look through all of our activities we're interested in your take on this story go to our t. dot com we're asking how far you think cispa legislation will get in the u.s.
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so far more than forty percent think this bill will become law but only after the presidential election a little less than a third think it'll spread its influence beyond the u.s. as other countries adopt similar laws the rest of the divided between thinking obama would veto cispa after the senate vote for that a watered down version will instead go into effect log on to dot com and have your say. also online we've put together an extensive background on since before you logged on to learn how it differs from previous cybersecurity acts who supports it and why that's all click away on our website. good leverage to reach him kirby was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tombs mission to teach the creation why it should care about humans and we're going this is why you should care only dot com
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spain facing a crisis of enormous magnitude with unemployment soaring to an astounding twenty five percent millions taking to the streets in protest but as artie's jacobs news reports with so many out of work tolerance for dissent is at. the spanish police forcibly arresting a student whose main crime filming what he interpreted to be police brutality. by oh if i mean the police as usual stopped a family of immigrants and began to beat in one thousand year old woman i took my cell phone and started to film it is an action but he paid for them and i thought on them what they mean you know i was threatened with death beaten and locked up in a cell i was out of touch for thirty nine hours i was told only sent to prison for three years. you know cases of offices allegedly abusing their powers are on the rise for a long time such scenes have remained relatively unknown but now the spate of mass
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demonstrations gripping spain are bringing officers actions to the forefront this crowd does not bring in the scales of the ouster that represents the problems facing the right age is that message. isn't going anywhere if anything is increasing as it was so true the accusations of police brutality despite popular anger levelled at austerity it's only recently there's been an apparent hardening in the response by police especially since the new conservative government took charge late last year in favor of protesters felt the strong arm of the lord valencia what started as peaceful demonstration was met with batons tear gas and rubber bullets i sure never said if we can't allow young men to be had in the face while handcuffed because the only thing that slaps in the face here is democracy. but even anger within parliament fools on deaf ears at the top of my daughter but
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through the majority of meetings in february we're not legal it means that there is no reason to institute proceedings against any policeman as he took it on but this is no isolated event over in barcelona after last month's general strike there yet more clashes with police. ressam a very few became public knowledge and as prime minister in spain there is an obsession to conceal the crime statistic no one knows its extent the governments yet and we always act according to police good vice or based on this we know whether it's to be. on the receiving end of public outcry and more people are labeling the police as protect his popular policy with offices increasingly accused of breaking the very laws they supposed to uphold. j.q. greece madrid spain. still to come here on our team what sending me.
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we've been taught soul is strictly to spend to spend to spend to spend so we stop spending because the depression then things get worse with the spanish economy at serious risk of collapse the residents of new york asked if it's time to stop mincing words and call the world economic instability a depression. and europe freezes hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets belonging to tycoons and oligarchs and by moscow one of those hit infamous exile boris berezovsky we'll tell you more. but first that new trial of former ukrainian prime minister has been put off until late may due to her absence yulia timoshenko accused of financial irregularities while she had a gas company in the ninety's refused to attend the hearing citing health concerns . not only believes that this case against her is completely politicized an orchestrated by the government she even reportedly went on a hunger strike to support the claim but also in the latest twist she claims that
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she was physically abused by wardens in the prison where she spends her prison time now that happened when she was to be transported to a clinic to have her reported spinal hemorrhage treated she believes she claims that the wards covered her and blanket and landed several punches on her and this week of photos of her bruises were made public on the internet certainly made a lot of noise here in ukraine and internationally now on the other hand there was a video published as well showing tymoshenko walking free in her cell as if denying the claims that she has severe back problems that has been reported by her defending lawyers and also basically giving the idea that she may be simulating this disease of hers now certainly this case has been drawing thousands of people into the streets both for and against the former prime minister this time it's no exception with thousands literally beseeching the court building in hiding from the city of five and the prison where she is being kept and this also more control over see where some in the crowd claiming that friday's terrorist attack in the city of
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the put off school was orchestrated by the government to draw the attention from the tumour sankoh case certainly that's a very wild rollercoaster right i'd like to remind all of you was that she is now spending seven years in prison for the abuse of power and this new cases all about her economic activity in the ninety's and some believe that she may be also found guilty and have her already big sentence extended by twelve years at least europe's frozen three hundred twenty million dollars worth of assets belonging to former tycoons on the run from russian authorities along those who've had their assets freezed fallen oligarch boris berezovsky living in exile in london or brussels correspondent tesser cilia has more. overseas property and back accounts of several individuals charged in the high profile criminal cases of russia have been seized this is at the request of the russian prosecutor's office some three hundred twenty million dollars worth of assets were confiscated in france switzerland monaco and ukraine and one of those individuals charge of these cases. is of course
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controversial with high profile all the guards and it's reported that about thirty million euros worth of his assets were taken in france and this is in connection with a couple of embezzlement cases leveled against him by russia his relationship with russia is strange to say the least but it does go beyond these high profile financial criminal cases in the past he had said that he is on a mission to bring down the putin and i quote by force and he has been seen as having a close relationship with some chechen militants in particular. who is wanted by russia on acts of terrorism but looking at this from a broader perspective this whole operation between russia and the e.u. it is a step forward and this is significant mark of progress in terms of the two two sides implementing judicial request on working together on legal issues and that's of course despite some political and diplomatic disagreements the u.s.
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has deployed a contingent of its latest most sophisticated jets the f. twenty two raptor to the united arab emirates pentagon officials defended the move once details emerge saying they're only there for regional security indeed snoozer for antiwar dot com give us his take on the aims of the mission. of course it's not going to bring any security at all if anything it's going to increase tensions in the region convince the iranian government that next month's talks in baghdad are not serious and that the u.s. is simply negotiating in bad faith once again i think it is largely symbolic it's the fact that there are rumored to be organizing a simulated attack run on iran with the cooperation of israel particularly since it's supposed to come just ahead of the baghdad talks it's politically very popular to have that have a major threat that you're in the process of dealing with and how much better when that threat is entirely illusory in this case both israel and the united states are
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very interested in portraying iran as as a matter of months from acquiring nuclear weapons but they've been saying this since the one nine hundred eighty s. and of course the cia and mossad have both found that iran abandoned what was a very preliminary exploration into nuclear weapons programs almost a decade ago you can find more on these stories on our team dot com here's what else is a click away right now visitors to the netherlands will soon have to curb their appetite for so-called space cakes as the country begins its crackdown on drug prices next week plus. in malaysia the massive rallies ahead of elections violently dispersed by police see the latest images are you tube channel that's new to dot com slash are two.
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moves are the images for. truth in canada. giant corporations or. russia and china bolstering their economic ties with almost thirty business contracts worth fifteen billion dollars signed at the trade investment forum in moscow this in addition to expanded military wings and an agreement on global diplomacy efforts as artie's current terror rashid reports a very interesting move definitely bringing a sense of more focus towards the eastern european side of the world russia and china and we've also seen the president elect what the medical examiner and president medvedev really praising china sort of saying that it should be the main focus and saying that it is a place of rapid development a very big contract with the eastern energy company and the state power grid of china which signed a long term contract totaling about twenty five years which would under the
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contract the russian not far eastern company will supply electricity to china through interstate electric transmission we've seen friday the end of the military drills in the yellow sea the general director for those drills pointing that out and saying that the naval drill was a complete success mainly focusing on those six day maneuvers and watching out for that air defense and really just involving exercises with that air traffic marine search rescue operation not to mention just last year between the two countries russia china relations we saw the contracts being signed where if further contracts were signed those contracts could be paid for in their own currencies therefore excluding the dollar excluding the euro we also see both countries sharing similar views on syria and on libya so that's another thing that both nations do agree very much on so yet again a very positive move certainly seeing those relations strengthen and continue so
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all in all very good news george who founder of international strategic alliances for me thinks china is edging away from its dollar dependency. it's difficult. to completely get away from that downer they're holding too many too much dollar but they venture is something like sixteen or more bilateral what they costs want currency agreements and russia is one of them and all of these. is to allow the bilateral trade between the two to do without having to convert the amount into galleries first but to use it to build your local currency and that is a internationalizing. internationalizing the i mean be. as well the leveraging and minimizing exposure to the dollar. you can sort of themselves descendants of an ancient tribe that's been in existence on the promise land for thousands of years for some their journey back has taken
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years but at the end of their pogrom age say they were faced with government oppression in the very place they thought of as home artie's policy reports deep in israel's negative desert all the women and seven ancient people trying to build a modern homeland but these mostly black americans are not jews nor do they profess to be instead they call themselves african he is what knights descendants of ancient israel we sang about the river jordan we didn't sing about mali or song timbuktu we sang about jericho jerusalem in canaan's land. and the songs were passed down through the generations born and brought up in the united states they believe that when the ancient jerusalem temple was destroyed by the romans their ancestors fled to east africa from where they were taken to america as slaves in one thousand nine hundred sixty six chicago still work ben-ami been used well had a vision that it was time to return home everyone is called according to their portion and our portion was you know that to establish the kingdom of your and the
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kingdom of your represents a new idea you know upon the planet and so ben-ami set forth with some four hundred people who much like moses in the bible spent two and a half years wondering in liberia before reaching the promised land when bellamy arrived here in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine just under half of those who had left america with him had managed to finish the journey this was to become their home here in the negev desert but successive israeli governments made their lives difficult because ironically while the country is founded on the so-called law of return these were tourney's are not seen as jewish or the many feel the issue runs deeper than that when you go to the worst you have a problem with color just a matter of color. and so these people of color are often dismissed by mainstream israeli society for years their children could not attend the local schools they had no healthcare they were marked for deportation but despite the obstacles and
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the ongoing struggle for recognition they take pride in the traditions and we understand that they can play their polygamous strict guns make sure everyone follows an exercise program and all big supporters of preventative health care we are an integral part of the state of israel this was the vehicle that was used to bring us back to the problem. and it's here in the desert wasteland that the community has multiplied more than sixty fold since it first came to the negative they say their intention is to be an example of peace and light to other nations and worship god not religion. dimona turnout of some other stories making headlines across the globe u.n. observers arrived in the syrian city easily bafta reports of that it to orating situation there the visit comes after the government highlighted a surge in murders and kidnappings reportedly carried out by armed groups in the country meanwhile lebanon seized a cache of weapons aboard
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a syria bound ship within its waters the cargo apparently being smuggled in for syrian rebel forces containing artillery shells rockets rocket launchers and rifles . in beirut ten police were injured in clashes with egyptian migrant workers over lebanon's foreign labor laws police moved to disperse a demonstration after rocks were hurled at the egyptian embassy and its guards twelve workers were arrested lebanon's walked by foreign leaders to their local employers limiting the ability to improve working conditions or change jobs. accusations that nicolas sarkozy's two thousand and seven election campaign was funded in part by libya's now deposed leader moammar gadhafi have been strengthened by new evidence a french website obtained documents allegedly indicating the libyan government agreed to help sarkozy's presidential bid to the tune of fifty million euros the news comes as says jose he faces a tough runoff in this year's elections having lost the first round. and still to
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come here on our t.v. u.s. secret service opens up about its revised code of conduct now good beat new good behavior rules imposed by his agency find out the top what caused this sudden crackdown. and you'll meet a russian family where it's tough to keep track of the pitter patter of little feet that's still to come plus. with more european governments falling due to austerity measures some questioning of the global implications are more serious than first thought our new york resident laurie harshness took to the streets the big apple to find out. are we living through the second great depression and just don't know it this week let's talk about that do you think it's the second great depression we're in. this hard question our hope is not maybe some places away easily agrees hopefully not
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very easily either but i wouldn't say that these only is a great depression do you think it's worse in some places and better in others. it's the worst thing since the great depression probably the second great depression it'll be known in the future as the second worst of the depression yes why are we calling that that now i don't know did they call the great depression the great depression well was happening exactly yeah they don't want to use the word the big deal word depression because a by the phrase that once depression happen everybody going to hold their money and we've been taught so strictly to spend spend spend spend so we stop spending because depression then things get worse so they don't want that to happen so they'll wait for the history books to call this officially depression yes if we admit that we're doing things wrong which we should do everybody else will you know everything else will take two so they want to be getting out of it as soon as we admit it. we just need to admit there's a problem it's always the first step. whether or not we're living through the
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second great depression the bottom line is probably no one's going to have the nerve to call it bad until it's over. the u.s. secret service has pledged to run a tighter ship having issued a set of new conduct rules for as agents the crackdown on iran she behavior comes in the wake of accusations american personnel were involved with prostitutes during foreign trips parties tom barton has more on the new restrictions and some details on an earlier scandal right here in moscow. the new conduct rules include a list a ban on heavy drinking and agents have to stop drinking ten hours before they next go to work there is also a probation on visiting disreputable establishment or from bringing foreigners back to hotel rooms and chaperones will accompany agents on trips to keep them in line this all comes after twelve agents were suspended after reportedly bringing
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prostitutes back to their rooms in colombia ahead of the visit by president barack obama he called the agents in question knuckle heads and the congressional investigation into that incident has also been expanded to include another incident in two thousand and eleven in el salvador of a similar nature all of this suggests that official comments that what happened in colombia was an aberration may indeed not be the case and it appears that here in moscow the scandal may have spread here as well on this central street it's famous for its entertainment venues bars and clubs and one club in particular may have become connected to this scandal the american newspaper the wall street journal has quoted informed sources are saying that in june two thousand american secret service agents reportedly visited the hungry dark night club a very raucous place noted for its wild parties that was ahead of
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a visit by then president bill clinton it became famous for its raucous nature of the hungry duck especially its ladies night and threw it in a mass strip tease by nine hundred twenty women hungry duck closed in two thousand and nine after years of problems would be off for a tease but all of these stories are going to do little to calm the swirling storm of controversy around the u.s. secret service sometimes hard to remember the birthdays of all your distant relatives but imagine having to keep in mind more than a hundred birthdays with quite a few happening on the same day or he's daria pushkov or went to meet one very extended russian fam. it it read that. if you miss trying hard to prove he knows all of his one hundred and eleven siblings and cousins my heart out of which only fourteen brothers and sisters are his own and two that all of the onsen uncles and that's one family a bit difficult to keep track of. putting names to face is not
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a problem the most difficult thing really is remembering everyone's birthdays every other day we sometimes even have three or four. under a says their parents had only thirteen children but each of his siblings and it up with many kids of their own so the reality of having children for the chaparral family is taken to a completely different level. i don't regret it at all and having one child doesn't really count having two that's getting there but three now that counts as having a child he won't this is the largest family in the client has fifteen children yes . when i was asked as a child what i wanted to be when i grow up i always said a mother now our little when he grows up he'll be a father so the tradition continues and here is the happy grandfather of the one hundred and twelve as well as the great grandfather of another ten great grandsons
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polish says his secret is loving everyone. but gas or mush there are people who are happy buying a car or building a country house that's fine by me but my joy is internal i look at all of them they are my riches that neither moscow nor rust can eat away and no sleep can steal from me and since his memory is far from being as good as that of his grandson the fim but it keeps all his records in order. oh you are back with piers everyone starting from my first grandson in one thousand nine hundred two those written in bold are boys tonics girls well i'm not ashamed of how i live my life i worked in a mine and it wasn't easy the you know what but i knew i had to raise them all and i still want to help them and do something good so they remember me forever. and
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while his grand kids fight for attention to be granddaddy's favorite of the day it's turned out pretty much impossible to get them all into one shot. worth of votes or they say once children grow up and leave home the empty nest syndrome often hits their parents hard so it seems the only guarantee to never feel alone is having more children daria pushed over r.t. came at about age and. me back with a recap of our top stories in a few minutes stay with us.
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you for spring over seas my great three birds will come home to roost. when their massive term great. empathy is way to pull the commotions. towards those who live on the courage.
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